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As a young man enters adulthood, it is likely that he will want to begin to experiment with what makes him feel good. Wearing a beautiful cologne can make a young man feel more mature and confident. But choosing the right aroma for his personality is an important thing to consider. 

Fragrance can change the entire mood of a situation and the last thing a teen needs is to smell like an old man. Try choosing between our top list of most desirable colognes for young men to find a fragrance that perfectly suits his personality and youthful style. 

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Top 12 Colognes For Teenage Guys

In your teen years, you may want to feel masculine yet exude a sense of youthfulness and fun. Choosing the right cologne is a great way to do this and these scents are sure to demonstrate your playfulness. 

1. Calvin Klein CKOne Shock – Best Overall Cologne For Young Men  

Calvin Klein CKOne Shock – Best Overall Cologne For Young Men


CKOne Shock comes in a bright bottle that is playful, youthful, and utterly over the top. But that is what makes it the best cologne for teens as it matches their lively, vibrant personalities. 

CKOne Shock is an Oriental Spicy cologne that is aromatic and intense. But that doesn’t mean that it is overbearing. The fragrance is noticeable but pleasant on the nose, even in close quarters. 

Notes of cucumber, lavender, and clementine start CKOne Shock with an uplifting aroma. These notes are followed by a pepper and basil heart before drying down to reveal a base of tobacco, amber, and musk. 

CKOne Shock is great for everyday use and effortlessly displays every aspect of your personality with its diversity.

2. Tommy Hilfiger Tommy For Men – Best Cologne For Boys Under 10

Tommy Hilfiger Tommy For Men – Best Cologne For Boys Under 10


The best cologne for boys under the age of 10 needs to be light and fun, with a childlike air that doesn’t cause them to mature too quickly. Tommy For Men is a great way to introduce boys to fragrance. 

Tommy For Men is a sporty and adventurous cologne by Tommy Bahama that effortlessly demonstrates the fun side of a young man’s personality. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and will wear wonderfully in the everyday. 

Tommy brings together notes of mint, lavender, and bergamot at the head. The heart comprises Granny Smith apple with rose and cranberry. As it dries down, Tommy For Men has a beautifully unique base of cotton flower, cactus, and amber. 

3. Davidoff Cool Water – Best Cologne For Pre-Teen Boys 

Davidoff Cool Water – Best Cologne For Pre Teen Boys


Cool Water is a great choice for boys who are coming up to their teen years and want to experiment with fragrance. Cool Water is a very fresh and non-offensive composition that lightly sits on the skin with a delicate aura. 

If you love citrus or aquatic scents then Cool Water is sure to please. It begins with seawater, green notes, and mint and moves into a heart of jasmine and sandalwood. The base brings us tobacco, cedar, and amber for a more comforting finish. 

Cool Water is also a very affordable fragrance that would suit a young man looking for inexpensive ways to explore beautiful scents. 

4. Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme – Best Cologne For 13 Year Old Boy

Yves Saint Laurent LHomme – Best Cologne For 13 Year Old Boy


At the start of your teenage years, you don’t want a scent that is too overpowering. L’Homme by YSL is the best cologne for young men embarking on their journey to adulthood. 

It boasts a fresh yet enticing aroma that will fill you with ease and confidence. L’Homme is a classy but easygoing fragrance that is ideal for everyday wear. 

For young men that are looking for a fresh signature scent to carry them through their first teen years, L’Homme is an excellent choice. 

L’Homme begins with citrus notes combined with ginger and is followed by a heart of spices and basil. At the base, we find cedar, vetiver, and Tonka bean. This gives L’Homme a warm quality that will linger throughout the day.

5. Fierce Abercrombie And Fitch – Best Cologne For 14 Year Old Boy 

Fierce Abercrombie And Fitch – Best Cologne For 14 Year Old Boy


If you feel fierce and confident then why shouldn’t you have a cologne to represent that? Fierce by Abercrombie and Fitch is an aromatic fragrance that is ideal for mid-teenage boys who want to start demonstrating their masculinity. 

Fierce comes in a masculine bottle and what is inside is just as manly. With a potent composition of fit, sea notes, jasmine, and vetiver, Fierce is a complex blend. However, it is far from offensive. 

If you are looking for something to wear on the weekend, Fierce will be perfect. It has a strong aura but not so much so that you end up smelling like a fragrance shop. Fierce will get you noticed in a manly yet sophisticated way and is great for showing off your fun-loving, carefree nature. 

6. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male – Best Cologne For 15 Year Old Boy 

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male – Best Cologne For 15 Year Old Boy


Le Male comes presented in a masculine bottle in the silhouette of a man. As you begin to feel more at home in your adult body, you will want a fragrance to represent this boom in confidence.

Le Male is the best cologne for teens who like a unique aroma. It is an instantly recognizable scent that cannot be compared to anything else. If you want to stand out from the crowd, Le Male is for you. 

Le Male begins with notes of lavender, mint, and bergamot and moves through a spicy heart. As it dries down, we are treated to vanilla, Tonka bean, and amber, making this a warming and comforting scent. 

7. Gucci Guilty Black – Best Cologne For 16 Year Old Boy

Gucci Guilty Black – Best Cologne For 16 Year Old Boy


By the age of 16, you have probably started to become interested in girls and want to show off your energetic, romantic side. If you are looking for a cologne to do this, Gucci Guilty Black by Gucci would be great for you. 

Gucci Guilty Black epitomizes everything it is to be young, free, and confident. This is a fragrance for teenage boys who aren’t scared to be who they want to be. Gucci Guilty Black is bold, masculine, and fierce. 

It combines notes of lavender, orange blossom, cedar, and patchouli and has great longevity. However, while it is intense, Guilty Black isn’t offensive and would work as an everyday scent just as well as it would for evening wear or a special occasion. 

8. Paco Rabanne Invictus – Best Cologne For 17 Year Old Man

Paco Rabanne Invictus – Best Cologne For 17 Year Old Man


Invictus comes from the Latin meaning Invincible and as you reach the end of your ‘childhood’ years, this is likely how you will feel. With the world at your feet, there is nothing stopping you. 

Paco Rabanne Invictus is a scent that will help you take on anything that life throws at you with its rich, confident character. Invictus brings sea notes together with citrus at the head for an uplifting start.

As it dries down through a jasmine and bay leaf heart, the warm base of ambergris, guaiac wood, and patchouli is unveiled. Invictus is heady, strong, and doesn’t shy away. But this isn’t an arrogant statement. Rather, Invictus is bold yet collected, confident yet laid back.

9. Viktor And Rolf Spicebomb Extreme – Best Cologne For 18 Year Old Man

Viktor And Rolf Spicebomb Extreme – Best Cologne For 18 Year Old Man


You’ve made it to 18 using fun, light-hearted colognes but now it is time to show off your sensual and manly side. 

Spicebomb Extreme is without a doubt, Extreme and the wearer will feel confident and able to take on the world. Spicebomb Extreme is a heady composition that includes vanilla, tobacco, lavender, and black pepper. 

There is nothing timid about Spicebomb Extreme. This is the best cologne for young men who want to make a cold statement about who they are. Wear this when you want to stand out. 

Due to the intense aura and long-lasting nature of Spicebomb, it may be a little too heavy for everyday use. 

10. Dolce And Gabbana The One – Best Cologne For 19 And 20 Year Old Men

Dolce And Gabbana The One – Best Cologne For 19 And 20 Year Old Men


Now that you have made your way into adulthood, you are going to want a much more elegant and sophisticated fragrance. The One by Dolce and Gabbana is both of these things without being overly mature.

You will still give off a youthful vibe but with a much more seductive edge. If you want to impress a woman or make a statement at work, The One is the obvious choice. Wear this for date night or for an evening out with friends. 

The One blends grapefruit, ginger, tobacco, and cedar for a rich woody and spicy aroma that is unmistakable. If you are looking for a signature scent to take you into your 20s, The One would be a good choice. 

11. Tom Ford For Men Tom Ford – Best Luxury Cologne For Young Men

Tom Ford For Men Tom Ford – Best Luxury Cologne For Young Men


Tom Ford is a brand known for creating high-end and luxurious fragrances for men and women. Many of their colognes are unisex but a lot of teenage boys may not be comfortable with this. But their signature fragrance for men gives you a chance to experience a luxury fragrance for the first time. 

Tom Ford For Men is a Woody Floral Musk cologne for boys that blends citrus notes and ginger at the head. It dries down through a heart of tobacco and orange blossom before reaching a rich woody and leather base. 

If you want something to make you feel a little more grown up, Tom Ford For Men will do that effortlessly. 

With a stronger sillage, Tom Ford For Men may be more suited to nights out and special occasions. 

12. Police To Be Man – Best Affordable Cologne For Young Men

Police To Be Man – Best Affordable Cologne For Young Men

One of the greatest things about To Be by Police is the fun, skull-shaped bottle. This is a great draw for young guys and the first thing that makes this one of the best colognes for teens. 

Inside, you will find an enticing Woody Spicy fragrance that is perfect for young men who want to show off the mysterious side of their character. 

Police To Be brings together notes of grapefruit and pepper at the top with a heart of violet leaf. As it dries down, a base of amber, patchouli, and cedar is revealed. 

This is a unique scent that will make you feel comforted yet confident. Police To Be also has a gentle projection which makes it great for everyday wear. 

Tips For Choosing The Right Cologne For Young Men

When you first start dabbling in the world of fragrance, it can feel a little overwhelming. There is no denying that wearing cologne can make you feel a lot different about yourself. Where you may have felt quite childlike up until now, dousing yourself in a beautiful scent can help you to feel more grown up. 

As boys come of age, it is natural for them to want to start experimenting with cologne. When you are choosing your first scent, there are some things that you will want to keep in mind. 

Firstly, we would always recommend looking for a cologne that appeals to your character. It may be difficult to believe but your scent can alter the way that people perceive you. Different colognes give off different vibes and where one may make you appear sophisticated, another may make you appear flirty and fun. 

Depending on the mood you wish to convey, you might select two or three colognes for different occasions. The scent you wear for work or school will be vastly different from the one you wear when at a special occasion. 

It is also important to keep in mind the strength of the cologne. There are those that are extremely light and are ideal for times when you don’t want to create too much of a stir with your fragrance. 

Conversely, wearing an intense cologne with a massive projection will work well at times when you want to stand out. Eau de Parfum contains the most fragrance oil and so will typically be a lot stronger than other types of perfume. 

Furthermore, there are colognes that are specifically aimed at a younger market. On the other hand, there are those that are more suited to older guys. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to buy a fragrance designed for younger men. You are free to experiment and find out what your tastes are. 

It can be helpful to explore the different fragrance families. For example, if you want to demonstrate a laid-back, outdoorsy personality, you might go for an aquatic or citrus scent. On the flip side, young guys who want to appear more masculine may go for a woody, musky, or smoky cologne. 

Your options are vast and the best thing to do is get a few samples and allow them to develop on your skin. You see, what you smell when you first spray your cologne is not what you will smell a few hours later. 

You will begin by smelling the top notes which are usually fruity or fresh and very uplifting. Your cologne will reach the middle notes after around thirty minutes and these can range from fruity to floral, woody to spicy, and everything in between. The heart notes will remain on the skin for a couple of hours before drying down to the base. 

The base notes are those that will stay on the skin for the entire day. If a fragrance is called ‘Sandalwood Forest’, for example, then sandalwood will typically be found in the base, and sometimes at the heart.

Frequently Asked Questions About Teenage Guys Cologne

What age should you wear cologne?

There is no right or wrong age to wear cologne, but it isn’t typically something that children do. Although a young boy might receive a cheap cologne as a Christmas or birthday gift at a young age, this is normally for fun or very special occasions. 

In the USA, it is normal for teen guys to start experimenting with cologne around the age of 13, but this may go a couple of years in either direction. 

Ultimately, the choice is yours and you should begin wearing cologne when you feel comfortable doing so. 

Can high schoolers wear cologne?

There may be some schools that do not allow students to wear cologne. But for the most part, it is acceptable provided that the fragrance is not overpowering. 

Most schools are appreciative of the fact that young men will want to smell good, especially as puberty sets in and they need a fragrance for practical reasons. 

A few sprays of a delicate fragrance should be suitable for most schools. However, if you are unsure, you can always check with your school on their views. 

What is the best cologne for a young man?

There are a lot of colognes that are great for young men, but as a rule, fresh and youthful fragrances work best. Things like Versace Eros are great or if you want something a little more sophisticated, 1 Million by Paco Rabanne is a good choice. 

In Conclusion

Whether you are looking to attract your first love interest, feel more manly, or give yourself a confidence boost, cologne can help with all of these things. 

Choosing a cologne that is not too mature and will show off your youthfulness and fun-loving side is important. Once you have your favorite, it’s time to spray and start feeling like a new man as you move into adulthood. 

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