Best Cheap Colognes For Men That Are Good Smelling & Very Affordable

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Smelling delicious often comes at a very high price but it doesn’t always have to be that way. One of the great things about fragrance is that there is typically something to suit every budget. 

Some of the most affordable and good smelling cheap colognes contain attractive notes and excellent longevity.

We have put together a collection of our favorite best smelling cheap cologne that will tantalize your senses and leave you impressing people around with a gorgeous scent. 

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Top 17 Cheap Men’s Colognes

Sometimes, you might not want to splash out on a designer fragrance and may want something a little more affordable for everyday wear. Alternatively, you might be looking to budget and save money on that one unique cologne you use for special occasions. Whatever the reason, the following fragrances are some of the best affordable men’s cologne available today.

1. Diesel Only The Brave

Diesel Only The Brave


The first thing to jump out at you when looking at this fragrance is the incredible bottle. In the shape of a fist, it is powerful and masculine just like the cologne inside. 

The is an Oriental woody fragrance for men who like to make a statement. The unique blend of notes makes for a scent that is intoxicating and demanding. If you want to make an impression, then this would be the fragrance to do that with. 

The boldness and heroic nature of the fragrance lends it to being suited to any man with a passion for living in the moment. 

It begins fresh with Amalfi lemon and orange but dries down to a much richer base of amber and leather. 

2. Davidoff Cool Water 

Davidoff Cool Water


Cool Water was such a huge success after its 1988 release and it has remained so ever since. This fresh, aquatic fragrance is extremely masculine but with a gentle accord that makes it much more approachable. 

This is the ideal fragrance for young men who want something discreet yet sharp. It doesn’t boast a huge presence but comes into its own for intimate moments. It leaves a delicate trail and is almost comforting in nature. 

It brings together the freshness of seawater and mint with the earthiness of lavender at the head. It dries down through notes of jasmine and sandalwood before settling into a musky, tobacco base. 

If you are looking for a truly timeless fragrance, this is it.

3. Calvin Klein Man

Calvin Klein Man


The opulent, masculine bottle has an air of mystery that immediately draws you in. Inside, you will find a scent that is just as mysterious; sexy, and masculine, it will seduce.

The cologne has that iconic air that all Calvin Klein men’s fragrances have but the typical simplicity of the brand is utterly removed. Instead, this is a complex and unique aroma that makes a great signature scent. 

It starts with violet leaf, bergamot, and rosemary. Drying down, we go through a heart of nutmeg and bay leaf blended with mint. The base comprises cypress, sandalwood, and amber for something that lingers effortlessly throughout the day. 

With how unique this scent is, it demands a wearer who is confident, strong, and daring. 

4. David Beckham Instinct

David Beckham Instinct


While the outer packaging maybe a little indulgent on Beckham’s side, we can’t deny that he has commissioned a beautiful fragrance. 

This is an Aromatic Fougere fragrance that brings together a heady blend of accords an ideal signature scent for a classy gentleman. Vetiver, star anise, pimento, patchouli, and bergamot create a fresh yet rich fragrance unlike anything else. 

This is not a scent that will instantly fill a room but is more suited to quiet moments or day to day wear. The wearer is quietly confident and this character is complemented by the fragrance, not the other way around. 

5. Police To Be Man

Police To Be Man


For men with an outgoing, dark personality, the skull-shaped flacon might be the ultimate representation of this. This is one of the best smelling cheap colognes and is perfect for guys with a sense of adventure. 

It leaves nothing to chance and demands attention as the fragrance rips through the room. Your presence certainly won’t go unnoticed thanks to the excellent projection, particularly when you think about how affordable this is. 

At the head, we find grapefruit and pepper which is followed by violet leaf at the heart. The base settles into amber and patchouli, lingering throughout the evening. If you have dressed to impress, this fragrance is the ideal complement to your best casual suit. 

6. Burberry London For Men

Burberry London For Men


The bottle is designed in the traditional tartan pattern that is synonymous with the Burberry brand. It feels rich and warm and this is representative of what the fragrance smells like.

This is a very heady and intoxicating cologne, and considering the pretty price tag, you could be forgiven for thinking you’re getting much less than you are. 

This is an Oriental Woody fragrance that offers beautiful projection and is warm, comforting and just ‘feels like home.’

It has notes of cinnamon, tobacco, leather, lavender, and oakmoss. It is rich and masculine but not at all offensive. 

We love this as a day time fragrance during the colder months when you need something powerful and warming. 

7. Joop Homme

Joop Homme


In terms of cheap, good smelling cologne, Joop Homme is up there with the most popular, especially among younger men. This is a youthful, sweet fragrance that is perfect to warm you on a winter evening. 

There is almost an exotic feel to this scent and it lends itself to a more sensual and passionate gentleman. 

It opens with orange blossom and Amalfi lemon, moving through cinnamon and jasmine at the heart. The base is opulent and comforting with Tonka bean, vanilla, and patchouli. It would quite easily make an effortless signature. 

The projection is incredible so it should be worn by someone who wants to announce his arrival and do so in style. 

8. Aramis Aramis

Aramis Aramis


This is a classic scent released in 1966. For men who want to hold on to tradition and convention when it comes to fragrance, this is a real gem

It comes in a classic bottle and binds some of the most timeless notes in fragrance. This aspect of the cologne makes it ideal for men of all ages and walks of life because it caters to everybody. 

Myrrh, clover, aldehydes, and bergamot open the fragrance followed by a heart of sage, patchouli, and jasmine. The base will linger for hours and comprises oakmoss, musk, and leather which is incredibly potent. 

If you want a fragrance that is instantly recognizable yet entirely unique to every wearer depending on how he chooses to wear it, Aramis by Aramis will work for you. 




This Oriental Woody fragrance for men was launched in 2004 and instantly grabbed attention with its sexy, demanding aroma. It is a scent for the confident, modern man who wants to seduce. 

It comes in a sleek, silver bottle that is fitting with the personality of the fragrance. The luscious aroma blends lavender, basil, and rosemary at the head for an earthy beginning. It dries down through tea and sage before settling into a vanilla and patchouli base. 

This rich, opulent, and provocative fragrance is potent and long-lasting. It is great for winter wear and cold evenings. 

You can feel confident that you will instantly draw attention and intoxicate anyone who crosses your path. 

10. CK In2U Him

CK In2U Him


The white bottle perfectly represents the brand in its crisp appearance. The cologne inside is just as clean, and quite simply delightful. It is an Aromatic Fougere fragrance that has a completely unique blend of accords. 

It begins with tomato leaf and lemon and dries down through cacao to a musky, woody base. There is nothing that you could compare to this. If you want to make a statement, In2U will help you do that. 

Some might consider this to be a rather rich fragrance but once it settles on the skin, it offers a gentle sillage that is beautifully masculine. 

11. Fakhrul Oudh Aneeq Perfumes

Fakhrul Oudh Aneeq Perfumes

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As a rule, Oud perfumes tend to be on the pricier side, so finding this gem is a real treat for oud fans. But that could be because it doesn’t actually contain oud. But that isn’t to say that the blend of notes doesn’t transport you to an Oriental palace in an exotic explosion.

Nutmeg, saffron, sandalwood, cedar, and patchouli make this a warm, rich, and decadent fragrance for men who want to show off their sophistication.

This is certainly more of a mature gentleman’s scent, and with an enormous projection, you won’t need more than a few sprays to see you through the day. 

12. L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme Issey Miyake

LEau DIssey Issey Miyake


This is a sharp, sweet, woody fragrance that is presented in a beautifully simple flacon. But don’t be fooled into thinking that it is like anything you have smelled in the past. 

L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme boasts a unique composition that certainly comes as a surprise. It starts with citrus notes of yuzu, bergamot, and coriander. The complex heart features floral and spicy accord before revealing a base of tobacco and vetiver. 

The cologne is fresh and intoxicating and it has an uplifting quality that makes it perfect for summer. 

It will get you noticed, if not for its unique aroma then for its excellent longevity and subtle yet strong projection. 

13. Lacoste Rouge For Him

Lacoste Rouge For Him


When you think of Lacoste, you might think of a more sporty fragrance and this has been true of some of their other offerings. However, this is a much more mature and rich composition that is much more daring. 

It is woody and energetic, blending notes of tea, mango, black pepper, and black locust for something utterly enticing. It is sweet yet rich and makes a great fragrance for wearing in the day to day. 

As with many other budget colognes, it doesn’t have the strongest projection but it certainly has enough to fill a room. But it does so delicately which is why we would recommend using this for more intimate occasions. Lunch with that special someone or a walk through the woodland.

14. Paul Smith Extreme

Paul Smith Extreme


This fragrance comes in a retro bottle that reminds you of the 1960s and the British mod culture. But having been released much later, in 2003, this is a scent that appeals to the modern man. 

It is Woody Aromatic cologne that combines lemon, bergamot, and cardamom in the opening. The middle notes of nutmeg and rosemary dry down to a base of rosewood, musk, and Tonka bean. 

It is a very potent blend of accords making it ideal for moments where you want to stand out. We think that this would be the ideal scent for an important business meeting where you need to show that you are confident yet sophisticated, and outgoing without being arrogant.

It is the perfect blend of every aspect of your personality. 

15. Cerruti 1881 Homme

Cerrutti 1881 Homme


If you are looking for a fragrance that is classy, masculine, and rich then this is an incredible choice. The fragrance suits a more mature guy who wants to show off his decedent side. 

It is an aromatic blend of lavender, juniper, vetiver, and pine tree. This is an earthy composition that takes you back to nature. 

It is a perfect fall fragrance that could be worn by an open fire, drinking scotch, and sitting in a leather chair. 

It doesn’t hold back and creates a strong aura but is not arrogant. Instead, it is bold, strong, and quite simply, glorious. 

16. Versace Blue Jeans For Men

Versace Blue Jeans For Men


Blue Jeans is a highly aromatic fragrance that could be considered a classic. It has served as a signature for men over the years and suits guys of all ages. 

It comes in a very exotic and fresh-looking flacon but what is inside is far more spicy and warming. The scent is one that is very masculine and rugged. You might imagine someone wearing this for a wild adventure.

It has a highly complex blend of accords including juniper, basil, lavender, rose, and sage at the head and heart. The base is woody with sandalwood and cedar which is complemented by patchouli and iris. 

While the fragrance is intense, it does not over announce its presence. This makes it perfect for everyday wear. 

17. Davidoff Adventure

Davidoff Adventure

The name of this perfume is entirely fitting with its character. This is an adventurous, bold, and daring scent that suits a man with a similar personality. 

Picture the scene; a hot desert, one horse, and a masculine rider clad in leather and suede. That is the scent of adventure. 

This woody, spicy concoction blends pepper, tea, and mate with a heart of sesame and pimento. It is terribly and unashamedly unique. The base lingers throughout the day with trails of vetiver, cedar, and white musk.

As you journey through the complex notes, you will be treated to a potent aura and a fragrance that doesn’t relent. 

Choosing The Right Affordable Cologne For Men

There is a lot of misconception that an affordable cologne for men won’t have the longevity of a more high-end fragrance. People often also believe that these budget colognes do not have as nice an aroma. In some cases, this is true but if you know what to look for, you can absolutely find some good cheap cologne. 

To start with, you should always look for fragrances that have a long-lasting scent. You don’t want something that will wear off within an hour; you’ll only end up spraying it again and using it up more quickly. This won’t help you to save money. 

The best way to determine how long a scent will last is to check out the base notes. Typically woody and spicy notes will last much longer and these are normally used at the base of the fragrance. Things like cedar, amber, patchouli, and sandalwood last incredibly well. You could also look for a musky base as this will linger nicely for hours after your initial spray.

Looking at the fragrance family will also give you a clear idea of the intensity and longevity of a cologne. Aquatic and fruity fragrances may not be as potent as those from the woody or floral fragrance families, for example. 

It can be tempting to go for brands that you are familiar with, but in some cases, this is not always a wise move. There are thousands of fragrances houses out there, some well known and others not so easily recognizable. However, many of the hidden gems can create some of the best smelling cheap colognes out there. It is worth keeping an eye out for them. 

You should also lean more towards an Eau de Parfum as these contain a higher concentration of fragrance oil. For you, the wearer, this means a much more intense scent that typically lasts a lot longer than weaker compositions. 

Final Thoughts On Cheap Cologne For Men

In the world of fragrance, there are huge differences between products. This applies to the type of scent, the packaging, the longevity, and of course, the price. 

While some cheaper colognes for men or can be, let’s face it, absolutely terrible, (the same goes for cheap perfumes for women) there are many that are simply delightful. These are our favorite good cheap colognes and we are sure you will love them just as much as we do.

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