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Ariana Grande is one of this century’s most influential stars and her talents certainly don’t stop when she steps off the stage. As well as being a hugely popular musician and actress, Ms. Grande is also a very savvy businesswoman. With tons of merch under her belt, a perfume collection was the natural progression for her career. 

With young girls wanting to be just like their idols, the Ariana Grande perfumes have flown off the shelves. There is a huge collection of beautiful fragrances for every mood, but which is the best Ariana Grande perfume? You’ll discover it here.

Review Of The Best Ariana Grande Perfumes

1. Ariana Grande Cloud – Best Overall Perfume

Ariana Grande Cloud

Launched in 2018, Cloud quickly skyrocketed to success and became the most popular Arian Grande perfume on the market. Not only does it come in a stunning and cute sky blue bottle with a fluffy cloud at the bottom, but it also smells like heaven. 

Cloud is a rich, sweet fragrance with notes of whipped cream, praline, and coconut sitting on a heart of bergamot and lavender. With a musky and woody base, Cloud leaves an enticing, almost mystifying trail behind the wearer, demonstrating how a fragrance can draw someone in. 

What we really love about Ariana Grande Cloud is that it is such a versatile perfume. Its intricate combination of fruity and warm notes makes it ideal for use during summer and winter. More than this, the perfume works so well for all occasions, it’ll take you from the office to the club with very little effort. 

However, Cloud is not an overbearing perfume. While it does boast incredible longevity, it has a delicate sillage that is perfect for making an unassuming statement. And all of this is achieved with one of the most affordable Ariana Grande perfumes there is.

2. Ariana Grande Thank U Next – Longest Lasting Perfume

Ariana Grande Thank U Next

Presented in a beautiful baby pink flacon shaped like a broken heart, Thank U, Next is one of the newer Ariana Grande perfumes, having been released in 2019. We think that this is perfect for times when you really want to make an impact because Thank U, Next will certainly linger and cause a stir. 

But not only does this delightful perfume have amazing longevity, but it also boasts a unique composition that will help you show off your personality. Perfectly suited to young girls who want to show off their sweet and innocent side, Thank U, Next is bursting with delicious notes. 

At the head, we find pear and raspberry giving this fragrance a beautifully fresh start. This melts down into a heart of rose and coconut followed by a rich, sweet macaron and musk base. The standout character of the fragrance will draw attention to you but we think that this perfume works especially well for daytime events like afternoon tea. 

Thank U, Next is slightly pricier than Cloud at an average of $50 a bottle. However, for the longevity and unique character, we think that this is still excellent value for money. 

3. Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy – Best Smelling Perfume    

Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy

Sweet Like Candy is perhaps one of the most easily recognizable Ariana Grande perfumes. With its girly pink bottle topped with a huge fluffy pom pom, there is no mistaking this fragrance from the off. What’s more, this is widely considered to be the best smelling perfume by our superstar sweetheart and works really well for women of all ages thanks to its diverse blend of notes. 

Launched in 2016, Sweet Like Candy blends the tartness of blackberry and bergamot with the smooth scent of pear at the top. The heart brings forth stunning florals including frangipani and jasmine which are complemented by whipped cream and marshmallows. A woody, vanilla base lingers softly to entice and allure those around you. 

If you are looking for a great daytime perfume then Sweet Like Candy is a perfect choice. It has just the right balance of sweetness and fruitiness that make it ideal for days out shopping with the girls or a summer lunch. 

Sweet Like Candy lasts incredibly well for a mid-priced celebrity perfume. It’ll linger on the skin for many hours without being over the top.

4. Ariana Grande Thank U Next 2.0 – Newest Perfume

Ariana Grande Thank U Next 2.0

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Brand new for 2021, Thank U, Next 2.0 is an updated version of the hugely successful Thank U, Next. It comes in a bottle that retains the original shape but boasts a beautiful new iridescent color that immediately catches the eye. 

However, since this is a limited edition perfume, it is currently shrouded in secrecy and we are yet to discover its price range or for how long it’ll be available. If you’re a fan of the original Thank U, Next perfume then you’ll be delighted to hear that many of the accords are the same, with a few twists thrown in for good measure. 

Thank U, Next 2.0 begins in a cloud of red with strawberry, pomegranate, and red apple juice. The heart is intensely floral featuring jasmine and orchid. As the perfume dries down, we are treated to a beautiful marshmallow, musk, and sandalwood base that is super rich, creamy, and alluring. 

We think that this is a great perfume for a date night or when you want to stand out and impress. It is bold and unique but isn’t over the top and won’t cause a scene. For intimate moments, the delicate sillage and nice longevity will bring an air of passion and romance.

5. Ariana Grande Frankie – Best Unisex Perfume

Ariana Grande Frankie

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Frankie is Ariana Grande’s first unisex fragrance and it was made in collaboration with her brother and Youtube sensation, Frankie Grande. The scent is vibrant and outgoing and was designed to pay homage to a combination of their personalities. 

The duo has brought together some fabulous ingredients to create a floral fruity gourmand fragrance that is unmistakable. Apricot, pink pepper, and pear dance at the head while cedar and wild orchid float delicately at the heart. As it dries down, Frankie becomes sweet with sugar and musk complemented by the warmth of sandalwood. 

This rich, alluring base makes Frankie the ideal perfume for winter. Think cozy nights with a loved one or walks in a fall forest followed by hot chocolate by the fire. Launched in 2016, Frankie is presented in a bottle that follows the theme of Sweet Like Candy only this time, a clear bottle is topped with a black pom pom denoting the neutral nature of the scent.

However, it is seemingly difficult to get your hands on Frankie right now with the internet being littered with hugely overpriced bottles of the perfume.                                                           

6. Ariana Grande Moonlight

Ariana Grande Moonlight

Moonlight by Ariana Grande is presented in a stunning light purple flacon that features a purple pom pom. Right from the beginning, you can tell that this is a fun, feminine fragrance for ladies who want to stand out from the crowd. 

The idea behind the fragrance was confidence. The wearer will feel filled with self-love, admiration, and respect for what they can be. This makes the perfume ideal for times when you need a boost, perhaps that important job interview or a first date. You’ll feel like a goddess and the beautiful yet delicate projection won’t offend the nose. 

Moonlight begins with fruity notes of plum and blackcurrant which are followed by marshmallows and peonies at the heart. After the dry down, Moonlight becomes beautifully sweet with amber, sandalwood, and vanilla. The vanilla notes give this an alluring and sensual character that makes you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. 

Luminous and dazzling, one might think that Moonlight was a much more expensive fragrance than it is. Retailing for a little over $24, on average, this would make a perfect gift.

7. Ariana Grande R.E.M.

Ariana Grande R.E.M.

If you are looking for a fragrance that could be just as easily a work of art as it can be a perfume, then R.E.M might be for you. It comes in a stunning bottle that resembles shards of broken glass. The scent inside is just as bold and daring. 

R.E.M was launched in 2020 and is a rich, sweet fragrance for women who aren’t afraid to go and get what they want. It is bursting with an array of characterful notes, meaning that this isn’t a scent that will go unnoticed. If you want to stand out, R.E.M is going to help you do that. 

At the head, zefir, quince, caramel, salt, and fig come together for what can only be described as something delicious. As it melts into the heart, R.E.M reveals pear and lavender before revealing a musk, tonka bean, and sandalwood base. It is warm and intoxicating and has one of the better longevities of celebrity perfume

You can pick up a bottle of R.E.M for as little as $30. So, while it isn’t the least expensive Ariana Grande perfume, it will give you some serious sass.

8. Ariana Grande Ari

Ariana Grande Ari

Released in 2015, Ari by Ariana Grande is the first fragrance from the pop superstar and it set an incredible tone for her career in perfumery. This scent is presented in a classic Ariana-style bottle, decorated with the unmistakable white pom pom. 

Ari is a floral fruity gourmand perfume that is designed to make a woman feel sexy and confident. It features a rich blend of accords that burst out of the bottle and make an impression from the moment they land on the skin. 

Raspberry, pear, and grapefruit come forth at the top followed by a beautiful floral heart containing rose, orchid, and lily. The base reveals marshmallow, musk, and woody notes which seems to be a staple part of most Ariana Grande perfumes. This rich, sweetness allows for a warming, delicate sillage that is perfect for special occasions. 

Ari is one of the most affordable perfumes by Ariana Grande and won’t break the bank, retailing at around $15, on average. This makes it ideal for younger buyers who want something that makes them feel incredible on a budget.

9. Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Limited Edition

Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Limited Edition

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If you loved Sweet Like Candy, then the limited edition which was launched in 2017 is sure to blow you away. It comes in a bright red bottle with the signature pom pom in just as striking a red hue. This perfume screams sexiness and glam right from the off. Inside, you will find a delicious concoction of notes for a daring personality. 

Sweet Like Candy LImited Edition begins with red berries, pear, and bergamot before blending down into a floral heart. It feels very feminine but not coy. The base reveals marshmallow, whipped cream, sandalwood, amber, and cashmere wood with a hint of blackberry. It is sweet and super alluring. 

We think that Sweet Like Candy Limited Edition would work very well as a go-to fragrance for young, fun-loving women who aren’t afraid to shine. It has a very unique aroma but isn’t overpowering so would work well at the office or at school. What’s more, it’ll make you feel bold and confident when wearing it, and who doesn’t want to feel like that every day?
That said since this was a limited edition fragrance, there aren’t many bottles out there so you will have to be willing to pay a bit more. On some websites, the perfume is selling in excess of £300 a bottle.

Frequently Asked Questions On Ariana Grande Perfumes

Who makes Ariana Grande perfume?

Perfumers Clement Gavarry and Jerome Epinette have collaborated with Ariana Grande to create her wonderful collection of fragrances.

Who owns Ariana Grande perfume?

While Ariana might take the limelight when it comes to her fragrance collection, the brand is actually owned By Luxe Brands Inc. The company owns several beauty brands including the incredibly well-known Hawaiian Tropic.

How much is Ariana Grande perfume?

Ariana Grande perfume is a celebrity fragrance range. These ranges are known for being much more affordable and you typically won’t expect to pay more than $50 for a bottle. However, on average, these fragrances cost around $30.

Where to buy Ariana Grande perfume?

The great thing about the Ariana Grande range of perfumes is that they are so widely available. You can purchase them from places like Walmart but the easiest option is to hop over to Amazon, where you will find all of the fragrances at a great price.

Is Ariana Grande perfume cruelty-free?

Not all of the Ariana Grande perfumes are suitable for vegans. However, she has recently launched a 100% cruelty-free fragrance called God Is A Woman.
It features completely vegan-friendly ingredients and has not been tested on animals. Furthermore, the perfume will only be distributed in countries where animal testing is not required by law.

Is Ariana Grande perfume good?

Ariana Grande perfume is a great choice for those who want a light yet unique fragrance. All of the perfumes have their own character and make a wonderful choice for daytime wear or as a signature for people who are heavily into gourmand fragrances.

How long does Ariana Grande perfume last

Celebrity perfumes are not usually known for their longevity as they are typically a little more delicate. However, while most Ariana Grande perfumes have moderate longevity, Thank U, Next is known for being super long-lasting.

What perfume does Ariana Grande use?

Ariana Grande has a wide collection of favorite perfumes. She loves to wear Neroli Portofino Aqua by Tom Ford as well as Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf. If you want to learn more about her go-to scents, we have all the info you’ll need right here.

The Story Of Ariana Grande Perfumes

Ariana Grande released her debut single, Put Your Hearts Up back in 2011, but this didn’t even manage to get a place in the billboard charts. However, fast forward two years and the starlet burst onto the scene with her hit single The Way featuring Mac Miller. After this, there was no stopping her and a new pop superstar was born. 

Owing to the fame and fortune she had received and her vibrant, loveable personality, it seemed only fitting to move on to bigger and better things. For Ariano, this meant launching a fragrance range. 

Most celebrities will couple with big perfume manufacturers to create their fragrance lines and Ariana Grande was no different. She collaborated with Clement Gavarry and Jerome Epinette who are some of the most influential names in the fragrance world. 

Grande also partnered with Luxe Brands Inc which is a high-end prestigious beauty company known for its affiliation with some of the world’s most well-known names. 

Her first perfume, Ari, was launched in 2015, just two years after her music career took off. The fragrance received rave reviews from her fans and perfume lovers alike, following this, a further 8 fragrances have been released. 

The fragrance made an impact because of its sweet scent but it also made headlines with its mini-movie commercial. Set in 1950s New York, the commercial features Ariana, also known as ‘Ari’ sitting in the back of a cab, chatting to the driver. She moves into singing a song, halfway into which, the perfume bottle makes an appearance, and things really get exciting.

Three years later, in 2018, Ariana brought us Cloud, which is, to date, the best-selling perfume from her range. Much to her delight, the perfume went on to win Fragrance of the year. Cloud was the breath of fresh air that the world of celebrity perfume so desperately needed. 

Amazingly, it is reported that Ariana Grande perfumes have made more than half a billion dollars since the release of the first fragrance. Their success only looks set to continue. 

While many celebrities launch perfume lines, there haven’t really been any that have been as successful as Ariana since the launch of the Fantasy perfumes from Britney back in the early 2000s. So you might ask what makes Ariana Grande perfumes so special?

Well, we believe that these fragrances have a theme. Each one has its own character yet many of the same accords. This makes it easy to identify and fall in love with the entire range. What’s more, Ariana Grande perfumes are accessible to everyone and have a very special appeal to a younger audience, especially those who are just getting into fragrance. Of course, the wealth of Ariana’s music fans certainly impacts the popularity of the collection.

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