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Perfume is an art form that can be traced back thousands of years. Amouage has been crafting some of the finest perfumes in the world since 1984 and has seen great success through its continued commitment to quality, creativity, beauty, and innovation. 

The company was founded in Oman with a vision to create “The Gift of Kings” – fragrances for those who deserve nothing but the best. The House of Amouage produces perfumes, colognes, and other beauty products for women and men, often classified as luxurious oriental floral fragrances. Traditional Western ingredients are combined with spices from the Middle East such as ambergris, frankincense, or myrrh to produce a distinctive style of scents.

This article presents a review of Amouage finest fragrances for men and women handpicked out of the entire Amouage collection of more than 100 fragrances. 

Read along to discover your new Amouage fragrance and learn about what Amouage perfumes have to offer.

Top 15 of the Best Amouage Fragrances

1. Amouage Reflection Man – Most Popular for Men

Amouage Reflection Man

Reflection Man is a fragrance that encourages the modern man to be true to himself. Fresh and woody, Reflection Man has a scent that can easily turn heads with its story of authenticity and well-rounded masculinity.

At the top, you’ll notice bright notes like pink pepper and petitgrain mixed with moist rosemary for an invigorating start. After this lively opening comes jasmine in its supreme elegance: wonderfully inviting yet softly distant, not too forward but enough allure. Dry white florals are balanced by orris root, lending a masculine edge without ever being overbearing.

This most popular fragrance from Amouage is exactly what men want – it’s designed specifically to enhance their natural appeal without coming across as intimidating or edgy; instead, it maintains a sense of refinement and strength.

2. Amouage Interlude Man

Amouage Interlude Man

Amouage Interlude Man is a fragrance for men that brings together the elegance of delicate spices and woods. This refined and powerful fragrance is an opulent, masculine scent that’s perfect for any occasion.

You’ll want to take a deep breath of this fragrance because it relaxes you from head to toe. The top notes smell fresh with pepper and bergamot, and the middle notes are sweet-smelling (incense-like). The base notes give off a warm woody scent. This manly fragrance by Amouage is absolutely delightful and perfect for casual wear.

3. Amouage Jubilation Xxv

Amouage Jubilation Xxv

Jubilation XXV is a triumph of refined tradition, celebrating Amouage’s 25th anniversary. A daring statement that unabashedly runs on pure, high-octane oud; and adds opulent spice accords echoing a blazing fire in cold winter days. Wild fiery aromas are chased by serene notes to produce an intense yet comforting scent. Floral offshoots emanate from honeyed bells to balance the warm resins with fresh, green vibes.

Jubilation XXV is a beautiful fragrance that exudes masculinity and refinement. The blend of aromatic spices and honeyed blackberry with woody accords creates an oriental experience that is perfect for day or evening.

4. Amouage Lyric For Men

Amouage Lyric For Men

Lyric For Men by Amouage is an alluring, sensual fragrance with a deep and seductive aroma.

Top notes are lime and bergamot that capture your attention. Middle notes made from rose, angelica, ginger, saffron, orange blossom, nutmeg, and galbanum take you on an enticing journey of desire. Base notes are musk incense, pine tree, sandalwood, and vanilla, wrapping you in warmth and comfort like never before.

A clean yet smoky scent, this fragrance was crafted for confident men who know what they want. Bold and masculine without being overpowering, Amouage Lyric For Men is the true definition of allure.

5. Amouage Epic Man

Amouage Epic Man

Amouage Epic Man has a more invigorating freshness with its top note of pink pepper, spiced by nutmeg and enriched by saffron, caraway, and mace. The middle notes have been defined by myrrh, representing man’s character as strong but tender, with geranium adding the power of earthiness to this sophisticated masculinity that is enveloped with rich oud, making it a true head-turner that will bring out your animalistic side.

A rich and masculine fragrance with notes of pink pepper for a sultry base. Amouage Epic Man is the perfect date night companion.

6. Amouage Overture Man

Amouage Overture Man

Overture Man by Amouage is a 2019 woody spicy fragrance for the youthful and adventurous gentleman.

The exciting notes of nutmeg, saffron, grapefruit, ginger, and cumin will warm up your evening. With its exhilarating scent base of amber and sandalwood, you’ll be set to conquer anything.

The scent feels both masculine but very unique because of the way spiciness tames it. Overture Man will make you stand out from the crowd as the most desirable man in town.

7. Amouage Journey Man

Amouage Journey Man

The David Bowie of your fragrance collection. Journey Man’s slow-rolling black smoke and spice is the dark light that accompanies you to the crusty bowels of Paris, an ancient, dirty brass stairwell in Morocco, or a damp Turkish bazaar—a place where one would expect to find a heart full of raw leather tanned with desert dirt. The result? A scent that smells like an eternity.

The woody notes in Journey Man provide a sense of adventure. The spicy cardamom and Sichuan seasoning are reminiscent of exotic cuisine that you can’t wait to experience. This perfume is ideal for the man who enjoys breaking away from his comfort zone now and then – either physically or mentally.

The richness of cardamom and the pepper-like spice of cypriol will have all other guys wondering what you’re wearing. The fragrance features tobacco leaves and juicy juniper berries, which will give your skin that little extra bit of personal flair.

8. Amouage Beach Hut Man

Amouage Beach Hut Man

Break out of the morning haze and embrace a day at the beach. Refresh with refreshing notes of mint and orange blossom. Soak up some sun-drenched rays with ivy, vetiver flowers, and moss delivering just enough misty water to wash away your worries.

Beach Hut Man by Amouage is a zesty fragrance for the active guy. The top notes give it an uplifting start, while the base notes keep it grounded and earthy, perfect for when life gets too hectic or intense. With its excellent longevity and sillage, this scent will follow you where you need to go, be it work or play.

Beach Hut Man by Amouage offers a twist on tradition, making it an adventure for everyone who loves fresh aromatic scents.

9. Amouage Sunshine – Most Popular for Women

Amouage Sunshine

Amouage Sunshine for women offers sun-splashed notes of green from the Almond flower, and invigorating, black currant blossoms bloom into a wave of floral lushness. Add to that an aromatic, light warmth from vanilla and jasmine petals. A Juniper heart provides soothing peace throughout while patchouli lends gentle character – leaving you with an unforgettable Sunshine aroma lingering on your skin for hours after each wear.

Sunshine by Amouage is the perfect summer fragrance for ladies of any age. If you want to feel like a ray of sunshine, this fragrance will help your inner glow shine wherever you go.

10. Amouage Lilac Love

Amouage Lilac Love

For those who long for a nostalgic scent, your search is over. Lilac Love is an ode to the purple flower and all its sweetness.

Designed to elevate your mood, this scent can also invoke a feeling of peace and tranquility – perfect for the days when you need some “me time.” Spreading the fragrance through your home will lend an airy, subtle hint of signature sillage that will last for many hours.

Let this fragrance take you back to simpler times as it blossoms a sense of peacefulness with notes including lavenders, flowers, jasmine roses, and vanilla that are pure enough for everyday wear.

You’ll want to keep Lilac Love in your collection just because there’s no flower more romantic than lilacs. Spread some love today with this one-of-a-kind aroma reminiscent of springtime in a blooming garden.

11. Amouage Blossom Love

Amouage Blossom Love

Blossom Love by Amouage is a Floral fragrance that will spur any woman’s emotions, uplift her spirit and leave her utterly captivated. This sensuous aroma envelopes you in its deep rose scent while a hint of vanilla and tonka bean whispers quietly near your heart. Blushing cherry blossom blooms next to ylang-ylang as if daring the fire of passion for igniting an unexpected romance.

Blossom Love is the elixir of seduction. This fragrance was created for women who know that a slight turn can compel a man to fall deeply in love with them. Daring and alluring, this fragrance has a floral top note and sensual base with an intoxicating aroma that touches everyone’s soul.

We call this perfume the epitome of girl power. It simultaneously embodies innocence and seduction that every woman deserves to experience on their own terms.

12. Amouage Honour Woman

Amouage Honour Woman

You’ll discover an extraordinarily feminine yet decidedly potent scent with Amouage Honour Woman. A resolute blend wrapped in stirring layers of amber, incense, and opoponax that will leave you feeling the best version of yourself anytime.

Honour Woman is a scent that blends spices and flowers with warm, earthy notes to create an unmistakable fragrance. The natural fragrances of amber, leather alongside less common ingredients like opoponax, vetiver, and coriander are layered with white flowers for the ultimate effect: a sophisticated, mature woman who is true to herself. Every step in the process has been designed to reflect a women’s individual style while honoring the tradition she inherited.

Honour Woman is a sweet, warm, and inviting fragrance. Gardenia, tuberose, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, and carnation are all indolic flowers in the middle note. amber, which is known for its rich amber color and its vanilla sweetness, can evoke spiritual feelings or a pure connection with mother earth.

With Honour Woman, you will have a fragrance that attracts attention with its alluring and powerful touch. Every woman will want to carry this bewitching aroma everywhere she goes.

13. Amouage Love Tuberose

Amouage Love Tuberose

This 2018 women’s fragrance from Amouage combines classic florals with delectable and sweet vanilla. The lovely opening of tuberose is slightly tempered by gardenia and jasmine before softening into rich cream, vanilla, sandalwood, and cedar for an irresistibly long-lasting love affair.

No flower has quite as strong an identity or projecting power as its namesake – yes, I’m talking about the Big T. Lovers of floral and fruity gourmands will love this Amouage release of Love Tuberose.

If you want your skin to smell like love, then this fragrance will undoubtedly warm your heart. Love Tuberose overflows with beauty like an elegant bouquet weaved from fragrant flowers.

14. Amouage Enclave – Newest Unisex

Amouage Enclave

Enclave is a newer unisex fragrance from Amouage that was brought to life in 2020. The scent isn’t for the faint of heart (or nose), but if you’re looking for something manly with a fresh twist, this might be yours. Raw spices and leather dominate an otherwise floral composition to create the perfect balance between masculine and feminine notes.

Flaunting a rich and distinctive character that is both warm and bold, this fragrance from Amouage welcomes with light notes of cardamom, spicy mint, pink pepper, and cinnamon cloaked in deep tones of olibanum, patchouli, vetiver, and rose. A spicy woodsiness emerges into the mix as well before it all mellows over time to reveal an inviting final offering of Amber Xtreme that softly blends with leathery labdanum and cedarwood.

Enclave has the perfect notes to keep you smelling fresh and updated—a perfect perfume for daytime wear or any occasion all year round.

15. Amouage Meander – Unisex

Amouage Meander

Evolve your signature scent with Meander by Amouage. This is a unisex fragrance that mixes floral notes and spicy accents to create an enticing aroma.

Opulence is Meander’s middle name. This lighthearted yet dignified scent sings of royalty with a rebellious streak. Taught and experienced but courageous, Amouage Meander comes alive in an elegantly composed balance of rich, golden amber and heady incense notes accented by playful bursts of pink pepper for charisma; vetiver for a character; cypriol oil or nagarmotha for the elegance you desire most; narcissus to settle your nose in the luxury you crave from this exquisitely refreshing amber fougere fragrance.

Frequently Asked Questions on Amouage fragrance

What is the best Amouage perfume?

Amouage Reflection for men and Amouage Sunshine for women are two of Amouage’s best seller fragrances.

How much is Amouage perfume?

You can expect to pay anywhere from $280.00 to $450.00 for an Amouage fragrance. If you want to test an Amouage scent before splurging on a full-price bottle, try a budget-friendly option like the Dia soap or the Honour Woman Body Milk.

Where is Amouage perfume made?

Amouage fragrances are made in Oman and the UK.

How to pronounce Amouage perfume?

Amouage is pronounced amwaadj. It may sound like a French word. However, it’s a mashup of the French word “amour,” meaning love, and the Arabic word for waves, “amwaj”.

Is Amouage cruelty-free?

Amouage is a cruelty-free perfume brand. They have a statement on their packaging that they do not test on animals.

Why is Amouage perfume so expensive?

Amouage fragrances are one of the most expensive globally because they use natural ingredients that are chosen amongst the rarest and most expensive in the market.

The Story of Amouage

In 1983 the Sultan of Oman, His Highness Sayyid Hamad bin Hamoud al bu Said, had the vision to bring the ancient Omani art of perfumery to life. The original idea was to combine Middle Eastern’s most traditional ingredients, like frankincense, oud, and myrrh, with other unique components that were hard to find on the market at the time. For the first perfume, the Sultan of Oman employed one of the best perfume designers in the world, Guy Robert. And just like that, Amouage Gold was born. Today Amouage is recognized as one of the most expensive brands of perfumes in the world. It is on the market in over 30 countries worldwide, satisfying international clientele. They have expanded the Amouage product line in the past few years and included luxurious bath products, perfumed candles, and leather goods. 

Notable perfumers 

Amouage perfumes were made in collaboration with many prominent perfumers. Here are just a few famous designers that have been helping the Sultan of Oman for the past 38 years.

  • Guy Robert – the second head perfumer for the House of Chanel
  • Randa Hammami – works for Symrise and is the nose behind Amouage Epic Man
  • Cecile Zarokian – independent perfumer whose first creation was Amouage Epic Woman
  • Daniel Maurel – senior perfumer at Robertet, designed Amouage Epic Woman with his mentee Cecile Zarokian

Why do people like the brand?

Despite the high-priced fragrances, people love Amouage for its uniqueness, long-lasting aroma, and quality design every luxurious brand should have. 

Amouage has remained loyal to its clients since the creation of its first Amouage Gold in 1983. The brand has shown over and over again that qualities like longevity and sillage remain intact. Amouage never compromises on the juice – the core of the brand, and that is one of the biggest reasons they have such strong loyalty.

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