Best Bath & Body Works Scents in 2024

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The sight of any Bath & Body Works store is enough to remind you of your childhood—those days in middle school when sun-ripened raspberry was the day’s scent. Bath & Body Works scents have come a long way since those days.

Today, there are so many products with newer ones making a debut each season. Now, how can you tell the best from the ordinary if you haven’t tried them all? The good news is, you didn’t have to try them all. We’ve compiled an extensive list of the best Bath & Body Works scents.

Keep reading to discover the best Bath & Body Works fragrance.

Our Bath & Body Works Top Picks

Best Selling Bath & Body Works Scent: Japanese Cherry Blossom
“This is the perfect mixture of florals and fruit.”
Best Bath & Body Works Scent for Women: A Thousand Wishes
“A thousand wishes is Chic and classy; feminine and flirty.”
Best Bath & Body Works Scent for Men: Noir
“Mysterious, exotic, and bold, Noir embodies the man perfectly.”
Most Popular Bath & Body Works Scent: Cucumber Melon
“Fresh and sweet, a whiff of the cucumber melon fragrance mist is enough to transport us back to middle school.”
Best Smelling Bath & Body Works Scent: Japanese Cherry Blossom
“Japanese Cherry Blossom has a fruity floral fragrance with sub notes of patchouli, vanilla, and musk that is hard to resist.”
Newest Bath & Body Works Scent: Strawberry Pound Cake
“Gourmand lovers would enjoy this new Bath & Body Works scent; it smells exactly as it should, of strawberries, cream and cake.”

Watch our video to learn more about the top scents from Bath & Body Works:

Are you a first-time Bath & Body Works scent buyer? Would you like to know the top scents offerings this year? After much research, we’ve come up with an authentic list of the top Baths & Body Works scents on offer this year.

Top List of 10 Best Bath & Body Works Scents

Are you searching for the best scent from Bath & Body Works? We’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best scents they have to offer. Here we go…

1. Bath & Body Works WARM VANILLA SUGAR Fine Fragrance Mist

Bath and Body Works WARM VANILLA SUGAR Fine Fragrance Mist

The warm vanilla sugar is a Bath & Body Works fragrance mist best seller for obvious reasons. We love it not just because it makes us refreshing but also how decadent the scent is. Every note level for this fragrance mist evokes a feeling of freshness and comfort in an intoxicating blend you can’t get enough of. 

For the top notes, think of a sharp alluring mixture of vanilla and white orchid. The mid notes of fresh jasmine, sparkling sugar, fresh coconut, and Vanilla Tonka provide a more refreshing balance. 

Even when the top and middle notes are gone, this all-time favorite mist still leaves you smelling of comfort in creamy sandalwood, warm vanilla bean, and cocoa bean. 

This fragrance mist is as alluring as it is comforting – a blend that makes its wearer feel like home.

2. Bath & Body Works CUCUMBER MELON Fine Fragrance Mist

Bath Body Works CUCUMBER MELON Fine Fragrance Mist

Cucumber melon is, no doubt, one of the best Bath & Body Works fragrance. It is a classic old, but gold and one of the ‘freshest’ scents produced by Bath & Body Works. It has such cleanness that it reminds us of that feeling we get just after a bath.

Although this scent is not as strong as some other fragrance mists, it still retains a light sweetness from its melon top note.

With middle notes like jasmine, cucumber, and lily of the valley, you’ll maintain a light, fresh scent all day long. The base note is a musk so light, it is hardly detectable but combines perfectly with the top and middle notes to produce that fresh scent we love.

Bath & Body Works would make a lot of people sad if they retire this scent.

3. Bath & Body Works JAPANESE CHERRY BLOSSOM for Women Fine Fragrance Mist

Bath Body Works JAPANESE CHERRY BLOSSOM for Women Fine Fragrance Mist

The top notes for this fragrance mist are apple, plum, and pear, which remind you of sunny days and ripening orchards.

It isn’t surprising that the Japanese cherry blossom mist has the faintest smell of rose when you take a good sniff. 

The middle notes are lily, tuberose, Kyoto rose petals, Japanese cherry blossom, and mimosa. And the base notes will mind you of winter, a warm fireplace, a hot cup of cinnamon tea, and the laughter of friends and family. 

Also, the base notes are amber, cinnamon, patchouli, oakmoss, Himalayan cedar, vanilla, and sandalwood.

Indeed, the Japanese cherry blossom is one of the top Bath & Body Works scents for women. It is a crowd-pleaser that has the perfect blend of sweet, flowery, and musk. It is the best Bath & Body Works mist because it defies season to be an all-year-round scent.

4. Bath & Body Works A THOUSAND WISHES Fragrance Mist

Bath Body Works A THOUSAND WISHES Fragrance Mist

Think classy, Christmassy, and sweet. Bath & Body Works have a classic scent in this. Throw in a dash of longevity, and you’ve pegged this scent down.

Top notes of peonies, quince, amber, prosecco, and smooth amaretto give this mist its noticeable floral scent. Hints of starfruit, musk, and cinnamon lend a more profound, almost mature fruity smell to the blend.

But this isn’t the only reason why this spray is one of the best Bath & Body Works scents. A Thousand Wishes is the cucumber melon spray of the 20th century. Little wonder why it is a Bath & Body Works fragrance mist bestseller.

When you have strangers leaning in to get that whiff of Christmas in summer, or have people asking what you’re wearing, you know you’ve got a winner.

What’s more, if you want a stronger scent, go for the Eau de Perfume. A Thousand Wishes would make the best Bath & Body Works perfume.

5. Bath & Body Works GINGHAM Fine Fragrance Mist

Bath Body Works GINGHAM Fine Fragrance Mist

Even relatively new, gingham is set to become a Bath & Body Works fragrance mist best seller. If you like fresh scents like the one on clean clothes, you’ll love this gingham fragrance mist.

What does this mist smells like? It’s simple! Imagine a windy summer day spent at the beach sipping fresh orange juice and laughing with your friends.

The main notes in this fragrance mist are freesia, clementine, violet petals, and sweet citrus. Some say they get a clean, slightly fruity smell while others say they can’t get any notes that stick out.

One thing is clear, this fragrance mist is fresh, and when the sun comes out, everyone wants to smell clean, and gingham is clean.

6. Bath & Body Works ROSE Fine Fragrance Mist

Bath Body Works ROSE Fine Fragrance Mist

This perfect blend of sweet and spicy is a favorite Bath & Body Works fragrance for many women.

Think of light rose – jasmine petal scent that brings out the playful, flirty side of you. The creamy musk undertone only adds a side of mystery.

Imagine a candlelit romantic dinner for two and a scent that enhances every feminine side of you. Every lady should have this in her repertoire for such a night.

Like most Bath & Body Works scents, the rose is light and airy enough and doesn’t overpower the senses. For some, the Rose Eau de Perfume is the best Bath & Body Works perfume.

7. Bath & Body Works SWEATER WEATHER Diamond Shimmer Mist

Bath Body Works SWEATER WEATHER Diamond Shimmer Mist

If fall with all its ripening orchards, cool days, and autumn leaves is your favorite time of the year, you’ll love this scent.

This mist feels like long days in the sun walking through orchard woods and breathing in air infused with the heady scent of ripening fruits.

Essential notes in this fragrance are decidedly fruity and woody. You can scent Cypress wood, lush berry, and soft mimosa. Take advantage of sweater weather and smell like fall all year round.

8. Bath & Body Works INTO THE NIGHT Fine Fragrance Mist

Bath Body Works INTO THE NIGHT Fine Fragrance Mist

Into the Night is strongly exotic with detectable tones of jasmine and blackberries and amber. It is definitely not a scent for juveniles. In addition, Into the Night has all the makings of a fragrance, making it one of the best Bath & Body Works mists.

Into the might doesn’t have an overpowering scent but will last all day and long Into the Night. Feel confident and bold in this scent.

9. Bath & Body Works NIGHT BLOOMING JASMINE Fine Fragrance Mist

Bath Body Works NIGHT BLOOMING JASMINE Fine Fragrance Mist

This fragrance mist is alluring, enchanting, and delicately floral. Night Blooming Jasmine fragrance mist would transport you to cool nights on a porch surrounded by the amazing smell of jasmine.

You can’t miss the jasmine scent since the top notes, lilac and the night-blooming jasmine, are decidedly floral. So, if you have something against smelling like flowers, you wouldn’t like this scent. However, the flower lovers would enjoy smelling like a bouquet riot.

The middle tones for this mist are also flowers – freesia petals, spring rain accord, and violet leaves. The only non-flowery tones are the base tones of musk and Orris.

Intoxicating floral scent? Check. Sweet undertone? Check. You would agree that Night Blooming Jasmine is one of the best Bath & Body Works perfumes.

10. Bath & Body Works MAGIC IN THE AIR Shimmer Diamond Mist

Bath Body Works MAGIC IN THE AIR Shimmer Diamond Mist

With the notes and undernotes in this fragrance, it does feel like there’s Magic in the Air. If you’ve been waiting for a fragrance with the perfect blend of gourmand, floral and fruity scents, you’ve just found it.

The top notes are pear blossom, persimmon, white iris, and water lily. The middle notes – coconut nectar, jasmine, and almond add more of a fruity smell to the top note. The base notes round this eclectic scent with some vanilla, sandalwood, and musk.

From the notes, you might wonder what Bath & Body Works were thinking. However, these unexpected ingredients produce one of their best scents. We won’t be shocked if Magic in the Air becomes the best Bath & Body Works mist in the years to come. It has a lot of potential.

Choosing Your Bath & Body Works Scent

The fragrance you exude is essential because we associate scents with emotions, events, and people. What emotions do you want your scent to evoke in you and others?

This is why choosing the right scent can be a difficult task. The numerous options available and the fragrance tones in each make choosing near impossible.

Not to worry, though, we’ve put together tested and trusted tips that make this seemingly impossible task easy and fun.

Rule Out Your Dislikes

To narrow down the list of Bath & Body Works scents, pick out your dislikes. And while you rule out your dislikes, take note of your likes as well.

How can you easily pick out your dislikes? Think of the scents that you didn’t like at the first sniff. Do musky scents turn you off? Have you always hated floral scents? Do you think scents like vanilla should be limited to the kitchen? Also, consider scents that you react strongly to.

Done with your taboo scent list? Now, create a list of ‘Scents you like,’ put down the scents you thought of while making your dislike list. Those scents are most likely your favorite.

Pick A Fragrance Family

  • Floral

Smells like flowers, blossoming gardens, and balmy spring evenings. A scent like Japanese Cherry blossom does come to mind.

  • Woods

Do you love the great outdoors, weekend hikes, and camping in the forest? Carry a piece of the woods in any pine, birch, or sandalwoods scent. And if you want to retain a woodsy scent, Twilight Woods body scent is just perfect.

  • Fresh

Smells like freshly washed sheets and ocean breeze. If you love the feeling you get after a refreshing shower, fresh fragrance like Bath & Body Works Gingham would make you feel that way all day long.

  • Fruit

Smell like strawberry, Apple, and other tropical fruit scents. Look, feel, and smell peachy with your favorite fruity with scents like Pretty as a Peach by BBW.

  • Warm

Warm fragrances feel like a lover’s hug, the cozy warmth of a fire in winter, and a comfortable blanket. Smell warm like amber and cashmere even in winter. Sweater weather is perfect for warm scent lovers. 

  • Citrus

Think of your favorite citrusy scents like freshly cut orange and lemon. Just like a glass of cool lemonade on a hot day, this scent is refreshing. You can get the White Citrus if you like citrusy scents

  • Gourmand

You can do more than have a sweet tooth; you can smell like one. Cue in scents like strawberry Pound Cake one of B&BW finest gourmand selections. 

  • Exotic

Think charming, alluring, magnetic, and seductive. These are vibes and scents you want to give off on a hot date with your dream man. Into the night is one of Bath & Body Works most exotic scents of all time

At this point, you pretty much know what you want. All that’s left is to order. You can get one scent or one each for different occasions

Frequently Asked Questions About Bath & Body Works scents

Which Bath & Body Works scent Is the Best?

Bath & Body Works offer such a delightfully extensive collection of scents; it is difficult to say which scent is the absolute best. After much thought and reviews from users, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Cucumber Melon, and Warm Vanilla Sugar are the best Bath & Body Works scents.

Who Owns Bath & Body Works?

Bath & Body Works is owned by L Brands, a large American fashion retailer headquartered in Columbus. L Brands also owns other high-profile fashion companies like Victoria’s Secret and Pink.

How Much Are Bath & Body Works Perfume?

There are no fixed prices for all Bath & Body Works perfumes since price differs according to the fragrance. Some fragrances may cost anywhere from $13 to $16.

What Bath & Body Works Scent Am I?

You can find out the Bath & Body Works scent you are by following the steps on how to choose a Bath & Body Works scent above.

The Story of Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works is one of America’s biggest retail shop chains for Bath and Body products. Their products range from body lotions to candles and so much more in between. 

In the 30 years since they first began operating, Bath & Body Works have firmly created a spot in the body care industry.

Thanks to exceptional marketing and management, Bath & Body Works has over 1600 retail outlets in the United States and an ever-expanding community of faithful consumers.


Bath & Body Works was founded in New Albany, Ohio, by Les Wexner. Their very first store was in an Express mall in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

As soon as they started operations, Bath & Body Works(BBW) hit a major snag. Body Shop files a lawsuit, stating that BBW copied their branding from the ‘green’ outlay of their store to their product is the packaging.

BBW’s response to that lawsuit birthed the era that launched them to success.  This was the era of wooden barrels, gingham, and the story of Kate.

In a bid to differentiate themselves, Bath & Body Works reinvented a part of their history to suit their heartland image. A big part of that reinvention was “Kate.”

Kate enjoyed making her beauty products from natural ingredients she found around the farm. Her hobby grew into a passion that led her to study Biology at the University. With a Biology degree, Kate could better understand the natural ingredients she used. Feeling confident enough to share her products, she decided to open up a store, and BBW was born.

It is most likely true that Kate didn’t exist, and if she did, she certainly wasn’t the founder of BBW. But customers bought the Kate story, and all 95 plus BBW store outlets were designed to look like Kate’s home. Employees treated customers as visitors to her home, and it racked up the appeal of a homemade product.

The Kate myth is only one example of Bath & Body Works’ strategy of linking scents to emotions and events. A strategy that has resounding success when you consider the amount of money BBW racks in every year.

In 2003, BBW slowly lost the barrels and exchanged them for white tables. The gingham decoration was canned as well in favor of modern white walls. BBW, would later go on to can some of their classic scents and reintroduce new ones.

BBW’s ability to reinvent itself and embrace change adds to its appeal. Today, Bath & Body Works is more relevant than they’ve ever been. And they have the annual revenue to show for it.  


Bath & body works have a few collections of wonderful scents. These collections include products from perfumes and bath gels to lotions – all with the same scent. Check out the collections below…

  • Perfect Peony

Bath & Body Works released the Perfect Peony collection earlier this year. The products in this collection have a refreshing floral fruity scent. With notes of vanilla, Apple, peony, and sandalwood, it has quickly become a favorite.

  • Gingham

This clean, fresh collection was introduced in 2019. Strong notes of violet petals, clementine, and freesia, the gingham collection has a fresh citrusy scent.

  • Into the Night

Launched in 2019, this exotic and mysterious blend of dark berries, amber, and midnight jasmine is loved by most users. Plus, it is one of the best Bath & Body Works scents.

In conclusion

Bath & Body Works’ constant debut of new products keeps their consumers at the edge of their seats, for the next iconic scent. Scent lovers appreciate a wide range of options when it comes to scents and fragrances. But it also makes it difficult to peg the best products. We hope our list has made it easy for you to shop for the best bath & body works scents.

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