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When you think of coconut scents, you could be forgiven if your mind is instantly cast to the smell of sunblock; and coconut is often used in these products. But this is a much more versatile scent than many people give it credit for. 

Coconut is a warm, fresh, nutty, exotic aroma that is ideal for summertime. There are many beautiful coconut-scented perfumes out there for both men and women. Coconut will draw you in and make you fall in love, and once you do, there’s no going back. 

If you’re unsure where to start with this scent, then our list of the best coconut perfume will help introduce you to this tropical and delicious fragrance. 

How Coconut Perfumes Work

There are many perfumes designed for year-round use, but coconut is often used in fragrances that are intended for summer. This is because the warm, exotic aroma of coconuts easily transports you to a secluded island beach in the sun. If you’re lucky enough to already be in a tropical paradise, coconut is the perfect complement to this setting. 

These perfumes are fresh and sweet and can be across a range of fragrance families. You will often find coconut paired with creamy vanilla for a rich, exotic fragrance. However, you can just as easily source a coconut perfume that is blended with fresh, citrus scents for a beautiful, breezy accord. 

Coconuts naturally grow in tropical climates, but they are now used all over the world for their many benefits. Not only used in the perfume industry, but coconuts are also widely used in skincare and cooking, further demonstrating their diversity.

Many people see coconut as one of their favorite scents owing to how easy it is to wear. Furthermore, it is the perfect reminder of vacations and summer fun, invoking happy memories. It is little wonder that this is such a popular scent in fragrance houses across the globe. 

Top 12 Best Coconut Scented Perfumes

If you are looking for a coconut-scented perfume, you certainly won’t be disappointed with what is on offer. Almost every major perfume brand has some sort of coconut fragrance; you could say that you are spoiled for choice. Here are what we believe to be the best coconut perfumes currently available. 

1. Dior Hypnotic Poison

Hypnotic Poison Christian Dior

Looking at the dark and mysterious bottle that this perfume is presented in, you might think that the fragrance itself was dark and heavy. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Hypnotic Poison is a relatively fresh scent, much lighter than the other fragrances in the Poison range. 

This is an Oriental Vanilla perfume that has a surprising combination of notes. It begins with fresh coconut and fruity plum and apricot. The heart comprises Brazilian rosewood, jasmine, and tuberose before revealing a vanilla, musk, almond, and sandalwood base.

It is an extremely well-rounded fragrance that perfectly brings everything together for a gentle sillage and long-lasting fragrance that is ideal for summer days. The fragrance would be well suited to a youthful and fun-loving woman who wants to express herself delicately. 

2. Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Perfume

Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Perfume

Almond coconut is an Oriental vanilla perfume with a gourmand undertone. This is a versatile blend of tropical and musky notes that makes a rich and luxurious perfume.

Notes of coconut, almond, vanilla, and tonka bean blend seamlessly with musk, jasmine, and heliotrope for something utterly unique. 

The fragrance comes in a beautiful, elegant, yet simple bottle that perfectly suits the personality of the wearer. For a woman who is breezy and carefree, this would make an ideal signature scent. 

The longevity of this perfume is lovely, but it will not leave an overpowering trail. It is delicate and fresh, so perfect for casual wear without over-announcing itself. 

3. Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Coconut Fizz

Aqua Allegoria Coconut Fizz Guerlain

Coconut Fizz is a unisex aromatic, fruity fragrance that is quite unlike anything else. It exudes class without being garish, and it is light, fresh, and enticing. 

This perfume was released in 2019 as part of a wider collection and has proven to be very popular among coconut fans. It will transport you to a tropical island at the height of summer and is the perfect perfume to pack in your suitcase for your annual vacation in the sun. 

The top notes are coconut and bergamot for a zesty start, with a heart of water fruit and freesia. The base is woody and warm, blending tonka bean with sandalwood for a fragrance that stays with you all day. 

But it is not overpowering; it is light and ideal for intimate moments with that special someone. It comes in a wonderfully exotic bottle that speaks volumes about what is inside. 

4. Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar

Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar

One of the most remarkable things about this perfume is that it is vegan and cruelty-free, which many people are paying attention to. The entire range has this same ethic, which is great to see. 

This is an Oriental vanilla perfume for women that makes an excellent daytime fragrance. What’s more, it is made using totally natural ingredients and essential oils, so you know that you will be getting an intense and beautiful aroma. 

It comes in a bottle that is simple yet bright, which is representative of the fragrance. 

The blend of coconut, vanilla, and vetiver is simple yet intoxicating and extremely light. This is a clean and fresh fragrance that would work well for anyone with a care-free personality who wants to radiate natural beauty. 

5. Montale Intense Tiare

Intense Tiare Montale

One of the first things that you notice about this perfume is the shocking chrome bottle, but having been released in 2005, this fits the style of the time. This is a unisex coconut perfume that works well in all situations. Wear it during the day and allow it to carry you through to the evenings spent gazing at a sunset across the ocean. 

It is an Oriental floral perfume that blends tiare flower, vanilla, coconut, ylang-ylang, rose, and jasmine. It begins floral but dries down to a lovely creamy accord.

It has one of the most incredible sillages of all coconut perfumes, so it is much more intense than many. This makes it perfect for those who want to make a statement with their coconut-scented perfume. 

This is a bold fragrance that is unapologetic. When you wear it, you will feel confident and alive, and it will undoubtedly attract attention. 

6. Versace Crystal Noir

Crystal Noir Versace

This popular fragrance from Versace was released in 2004 and is well-loved by coconuts fans who want something delicate yet sensual. 

This Oriental floral perfume uses an unexpected combination of notes for a truly unique fragrance. It would make an ideal signature scent for the lady who wants to exude mystery. 

This dark scent is not overbearing but is better worn as an evening fragrance, which is not as common for perfumes with coconut. 

The top notes are pepper, ginger, and cardamom for a slightly spicy beginning, and these are followed by a heart of peony and gardenia. The base comprises amber, musk, and sandalwood for a beautifully woody accord. 

It comes in an opulent bottle that perfectly reflects the personality and character of this perfume. 

7. Creed Virgin Island Water

Virgin Island Water Creed

In 2007, Creed launched this exotic and breezy fragrance for men and women. It is perfect for daytime wear thanks to its heavily citrus aroma. 

Top notes of coconut, lime, and bergamot are reminiscent of a tropical holiday by the sea. The heart is slightly warm and musky with ylang-ylang, ginger, and Indian jasmine before a base of white rum and sugar cane is revealed. 

This is one of the most popular coconut perfumes and will attract attention with its intoxicating aroma. It was inspired by a Caribbean sailing trip, which is effortlessly represented in this fragrance’s nature. 

It is presented in a clean and simple bottle that would look incredible as a centerpiece on your dresser.

8. Lavanila Laboratories Vanilla Coconut

Vanilla Coconut Lavanila Laboratories

Lavanila Laboratories brought us this beautifully clean and pretty fragrance in 2007. It is the ideal go-to perfume for anyone who wants a coconut scent that doesn’t cause a fuss. It is not over-pronounced but will undoubtedly grab the attention of those in the nearby vicinity, thanks to its strong sillage. 

This is an Oriental vanilla perfume that is perfect for a hot summer’s day by the beach. It blends top notes of Tiare flower with middle notes of heliotrope and sandalwood. This makes it rather unique since sandalwood is usually reserved for the base. In this case, the base comprises vanilla and coconut for a creamy finish. With a floral start and a warm, dry down, this perfume is ideal for evening wear. 

Despite its unique nature, Vanilla coconut is simple and pretty, ideal for ladies with a quiet and relaxed personality. 

9. Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau de Parfum

Bronze Goddess Eau de Parfum Estee Lauder

One of the first things that catches your attention about this fragrance is the opulent and luxurious bottle. This gives you an insight into the contents within. 

Bronze Goddess is a relatively new fragrance, released in 2019 and truly makes the wearer feel divine as intended. The top notes are simply coconutty, and this is followed by a heart of exotic Tiare flower. The indulgent and decadent base blends vanilla, amber, and sandalwood for a woody, creamy finish. 

If you want a fragrance that will carry you from the day into the evening, then this is ideal, thanks to its incredible longevity. It will leave a glorious trail of coconut warmth wherever you go and is perfect for a romantic getaway. 

However, owing to this scent’s unique character, it would be ideal as a signature scent for confident and proud women who want to make a statement. 

10. Tom Ford Soleil Blanc

Soleil Blanc Tom Ford

This is one of the incredible scents from the Private Blend collection, made with the perfume connoisseur in mind. It comes in a white and gold bottle, which is just as luxurious as the fragrance it contains. 

Made for all genders, Soleil Blanc is sultry and seductive and has an addictive quality that will demand attention. The fragrance was inspired by an island where summer never ends, so it would be perfect for that tropical vacation in the sun. 

It combines top notes of pistachio, bergamot, and cardamom with middle notes of tuberose, ylang-ylang, and jasmine. This is something of an unexpected combination and further intrigues with a base of coconut, amber, and tonka bean. 

If you are looking for an Oriental floral fragrance for all occasions, then this may become your new favorite. 

11. Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion

Coconut Passion Victorias Secret

This fragrance is part of the more expansive Secret Garden Collection which is made up of perfumes, lotions, and mists. It is a youthful and vibrant coconut scent that will captivate and enchant. 

This perfume has a hint of vanilla and sweetness, putting it firmly in the gourmand fragrance family. This vanilla is complemented by coconut, lily of the valley, chamomile, and aloe vera for a truly tropical experience. 

It is presented in a beautiful and elegant golden bottle that is just as luxurious as the fragrance. This is the perfect scent for young women with an energy for life and a taste for all things modern. 

But the perfume is not overwhelming, and it won’t take away from your vibrant personality. Rather, it is delicate and sweet and will leave an intoxicating trail behind you. 

12. Bath & Body Works Waikiki Beach Coconut

Bath and Body Works Waikiki Beach Coconut

Waikiki Beach Coconut from Bath and Body Works is part of a larger range of scents with the tropics in mind. It will take you to an island paradise where the waves gently lap the shore. 

It is a fruity floral fragrance that blends coconut with sea notes and bamboo at the head. This is followed by a heart of coconut, frangipani, jasmine, and passionflower, perfect for lovers of floral fragrances. The base features sandalwood and other woody notes for a dry down that is both intense and intoxicating. 

This is a beautifully sweet and fresh fragrance that is ideal for young women with a bright and bold personality. It is exotic and opulent while not being over-pronounced. Wear this on a summer getaway or just as easily at home for an afternoon spent with friends.

How To Choose Your Coconut Perfume

Coconut is one of the most diverse scents in perfumery. It can be mixed with a variety of other scents to create perfumes for all occasions. If you have a mysterious personality and want to find an alluring fragrance, then an Oriental vanilla coconut perfume would work perfectly. This would blend woody notes with coconut and vanilla and would work well as an evening scent. Using these deeper base notes also make Oriental perfumes ideal for the cooler winter months. 

Those searching for a fresh and light tropical scent would do well to wear citrus or fruity perfume with hints of coconut. These breezy accords will instantly take you to the tropics and are intense yet clean. These are perfect for daytime wear throughout the summer months. 

For floral lovers, perfumes that blend coconut with musky jasmine or gardenia provide you with a seductive and sensual fragrance. These can be worn all year round and for any occasion, making them extremely versatile. 

Full Guide On Perfumes With Coconut

Coconut has always been a scent that is associated with summertime, likely because of its link to tropical regions where it natively grows. One of the first things you think of when dreaming of an exotic getaway is coconut trees swaying gently in the sea breeze. 

This image attracts many to the coconut scent despite its other association with sun cream. It is a common ingredient in this lotion, thanks to its skincare properties. Coconut oil is known to naturally protect the skin from harmful UV rays. 

Furthermore, coconut oil is used in other skincare products because of its healing power. It has long been used in creams to treat dry skin conditions such as eczema and dandruff. Pure coconut oil can be used in place of lotions for a more intense treatment, and in modern times, this has become an extremely popular method. 

The luxurious oil is often used in hair care products as it is known to produce a natural and beautiful shine to the hair. Of course, it also leaves it delicately fragranced. But these are not the only uses for the highly aromatic coconut oil. 

It is also commonly used in cooking, particularly in dishes from tropical regions. In places like India, the Philippines, and Malaysia, coconut has been used in cooking for thousands of years. In these areas, it has also been used for medicinal purposes, long before anyone in the West realized the potency and power of coconut. 

However, it wouldn’t be long before those in Europe discovered how fragrant and indulgent coconut could be. In the 1890s through to the 1920s, many plantations in South East Asia, the Caribbean, and in the South Pacific were set up by Europeans. In the 19th century, coconut was frequently used in soaps for its healing properties and its incredible scent. 

However, by the time the Second World War came around, the supply of coconuts into Europe and North America had dwindled significantly. The West would have to make do without the aroma of the fruit for some years.

In modern times, coconuts are now used in many products, including perfumes. This is because of its light, fresh and milky aroma that is unlike any other fruity fragrance. It pairs well with many different scents and so is often used in all fragrance families. 

In zesty citrus perfumes, coconut and lime, bergamot, and orange blossom make for a delicious tropical concoction. In contrast, pairing coconut with vanilla gives a creamy, gourmand fragrance that is sultry and rich. You will also find this scent paired with elegant florals for a more romantic kind of perfume.

In most cases, coconut will be synthetically produced for perfumes, but there are some that use coconut essential oil. This oil is extracted from the pulp of the fruit using a wet or dry milling method. But coconut water is also known for its potent aroma.

Owing to the diverse nature of the scent, it remains popular in many perfumes, and whatever you are looking for in a perfume can likely be found with coconut. 

Final Thoughts On Perfumes With Coconut

Perfume does not always need to be overpowering and attention-grabbing; sometimes, it is nice to have a delicate and fresh scent. This is effortlessly achieved by using coconut, one of the lightest and most delicious scents in perfumery. 

There are several beautiful coconut vanilla perfumes as well as perfumes with coconut and citrus or woody scents. It is clear that this scent can be blended with many others, making it versatile and unique. 

Be transported to an island paradise with a few spritzes of some of the best coconut perfumes.

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