Best Cartier Perfumes

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Is there anything in the world that is more alluring than a luxurious fragrance? Nothing makes a better impression whether you are buying it for yourself or as a present for someone else. The French luxury goods conglomerate Cartier has been creating perfumes since 1981 and continues to be one of the top names in the industry.

In this review, we will introduce you to the most popular and best-selling Cartier perfumes so that you can make your choice at ease.

Top 10 List of Best Cartier Perfumes

Cartier perfume is a great and luxurious way to smell good. Its fragrance collection has many perks; it lasts for a long time and smells expensive, making you feel like royalty. 

If you are looking for a new perfume, it can be hard to figure out which ones will work for you. Well, look no further. There’s no excuse not to find the perfect scent, as here are the 10 Cartier perfumes that we hand-picked for you.

1. Cartier Baiser Volé Eau de Parfum

Cartier Baiser Vole Eau de Parfum


Baiser Volé is a perfume that will steal your heart. It tells the story of a delicate, fresh, and powdery passion for all who dare to wear it.

This scent from Cartier is the perfect combination of femininity, bold beauty, and allure. The flowery freshness of the lily atop a striking powder finish will assault your senses and leave your mouth watering for more. This Eau de Parfum has just enough pizazz to grab anyone’s attention at first sniff. Wear it with confidence, knowing that you are carrying around something as rare and as captivating as this.

A glass bottle with a golden stopper holds this delicate scent for you to share with those who matter most. With the first drop of Baiser Volé, you’ll be captivated by the enticing aroma of fresh lilies alongside lily petals as its heart before the green leaves of lily gives way as sensual base notes.

Baiser Volé will infuse your perfume collection with a timeless sense of femininity and definitely will become your new signature item for the season.

2. Cartier La Panthère Eau de Parfum

Cartier La Panthere Eau de Parfum


Contemporary never goes out of style with La Panthère Eau de Parfum. If you want to be different from all the other ladies, be elegantly rebellious, or be a truly independent spirit, then this perfume is for you.

Released in March 2014, La Panthère draws its inspiration from your rebellious spirit and the energetic drive of independence. This fragrance by Cartier will have you feeling powerful all day long as it whisks you away to unknown destinations, from beach retreats to your very own personal jungle paradise.

With a solid and daring presence like the sculpted face of a panther in its bottle, La Panthère brings you a fragrance that is sensual and bold. Opening to seductive aromas reflected in a luminous concordance of green-fruit notes in the form of molecule styrallyl acetates, containing nuances of rhubarb, strawberries, dried fruit, apple, and apricot. Its heart radiates gardenia while ketones musk and oakmoss provide the scent’s irrefutable chypre character with aromatic woodiness giving you a detailed projection.

3. Cartier Le Baiser du Dragon Eau de Parfum

Cartier Le Baiser du Dragon Eau de Parfum


Take the plunge with this epic fragrance. Forget what you know about delicate floral perfumes or a natural citrus scent because Baiser du Dragon is a new experience that will sweep you off your feet and transport you into the fairytale land of dragons, princesses, and princes.

This fragrance subtly blends the pure scents of luxury and power to launch you happily into a fairytale world full of magic. An intensity in every fiery breath will greet you with heady spice. Still, when the burning odor consumes you, this perfume surprises you with extraordinary woody fragrances that are beautiful enough to soothe your senses.

The Holy Grail for any perfume hoarder, the Le Baiser du Dragon is a fragrance exquisitely crafted by Alberto Morillas. With captivating top notes of bitter almond, neroli, orange, and gardenia. It is reaching its heart with cedar and musk, leaving the base notes made up of vetiver, patchouli, and benzoin resin that will have you smelling good enough for any occasion.

4. Cartier Declaration

Cartier Declaration


The essence of masculinity is right here with you with this signature perfume from Cartier.

A perfect blend of the finest woods and spices, this perfume will be all too familiar to any man who wears it – powerful and intoxicating, a woodsy kind that hints at pepper in the sharpness. Simply put, Declaration by Cartier is an innate part of their identity. Try it for yourself or find one as a gift for another gentleman and bask in its uniquely masculine appeal.

The inviting top notes include bitter orange, caraway, birch, bergamot, coriander, mandarin orange, neroli, and artemisia combined with middle notes of Guatemalan cardamom and pepper ginger, iris, juniper, cinnamon, orris root, and jasmine. The base meanwhile features Tahitian vetiver, tea, cedar, leather, oakmoss, and amber. Bound by the elements and filled with raw masculinity, Declaration is an effortlessly elegant perfume you can count on.

Manly yet gentle, this scent offers warmth and sincerity for all occasions. Ultra-wearable day or night and perfect for those who love to stand out from the crowd in their unique way.

5. Cartier Declaration d’Un Soir

Cartier Declaration dUn Soir


Declaration d’Un Soir, unlike any fragrance you have smelled before that would dare to be a rose. Rebellious yet reserved at the same time, this seductive scent will have women coming to you all night long.

Indulge in a sinful fragrance with Cartier’s Declaration d’Un Soir. It’s unlike any other men’s perfume in the world of male fragrances because it starts with black pepper and cardamom and caraway, which are further complemented by the heart’s rose and nutmeg, and finished off with sandalwood as the base. This perfume resonates with everyone who desires more than just another day in their life.

Seductive and stylish with a masculine edge, this scent has an underlying theme of luxury and indulgence. Déclaration d’un Soir leaves a trail of sandalwood and intrigue in its wake. Subtle in its scent yet monumental on your vanity – it’s unmistakably Cartier.

6. Must de Cartier by Cartier Eau de Toilette

Must de Cartier by Cartier Eau de Toilette


This fragrance is perfect for those who feel most confident when they are wearing amber. It’s a seductively sexy scent to bring out your inner femme fatale.

A warm and sensual fragrance, Must de Cartier by Cartier is an integrated celebration of women. It is a luxurious fragrance with French flair that embraces the femininity around us. This musky scent offers notes to captivate your every mood from lighthearted innocence to absolute seduction with its rich amber undertones for distinguished elegance.

The fruity top notes playfully awaken one’s senses with their refreshing fragrance of galbanum, Brazilian rosewood, aldehydes, bergamot, lemon, green mandarin, peach, and pineapple. At the same time, a heart-warming blend of leather, carnation, vetiver, orris root, ylang-ylang, musk, yellow narcissus, rose, neroli, jasmine, and orchid in the middle reflects profound beauty. It leads to its base notes of amber, vanilla, sandalwood, tonka bean, civet, and vetiver that lends velvety sleepiness to the mix for a must-have, opulent fragrance.

Must de Cartier can be worn anytime and anywhere, which makes this one of our favorite options for everyday wear because who doesn’t love anything in life if it simply brings joy?

7. Delices de Cartier Eau de Parfum

Delices de Cartier by Eau de Parfum


Delices de Cartier is an exquisite aroma with a unique name. This enchanting fragrance emits notes of fruity and spicy scents in its initial stages. The heart smells sweet and feminine but is softened with powdery hints to give a perfect harmony.

This scent is a rare beauty that transcends time. A perfume for the woman who always looks flawless and luxurious, with Delices, is not going wrong. Making a lasting impression throughout any event, you can use Delices casually or formally to create a signature fragrance for your beautiful body. It smells of crisp fruit in line with a classic Cartier style: beauty and luxury.

It opens with the notes of frosted cherry, pink pepper, and bergamot to dazzle your nose. Halfway through, it warms up into jasmine, violet, and freesia that leaves you a sensual amber, tonka bean, and Sana blend to give you that luxurious feeling without any heaviness or cloying sweetness.

As attractive as diamonds, Delices de Cartier’s bottle is sure to adorn your dressing table, too.

8. Eau de Cartier by Cartier

Eau de Cartier by Cartier


Bright and beautiful, Eau de Cartier by Cartier, launched in 2001, is a fragrance designed for those who love to take on the day.

Eau de Cartier smells sweeter and fresher than the likes of other citrus fragrances. Elegant and beautiful, this isn’t a fragrance that’ll toss you around like sea salt in your face. It comes at its own gentle pace, with a few sultry hints carefully tucked away within every new twist, turn, and wisp. There is something for everyone here.

Top notes of yuzu, bergamot, and coriander make this scent a bright start to any morning. In contrast, middle notes of violet leaf, violet, and lavender are perfect for someone with an eye for both elegance and subtlety. Base notes of cedar, musk white amber, and patchouli give off an air of richness that you can’t ignore- but luckily, you’ll find these at just the right moments when you need them most.

9. Cartier Carat Eau de Parfum

Cartier Carat Eau de Parfum


Make your presence known with Cartier Carat Eau de Parfum. This heavy flower fragrance will emanate powerfully and brightly as it enters the room, making you feel confident and unapologetic in your beauty.

Cartier Carat Eau de Parfum is a fresh, floral fragrance that shines brightly as diamonds. Cartier’s in-house perfumer Mathilde Laurent created this luxury perfume, who sought to create something as lively and vivid as diamonds themselves. To mimic an optical phoneme (a distinctive diamond-like quality), Mathilde Laurent has taken seven different fresh flowers to create this abstract flower with crystalline energy. Just like a Diamond, Carat smells like life, floral joy, and an explosion of pleasure.

The fragrance opens with a burst of vibrant green notes, ripe pear, and bergamot that lend an air of freshness. In the middle of this unique blend are hyacinth, tulip, narcissus, lily, honeysuckle, violet, and ylang-ylang which make it soft yet sensual. The base includes mimosa and white musk, creating an all-encompassing scent perfect for any time of day or occasion.

Cartier Carat tells a story as well-crafted as its name with the lightness and diffracting brilliance of a diamond. Its fragrance comes in shy emanations carrying with their scraps of information—its happy heart flowers whisper a secret that only your nose will know.

10. Cartier de Lune

Cartier de Lune

The moon is lovely; who doesn’t love the moon? And so are you when wearing Cartier De Lune.

A jubilant dance to ensnare your heartstrings. Enchanting melodies fill the air with joy as Cartier De Lune captures all of the beauty of a radiant moonlit night and, in turn, leaves its lingering imprint on you.

Together these notes form an intoxicating fragrance that pleases what is seen with what is smelled for lily-of-the-valley, rose, cyclamen, and honeysuckle that casually linger in this enticing atmosphere before being swept off into warm musky and woodsy notes.

You’re the only starry night you need. With Cartier De Lune, there are no regrets since its scent lasts for hours, and you’ll never be without an edge. Wear it to shine in any situation.

Frequently Asked Question on Cartier Perfumes

Which Cartier perfume is the best?

When choosing a Cartier perfume, your preference plays the most significant role. Some people may prefer the more sophisticated scents of a particular fragrance, while others might like an earthy scent better. If you are looking to purchase your first Cartier bottle and want some guidance on which one would be right for you, try starting with one of their most famous perfumes, such as La Panthère for women or Declaration by Cartier for men.

What does Cartier perfume smell like?

Cartier perfumes have a signature scent that is difficult to replicate. Cartier fragrances are often earthy with hints of spice.

Where can I buy Cartier perfume?

You can purchase Cartier perfumes directly from their website or through other online retailers. You may also want to check out your nearest department stores for more variety of scents you are looking for.

How much do Cartier perfumes cost?

The cost of Cartier perfume varies depending on the type and size. The price range from $25 for a rollerball to around $300 per bottle.

Who owns Cartier fragrances?

Cartier fragrances are owned by the company Richemont.

Where is Cartier perfume made?

Cartier fragrances are made in several locations, including France, Italy, and Switzerland.

What is the original Cartier perfume?

The original Cartier perfume is “Must de Cartier,” which was released in 1981.

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