Best Creed Aventus Batches (With Exact Codes)

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It is widely believed that the 2017 batch of Creed Aventus is one of the very best. With new batches being released every year, fragrance enthusiasts are accustomed to noticing slight variations in scents.

If you’re unfamiliar with the different Creed Aventus batches, you might wonder which is the best batch to buy?

My goal with this guide is to show you the most preferred Creed Aventus batches and their differences so that you can decide which one is right for you.

Creed Aventus Batch 19s01 2019

Many people would argue that 19s01 Aventus is one of the very best purely down to its potency. While there is no confirmation of this, it is believed that this batch has one of the highest concentrations which means that a little goes a very long way.

19s01 could be considered one of the sweeter Aventus batches because the concentration and prominence of notes like pineapple and vanilla are much higher. That said, many fragrance fans have noticed the lack of smokiness in this batch which is something that a lot of people love about Creed Aventus. 

The projection of batch 19s01 doesn’t go unnoticed but the sad thing is that it’s pretty difficult to come across a genuine 2019 bottle these days.

Creed Aventus Batch 11z01 2021

Did you know that batch 11z01 is so highly regarded that this is one of the most expensive Creed Aventus batches? In fact, in some cases, people have paid over a thousand dollars for a single bottle. Here is what’s so great about it.

Creed Aventus batch 11z01 is said to have even more obvious pineapple than the 19s01 bottles. If you’re a fruity fan, that’s really going to appeal to you. 

Moreover, batch 11z01 is hugely potent. Aventus is largely known for being a strong fragrance but this batch really does take it to a new level. By many, it’s regarded as being the very best. 

Creed Aventus Batch 19u11 2019

Batch 19u11 also has a good amount of pineapple but unlike 19s01, there is a lot more smokiness so many would agree that it feels more well-balanced. That said, there is less prominence in some of the other notes like vanilla, apple, and bergamot. 

This is one of the final batches before the fragrance was reformulated so it’s considered something of a special one by fragrances fans. With that in mind, you’ll also find it quite difficult to get your hands on a bottle since it is in such high demand. 

Creed Aventus Batch 21s01 2021

Aventus batch 21s01 is considered to be one of the better batches from this year. However, there are some batches that are still considered to be far superior. For example, many fragrance fans would agree that batch 21p11 is the best from 2021.

But what’s great about 21s01 is that this is a much lighter version of Creed Aventus. Many people talk about how intense this perfume is but if you want the same fragrance notes and luxurious feel with a less intense projection, this might be the right batch for you. 

Creed Aventus Batch 17q11 2017

As a batch that stands out from the crowd in terms of strength, you won’t get much better than batch 17q11. So many fragrance fans are raving about this batch online and it’s little wonder when you consider just a spray or two lasts more than 12 hours.

17q11 is extremely heavy on the pineapple if you like your fruity accords. However, like other similar batches, it’s not quite as smoky.

What’s special about 17q11 is that a lot of people say that batches between 2015 and 2017 don’t boast the same longevity as others. But it appears that this is an exception to that notion. 

Creed Aventus Batch 19z01 2019

If you’re looking for the best Creed Aventus 2019 batch then you probably won’t be disappointed by 19z01. This is one of the most intense batches but it’s also one of the hardest to get your hands on. Since it is so strong and long-lasting, fragrance lovers have snapped up most of the bottles. 

19z01 is another that doesn’t have much smokiness to it but comes through on the fruitier notes like blackcurrant and pineapple. There’s also a more prominent vanilla accord to batch 19z01 for those that like this musky, sweet scent to come through a lot more obviously. 

Creed Aventus Batch 20a01n 2020

Creed actually makes fragrances to send to different countries according to the climate. Without getting into too much detail, the warmer the weather, the more the perfume works with your body heat, making a stronger aroma. 

In hot countries, there’s no need for a batch that would project as strongly so this Creed Aventus 2020 batch was made for users on hotter continents like Africa and South America. If you wear it in a cooler climate, you’d probably say that it wasn’t strong but, as with anything, it’s all relative.

Creed Aventus Batch 16m01

Batch 16m01 has a uniqueness to it that I really like. Where a lot of batches are either smoke or pineapple heavy, this one is much more prominent in the patchouli and vanilla notes. Personally, these are notes that really catch my attention but even though they’re more obvious, the rest of the perfume is quite well-rounded. 

A lot of perfume lovers have noted that the opening notes last for quite a long time. There’s also a heavy citrus vibe to the start making this batch feel notably fresher than some others. 

Creed Aventus Batch K04 2010

It’s hard to find any bottles of vintage Creed Aventus and you’ll notice that the batch coding was different back then. One of the most popular 2010 Creed batches was G01 but K04 is also a hit with those looking for a genuine original bottle of Aventus. 

K04 is a really smoky batch that gives the perfume its character as opposed to some of the more pineapple notes you get in later batches. There’s also a nice equilibrium between the apple and the blackcurrant which just makes the fragrance feel really balanced.

Creed Aventus Batch 15y11

One of the things that sets this Creed Aventus 2015 batch apart from others is how well-balanced it is. With some batches, you’ll notice that either the fruitiness or the smokiness is more prominent but with 15y11, both of these accords are pretty equal.
Another reason that 15y11 is considered to be one of the best Aventus batches is because of its longevity. Much like 17q11, this batch requires just a couple of squirts to see you through the day and it’ll last forever on clothing.

FAQs On Creed Aventus Batches

What is a batch code?

A batch code on perfume tells when the perfume was made. This allows consumers and manufacturers to pinpoint which batch the product came from. In some cases, where perfumes were not made in a batch, it is necessary that there is another code detailing the place and date of production.

Where is the batch code on Creed Aventus?

When you buy a bottle of Creed Aventus, you should find a batch code printed on the bottom of the bottle as well as on the bottom of the box. These codes should be identical and this is one way that people determine fake bottles from the real thing.

How do you read a Creed Aventus batch code?

At first glance, the Creed Aventus code might seem like a flash of numbers and letters, however, it’s easy to read when you know how. The numbers at the beginning tell you which year the perfume was made. The letter in the middle tells you when in that year the perfume was made. The later in the alphabet the letter, the later in that year it was produced. The final number tells you which batch from that letter the bottle was. For example, 19u11 would be from the back end of 2019 and this would have been the 11th lot from that batch.

Where can you buy older batches of Creed Aventus?

The bottles of Aventus on the Creed website are being sold from the most recent batches. However, there are private sellers on websites like eBay and Amazon that are selling genuine bottles of Creed Aventus from various batches. You might also check out online forums on websites like Reddit where fragrance fans will post the most up-to-date information on where to get specific batches.

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