Best Bond No 9 Perfume For Women

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If you are a woman who is looking for the perfect perfume that will get you compliments from men and women alike, then this blog post is for you. Below are some of the top-selling Bond No 9 perfumes that may help you find what you’re looking for.

New York is the city of inspiration for Bond No 9’s perfume line. With this blog post, I’ll give you the inside scoop on how well these Bond No 9 women’s perfumes hold up in real life and what makes each individual scent stand out from the rest.  

Let’s dive into my review of the best-selling Bond No 9 perfumes for women available today.

Discover the best Bond No 9 perfumes in this video:

Best Selling Bond No 9 Women’s Perfume

1. Bond No 9 Greenwich Village

Bond No 9 Greenwich Village

The scent of Greenwich Village is a romantic one that plays on the classic combination of peony and jasmine.  It’s a fresh, fragrant, and floral perfume with an edge of spice that is perfect for the women who love a little extra spunk to their life. With notes of juicy litchi, cassis, mandarin oranges, peonies, and jasmine blooming over soft musks for a luxurious grounding effect that makes each breath oh-so-satisfying. Trust me when I say you’ll never want to leave the door without it again.

2. Bond No 9 The Scent Of Peace

Bond No 9 The Scent Of Peace

Bond No 9 is known for its luxurious perfumes and this one just happens to be no exception. This best-seller, The Scent of Peace is a floral woody musk that uses grapefruit, and black currant as the main top notes. In the middle, Bond No 9 uses lily of the valley which creates a mood that’s calming amidst hints of lightness. The cedar base notes, combined with the flowers and musk, creates a sentiment of calm and serenity throughout the duration of the scent.

The perfect scent to change your mood, The Scent Of Peace is exactly what you need when the day has been a bit too much. This light airy fragrance will have you feeling calm and centered in no time. The Scent Of Peace brings out such a distinct aroma that’s sure to leave an impression on those around you without overwhelming them with an overpowering smell.

3. Bond No 9 New York Nights

Bond No 9 New York Nights

When night falls, the city of New York looks different. It is bright and the buildings are lit up. The lights reflect on each other like stars in the sky. In a riot of colors, this unisex fragrance captures New York City’s night skyline with its rich amber and floral notes.

This rich mix is going to captivate any woman’s senses with jasmine flowers among other eastern spices with hints of marine accord and coffee beans mixed up into an earthy blend of patchouli. You can wear New York Nights perfume with confidence on a night out-intoxicatingly perfect for date nights or even alone movie nights.

4. Bond No 9 Madison Avenue

Bond No 9 Madison Avenue

You’ve never felt the sensation of walking down Madison Avenue? Now, you can inhale it. Madison Avenue is a perfume that was created to harness the energy and vibe of one of New York City’s most well-known streets. This perfume celebrates the bold, independent spirit of fashionistas wearing on-trend pieces and sassy attitudes. 

With the Bond No. 9 Madison Avenue scent, you can finally get a taste of those fabulous boutiques that line this iconic shopping street. This power-packed daytime perfume is fresh and lively in all the right ways. It’s a high-energy perfume with come-hither woody-mossy chypre notes. With crisp apple notes balanced by blackcurrant and rose overtones, this is one irresistible invitation to explore, perfect for fashionistas on the move. Whether you’re going to work or out for lunch with friends- bring this vibrant perfume with you wherever your day takes you.

5. Bond No 9 Tribeca

Bond No 9 Tribeca

Added a nice new perfume to my collection. I hooked up with TriBeCa by Bond No 9. This cocoa and hazelnutty amber vanilla blend sure smell sweet. The nose behind this perfume is Michel Almairac who worked hard to get all the notes just right for us. And you know what, he succeeded – TriBeCa smells mellow but exciting at the same time because of its jasmine-y middle note and earthy dry-down.

I love TriBeCa by Bond No 9. It’s one of my favorite fragrances to wear and it smells so good, I always get compliments on the fragrance. This is one particular perfume that deserves a place in your collection as it has all the warmth and sweetness that you need during cold weather days.

6. Bond No 9 Nolita

Bond No 9 Nolita

Bond No 9 Nolita perfume is named after the chic district in Manhattan where you’ll find a lot of inspiration for your own creative pursuits—whether it’s music, fashion, or whatever inspires you. This perfume takes you on a journey through our world with rich, textured scents that celebrate the cultural melting pot. For those who appreciate a classic that’s familiar yet unique, this is the fragrance for you. 

Bond No 9 Nolita captures the young culture and spirit of NYC’s favorite neighborhood. It’s a classic freesia scent with an unexpected wake-up from tangerine that captures the feel of what New Yorkers enjoy about this hip, modern hotspot. The sophisticated floral aroma is completed with jasmine sambac for an airy and soft smell that offers something cozy and sweet without being overpowering.

Nolita is the perfect classic perfume for discreet types out there – who also want to smell young. It’s a feminine, floral scent that has been blended with an unexpected wake-up of sweet tangerine for an invigorating effect.

7. Bond No 9 Madison Square Park

Bond No 9 Madison Square Park

Madison Square Park’s addictive blend of sensuous florals sits atop crisp greens in this richly romantic eau de parfum. 

From the opening notes of grassy blueberries and sunshine-bright hyacinth to darker intimations of rose and pink tulip, you’ll be whisked away into an olfactory fairy tale. Teak wood mingling with vetiver envelops this fragrance’s floral journey like Luxor silk around an Egyptian Queen.

The quintessential NYC experience, the fresh scent of Madison Square Park envelopes you in summertime bliss. Layer it with your favorite bold lip color and faux fur boots to conjure up Gilded Age nostalgia. From the blooming rose gardens to the lush green shade, Bond No. 9 Madison Square Park captures every detail that makes it so distinctly New York.

8. Bond No 9 New Haarlem

Bond No 9 New Haarlem

New Haarlem is an intoxicating blend of coffee and cedar with warm sweet undertones of amber and vanilla.

New Haarlem by Bond No 9 is a fragrance for everyone; women and men. The sweet, woody smell of coffee will envelop those around and in turn, make them feel cozy with you. New Haarlem is ideal for winter as it contains some green leaves to keep you grounded. It’s perfect for those who want an uplifting scent without being too sweet or citrusy.

The fresh yet robust, and slightly masculine aroma from New Haarlem evokes warmth and the comfort of close friends, making it a great scent for the workplace, evenings with friends, or just a casual day at home. Even though it lends itself to being a winter scent, it’s an excellent fragrance to wear throughout any setting at any time of day thanks to its versatile composition.

9. Bond No 9 Chinatown

Bond No 9 Chinatown

I always love the smell of Chinatown, such a lovely place. The most bustling district of America’s largest city is the inspiration for this fragrance. 

How this perfume smells like? Bond No 9 Chinatown is a floral amber perfume that smells bursting of peach blossom, orange blossoms, and gardenias to cheer up even the busiest of days. There are creative hints of peony and vanilla rounding out the scent just beautifully. Softly, the notes of guaiac wood are interwoven with cool cardamom, giving way to fruity peach blossom as if a flower is blooming in the center of Beijing. Guided by jasmine petals and gardenia leaves that bloom delicately from spring till late summer, bond no. 9 Chinatown has truly captured one’s feeling for mystifying discovery.

I always feel so sophisticated when I wear this perfume; it smells exotic without being too strong or floral and reminds me of being somewhere far away with no worries. With this perfume, you can be modern without betraying your classic roots.

10. Bond No 9 New York Oud

Bond No 9 New York Oud

Say hello to the wondrous New York Oud from Bond No. 9. This smoky gem is a mix of some of the finest ingredients on earth, including saffron, rose, and musk. 

New York Oud is a smooth, slightly sweet fragrance that has a velvety texture and an earthy aroma. The plum, saffron, and orange notes mingle to create a sweet warmth that emboldens a rose scent. Powerful, yet feminine; sensual, yet controlled; this scent was created for women who are truly strong but never want to look like it. Wear it when you have an important meeting or want to pull out all the stops on your date with destiny. New York Oud is a fragrance perfect if you’re looking to make an impact on first impressions.

This unapologetically glamorous and daring fragrance provides world-class levels of opulence and grandeur with unmatched sophistication, delivering a true landmark scent for women alike. Embrace this New York treasure and transform your mood. If you’re looking for something that smells pricey- but not too expensive, this may be your thing.

11. Bond No 9 Governors Island

Bond No 9 Governors Island

The first thing you notice about this Governors Island by Bond No 9 is it’s completely unlike anything else in your collection. Governors Island smells fresh, outdoorsy, and natural. All the things we love to wear when we go exploring around town and venture out into nature for a day hike.

I can’t tell you how perfect this fragrance is for transitioning from summer into fall with its amber notes of warm resin incense and honeyed ambroxan with cedarwood. Invoking the picture-perfect New England autumn forest walk, this scent will wrap you up in cozy warmth on chilly nights as well as make every day an adventure. Governors Island by Bond No 9 smells like crisp leaves and wood smoke – completely irresistible during those changing seasons.

A Guide On How to Choose Your Bond No 9 Perfume

With 146 Bond 9 perfumes, a woman has to be very lucky to find her favorite from the first try. That is why I prepared this guide that will help you narrow down your search. 

Let’s start with the floral fragrance family first. If you are a fan of peonies and jasmine, then you may be fond of the fresh, floral, and fragrant Bond No 9 Greenwich Village. For all of you jasmine flower fans out there, the unisex Bond No 9 New York Nights is a must. There is a little something for the woman who loves the smell of freesia and jasmine sambac too, and that can be found in Bond No 9 Nolita

Or, maybe florals are not your thing and you want something sweet and warm, like cocoa, vanilla, and hazelnut? Then you ought to try Bond No 9 Tribeca. On the other hand, if you are an outdoorsy person and love the fresh smell of nature, Bond No 9 Governors Island will keep you in great company on your daily hikes in the fall. And last but not least, if you want to smell pricey,  and by that I mean enjoy the scents of the finest ingredients on Earth, like saffron, rose and musk, a safe bet is Bond No 9 New York Oud.
If you still can’t make up your mind, why don’t you give the best-seller, The Scent Of Peace a try? With Lily of the Valley, black currant, and grapefruit, the divine combination is here to stay for good and make many women smell the best they deserve.

The Story of Bond No 9 Perfume

In 2003, Laurice Rahme built a brand that would become one of the most luxurious perfumeries in the world. Not only did she launch a collection for women, but she set herself up with a men’s and unisex collection at the same time. All of them celebrate the courageous city of New York, its people and the neighborhoods, and the communities that came together in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. Besides perfumes, Bond No 9 makes candles,  scented body lotions, creams, lipsticks, and more. Bond No. 9 has 6 boutiques and can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue, select Bloomingdale’s stores, Harrods UK, Selfridges UK, and their website

What Makes Bond No 9 Special?

There are quite a lot of traits that set the brand apart from other luxurious fragrance brands. Bond No 9 is owned and run by women. Each fragrance is blended in New York, by some of the most prominent perfumers in the world. And if that’s not enough, all Bond No 9 perfumes contain 18-22 percent concentrations of pure Eau de parfums, a characteristic not many perfume houses can show off with. 

The Concept Behind Bond No 9 Perfume Bottles

The idea for the iconic silhouette bottle was inspired by the feminine body. These bottles are an alternative to vintage bottles and not only do they show the uniqueness found in each neighborhood, but they also make a great collectible with the unique decorations on opaque paint. Some editions are decorated with Swarovski crystals, making them a bit more pricey, but still a priceless prize for a collector.

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