Best Selling And Smelling Colognes For Men in 2024

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The world of fragrance is anything but limited when it comes to finding a scent you love. Whether you are a confident, high-achiever, a laid-back kind of guy, or someone with a unique personality, there are plenty of top-selling men’s colognes that will match your character.

In this guide, we want to introduce you to what we believe are some of the best smelling colognes for men available today. We are confident you are going to be intoxicated by their popular aromas.

Top 40 Best Men’s Colognes

Choosing the right cologne, especially when shopping online, can feel like something of a battle. But it doesn’t need to be. Check out our most recent run-down of the best selling and smelling cologne for men.

1. Creed Aventus by Creed

Creed Aventus by Creed

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Aventus was inspired by the life of Emperor Napoleon and is perfectly suited to men who have a drive and passion for life. It is for the powerful and the confident, the bold and the brave. 

At the head, we find apple and pineapple before a heart of birch, patchouli, and rose is revealed. From the first spray, you are enveloped in a rich, masculine scent that drifts effortlessly all around you. 

As the scent dries down, the heady musk and vanilla base comes through and this lingers for hours. Owing to the potency of this scent, we would recommend it as an evening fragrance in the colder months.

2. Christian Dior Sauvage Eau De Toilette

Christian Dior Sauvage Eau De Toilette

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Sauvage’s success is likely down to the wild, animal nature of the fragrance that was so aptly displayed by none other than Johnny Depp. This heavily masculine fragrance jumps out of the bottle onto your skin in a whirlwind of delectable aromas. 

It comes in a beautiful, dark bottle just as raw and manly as the fragrance itself. It blends pepper, bergamot, lavender, and patchouli before drying down to a cedar base. 

While the original Sauvage may have gotten lost through time, this new version is the epitome of the modern man. 

It has a glorious sillage that wafts around a room, announcing your presence. It is the perfect scent to get noticed.

3. Gucci Guilty For Men

Gucci Guilty For Men

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One of the things that makes Gucci Guilty by Gucci one of the best colognes for men is its diversity. Whether it is summer or winter, day or night, this fragrance will match any mood. 

It comes in a luxurious and stylish silver bottle which is the perfect complement to the female version, presented in gold. If you want a scent you can match with your partner, these would look stunning on the dresser. 

This charismatic fragrance blends Amalfi lemon and lavender into a heart of African orange flower. It goes on to a patchouli base; perfect for men who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go and get it. 

4. Calvin Klein Ck One

Calvin Klein CK One

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Potentially the most recognizable fragrance from the Calvin Klein brand, this unisex scent is ideal for men who want something fresh and uplifting. 

It is a scent that would make the perfect signature for those warm summer days. Perhaps spent with friends on the beach or a lover in the park. It is youthful. Clean and free-spirited. If you have a zest for life, this should be one scent you consider. 

It begins with a head of lemon, green notes, and pineapple. The heart comprises floral accords including rose and lily. Finally, a green tea, amber, and musky base is revealed. 

This is not a scent that is overly pronounced but rather something much more subtle. You might use this as a vacation fragrance.

5. Tom Ford Oud Wood Eau De Parfum

Tom Ford Oud Wood

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This Oriental Woody fragrance comes in a gorgeous branded bottle that is synonymous with Tom Ford perfumes. Part of the Private Blend collection, this is an exquisite blend of the finest perfume oils and tailored for those with a nose for luxury. 

We see rich oud blended with sandalwood, vanilla, vetiver, and amber. This delightful scent is seductive, rich, and incredibly aromatic. 

As with all of the Tom Ford Private Blend fragrances, the projection, and longevity of this are second to none. If you want something that is going to make you stand out from the crowd then this is one of the best perfumes for men to achieve that. 

6. Boss No.1 by Hugo Boss

Boss No.1 by Hugo Boss

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Since its release in the mid ’80s, Boss No 1 has become the staple of many men’s grooming routines. This is a heady, aromatic fragrance that is both sophisticated and daring. Boss No 1 is perfect for gentlemen who want to show off their elegant side.

While Boss No 1 is a classic scent, it is also incredibly diverse and works for men at any stage of their life.

Beginning with a complex blend of notes including bergamot, lemon, and green apple, Boss No 1 has a fresh and uplifting start. This is followed by a heart of honey, jasmine, sage, lavender, and rose.

As the base comes through, you are left with an intoxicating and long-lasting aroma of tobacco, patchouli, and sandalwood. If you want to make your presence known in the most classy way possible, this is the scent to do it with.

7. Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt

Jo Malone Wood Sage Sea Salt

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Jo Malone is renowned for making unique and attention-grabbing fragrances. So much so that they are perhaps one of the most replicated. But there is nothing like the original and while something of an investment, it is indeed worth the splurge. 

This is a fresh scent that allows you to feel at one with nature. It makes you feel free and spirited, connected to the earth.

Wood sage and Sea Salt combines these two beautiful notes with grapefruit, ambrette, and seaweed for something utterly refreshing and unique. It is the perfect scent for summer wear and works well as a signature scent. 

8. Versace Eros Eau de Toilette

Versace Eros Eau de Toilette

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Presented in a stunning blue bottle, you instantly feel as though you are transported to ancient times. A fragrance fit for a God. 

It was named after a Greek God and aims to adorn the wearer in strength, confidence, and masculinity while being stylish and modern. It begins fresh with mint and lemon and a heart of Tonka bean and geranium.

After drying down, we are treated to vanilla and cedar which give the scent a great long-lasting vibe. It projects beautifully but does so intensely. If you are looking for something bold, then this could be for you. 

9. Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather

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Leathery scents always have that air of luxury and wealth about them and this is certainly no exception. Tuscan Leather is a unisex fragrance but does lean a little more on the masculine side. 

It doesn’t complicate things and the mixture is rather simple yet unique. WIth raspberry at the head, followed by middle notes of jasmine and olibanum. The dry down reveals a leather, suede, and amber base, subtly complemented by woody notes. 

It evokes a feeling of luxury, traveling on a yacht, sipping expensive liquor at sunset, or flying business class on Emirates. 

But while it is high-end, it does not show off. It has a medium projection that allows you to wear the fragrance every day to make a subtle statement. 

10. Jimmy Choo Man

Jimmy Choo Man

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There is something simple yet incredibly classy about the flacon that draws you in right from the off. It almost describes the scent through visual appeal.

This aromatic fruity perfume for men is perfect for modern, stylish men that want to make a fun statement. There’s nothing uptight about this fragrance. It is effortless, laid-back, and boyish. 

The wearer is cool and doesn’t care for those who try to hold him back. This character is represented by suede, pineapple leaf, patchouli, and melon. It almost smells good enough to eat. 

For a night out with your boys or a day filled with fun and laughter, this scent will make a perfect choice. 

11. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’Homme

Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De LHomme

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There is something decadently luxurious about all YSL fragrances and this one is no different. Presented in a masculine, sophisticated bottle that is the epitome of all things glamorous, this is a truly captivating scent. 

Incredibly aromatic, the cologne brings together a heady contrast of accords. From the cardamom top notes, through the lavender at the heart and the rich cedar base, this is a scent that will turn heads. 

While we would say this was an evening scent, it could be just as easily worn during the day if you dare to be sensual and bold. 

12. Montblanc Legend Eau de Toilette

Montblanc Legend Eau de Toilette

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If you want to display your authentic, confident, and passionate personality, you need a fragrance that will capture this. Montblanc Legend might be the perfect solution. 

It is a bold fragrance designed for men who aren’t afraid to show off their style. Pair this with a sharp suit and designer glasses for a professional look that packs a punch. 

The bottle design is minimalistic but luxurious at the same time and that speaks volumes about the scent. It brings together lavender, red apple, rose, and sandalwood all of which linger gently through the day. 

13. Montblanc Explorer

Montblanc Explorer

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Another offering from Montblanc but only this time for the guy with a sense of adventure. If you aren’t scared to show off your wild side, this could be the fragrance for you. 

This is an Aromatic Woody cologne that was designed to challenge convention and allow the modern man to stand up to whatever challenges life throws at him. 

It is presented in a stunning black bottle which is everything you would expect of a masculine fragrance. It also perfectly demonstrates the warmth and rawness of the scent. 

Bergamot, clary sage, leather, patchouli, and cacao pod make for a unique and earthy blend with a lovely, long-lasting scent. 

14. Calvin Klein Eternity Eau de Toilette

Calvin Klein Eternity for Men

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While this is an Aromatic Fougere fragrance, which would typically lean towards evening wear, the unique blend of fresh notes, make it ideal for everyday use. 

Presented in a simple bottle that is reflective of the style of the brand, Eternity is another of the most iconic men’s colognes in the world. 

It starts with lemon and lavender followed by middle notes of juniper, sage, and lily. The base is strong and intoxicating filled with accords of woody notes and amber. 

It is a beautifully fresh scent that is laid back and almost calming. It will bring on nostalgia for anyone who grew up in the 1990s.

15. Hugo Boss Intense

Hugo Boss Intense

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The black and orange bottle gives you a feeling of being rebellious and fiery. With a warm spicy aroma, that is precisely the type of character that would suit this fragrance. 

This is an incredibly recognizable and memorable scent. Anyone who experiences you wearing this will forever be reminded of you when they smell it. 

Intense by Hugo Boss is made for powerful and seductive guys, and there is no denying that this is not a scent for the faint of heart. 

It combines ginger, lavender, leather, and woody notes that are comforting and warming while being deliciously raw and almost erotic.

16. Tom Ford Noir Extreme

Tom Ford Noir Extreme

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If the opulent bottle doesn’t instantly get your attention, it won’t be long before the fragrance inside seduces your senses.

Noir Extreme is extreme by name and extreme by nature. It is a fragrance designed to be extraordinary and requires someone with a matching personality.

Neroli meets nutmeg before opening to a heart of kulfi and rose. The base delivers an intoxicating scent of vanilla and amber. 

While this may be a demanding scent, it does this in a sophisticated fashion. It is, therefore, ideal for a quiet moment. A meal in a classy restaurant or drinks by an open fire. Being extreme doesn’t always mean being the center of attention and being classy with it goes a long way. 

17. Hugo Boss Boss Bottled

Hugo Boss Boss Bottled

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Boss Bottled has almost become an icon of the fragrance world and it is little wonder it is now one of the best men’s colognes in the world. It is masculine, spicy, and modern. 

These elements make it ideal for youthful men who want something a little more grown-up without compromising their fun personality. 

The bottle is very simple yet bang on trend, you could say it was timeless. Inside, you will find an intoxicating combination of apple, lemon, mahogany, and vetiver. This fresh, woody contrast makes this suitable for all seasons and all occasions. 

That being said, with a moderate aura, this might be a good perfume to wear for one to one encounters. 

18. Oud Immortel by Byredo

Oud Immortel by Byredo

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Oud is an intensely rich and luxurious fragrance. It is one of the most expensive raw materials in the world and as such, you will pay a little more for this scent. 

However, it is a wise investment thanks to the sheer potency and intensity of this delightful scent. It begins with limoncello and incense, drying down through an oud and patchouli heart. At the base, tobacco lingers on for a rich and intoxicating scent that lasts for a lifetime. 

While this is a unisex fragrance, it does err more on the masculine side and is extremely classy. 

It would suit a more mature gentleman who wants something to suit his sophisticated lifestyle and charming personality. 

19. Jimmy Choo Intense

Jimmy Choo Intense

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You will be immediately drawn in by the striking black bottle that encompasses everything that is masculine. This fragrance is fresh and uplifting and is perfect for wearing in the summer months when things get a little hot. 

It is the epitome of the modern, confident man and should be worn by those who have a passion for a fun-filled lifestyle. 

The cologne isn’t overly intense in terms of projection but rather a gentle complement to the wearer’s personality. However, the strong aroma of Tonka bean and patchouli at the base make this a very distinctive scent. 

20. Lacoste Pour Homme Eau de Toilette

Lacoste Pour Homme Eau de Toilette

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This warm, spicy fragrance is perfect for fall and winter when you need something a little more over-pronounced. 

It is a lux fragrance that doesn’t come with a high price tag, making it one of the top men’s colognes that are budget-friendly.

One of the things we love most about this scent is the unique blend of accords that make it unmistakable. It brings together plum, apple, and grapefruit with cinnamon and juniper. At the base, you are left with a subtle hint of vanilla, rum, and sandalwood. 

It delicately wafts through the air as you move, grabbing attention without being garish. The perfect cold-weather signature. 

21. Calvin Klein Obsession

Calvin Klein Obsession

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While this may be a fragrance that has been around for decades, it remains one of the most popular colognes for men. This is largely down to its versatility and how easy it is to wear. Regardless of the event, Obsession will always make a great impression. 

This is a seriously charismatic fragrance that demands the wearer to take control and stand in confidence. But it is far from being arrogant and has a much more sophisticated air than you might expect. 

It contrasts earthy notes of lavender and cinnamon with fresh citrus notes at the head. Moving through middle notes of myrrh, carnation, and pine tree before hitting a base of amber, musk, and vetiver. There is nothing quiet about this scent.

22. 1 Million by Paco Rabanne

1 Million Paco Rabanne

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1 Million is designed to be a luxury, high-end fragrance and this is instantly noticeable in the flacon shaped like a gold ingot. Inside, you will find a rich and decadent aroma with an intoxicating sweetness to it. 

It is a woody spicy fragrance that mixes mint and blood orange at the head with a heart of spicy notes and rose. The dry down reveals amber, leather, and Indian patchouli; rich, sensual, and luxurious. 

This is not a fragrance for when you do not want to be noticed. It is heady, loud, and will create a scene when you enter a room. You could wear this for special occasions, but it might also make a wonderful signature for a bold man who loves the finer things in life. 

23. Paco Rabanne Invictus

Paco Rabanne Invictus

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Invictus comes from the Latin for ‘invincible’ and as such, this is a fragrance for men who will stand up to any challenge that life throws at them and come out the other side. It is a fresh and sporty offering that is ideal for the modern man. 

It comes in a trophy cup-shaped bottle which is nothing if not a little fun. Because fragrance should never be taken too seriously, it’s meant to be something we enjoy. 

It begins with sea notes and citrus but dries down to ambergris, oakmoss, and patchouli base that lingers gently. The longevity is incredible but it doesn’t over-announce itself, making it great for wearing to any event. 

24. Bleu de Chanel

Bleu de Chanel

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This Woody Aromatic fragrance for men was initially released in 2010 and comes in a beautiful, elegant bottle. 

It is an intense and sexy aroma that is perfectly suited to young, powerful, confident men. This is great worn with your sharpest suit to a business meeting where you need to make an outstanding first impression. 

Mint, ginger, nutmeg, cedar, and labdanum come together to create an intoxicating scent that will grab the attention of those around you.

Despite being so intense, this is also a very clean, fresh fragrance making it ideal for everyday wear for guys who want to stand out. 

25. Acqua di Parma Essenza

Acqua di Parma Essenza

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This perfume comes in a gloriously decadent and sophisticated bottle. Inside, you will find a fragrance that is just as elegant and masculine. 

It has an amazing array of notes including neroli, lily, grapefruit, vetiver, and rose. This creates a unique scent that will make a perfect signature for a fun-loving, care-free guy. 

Being a citrus aromatic fragrance, we would suggest that this is best worn during the summer, perhaps on a hot afternoon. 

It doesn’t have a massively potent aura and as such, works excellently as a subtle fragrance. Wear this to the office or to lunchtime drinks with friends for a more laid back approach to perfume.

26. Armani Acqua Di Gio

Armani Acqua Di Gio

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The concept behind this fragrance was to create something fresh and filled with a sense of freedom. That was effortlessly achieved and we now have one of the top men’s colognes of the last few decades. 

It comes in a simple, yet elegant glass flacon that demonstrates the character of the man who will wear the scent. 

The fresh notes of lime, lemon, and orange then reveal a floral heart of freesia, jasmine, and cyclamen. The base is woody with hints of patchouli. 

This is an ideal vacation fragrance for lazy days spent on a breezy beach. It is perfectly suited to a modern, youthful gentleman with a classic sense of style. 

27. Dolce & Gabbana The One

Dolce And Gabbana The One

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One of the first things you notice about this fragrance is the incredibly classy bottle. It shouts sophistication and elegance. 

The perfume’s entire concept was for it to become a classic and it appears to have achieved that. It is now one of the best men’s cologne products on the market. It is not surprising with notes of basil, orange blossom, tobacco, and cedar. 

It is masculine and passionate, making it a great scent for romantic dates and times spent with a loved one. 

The scent is strong but not overpowering. It offers a subtle and delicate aroma that is certainly noticeable without being sickening. An excellent all-round choice. 

28. Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb

Viktor Rolf Spicebomb

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One of the newer fragrance houses founded in the early ’90s, Viktor and Rolf, became a household name. Not least owing to the female fragrance, Flowerbomb, but also because of this highly intoxicating male scent. 

Spicebomb is everything you would expect from a masculine cologne. It is intense, confident, and bold. Right from the grenade-shaped bottle through to the tobacco and leather dry down, it is a scent that demands attention. 

The perfume does not shy away and has a massive aura that gets louder the longer you wear it. If you want to turn heads at a packed event, wear this.

29. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Eau de Toilette

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Eau de Toilette

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Could this be one of the most iconic top men’s colognes of recent times? We would say so and it is little wonder when you consider the unique, rich, and intoxicating aroma.

It has a sweetness to it that makes it difficult to ignore and being so well-loved, there is no doubt that it isn’t easily recognizable. If you want to make an impact the moment you enter a room, go for this scent.

The intent of this fragrance initially was to be ‘irresistible to women’ so if you’re out to seduce, this could be your go-to scent. It blends lavender, mint, orange blossom, and sandalwood and has a very one-of-a-kind aroma that is perfect for everyday use. 

30. Armani Code

Armani Code

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While this is considered to be an Oriental Spicy fragrance for men, there is one of the freshest citrus heads we have ever smelt. It begins with lemon and bergamot for an intense start that cannot be ignored. 

Through the dry down, we experience star anise and olive blossom before a base of leather, Tonka, and Tobacco. 

This award-winning fragrance has won over the noses of some of the most demanding perfume fans. It is ideal for day to day wear if you don’t mind making a statement. Otherwise, we would suggest this as a go-to evening scent for all occasions. 

31. John Varvatos Artisan

John Varvatos Artisan

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Coming in a bottle that looks like a finely woven basket, there is instantly something that sets this fragrance apart from the rest. It is unique and not ashamed about this. 

While this may be one of the lesser-known fragrance brands, there is no doubt that since its release in 2009, Artisan has been a hit with those who have tried it. 

It has heavy citrus accords and so makes a very good choice for summer. Furthermore, since this has a very delicate projection, wearing it in the heat is a good choice. 

It is a combination of clementine, mandarin, ginger, jasmine, and musk. Once dried down it offers very little in the way of potency so we consider this to be more suited to intimate events.

32. Calvin Klein Man

Calvin Klein Man

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Simply put, Man is exactly what you would expect; manly and intense. This impression is delivered right from the dark, bold packaging through to the intense dry down that lingers throughout the day and well into the evening.

Violet leaf, bergamot, and rosemary begin the scent followed by bay leaf, nutmeg, and mint. The base is extremely woody and includes amber and sandalwood. It is aromatic and very memorable.

This is a fragrance worth considering for guys who want to be sexy, charming, and outright seductive. 

It is intense enough for evening wear but can be worn in the day to day if you think you’re daring enough. 

33. Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir

Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir

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Men who are searching for a versatile scent need look no further than this. Pour Homme Soir by Bvlgari is a fresh, enticing, and diverse fragrance. It can be used in any season and will still project marvelously as well as being diverse enough for both day and evening wear. 

It brings together a unique yet simple blend of Darjeeling tea, papyrus, bergamot, and amber for a light, crisp cologne, perfect as a signature.

For gentlemen who are modern, laid back, and have a sense of calm, this is a great scent to show off your style. It doesn’t boast but it wafts a delicate breeze across a room, softly announcing your arrival. 

34. Nautica Voyage By Nautica For Men Eau De Toilette Spray

Nautica Voyage By Nautica For Men Eau De Toilette Spray

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This is an extremely affordable fragrance that embodies the freshness of the ocean in the height of summer. At least, that’s what it makes us think of. It makes the ideal day time fragrance for a romantic walk along the beach or a picnic with a lover. 

If you are looking for a popular cologne for men that will bring you back to nature, this is a great option. 

It features notes of apple, green leaves, lotus, and amber and is quite unlike anything; incomparable, you might say.

Nautica Voyage by Nautica is a very clean fragrance that sends a light, delicate aroma across the breeze. It lasts well and allows you to demonstrate your laid-back, carefree attitude. 

35. Polo Ralph Lauren Red Eau de Parfum

Polo Ralph Lauren Red Eau de Parfum

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The bright flacon is the first indication that this is a confident scent, and you wouldn’t be wrong for thinking that. This is a bright, fresh yes woody cologne for men that embraces all of the ‘red’ scents. 

Cranberry, grapefruit, and Italian lemon open the fragrance followed by sage and saffron. It dries down to reveal a heady base of woody, amber, and coffee. But what is truly delightful is how delicately this fragrance announces itself. 

Don’t get us wrong, it will make an announcement but it does so without being too loud. This makes it perfect for guys who don’t want to show off but want a cool, delicious signature scent. 

36. Wanted by Night Azzaro

Wanted by Night Azzaro

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For a powerful gentleman who doesn’t let the constraints of life prevent him from living it to the fullest; this fragrance is a must. 

Wanted by Night is a Woody Spicy popular cologne for men that is confident, modern, and striking. But it isn’t arrogant. Instead, this is a sophisticated perfume that is ideal for youthful men with a passion for the finer things in life. 

The luxurious blend of lavender, incense, cumin, and leather brings about images of an affluent lifestyle. 

The cologne lasts incredibly well, spraying it in the morning will easily see you through the day. It will make a statement but subtly so. It is the perfect complement to your seductive and charming character. 

37. Prada L’Homme

Prada LHomme

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The silver/grey flacon screams masculinity but this impression doesn’t stop there. Inside, you are greeted by a delicious, warm Woody Chypre filled with the classic Prada staples of iris and amber.

The scent was based on contrast and it demonstrates this excellently through the coming together of neroli, mate, amber, and patchouli. It’s floral yet woody; a very natural scent. 

But what really sets this apart and makes it one of the best men’s colognes is its diversity. It can be worn just as easily in the spring as in the fall. At the office or an intimate evening event and everything in between. 

If you are looking for a new signature, in our opinion, this is a real contender. 

38. Jean Paul Gaultier Ultramale

Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male

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Many years after the initial release of the iconic Le Male fragrance, JPG brought us this dark, bold, and passionate successor.

It comes in familiar packaging with a navy blue hue reminiscent of sensual memories and all things seductive. 

If you want to display both sides of your personality, the contrast of fresh and spicy notes is the ideal way to do that. Brining pear together with cedar and mint with cinnamon, this is clearly a unique blend. 

But it isn’t in your face. Instead, this intensely delicious flavor makes a statement with a gentle sillage, demonstrating the sophisticated side of this daring scent. 

39. Versace Dylan Blue

Versace Dylan Blue

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You will be immediately captivated by the exotic blue bottle with a gold lid and logo-ing, and you certainly won’t be let down by what you find inside. 

This diverse Aromatic Fougere fragrance for men can be worn either day or night when you really want to make a statement. 

It starts off fresh with water notes and citrus, drying down through a rich pepper and patchouli heart. The lingering base is made up of musk, Tonka bean, and saffron, giving it a luxurious vibe. 

This is a sophisticated yet sexy fragrance that would suit a man who wants to make a statement. It is confident, daring, and exotic at the same time as being devilishly masculine. 

A Guide On Choosing The Right Cologne For Men

At first, though, you might think that choosing a cologne doesn’t take much consideration. You pick a scent you like and that’s it – job done.

Not necessarily. The thing about fragrance is that not all are made equal. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There are some perfumes for men that are made with intensity in mind. These are usually fragrance containing very noticeable base notes such as sandalwood, oud, cedar, and patchouli.

However, some scents are a lot more subtle and these are usually much fresher. Typically, fruity fragrances are lighter and are ideal for occasions where you want to be noticed for your scent but don’t want to dominate. 

Alongside thinking about the events you will wear your new scent, it is worth thinking about the season. In summer, you might want something fresher with a musky undertone. However, as the weather turns, a spicy, woody aroma can be extremely indulgent. 

You might also consider other factors, the price being one of the major things. There are fragrances out there that cost just a few dollars, whereas others can set you back thousands. While price does sometimes reflect quality, that is not always the case. But what’s most important is that you work within your budget and find the best men’s cologne for your money. 

Of course, if you are purchasing fragrance online, it can be tricky to get a true feel for the scent. But guides like this one can go a long way in helping you discover more about your next potential fragrance. 

Final Thoughts On Men’s Cologne

As men, we are fortunate enough to have an incredible selection of colognes to choose from. No matter what the occasion or season, there is a scent to match every personality. 

It is important to look at the longevity of a fragrance and what notes are included. But we should also consider the cost and when we will use it. 

Once you’ve decided, it’s time to shine wearing one of the best smelling colognes for men that are sure to make you stand out.

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