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For over 44 years, American Eagle has been the authority in casual apparel. Offering not only a wide range of the latest fashions and hottest looks but also great smelling colognes that can help make anyone feel good and smell at their best.

American Eagle has some of the best colognes for men on the market. From bold and spicy scents to light and refreshing aromas, there is sure to be an American Eagle scent that will appeal to you. 

If you’re looking for a new scent to add to your collection, then look no further. Here are the current 10 best American Eagle colognes for men.

Top 10 Best American Eagle Colognes

1. American Eagle 1977

American Eagle 1977

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Start your engines, American Eagle 1977 is a woody aromatic fragrance for men that will rev your senses and get you ready to take on the world.

This powerful scent features top notes of water notes, green notes, and bergamot, middle notes of cedar, clary sage, and basil, and base notes of precious woods, patchouli, and musk. Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement or just want something strong and masculine to help you feel confident, American Eagle 1977 is sure to deliver.

You can wear it every day or save it for special occasions when you need to impress someone important in your life. Either way, American Eagle 1977 will have everyone around you wanting more of what you’re wearing.

2. American Eagle Vintage

American Eagle Vintage 1

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With a name like Vintage, you know this fragrance has to be good. It’s the perfect scent for men who want to feel confident and sophisticated. The spicy notes, combined with the woodsy scents of sandalwood and cedar, create a perfect fragrance for any man who wants to feel like he’s conquering the world. And don’t forget about the suede note—it adds just the right amount of masculinity to the blend.

The long-lasting scent of Vintage will make you feel like the king of the world. It’s a rugged fragrance that combines woodsy and citrus notes for a masculine aroma that never goes out of style. Whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, Vintage is perfect for any occasion.

3. American Eagle Fear Nothing

American Eagle Fear Nothing

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Fear Nothing is a woody fragrance for men and women. It’s the perfect scent for anyone who wants to make an impression with their unique style. The notes include Black Plum, Rich Sandalwood, and Tonka Bean. You can wear it day or night because it’s versatile enough to go from work to a casual dinner date.

When you wear Fear Nothing, people will notice how confident you are in your skin. They’ll love that they’re standing next to someone who’s not afraid of anything – especially when they get close enough to catch a whiff of this unique scent. If you’ve been looking for something new that makes people notice, then American Eagle Fear Nothing is the perfect cologne for you to try out.

4. American Eagle Legend

American Eagle Legend

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Embrace your inner legend with this bold and captivating scent from American Eagle. Legend is the perfect scent for confident, strong, and sexy men. It’s an alluring blend of masculine notes that will make women swoon every time you walk into the room.

This fragrance is perfect for making a statement with top notes of apple, cardamom, and mandarin orange. Middle notes of lotus, lavender, and labdanum create an irresistible aroma, while base notes of amber, vanilla, sandalwood, and patchouli give the fragrance a sense of depth and complexity.

Whether you’re dressing up for a night out or simply taking care of business, Legend by American Eagle is sure to make you feel like the man you were always meant to be.

5. American Eagle Real

American Eagle Real

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Real by American Eagle is the perfect fragrance for men looking for a scent that’s both sexy and confident. This woody-spicy fragrance is made with green leaves, sea notes, mandarin orange, lemon, bergamot, and watery notes. It’s got cardamom, rose, orange blossom, and lily-of-the-valley in the middle notes, giving it an air of mystery. And finally, it finishes off with amber, patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood, moss, and resins to make sure you smell amazing all day long.

Wearing this cologne will make women drawn to your natural confidence and charisma like moths to a flame. They won’t be able to resist getting closer so they can get a whiff of what makes you so irresistible.

6. American Eagle Break Free

American Eagle Break Free

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What does it take to break free? American Eagle’s Break Free fragrance has the answer. This scent will help you break free from every day and step into a new world of possibilities with woody and aromatic notes. Whether you’re taking a break from work or exploring a new city, Break Free is the perfect scent to help you feel confident and in control.

Break Free is an aromatic fragrance that will make everyone around you want to get closer. It has white ginger, sea salt, and driftwood notes, which creates a woody aroma with hints of citrus and musk. This unique blend is sure to keep your nose happy all day long.

7. American Eagle Live

American Eagle Live

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You’ll be ready to take on the world with this American Eagle Live that will make you feel like a man and smell like one too. The woodsy notes of cedar, sandalwood, and patchouli are balanced out with sage and lavender. This combination creates an amazing aroma that will have people asking what you’re wearing all day long.

With just one spritz of American Eagle Live, your confidence level will skyrocket as you become the center of attention wherever you go. It’s not too strong or overpowering but still leaves a lasting impression on those around you. The best part is that it lasts throughout the entire day, so everyone can enjoy its rich scent without having to reapply it constantly.

8. American Eagle True

American Eagle True

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American Eagle True is a perfect choice for the man who wants to feel confident and smell his best. This citrusy fragrance has hints of cucumber and vetiver, making it ideal for any occasion. With just a spritz, you’ll be feeling refreshed and confident all day long.

True is the perfect blend of fresh and masculine. It’s got a crisp, clean scent that will make everyone around you want to get closer. You can wear it in any situation – whether you’re headed out on a date or just hanging with friends at the bar, American Eagle True’s scent is sure to make everyone around take notice.

9. American Eagle Do Anything

American Eagle Do Anything

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Do Anything is the perfect scent for you, and it smells incredible. This scent will make everyone around you swoon with the fresh, crisp notes of citrus and white musk. You can wear this cologne every day because it has a light, refreshing quality that won’t overpower your senses or leave an unpleasant trail behind you.

With just one spritz on your neck or wrist, people will be drawn to your confidence and charm like bees to honey. They won’t be able to resist getting closer so they can get another whiff of Do Anything.

10. American Eagle Surf For Him

American Eagle Surf For Him

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Surf For Him is the perfect scent for any guy who loves to get out and enjoy life. It’s fresh, clean, and invigorating – just like surfing.

The top notes of green notes and aquatic notes are balanced with middle notes of moss and violet leaf. And finally, base notes of cedarwood, vetiver, and musk give it a masculine finish that will leave people wanting more.

When you wear Surf For Him by American Eagle, it will be hard to keep everyone else away from you. This sexy scent is sure to make women swoon over how good you smell all day long.

A Guide to Choosing Your American Eagle Cologne

When you’re on the hunt for a new cologne, you don’t want to just blindly buy any. You want to ensure the cologne you buy matches the type of scents you like and will work for occasions. For example, you wouldn’t want a cologne that smells extremely masculine and smokey for the office or on a date. Additionally, you want to consider the season and time of day for your cologne.

When it comes to the ideal cologne for all seasons, most of them will suit any. There are a few exceptions to this with Do Anything, Few Nothing, and Legend. These colognes are better suited for the cooler months with their woody, vanilla, and amber-based scents. Fortunately, American Eagle cologne can be worn day or night. The only exception to this is Do Anything. This scent is more suited for daytime use than night.

It may be difficult at times to find American Eagle cologne. In this case, I did find some great alternatives to consider. Armani Code smells like Legend, Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger for Live, Wanted by Azzaro for True, and Twilight Woods by Bath and Body Works for Real. Others include The One by Dolce & Gabbana for Vintage, Coach for men by Coach for Break Free, and Bleu de Chanel by Chanel for 1977.

I Expect This From An American Eagle Cologne

The bottle designs for American Eagle are average except for 1977 and Vintage. They all have similar shapes to aftershave bottles. Although, I will say a few of them have a longer cap which almost makes them look like nail polish bottles (Do Anything, Fear Nothing, Break Free). 1977 has the same shape as the others, but it does have a camo-style coloring. Vintage has the unique shape of a lighter but is clear glass so that you can see the amber-colored cologne.

I’d rank the longevity for the colognes as moderate, with a few being weak. 1977, Do Anything, and Real are more on the weaker side. You’ll need to respray roughly every two to three hours. The others will last about six to eight hours. The sillage follows in line with the longevity being “okay”. I’d rate them from intimate to moderate except for Vintage. Vintage I’d give a rating of strong.

I’d say the colognes are of “good value” for the price point. They’re not expensive to the point you feel like you’re wasting product with little payoff. You do have to spray more often than an expensive cologne but overall, they’ll mostly last throughout the day. It costs around $30 for a 1.7oz bottle of cologne.

An Overview of American Eagle

American Eagle Outfitters Inc. (more commonly called American Eagle) was founded in 1977 by two brothers Jerry and Mark. The brothers had a men’s clothing store called Silverman’s Menswear. American Eagle was created as a subsidy for the company that owned the brother’s first store. The brand solely sold clothes and accessories for the outdoors. The chain was popular and gained traction in malls. Towards the end of the 1980s, the company failed to meet goals and was bought out by investors. In the 1990s, the brothers sold the rights to a man named Jacob Price.

He targeted the brand towards the younger crowd. It was a store mainly for college and high school students that featured retro and vintage style clothing and accessories. The company didn’t start to sell fragrances until the early 2000s. During this transition, the company made over a billion in revenue in just ten years.

Their first fragrances were released in 2001. They were Live, Live for Him, and Alive. Their next fragrance was released the following year for women. Every three to five years, American Eagle would release fragrances for both sexes, with the in-between years only offering perfume for women. Their last release was in 2014 and featured cologne for men and perfume for women.

In total, American Eagle has six collections. These collections include True, Live, Real, Bohemian, Live Your Life, and 77. Between them and their thriving women’s sleepwear, Aerie, they have 20 standalone fragrances.

American Eagle has found itself in several lawsuits with Abercrombie & Fitch. Abercrombie & Fitch often claimed American Eagle would steal their designs and ad campaigns. However, each lawsuit was found unmerited. American Eagle often featured high schooler models for their campaigns. Now they use young celebrities for their ads.

They don’t have specific campaigns dedicated to their fragrances and instead opt for celebrities to represent the company overall. Their newest faces include Addison Rae, Chase Stokes, Caleb McLaughlin, Jenna Ortega, and Madison Bailey. Previous ad campaigns for the brand included Hailee Steinfeld, Troye Sivan, Yara Shahidi, Cameron Dallas, and Channing Tatum.

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