Best Burberry Perfumes in 2024

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Sophisticated, elegant, and exuding a genuine sense of luxury and charm, Burberry perfumes for women are regarded as among the finest in the world.

A firm favorite among celebrities, fashionistas, and women seeking to stand out from the crowd, each and every fragrance from this popular range has been crafted to let your personality and sense of style shine.

Forever associated with the dynamic, buzzing, and effortlessly glamorous London lifestyle, Burberry perfume really goes above and beyond when it comes to finesse and excellence.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at the stunning range of Burberry perfumes for women, and highlighting the classiest, best-smelling, and most exciting bottles currently available for purchase.

Burberry Perfume Top Picks:

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  • Best Burberry perfume for women: Burberry for Women
  • Best Burberry perfume for men: Burberry Touch for Men
  • Newest Burberry perfume: Burberry a Fragrance for Her

Selecting your next Burberry perfume can be a tricky process. However, whether you like your scents subtle and elegant, or intensely floral and evocative, there’s a Burberry perfume out there for you.

Top List of 10 Best Burberry Perfumes

When putting together this list of the ten best Burberry perfumes, one thing became abundantly clear: Burberry really excels at diversifying their range of fragrances, while remaining true to a core set of stylistic guidelines.

In the following list, you’ll uncover the ten Burberry perfumes we reckon belong in any woman’s collection of favorites. Let’s take a closer look at the Burberry perfumes that turn heads, excite the senses, and bring you the daily confidence you deserve.

1. Burberry Brit For Her

Burberry Brit For Her


This beautifully warm and inviting Burberry perfume encapsulates that British sense of savoir-faire that Burberry does so well. Sweet, modern, and vibrant, this is a perfume that’s best suited to the winter months, as a result of its key ingredients of vanilla, almond, and tonka bean. However, it’s subtle enough to be worn throughout the year, and the top notes of lime provide it with a freshness that could work well on hotter days, too.

Once the fragrance begins to dry on the skin, Brit for Women exudes a sugary set of accents paired with seductive almond and wood notes, both of which linger for many hours and provide long-lasting sillage.

Sweet and spicy, citrusy and woody, and uplifting and vibrant yet sensual and sophisticated, Burberry Brit for Women is the Burberry perfume that does it all. Hugely elegant, this is a fragrance that can be worn both at the workplace and on a date, and it’s sure to leave you feeling fantastic throughout the day and into the evening. No wonder it’s such a best seller for the brand.

2. Burberry Weekend for Women

Burberry Weekend for Women 1


If you consider yourself a happy-go-lucky, laid-back, and fun-loving kind of woman, then Burberry Weekend for Women might just be the perfect Burberry perfume for you. Ever since its launch in 1997, it’s been a hugely popular product in the Burberry fragrance range. As the name suggests, it captures the spirit of the weekend; a time to let your hair down, make the most of your time off and feel liberated in the company of friends and loved ones.

From the very first encounter, Burberry Weekend for Women exudes delightfully zesty citrus notes and a huge floral bouquet. It’s brilliantly intoxicating, and ignites a sense of wonder that’s impossible to resist.

Burberry Weekend for Women features top notes of reseda plant and tangerine, which provide that unmistakable fresh-and-floral character. In the middle, you’ll uncover a cornucopia of floral notes, thanks to the wild rose, peach blossom, hyacinth, and iris oils, and at the bottom, there’s the Burberry signature of cedarwood, sandalwood, and musk. Altogether, this is a women’s perfume that balances a sense of fun and sensuality, and does so in peerless Burberry style.

3. Burberry for Women

Burberry for Women


This was the original Burberry perfume for women released by the brand, with it first hitting the shelves in the mid-90s to rapturous acclaim. By its soft allure, its delightful combination of vanilla and peach, pear, apricot notes, and elegant sweetness, it’s the perfect choice for women seeking a classy fragrance for daily wear.

As with most Burberry perfumes for women, Burberry for Women is a masterclass in balance and subtle sophistication; those sweeter notes contrast with a deep woody base, which alludes to a more mature, elegant fragrance that doesn’t risk overpowering the wearer with candy-like sugariness.

Burberry for Women is perhaps best loved for its versatility. Thanks to its clean profile and perfectly balanced character, it’s a perfume that’s perfect for weekend brunch dates, office wear, or a cocktail party. Those ever-present base notes of sandalwood, musk, and cedar keep things appropriately grown-up, and leave you feeling stylish, classy, and confident no matter where you wear it. The moderate longevity of this perfume means it’s best applied to the wrists and neck’s pulse points, which should keep the perfume present for as long as you require.

4. Burberry London for Women

Burberry London for Women


London and Burberry have always gone hand in hand, ever since the luxury brand was launched in the city back in the late 19th century. Burberry London for Women is a homage to the capital’s sense of style and sophistication. Even the packaging of this perfume – a minimalist box, fringed with the iconic Burberry check pattern – is a reminder of Burberry’s affinity with its home city. This perfume delights with notes of honeysuckle and rose, before revealing a deliciously citrusy tangerine character which results in a fresh, vibrant, and feminine finish.

Once that first hit of floral and fruit notes begins to settle, Burberry London for Women exudes beautiful fragrances of peony, jasmine, sandalwood, and musk spices. The overall effect is one of modern femininity – the scent of urban women who know what they want from life, and never settle for second best.

It’s a truly unique blend from Burberry that manages to stay true to the signature stylings of the brand, and its long-lasting scent means it has what it takes to provide confidence and finesse all day long. Since its launch in 2006, Burberry London for Women has become one of the brand’s most popular releases, and upon smelling this perfume, it isn’t hard to see why.

5. Burberry Touch for Women

Burberry Touch for Women


The year 2000 saw the launch of Burberry Touch for Women, a new fragrance that highlighted the brand’s luxury credentials in a fantastic style. This Burberry perfume piles on the seduction and allure while maintaining elegance and sophistication that’s impossible to resist.

The top notes are California orange, rose oil, blackcurrant and dewberry – a heady and sensual combination that definitely makes an impact. In the middle, you’ll find Madonna lily, jasmine, peach and raspberry, and the base is an evocative blend of vanilla, cedarwood, and oakmoss, which lend a beautiful exoticism to the aroma.

The great thing about Burberry Touch for Women is that although it starts powerfully, it quite quickly blends with the body’s natural scent. As such, it smells slightly different on every woman’s skin, and works wonderfully whether you’re making strides in the world of business, or living it up at your favorite club on the weekend. Made with meticulous attention to detail, and boasting a gorgeous warmth, Burberry Touch deserves its place on this top ten list.

6. Burberry Body

Burberry Body


This premium perfume from the ever-reliable Burberry for Women brand offers outstanding performance. Indeed, just two brief sprays are all you need for this fragrance to be detectable all day or night long, giving you a real boost of self-esteem and the ability to live your best life when out in the city. That’s not to say this Burberry perfume is overpowering, however. It announces its presence with real subtlety and grace, living up to the sophisticated reputation this brand possesses.

Creamy, fruity, and oh-so alluring, Burberry Body first hits the nose with the soft and feminine fragrances of peach, musk, and wild rose. After ten minutes or so, it begins to reveal other decadent floral notes, before uncovering a sensual base of vanilla and sandalwood.

In the hands of a lesser brand, this type of perfume would end up being a little too overly feminine. However, Burberry Body manages to balance out the sweetness and fruitiness with woodsy and spicy characteristics, making it yet another fantastic all-rounder for both your professional and personal life. Who could ask for anything more?

7. My Burberry Black

My Burberry Black


The My Burberry collection is widely recognized as one of the finest women’s perfume lines available today, and My Burberry Black is arguably the best of the lot. Inspired by the iconic Burberry black trench coat, it has gained a worldwide appreciation for its unique formula, its audacious character, and its irresistibly gorgeous essence. Contemporary and bold, My Burberry Black combines sensuality and intensely warm floral notes, reminiscent of a London garden after the spring rains.

Jasmine, rose, and peach nectar come together in My Burberry Black, which treads the fine line between floral elegance and tempestuous, impulsive contemporary womanhood. Designed by renowned perfumers Christopher Bailey and Francis Kurkdjian, this dramatic Burberry perfume is deep, exciting, and ideal for making a lasting impression when on a first date.

However, it’s also elegant and sophisticated enough to wear at a cocktail party, or simply while out and about exploring the endless possibilities the city has to offer. With its beautiful amber-hued bottle – complete with black gabardine knot – it is the very essence of Burberry class, and one that no collection should be without.

8. Burberry The Beat For Women

Burberry The Beat For Women


It’s always exciting when a perfume brand deviates from its usual house style, and Burberry The Beat For Women is a fantastic example of a perfumer branching out, and achieving a bold new result for a more daring new generation.

While most Burberry perfumes are floral and fruity, Burberry The Beat For Women ushers in notes of tea (and it doesn’t get much more ‘London’ than that) and pink pepper, followed up by sexy warm spices, woods, and an intriguing green herbal aroma.

The result is a beautifully summer-appropriate perfume, with hidden notes of orange, cardamom, and iris, which manages to be both flirtatious and enigmatic. It’s the perfect pairing for your favorite floaty summer dress, and would work perfectly as a holiday fragrance, or one to wear on a brunch date or to a garden party. It’s a sensual and youthful Burberry perfume, with great sillage that will last on the skin for up to six hours.

9. Burberry Touch for Men

Burberry Touch for Men


Burberry Touch for Men was released in the year 2000, and instantly made a huge impact with lovers of Burberry men’s perfume. Light, versatile, and effortlessly cool, this Burberry perfume for men combines evocative notes of nutmeg, white pepper, and cedarwood, followed by violet and mandarin for a fresh and sophisticated scent that’s ideal for everyday use. Understated and charming, it offers excellent performance, with a high sillage factor that won’t let down.

If you’re on the lookout for Burberry perfume for men which makes a decisive statement and yet doesn’t dominate, Burberry Touch for Men is a fantastic choice. It’s perfect for lunch dates, summer holidays, and office wear alike, and never fails to make its presence felt in a truly sophisticated fashion.

10. Mr. Burberry

Mr. Burberry

Following the worldwide success of My Burberry, the Burberry perfume for women launched in 2014, it was only a matter of time before a Burberry perfume for men was released that could provide a masculine counterpoint to that incredibly popular fragrance. Mr. Burberry came out in 2016, and once again saw the talents of Francis Kurkdjian put to great use. This beautifully stylish and sexy men’s perfume blends both classic and contemporary notes, epitomizing the British gentleman’s nonchalant confidence.

Woodsy, herbal, and decidedly mature and sophisticated, Mr. Burberry is a laid-back yet elegant men’s perfume from Burberry which brings together light-heartedness with a serious statement of intent. Within its complex aroma, you’ll uncover beautiful top notes of tarragon, cardamom, and grapefruit before getting to the perfume’s spicy heart, which features nutmeg and cedar. The base, composed of guaiac wood, vetiver, and sandalwood, provides powerfully masculine notes, resulting in a men’s Burberry perfume that has established itself as an undeniable modern classic.

A Guide on Choosing Your Burberry Perfume

Ready to take your choice of fragrance to new heights of excellence and style? We’ve put together a brief guide to choosing the right Burberry perfume for you, to help you figure out which one to opt for from this broad and exciting range.

Things to Consider when Choosing Burberry Perfumes:

●       Size

Burberry perfumes are available in four different bottle sizes: 1 fluid oz, 1.7 fluid oz, 2 fluid oz, and 3.4 fluid oz. While it might seem cost-efficient to reach for the biggest available bottle, some women prefer to go for the smaller sizes, which allows them to ensure their Burberry perfume is always perfectly fresh.

●       Application

The Burberry perfume’s application style is usually dictated by the size of the bottle, as outlined above. Small bottles, for example, have a tapered droplet dispenser, or feature a handy rollerball. The larger bottles, however, will pretty much always have spray nozzles.

●       Appropriate Times and Places for Wear

One of the best things about Burberry perfumes is that they match subtly with sexiness and sophistication. As such, they can pretty much be worn anywhere, and at any time. However, we’d always recommend going for a lighter, fresher perfume if you’re in a professional environment or in public spaces, as those around you will better receive these. When it comes to letting your hair down and partying, however, feel free to wear the Burberry perfume you love best (and which shows off the uniqueness of your personality the most).

●       Eau de Toilette vs Eau de Parfum

As with most perfume brands, Burberry releases both Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette versions of most of its leading fragrances. Eau de Parfum will always be the slightly stronger iteration of the two, as it will have a higher concentration of oils. For a more subtle, delicate scent for everyday use, eau de toilette is probably your best option.

●       Types of Scent

Burberry perfumes come in a wonderfully diverse range of fragrances. Fans of Burberry perfumes love the impressive interplay of the delicate and classy notes, which come together in perfect harmony as an alluring, evocative whole.

Here, we’ve laid out the most popular and prevalent scent preferences found in Burberry perfumes. No matter which one suits your preference the best, you’ll find plenty to love in this brand’s impressive collections.

Refreshing fragrances include aquatic and clean notes that put you in mind of the English coastline, fruit orchards, and blossoming gardens. Uplifting, optimistic, and lightweight, they’re perfect for everyday use.

Romantic fragrances will feature sexy musky, powdery, floral, and vanilla notes. Sensual and inviting, they never fail to make a bold statement on a first date or during a night of intimate encounters.

Natural fragrances in the Burberry perfume collection will exude notes of patchouli, sandalwood, cedar, and bamboo. They provide a vivacious yet somewhat grounded and mature scent, and have a superb versatility that suits both daily use and special occasions.

Frequently Asked Questions on Burberry Perfumes

How much does Burberry perfume cost?

Burberry perfume is a mid-range fragrance with the majority of bottles costing between $75 and $90 for a 3.4 fl oz bottle.

Who makes Burberry perfume?

Burberry perfumes are currently produced in Germany by the Burberry Group. Burberry employs the talents of some of the world’s finest perfumers in the creation of their perfumes, including the renowned Christopher Bailey and Francis Kurkdjian.

Which Burberry perfume smells the best?

With its combination of floral, fruit, and woodsy notes, Burberry London for Women is widely regarded as being among the best perfumes in the Burberry range, closely followed by the My Burberry collection.

Is Burberry perfume cruelty-free?

Burberry perfumes are not currently listed as cruelty-free. However, the company commits to become cruelty-free in the near future.

Where is Burberry perfume Made?

Burberry perfume is currently produced in Germany.

The Story of Burberry

Burberry perfume shop
Burberry perfume shop

Few luxury brands in the world enjoy Burberry’s peerless reputation, which never fails to blend urbane sophistication with contemporary perspectives on femininity, and provides both tailoring and perfumes of the highest quality. Since its earliest years, Burberry has been associated with the dynamic fashion scene in London, and today it remains a truly timeless brand beloved right across the globe.

Thomas Burberry
Thomas Burberry founder of Burberry

The Burberry brand dates back to 1856, when a 21 year old designer, Thomas Burberry, launched his company in the heart of London’s busy and bustling streets. Thomas Burberry was a hugely ambitious young man who saw a niche in his home city’s luxury market for high-end tailoring, which combined practicality with thoroughly modern flourishes. His signature overcoats and formalwear not only dazzled the Victorian gentry, but went on to establish a blueprint for the brand which lives on in the 21st century.

Fashion Icons and Cultural Capital

Nobody can envisage the Burberry brand without immediately thinking of its distinctive check pattern; a fashion signature that has become among the most instantly recognizable and respected in the world. Interestingly, however, the check pattern didn’t arise until the turn of the 20th century in the brand’s output. The reputation of Burberry was instead founded on the creation of gabardine – a waterproof yet breathable fabric that allowed for outerwear to remain lightweight, elegant, and in accordance with changes in 19th century design.

Burberry logo

Burberry’s iconic trench coats were first designed not for the stylish ladies of Chelsea and Kensington, but rather for British soldiers fighting from the trenches in World War One. However, once again the blending of stylistic flourishes, practicality, breathability, and durability struck a chord with the London public following the conflict, and trench coats became all the rage among civilians of both sexes. Indeed, Burberry has even won royal approval for its timeless and classic designs, and has been granted not one, but two royal warrants from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.

Burberry London store
Burberry London store

A British Brand of Real Distinction

Although Burberry remained an independent family brand until the 1950s, it became reincorporated in 1955. At that point, it began to truly spread its wings and take on the global fashion scene like never before. By the 1980s, Burberry was a tour de force in the world of men’s and women’s clothing and perfumes, and the 90s saw it grow even more influential thanks to the endorsement of models, rock stars, and sports personalities alike. The Burberry trench coat became a hugely sought-after fashion item, and accessories such as bags, hats, and scarves (featuring that unmistakable check pattern) became powerful status symbols of taste and wealth by the end of the 20th century.

Burberry pattern
Burberry pattern

Today, Burberry is a brand at the peak of its powers. With an influential and much-loved line of perfumes and top-notch Burberry colognes, its ever-present range of overcoats and couture items, and a powerful presence in the live music scene in London, Burberry continues to keep its finger on the cultural pulse. Long may it continue.

Burberry Fragrance for Women commercial

In conclusion

There you have it, our guide to the best Burberry perfumes currently available. No matter which Burberry fragrance you choose, you’re sure to uncover no end of olfactory delights with this top brand, which always impresses with its subtlety, sophistication, and distinctive British charm.

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