Best Coconut Vanilla Perfumes

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Summer fills my mind with all kinds of things but there’s nothing that ignites my senses more than a summery scent. What do I mean by that? Exotic fragrances and sweet scents of course.

The best combination for a sweet, creamy, and exotic perfume is coconut and vanilla.

If you’ve ever wondered how to smell like coconut and vanilla, this is for you. This guide contains 10 of the best coconut vanilla perfumes available today.

Coconut and vanilla is in fact an incredibly popular combination in perfume making, and as a result, there is a great choice of pleasant vanilla coconut perfumes to choose from.

If you like to wear an exotic, sweet and warm scent, then a coconut vanilla perfume might be right up your street. It’s easy to wear and will get you noticed.

Why Do Coconut And Vanilla Smell Good Together?

There’s something about the sweet tartness of vanilla scents and the creamy sweetness of coconut perfume that just goes well together. This combination is reminiscent of summer. Probably because a lot of sunscreens contain these scents. 

I think that the reason the scents work so well together is that they have some similar facets that complement one another perfectly. The sweetness and the warmth of the two meld together to make an exotic and inviting aroma. 

There’s no doubt the following perfumes will turn your world upside down if you’ve been craving coconut and vanilla.

10 Best Coconut Vanilla Perfumes

1. Montale Intense Tiare

Montale Intense Tiare
Montale Intense Tiare

One of the things that always stands out about Montale perfumes to me is the presentation. However, this one, coming in a plain silver bottle doesn’t tell you a lot about what’s inside. But let me help you out here; Intense Tiare is a super sweet fragrance bursting with coconut and vanilla accords.

Intense Tiare is, as you might guess, centered around the Tiare flower. There are also heady notes of jasmine which is a hugely popular scent. However, while Intense Tiare is marketed as a unisex perfume, I have to say this gives me more of a feminine vibe.

But regardless of gender, Intense Tiare is a long lasting coconut vanilla perfume that’s great for everyday wear.

2. H&M Coconut Vanilla

HM Coconut Vanilla
HM Coconut Vanilla

Who said that you had to break the bank to get a decent coconut vanilla perfume? Certainly not me! H&M sells some delightful fragrances and OK, the longevity isn’t as good as some of the designer brands but for a handbag spray, they’re perfect.

Coconut Vanilla by H&M features strong notes of both of our spotlight scents. If you want something that doesn’t have too many other things competing with the main characters here, then I’d recommend this one.

I also love how H&M’s Coconut Vanilla comes in an adorable bottle with a bow. It might be an affordable perfume but nobody will be any the wiser.

3. Britney Spears Maui Fantasy

Britney Spears Maui Fantasy
Britney Spears Maui Fantasy

I love the Britney fragrances for their uniqueness alone. When I’ve researched fragrance notes in the past, these scents always have some that are rarely seen elsewhere and the same is true for Maui Fantasy.

Before you get to the warm, rich and sweet vanilla and coconut base, you’re treated to notes like passionfruit, cyclamen and strelitzia. When you do get to the main event, there’s also a nice woody character which gives the perfume a real sensual and sexy vibe.

Maui Fantasy is, for me, an excellent vacay scent. It’s light enough not to give you a headache in the sun but powerful enough to get you noticed. The perfect balance, in my opinion.

4. Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion Noir

Victorias Secret Coconut Passion Noir
Victorias Secret Coconut Passion Noir

I love a super sweet perfume and Coconut Passion Noir encapsulates this character amazingly well. I feel as though I’m wearing a dessert shop when I spray this and that’s not a bad thing! With vanilla and coconut accompanied by coconut pie and sweet notes, Coconut Passion Noir is a real mouthwatering fragrance.

Coconut Passion Noir isn’t something you’d wear on a night out or all day. The scent is very delicate and doesn’t last a huge amount of time. However, if you want something you can pop in your bag to freshen up throughout the day, it’s ideal.

5. Dior Hypnotic Poison

Dior Hypnotic Poison
Dior Hypnotic Poison

There’s something iconic about Hypnotic Poison, isn’t there? But while that is true, this is also one of the best coconut vanilla perfumes for women and it’s super sexy! Coconut features at the head and is very prominent while vanilla is found in the base alongside wood and musk.

When you wear Hypnotic Poison, it makes you feel powerful and incredibly womanly. I’d recommend this coconut vanilla perfume for a big night out or for events where you aren’t worried about standing out from the crowd. It’s loud, long lasting and bound to cause a stir!

6. Coconut Vanilla Orchid Perfume by Love & Nature

Coconut Vanilla Orchid Perfume by Love Nature
Coconut Vanilla Orchid Perfume by Love Nature

As far as exotic fragrances go, Coconut Vanilla Orchid is one of my favorites. I recently wrote a guide on the best perfumes for nurses and I think this would work very well. It’s got a fresh and inviting scent but isn’t too over the top. That’s your new work perfume sorted.

I love that Coconut Vanilla Orchid has so many floral notes. I’m a sucker for a good floral perfume and with jasmine, freesia, ylang ylang and orchid, this one’s perfect for floral fans.

It’s also wonderful that Coconut Vanilla Orchid comes in such a cute bottle. But I have to say that it could be better in terms of longevity; you will need another spritz halfway through the day.

7. Malie Organic Coconut Vanilla

Malie Organic Coconut Vanilla
Malie Organic Coconut Vanilla

If you were to base a perfume solely on the packaging, then Malie Organic Coconut Vanilla would make you run for the hills. It looks as though it was decorated by a 1960 interior designer, and a bad one at that.

But looks aside, Malie Organic Coconut Vanilla is a stunning perfume with some incredibly unique notes. Of course, we have the all-important coconut and vanilla accords but these are surrounded by banana, butter, peach, and jasmine. If you’re looking for a delicate, tropical signature scent, I’d highly recommend this one.

8. Bath & Body Works Cool Coconut Surf

Bath Body Works Cool Coconut Surf
Bath Body Works Cool Coconut Surf

When you think of tropical perfumes, Bath & Body Works is often a brand that comes to mind. They do some amazing ones but Cool Coconut Surf is, in my opinion, one of the best. It’s quite an uplifting scent with zingy notes of pineapple, lemon and apple alongside cotton flower and gardenia.

The coconut is prominent throughout the composition while you get a real hit of vanilla at the base. Cool Coconut Vanilla isn’t the loudest or longest-lasting perfume but for things like a day on the beach or an intimate summer picnic, it’ll give you a light and delicate fragrance.

9. Rudy Profumi Coconut Vanilla

Rudy Profumi Coconut Vanilla
Rudy Profumi Coconut Vanilla

If you’ve been looking for a wallet-friendly coconut vanilla perfume that smells incredibly then you’ll love Rudy Profumi Coconut Vanilla. This is another of the most unique coco vanilla fragrances for women with a rich hit of whipped cream and malt. There’s also a real spiciness to it from the star anise heart notes and the fenugreek at the base which makes it ideal for winter as well as summer wear.

Some say that this isn’t a very long-lasting fragrance but I find it does last well on the skin if you layer it. It also projects surprisingly well for such a cheap perfume. Spray just a few squirts and you’ll instantly turn heads; that can’t be a bad thing!

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10. Lancome Tresor la Nuit Nude

Lancome Tresor la Nuit Nude
Lancome Tresor la Nuit Nude

Sometimes, I don’t want an overly complicated scent with so many notes I can barely pick them out. That’s why I love Tresor la Nuit Nude. It’s a simple composition with coconut, vanilla, rose, and bergamot.

Tresor la Nuit Nude is a beautifully feminine fragrance that suits women of all ages so it’s very versatile. What’s more, I love how light and fresh it is. When I say light, I don’t mean that it won’t make a statement, because it will. But it’ll be an elegant, graceful one that lingers throughout the day.

Which Coconut Vanilla Perfume Is Right For You

When you are choosing a coconut vanilla perfume one of the first things to think about is just how much of each of these scents you would like.

Let me explain this – there are some coconut vanilla perfumes that contain only these notes. They’re incredibly sweet and creamy and are ideal if you’re looking for something that instantly makes you think of summer. On the other hand, there are plenty of perfumes that feature these notes among a wide range of others.

Perhaps you’re a floral fan that wants a sweet hit of vanilla and coconut at the base among things like rose, jasmine, gardenia and orchid. Or maybe you like a gourmand scent filled with scents like cupcake, whipped cream, and fruits with a blast of vanilla and coconut for good measure.

It’s also worth trying out different perfumes to see what works well on your skin. A fine example of this was when my friend brought a perfume that I fell in love with on her. When I invested in a bottle and got it home, I sprayed it on myself and almost threw up. The composition just didn’t work well with my body chemistry and this is something we all need to watch out for.

That’s why testers are a lifesaver. When you spray the perfume on your skin, you’re getting the top notes. In this case, you’ll find that coconut often features heavily. However, as the perfume dries down, other notes come through and the scent will change. Mix this with your personal chemistry and you may find a perfume works very well or you might find yourself clamoring to scrub it off.

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