Best Blue Fragrances (My Updated 2024 List)

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I love fresh and uplifting colognes so whenever I spot a blue fragrance I just have to give it a try. If you’re anything like me, you’ll love the way that these marine, summery scents smell. But the fragrance industry has become flooded with blue fragrances.

That makes it sometimes a nightmare to find the right one. I came to realize it would be challenging for someone to choose from so many blue fragrances. That’s why I’ve decided to compile a list of my ten favorite blue fragrances..

What The Heck Does A Blue Fragrance Even Mean?

Firstly, I’m going to explain what a blue fragrance is in order to make it clear what it represents.

Within the world of perfume, there are different fragrance families; sweet, fruity, floral, spicy, woody, and so on. Blue fragrances don’t actually make up a fragrance family of their own but are more of a sub-category. So what do they smell of?

A blue fragrance can be described as something aquatic with sea and sky vibes. It’s fresh, clean, invigorating, and uplifting. I often find that blue scents are similar in nature to revitalizing shower gels and soaps without having that ‘soapy’ accord that some powdery or preppy perfumes have.

It wasn’t until the 1980s that the term blue fragrance became widely used. But today, perfume houses find some of their greatest successes with the creation of blue perfumes.

Within a blue fragrance, you might find water notes, citruses, ozonic accords and some light florals. These fragrances typically dry down to a woody base, although I have seen plenty that have a slightly spicier, warm finish.

Now without further ado, here are my current top ten favorite blue fragrances that I enjoy wearing the most.

My Top 10 Best Blue Fragrances

1. Blue by Kenneth Cole

Blue by Kenneth Cole
Blue by Kenneth Cole

The name is a giveaway, isn’t it. Blue by Kenneth Cole is one of the best blue men’s scents in stores at the moment. What I love about Blue is that it’s not showy in the slightest. It combines aquatic and citrus accords with a woody finish for simplicity that’s seriously sexy.

Blue is the perfect fragrance for men with a sporty and active lifestyle. It’s light enough to wear every day but distinct enough that it’ll still get noticed. If you want a truly masculine scent then this is one I’d seriously consider buying.

I also like that it’s super affordable, making it an excellent blind buy.

2. Ralph Fresh by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Fresh by Ralph Lauren
Ralph Fresh by Ralph Lauren

If you enjoyed the original Ralph Lauren and fancy something a little more ozonic then Ralph Fresh will probably be right up your street.

It comes in a bottle that’s very similar to the OG but with less blue, which is funny considering this is definitely the ‘bluer’ of the two.

Ralph Fresh has an exhilarating character with a touch of sweetness which, I feel, makes it quite youthful. It works incredibly well in the heat and projects beautifully. However, in cooler weather, it may struggle to perform as well.

3. Dylan Turquoise by Versace

Dylan Turquoise by Versace
Dylan Turquoise by Versace

I recently purchased this bright, sparkling perfume for a holiday in the sun, and I am so glad I blind bought it. Dylan Turquoise is so easy to wear and feels fresh and super sexy. I felt as though I could take on the world.

Dylan Turquoise is bursting with beautiful citrus notes and a hint of jasmine at the heart. For me, this is the perfect blend but some people may find it a little too generic. There are lots of similar smelling scents.

However, you can’t knock the performance since Dylan Turquoise stays obvious throughout the day. You won’t need to respray it and yet it doesn’t offend. I’d probably say this was one of my all time favorite blue fragrances.

4. Bleu de Chanel by Chanel

Bleu de Chanel by Chanel
Bleu de Chanel by Chanel

There is no doubt that BDC is one of the most iconic modern blue colognes for men. That’s what I think, too. Not only does it have all the facets of a bright, fresh, blue fragrance but there’s also a rich, deep, aromatic character that gives it a more sensual vibe.

Bleu de Chanel is a massive performer, especially in hot weather. If you’re looking for something that’ll make you stand out in a crowd; this is it.

It’ll make you feel manly and so well put together. I find that when I catch BDC on someone, I see them as sophisticated yet powerful.

5. Acqua by Jeanne En Provence

Acqua by Jeanne En Provence
Acqua by Jeanne En Provence

Out of all of the colognes on this list, Acqua is perhaps the least recognizable. But I think it’s an incredible scent that deserves to be discovered.

The fragrance is inspired by the Mediterranean coast and the beautiful blast of watery notes I get at the head seriously reflects this. I also love that there are some delicate florals lingering for a light character while the cypress and pine keep it masculine.

Acqua is a fantastic summer fragrance that’ll project moderately which I think makes it highly versatile. I wouldn’t recommend this one in cool water as I noticed it’ll struggle to make the statement you want it to.

6. Cool Water by Davidoff

Cool Water by Davidoff
Cool Water by Davidoff

I wore Cool Water so much in my early 20s. The clue is in the name; this is a seriously aquatic and fresh fragrance. It’s perfect for summer and despite being a budget scent, performs amazingly well.

I love the uniqueness of Cool Water. The blend of notes is so complex including fruity accords, aquatic notes, florals and the sweetness of vanilla in the dry down. If you want a blue signature scent, this will really make you stand out; and for all the right reasons.

I do have to point out, however, that I personally know quite a few people who have had skin reactions to Cool Water. So, it may be best to test it if you have sensitive skin.

7. Bentley Azure

Bentley Azure
Bentley Azure

There’s not a lot I don’t like about Bentley Azure. It’s aquatic, ozonic, invigorating, and extremely masculine. It’s one of the most affordable perfumes I’ve picked for my selection so I think it’ll be a great addition to anyone’s collection for everyday wear.

Azure combines citrus notes with the sweetness of pineapple and a spicy hit of paprika. I think it’s unique and makes a fantastic signature if you don’t want to follow the crowd.

If, like me, you love a clean fragrance then Azure will hit the spot. It reminds me of stepping out of a fresh hotel bathroom having used the complimentary toiletries. The scent will linger nicely throughout the day, as well.

8. Ocean Dream by Giorgio Beverly Hills

Ocean Dream by Giorgio Beverly Hills
Ocean Dream by Giorgio Beverly Hills

I’m so in love with Ocean Dream that I’ve even requested a new bottle as a Christmas gift. This perfume smells so fresh and clean with a blast of sea notes that makes me feel as though I’m standing on a rocky coast.

The orange blossom and musk give it a sweetness that that clean laundry vibe, which is something I relish in a fragrance.

I would have to say that I just wish Ocean Dream was a little stronger. It’s such a lovely fragrance but it’s very delicate. With a scent like this, I’d really want the world to experience it. But it’s quite gentle so probably best saved for intimate moments.

9. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue (For Women)

Dolce Gabbana Light Blue For Women
Dolce Gabbana Light Blue For Women

Another fragrance that saw a lot of use from me when I was younger is Light Blue by D&G. It was so fitting back in those days because it’s one of the most youthful fragrances I’ve ever owned. Light Blue is highly uplifting and invigorating. It always made me feel like I’ve just showered under a waterfall.

For me, the unique fragrance of Light Blue is attractive. But I know some people that find it a little over the top. It has the potential to be headache inducing so I wouldn’t recommend it wearing in enclosed spaces.

That said, Light Blue is a brilliant summer fragrance. This is a must-have for anyone headed to the beach, for coastal cocktails or a day out shopping in a sunny town, it will smell divine in the warm, open air.

10. Cool Water Game by Davidoff (For Men)

Cool Water Game by Davidoff For Men
Cool Water Game by Davidoff For Men

I wouldn’t recommend anything more than Cool Water Game for guys seeking an aromatic blue cologne. As a flanker to the original Cool Water, I find Game more richer, sexier, sportier, and truly unique.

You get the citrus accords but these are coupled with sweeter notes like watermelon and blackcurrant. For me, this makes the fragrance more versatile than other blues and you could wear it for date night just as easily as you could to the office.

Cool Water Game might be an inexpensive fragrance but boy does it last. My partner wore this for many years and he’d spray it in the morning and I could still catch a heavy whiff as we got into bed at night.

Closing Thoughts

I love wearing a blue fragrance; it makes me feel vibrant, bright and uplifted. While there are plenty out there, I love those that last well and give me a clean feeling all day long.

Before I end this review, I wanted to throw in a quick note on Dior Sauvage. A lot of people mistakenly call this a blue fragrance yet it’s actually an aromatic fougere fragrance that has far too much warmth and spiciness to be considered blue. I’m not saying it isn’t a stunning scent but it doesn’t fall into this category.

When choosing a blue perfume, try to go for things that are as fresh as possible. Don’t forget those ozonic, aquatic, and citrus notes as they’re really what set these fragrances apart.

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