Best Byredo Perfumes in 2024

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The name “Byredo” – a portmanteau of the words “by redolence,” or inspired by the way things smell – says everything about this perfume house and what it’s all about. Byredo crafts fragrances that take you to another place and remind you of pivotal events and people in your past.

But since nostalgia and scent are such individual experiences, it can be hard to find the right Byredo fragrance for you. Use this buying guide to choose the Byredo perfume that fits your tastes while also ringing true to your own life experiences.

Watch this video to discover the best Byredo perfumes:

My Byredo Perfume Top Picks

These four are great, but Byredo has even more to offer. Check out our ten favorite Byredo perfumes and colognes!

Top List of 10 Best Byredo Perfumes

We’ve tested and reviewed the full range of perfumes Byrado has today and created a top 10 list. You will love these scents for their gorgeous notes, their powerful performance, and the emotions and memories they evoke.

1. Byredo Mojave Ghost

Byredo Mojave Ghost


Mojave Ghost is a powerful oriental-floral fragrance inspired by California’s Mojave Desert. It blends notes from the diverse plants that grow there. This scent is perfect for a sophisticated and classy woman looking for an equally sophisticated and classy fragrance. Mojave Ghost begins relatively simply, with top notes of sapodilla and ambrette. Middle notes of violet, magnolia, and sandalwood give the scent more substance. Eventually, this fragrance draws to a close with nostalgic base notes of ambergris and cedar. Mojave Ghost has a moderate sillage, which stops it from being overwhelming. Longevity is where this scent truly shines. Wearers can easily enjoy it all day long! The floral and woody notes put this scent on the warmer side – fitting, considering the location that inspired it! That being the case, this scent is a great fit for cold nights in the fall and winter.

2. Byredo Gypsy Water

Byredo Gypsy Water


Gypsy Water was one of the first scents Byredo ever sold, and it’s been a hit since day one. The scent is inspired by the Romani culture, which founder Ben Gorham encountered in his younger years. It’s unusual and refreshing, and definitely deserves its spot at the top of this list. Gypsy Water begins with bright and refreshing with top notes of juniper berry, bergamot, and lemon. The middle layer includes smoky, spicy notes of pepper, pine needle, and incense. The fragrance ends with creamy, smoky base notes of vanilla, sandalwood, and amber. Gypsy Water has a lighter sillage and shorter longevity than most Byredo fragrances. But you don’t need much to be noticed thanks to its distinctive smell. True to its name, Gypsy Water can provide an especially powerful splash of refreshment in the summertime. However, it’s versatile enough for all-day and all-year wear.

3. Byredo Bal d’Afrique

Byredo Bal dAfrique


Alongside Gypsy Water, Bal a’Afrique was one of the first scents to come out of the Byredo workshop. This gorgeously unique scent was inspired by journals Ben Gorham’s father wrote while journeying through Africa. Bal a’Afrique starts with vivid, celebratory top notes of lemon, tagetes, and black currant. Middle notes of violet, jasmine, and cyclamen intensify the floral aspect of the scent, and base notes of amber and vetiver ground it. This perfume is solid both in sillage and longevity. It’s strong enough to stand out and stay long enough to outlast most events without cloying. This scent has a citrusy and powdery aroma, so wear it on summer days!

4. Byredo Black Saffron

Byredo Black Saffron


Black Saffron is inspired by and reminiscent of Indian spice markets. It’s a fragrance that celebrates unity and cohesion, and is perfect for a spirited and energetic man. Upon first spritz, Black Saffron drenches the air with juniper berry undercut by spicy saffron. These gradually give way to mysterious, exotic middle notes of leather accord and black violet. It ends as it began – on an uplifting note – with a base layer of raspberry and cashmere. Byredo Black Saffron is one of the better performers in terms of longevity – the perfume stays on the skin for hours! Its moderate sillage catches attention without being too strong. The spicy notes and overall nostalgia of this scent make it perfect for the holidays, when your focus should be making new memories to reminisce about later.

5. Byredo La Tulipe

Byredo La Tulipe


La Tulipe is for women who adore all things girly, floral, and feminine. The perfume blends several luscious flower notes together to celebrate the changing of the seasons from winter to spring. We love this scent for its gentle boldness, unabashed femininity, and graceful beauty. The first spray of La Tulipe releases fruity-floral top notes of cyclamen and freesia. True to its name, this fragrance has a single note of fresh, dew-frosted tulip at its heart. These notes rest upon a base layer of vetiver, as well as green notes like leaves and grass. Byredo La Tulipe is a middle-of-the-road fragrance in terms of longevity and sillage, making it a great choice for everyday wear. As this fragrance honors the springtime, we recommend it for that season! It can also bring happiness and hope for the future on cold and dreary winter days.

6. Byredo Slow Dance

Byredo Slow Dance


This is Byredo’s newest perfume, released in August 2019. Slow Dance is a unisex perfume inspired by the awkwardness and excitement of school dances, especially when the lights dim and the music lowers for a slow dance. This scent blends masculine and feminine notes together in a dance all their own. Slow Dance begins with a single top note of balsamic opoponax. This blends softly into middle notes of floral, feminine geranium and violet, as well as leathery, masculine labdanum. Base notes of vanilla and patchouli ground the entire scent and hold the separate notes together. Byredo Slow Dance lasts for upwards of twelve hours, leaving a strong scent trail all the while. Since Slow Dance is such a nostalgic yet innocent scent, we recommend wearing it to milestone events like weddings, dates, and baby or bridal showers.

7. Byredo Flowerhead

Byredo Flowerhead


Flowerhead is reminiscent of the woven strings of flowers that decorate many Indian weddings. It’s an unrepentantly floral blend perfect for women in need of an unabashedly feminine fragrance. Flowerhead’s top notes are a bright and intriguing blend of lemon, angelica, and cranberry. These give way to lush jasmine and tuberose, nestled in a bed of green notes like snapped leaves and flower stems. Lingering base notes of suede accord and ambergris leave the skin with a slightly oriental fragrance. Byredo’s Flowerhead has a powerful sillage, so less is more here. The scent is exceptionally long-lasting, too, so you can be confident that even a little goes a long way. Like most florals, Flowerhead is an excellent choice for summer and spring.

8. Byredo Oud Immortel

Byredo Oud Immortel


Oud is one of the oldest known ingredients in perfumery, to the extent that its use was recorded in the Sanskrit Vedas. It’s a type of wood known for its smoky and mysterious aroma. Oud Immortel beautifully worships this note and the history behind it. Oud Immortel opens with a bright note of limoncello blended with smoky incense. These give way to a musky middle layer of oud, papyrus, and Brazilian rosewood. The base notes are a masculine blend of oakmoss and pipe tobacco. Oud Immortel is quite possibly the strongest and longest-lasting fragrance Byredo offers. It’s a powerful cologne for men who want to make an enormous impression. Since this is one of the heavier fragrances in the Byredo catalog, we recommend it for outdoor events where scents have further to spread.

9. Byredo Sunday Cologne

Byredo Sunday Cologne


This stunning cologne blends spicy, aftershave-type notes with soapy and citrusy notes. The overall effect is clean, rugged, and relaxing. Sunday Cologne is for men who are similarly rugged and strong, but with a softer, more relaxed side. Byredo’s Sunday Cologne has compelling top notes of bergamot, cardamom, and star anise. These give way to clean and fresh-smelling middle notes of lavender and geranium. This blend rests upon earthy, woody base notes of vetiver and oakmoss. This fragrance is subtle compared to other Byredo scents, but nonetheless, it’s a clean and robust scent guaranteed to catch attention. It stays on the skin for upwards of eight hours. Sunday Cologne is great for everyday wear. You’ll feel confident, powerful, and determined!

10. Byredo Super Cedar

Byredo Super Cedar

Byredo Super Cedar is a heady women’s fragrance inspired by children’s schoolrooms, particularly the smell of freshly sharpened pencils. It takes you back to elementary school days of practicing handwriting, eating PB&J, and looking forward to playing at recess. This scent is perfect for those who long to return to simpler times. Super Cedar opens with a single top note of fresh rose petals and a hearty middle note of Virginian cedarwood. After several hours, it ends with base notes of silk musk and Haitian vetiver. The perfume has a moderate sillage, so the scent stays closer to the wearer. In terms of longevity, it ranks alongside Oud Immortel and Flowerhead – in other words, it stays around for a long time! Since Super Cedar is a simpler and subtler fragrance, it’s another great choice for everyday wear.

Choosing Your Byredo Perfume

Still not sure how to choose a perfume you’ll like? Use these tips to narrow Byredo’s selection down and find your ideal fragrance!

Feminine and Masculine notes

Identify masculine versus feminine notes, and choose a scent that contains more notes of your preference. Byredo prides itself on creating scents that are largely unisex, or that men and women can both wear comfortably. However, their blends can certainly lean more feminine or more masculine, depending on the individual notes they contain.

Feminine notes

Feminine notes are often described as “floral,” “sweet,” “fruity,” or “powdery.” They can also be described as “green,” although feminine green notes tend to be fresher and less herbaceous than masculine green notes. Common feminine notes in Byredo fragrances include:

  • Bergamot
  • Jasmine
  • Peony
  • Rose
  • Vanilla
Masculine notes

Masculine notes are often described as “woody,” “smoky,” or “spicy.” They may also be described as “green,” or reminiscent of plants like mown grass. Common masculine notes in Byredo fragrances include:

  • Leather accord
  • Mint
  • Pepper
  • Tobacco
  • Vetiver

Using this list as a reference, find a fragrance that fits your tastes. And don’t feel constrained, either – men can rock feminine perfumes and women can be stunning in masculine colognes! It’s all about what you want in your scent and how you want to feel when you wear it.


Choose a fragrance that makes you feel nostalgic. Byredo perfumes invite us to reflect on our memories and enjoy the nostalgia they stir up. So why not use that to your advantage? Choose a scent that reminds you of a place you love, an event special to you, or your favorite season or time of year.

For scents that remind you of faraway locales, choose exotic-smelling fragrances like Gypsy Water, Bal d’Afrique, or Black Saffron.

For scents that remind you of certain life events, choose unabashedly nostalgic scents like Slow Dance, Sunday Cologne, or Flowerhead.

For scents that remind you of particular times of year, select seasonally-inspired scents like La Tulipe or Super Cedar.

Explore Byredo fragrance

Explore Byredo’s other scented products. Byredo has expanded its fragrance line to include more than just perfume! Find your favorite scents in these formats.

Body lotion: A thick, moisturizing lotion for all-over use.
Body wash: A powerfully scented foaming shower gel.
Hair perfume: Gorgeous smelling spray for adding fragrance to your hair.
Hand cream: A rich and hydrating hand lotion in a conveniently portable tube.
Hand wash: A fragrant and luxurious alternative to hand soap.

Frequently Asked Questions on Byredo Perfumes

Who makes Byredo perfume?

Byredo perfume is the brainchild of founder Ben Gorham and a team of master perfumers, including Olivia Giacobetti and Jerome Epinette.

Where is Byredo perfume made?

Byredo perfumes are crafted in Gorham’s home country of Sweden.

How long does Byredo perfume last?

Byredo perfumes can last anywhere from twelve to twenty-four hours on the skin. A bottle of Byredo fragrance can last for at least three years, sometimes more. To make your perfume last longer, keep it in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Which Byredo perfume is the best?

That depends on what you’re looking for! No matter your taste, there’s a time-tested and much-beloved fragrance that fits your taste. The following Byredo perfumes are some of the most popular scents across all scent profiles: Flowerhead, Gypsy Water and Mojave Ghost.

How much is Byredo perfume?

A bottle of Byredo perfume can cost between $180 to $330, depending on the fragrance you choose and the bottle’s size.

How do I choose a Byredo perfume?

Use our buying guide to choose your Byredo perfume! If you need extra help selecting one, take an online quiz to learn what scents are best for you.

Is Byredo perfume natural?

Some Byredo perfumes contain artificial fragrances. However, Byredo states they do everything they can to ensure their products are safe, effective, and hypoallergenic.

How do I pronounce Byredo?

The name “Byredo” is derived from the phrase “by redolence.” Therefore, it’s pronounced how the first part of that phrase is pronounced: “by-ray-doh.”

Is Byredo perfume worth it?

Yes! Although Byredo has a higher price point than other perfume brands, the ingredients’ quality and the fragrances’ uniqueness make it worth your money. If you’re not sure about committing to a fragrance, try a smaller and less expensive option like a rollerball or hair perfume.

Is Byredo perfume cruelty-free?

Byredo products are sold internationally, including in countries where animal testing is required by law. This means that Byredo perfume is not cruelty-free.

The Story of Byredo

Byredo was founded by the artist Ben Gorham in 2006. Gorham, whose background is a fascinating blend of Indian, Swedish, American, French, and Canadian, was inspired to create perfume when he realized how powerful scent is in triggering memories. He already had experience in creating visual art, such as sculptures, paintings, and sketches, and perfumery seemed like a natural way to extend his creative talents.

“Byredo” is a portmanteau of the phrase “by redolence.” The word “redolence” refers to a strong, usually pleasant scent reminiscent of something else. In founding his company and naming it Byredo, Gorham made his intentions clear – to create perfumes that reflect and echo back his own life experiences, and in so doing, resonate with the experiences of others as well.

Evidently, his scents struck the chord they were meant to. Byredo has been catching more and more attention in the decade since it began, and only grew more popular.

A Timeline of Major Events in Byredo’s History

2006: Byredo comes to life in Stockholm, Sweden, selling five fragrances.
2009: Byredo partners with luxury clothing brand Acne Jeans to create a scented candle called Lilla Nygatan No.23.
2010: Byredo begins selling their fragrances as lotions and body washes.
2015: Byredo begins selling its most popular fragrances, including Gypsy Water, La Tulipe, and Mojave Ghost, as potent hair perfumes.
2016: Forbes magazine names the Byredo fragrance Super Cedar as one of the best scents of 2016.
2017: Byredo expands its product range and begins creating leather goods, such as purses and wallets. These debut at Paris Fashion Week.
2019: Byredo collaborates with Swedish furniture brand Ikea to create a line of home fragrances.

The Famous Perfumers of Byredo

By his own admission, Ben Gorham is an artist first and foremost, and does not know how to create perfumes. So, he works with some of the best perfumers in the business to create the intoxicating fragrances that make Byredo famous.

Perfumers who have crafted scents for Byredo include:

Jerome Epinette

Jerome Epinette is the creator of the well-known Byredo Gypsy Water perfume.

Olivia Giacobetti

Olivia Giacobetti is a highly renowned perfumer, famous for crafting scents with unusual notes like carrot, wheat, and sawdust, who worked with Gorham to create the first scents in the Byredo catalog.

Byredo Perfume Collections At a Glance

Since Byredo hasn’t been around as long as other perfumeries, its collections are small. Here are the three collections Byredo currently offers!

La Selection Boisee

La Selection Boisee are three of Byredo’s woodiest and spiciest fragrances, rich with notes like saffron, Virginian cedarwood, and sandalwood.

La Selection Florale

La Selection Florale is a trio of Byredo’s most feminine and flowery fragrances, with blooming notes like rose, tulip, and peony.

La Selection Nomade

La Selection Nomade consists of three Byredo fragrances reminiscent of exotic places Gorham has traveled to, with nostalgic notes like violet, incense, and white rose.

Final Thoughts on Byredo Scents

Byredo may be one of the newer perfume houses to come on the scene, but they’re definitely not one you should overlook! We hope our review guide has helped you to the right Byredo fragrance for you.

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