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Arabian Oud is one of the most well-known and respected fragrance brands with over 30 years of experience creating authentic perfumes and fragrances. Arabian Oud fragrance appeals to many people as their perfumes come in various scents, from floral notes to deep woody smells.

No matter what type of personality you have, there is an Arabian Oud fragrance out there just waiting for you. Find out the one that suits you with these top 10 best Arabian Oud fragrances that we’ve compiled to narrow down your search.

Top 10 Best Arabian Oud Fragrance

1. Arabian Oud Resala – Bestseller

Arabian Oud Resala 1

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You’ll be captivated by the elegant and precious fragrances found in this Arabian Oud bestseller Resala. Whether you’re a woman seeking a spicy fragrance or a man who wants to smell luxurious without being too heavy, this subtle yet dynamic perfume is just for you.

Hitching your way into luxury with the saffron top notes, vanilla that help keep your olfactory senses tantalized for hours on end, and oud and chocolate base notes that will have people drooling after you. Arabian Oud Resala promises to put everyone else’s headwear to shame.

2. Arabian Oud Arabian Knight

Arabian Oud Arabian Knight

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Classy fragrance, with just a hint of mischief to keep things interesting – Arabian Oud Arabian Knight. A bold and commanding blend of spice and flowers that are sure to leave you feeling fresh, alive, and ready to take on the world.

Arabian Knight was made for riding the wind and being captured in a magical scent from horizon to horizon, packed with exotic top notes of citron and jasmine, middle notes of cinnamon and rose, base notes of amber, cedar, and vanilla. This fragrance has that rugged edge that is perfect for a man who doesn’t always wear cologne but wants to smell enticingly intoxicating on an evening date or night out.

3. Arabian Oud Kalemat

Arabian Oud Kalemat

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Make way for the irresistible Arabian Oud Kalemat. Amber and honey make up the perfect blending of smooth, rich notes with a touch of soothing musk at play. The mix is surprisingly fruity with top notes of blueberry and anise; middle notes of cashmere wood, floral notes, and rosemary; while base notes of amber, honey, and musk add depth and character to this royal perfume that will win hearts everywhere.

Kalemat is the seductive scent of mystery and intrigue. From start to finish, Kalemat by Arabian Oud transports you into an enchanting journey that will keep your senses on high alert. Capture this lingering trail as it wafts softly into your heart and captivates those around you.

4. Arabian Oud Rosewood

Arabian Oud Rosewood

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The oud-lover will want to stop here. Rosewood by Arabian Oud is a fragrance that doubles as an adventure for your nose. It’s also a unisex fragrance, so you can confidently douse yourself without fear of offending someone nearby.

This is the perfect fragrance for those looking to spice up their life with a splash of seduction. With top notes of rose and Cambodian oud, middle notes of Madagascar vanilla, and base notes of olibanum and white musk, this fragrance is both refreshingly sweet with just enough spice to get your heart racing.

5. Arabian Oud Kalemat Black

Arabian Oud Kalemat Black

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Immerse yourself in the beautiful and mysterious scent of Arabia Oud Kalemat Black. Bold and solid, this rich amber-hued fragrance is full of warmth and warmth that seems to emanate from within your soul itself. 

Arabian Oud Kalemat Black is a unique amber fragrance that satisfies both men’s and women’s preferences. Top notes of olibanum and basil blend beautifully with middle notes of vanilla for an aroma you simply cannot resist. And warm base notes of agarwood and amber will leave you heady and smelling good from morning until night.

6. Arabian Oud Kashmir

Arabian Oud Kashmir

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If you are looking for a masculine fragrance that stands out, take your oud to the next level with Arabian Oud Kashmir, a powerful yet subtle blend of citrus aromatics.

Arabian Oud Kashmir was launched in 2020. It has a luxurious light and floral scent with yuzu, black currant, and plum notes, followed by middle notes of agarwood (oud), jasmine, and rose. Then followed up by base notes of Kashmir wood, vanilla, and white musk.

It’s time for a fresh, light fragrance that packs a punch. You can’t be too careful when it comes to who you’re surrounded by in the hot summer months. With Kashmir, shadows will have no place to hide with its bold and sensual allure- designed for men who thirst after adventure.

7. Arabian Oud Madawi

Arabian Oud Madawi

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The intensity of this fruity fragrance is mind-blowing. Arabian Oud Madawi will deeply favor those who are attracted to floral scents. One whiff, and you’ll be head over heels with top notes of peach and apple blossom alongside its middle notes of pineapple blossom; this feminine fragrance ends on an earthier tone with patchouli, musk, and sensual wild roses for depth.

The perfect finishing touch for creating a romantic night out, Arabian Oud Madawi is the fragrance every woman should have in her arsenal. This fruity and flirty floral chypre leaves you smelling irresistible all day long.

8. Arabian Oud Arabian Knight Silver

Arabian Oud Arabian Knight Silver

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Serious and powerful, Arabian Knight Silver is a fragrance for men who want to do something extraordinary. This fragrance blends rebellious notes with exotic scents, creating an irresistible momentum that goes towards greatness.

Arabian Knight Silver by Arabian Oud has a chypre fragrance that will get your pulse racing. The top notes are geranium and bergamot, middle notes are amber, cashmeran, and sandalwood, while the base notes are patchouli, vanilla, and musk.

Give your scent some edge and conquer the world: wear it like armor and smell like victory.

9. Arabian Oud Aseel

Arabian Oud Aseel

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Arabic Oud Aseel is a fragrance for those who dare to thrust themselves into the unknown. It’s aromatic, subtly sweet, and bursting with spice that fires up your imagination. 

Inspired by the famous Arabian knight, this fragrance takes oud and mixes it with roses and saffron. Aseel has a vanilla base mixed with sandalwood, lavender, jasmine, orris root paste to create its unique aroma.

A fragrance that is both sweet and elegant, Aseel will transport you to Arabia. The warmth of the wood balances with the subtle clarity of oud, creating a fantastic fragrance to suit any occasion.

10. Arabian Oud Woody

Arabian Oud Woody

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It’s the subtle yet heady musk and amber that set this fragrance apart from all others. You’ll find yourself lingering around friends to share a breath of your aquatic scented body. With a rich medley of rose and patchouli, you’re bound to have people asking where it is from without disappointment with these delightful notes.

Arabian Oud Woody is perfect for both women and men looking to get lost in classic splendor. With top notes of agarwood, middle notes of rose and patchouli, and base notes that are musk and amber blends beautifully into the energetic aroma of this majestic fragrance – one that also manages to be romantic yet mature at the same time.

A Guide on How to Choose Your Arabian Oud Fragrance

With 188 different scents, I am sure it can be difficult finding the right Arabian Oud fragrance for you. Although you can narrow down your choices with the Fragrance Finder option on the Arabian Oud official website, this guide provides you with a few tips on how to choose the right one for you.

Before you go on your fragrance hunt, you should familiarize yourself with the notes. Which notes do you prefer and go well with your skin, and which ones you are desperately trying to avoid. There are four main scent families that should help you decide what you really want: floral, fresh, woody and oriental.

Floral – At $150, Arabian Knight is the perfect blend of spice and flowers for the man who wants to smell his best on a date night or a night out on the town. If you are looking for a unisex floral, I suggest you try Arabian Oud Rosewood, a light floral with the right amount of spice to get noticed. 

Fresh – Arabian Knight Silver – At $150, this bergamot and Geranium composition for men makes a fresh and powerful scent for those days when you want to feel like you can conquer the world. Another one in this category worth giving a try is the light and fresh Arabian Oud Kashmir for men and women always seeking adventure.

Woody – Arabian Oud Woody is a unisex fragrance and may be just what you need if you long for a classic signature scent, something that will complement your romantic soul. 

Oriental – If you are looking for a sweet and elegant scent that will transport you to Arabia, look no further. At $250 the unisex Arabian Oud Aseel will bring the Orient to your home in just one spritz.
With so many Arabian Oud perfumes to choose from and all costing more than your usual fragrance, why don’t you give their luxury and unisex bestseller Arabian Oud Resala a try and see why it is so popular for your yourself.

FAQs about Arabian Oud Perfume

How many Oscars has Arabian Oud achieved from the fragrance foundation?

Arabian Oud won five out of 14 awards during the FiFi Arabia, “Fragrance Oscars” Burj Khalifa in Dubai in 2012. The Middle Eastern fragrance house won two Oscars in each of the “Fragrance of the Year” and “My Favourite Perfume of the Year” categories. Arabian Oud also won the “Retailer of the Year” award in the Mono-brand Store of the Year category. Over the years, Arabian Oud has won as many as 30 Oscars.

How much is Arabian Oud perfume?

Arabian Oud is a luxury fragrance house with perfumes ranging between $65 and $1500.

What Arabian Oud Is All About

Arabian Oud is a Middle Eastern fragrance house that was launched in 1982 by Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Al Jasser. The business started in a small fragrance boutique in the heart of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in the old Alzal souk of the city. But today, the Sheikh’s vision to create perfumes with the finest ingredients in the world has turned into the largest Arabian fragrance house in the world with 900 stores in more than 36 countries and 3700 employees. 

The first fragrance was launched in 2012 and the latest in 2021. Besides fragrances, Arabian Oud specializes in diffuser oils, Oud incense and accessories like sanitizers, burners and refine oil bottles. 

Oriental perfumes for the entire family

Arabian Oud makes unique perfumes for men, women, and unisex. They also have a kids collection. 

Oil Perfumes

Arabian Oud is famous for their oil perfumes presented in unique containers. These oil perfumes are blended with the finest ingredients that not only make for a one-of-a-kind perfume but also create signature scents that last. They start anywhere from $68 for the Oud Musk to $2,720 for the King Fahad Blend.

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