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Liz Claiborne has been a favorite brand for men since the ‘70s. The company started in 1976 and offered a line of fragrances that have been selling well over the years, especially their Curve cologne collection for men.

The Curve collection is a popular choice among many male fragrance enthusiasts. They have a very masculine appeal to them, but they are also not too overpowering. 

There are several great options among Curve colognes for men, and we have put together a list of 5 great choices for you. Check them out below!

Top 5 Best Curve Colognes For Men

1. Curve For Men – Original & Best smelling

Curve For Men

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Curve For Men is the perfect scent for any man. It’s a classic, masculine fragrance that will have women swooning over you wherever you go. You can wear it to work or on a date and be confident in knowing that everyone around you will love how good it smells.

Curve For Men by Liz Claiborne is an amazing cologne that every man should own. With top notes of pineapple, lavender, lemon, and juniper berries mixed with middle notes of cactus, bergamot, ginger, violet, cardamom, sage, coriander, and base notes of musk, sandalwood, mahogany, cedar, pepper, amber, and vetiver – there isn’t another cologne that smells better than this one. Once people start noticing how good you smell every time they see you – they’ll never stop complimenting your amazing new fragrance.

2. Curve Crush

Curve Crush

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Curve Crush is a woody aquatic fragrance that will make you feel confident and sexy. It’s perfect for any occasion, whether it be a night out with friends or an important business meeting. You can wear this scent every day of your life and never get tired of it.

You deserve to feel confident in your own skin, so why not smell good too? With notes of amber, mandarin orange, apple, cedar, and geranium. Curve Crush will take you on the world with confidence knowing that everyone around you will be drawn in by your natural charm and charisma. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – this is a fragrance that makes a statement.

3. Curve Black

Curve Black

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Curve Black is the perfect fragrance for men who are looking for something that smells great and makes them feel confident. It features notes of violet leaf, nutmeg, bergamot, lavender, clary sage, and moss. It’s an aromatic fougere fragrance with leather, tonka bean, sandalwood, and teak wood in its base notes. You can wear it anytime you need to make a statement or just feel good about yourself.

This masculine scent can help you stand out from the crowd. With just one spritz, your confidence will skyrocket as people notice how great you smell. Curve Black is also long-lasting so it won’t wear off quickly throughout the day – which means others will continue to enjoy your fresh scent all day long.

4. Curve Connect

Curve Connect

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Get ready to turn heads everywhere you go with this amazing fragrance from Liz Claiborne. With notes of sandalwood, tobacco flower, and tonka bean, Curve Connect smells incredible without being too overpowering or strong.

Curve Connect is the perfect scent to wear on your next date. It’s got a fresh, clean smell that will make everyone want to get closer to you. And it’s not too strong or overpowering so you can still be yourself without being afraid of offending anyone. Plus, it comes in a red sleek bottle with an easy-to-use pump that makes applying it quick and simple.

5. Curve Chill

Curve Chill

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Curve Chill is the perfect scent for any man. It was launched in 2006 by Liz Claiborne and it’s got a fresh, clean smell that will have everyone asking what you’re wearing. You can be bolder than ever before with this unique blend of lime, green tea, white pepper, and coriander. The sandalwood base notes give it a masculine finish so everyone knows how strong your presence really is.

If you’re confident, daring, and adventurous then this cologne is for you. You can wear it to work or out on the town and be confident knowing that this fragrance is going to make you look good. The best part about Curve Chill is how long-lasting it is – so even after your day ends, people are still going to be smelling your sexy scent all night long.

A Guide on How to Choose Your Curve Cologne

Curve colognes are diverse and at such a good price everyone can afford to smell like Curve. However, from such a wide variety of high-quality fragrances, which one do you pick for yourself? This guide should help you narrow down your list, but no matter which one you go for, rest assured they have great staying power, and even with the reasonable price point, they never smell cheap.

For those men looking to spice things up on a date night, give Curve Connect a try. Also, any man 17+ trying to win over a woman will appreciate the masculine smell of the original and best-selling Curve For Men. If you are simply looking for a clean scent that you can wear at work or all day long really, then Curve Chill is an excellent choice.

Curve Black on the other hand will set the tone for a special occasion where you simply want to stand out from the crowd. Try it for weddings, anniversaries, promotions, birthdays, and any occasion where you want to draw attention. 

For the men looking for a go-to Curve cologne, then Curve Crush is a perfect choice. You can wear it for any occasion, from relaxing days at the beach to important business meetings and lunches.

Curve Cologne Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Curve cologne?

Curve colognes were made by the design house of Liz Claiborne until 2008 when Elizabeth Arden acquired the Curve series.

How long does Curve cologne last?

The longevity of a Curve cologne much like other fragrances depends on several factors. This includes body chemistry, medication, type of skin, climate, hormonal changes, just to name a few. But expect a Curve cologne to linger on your skin from as short as 2 hours to up to 10 hours.

When did Curve cologne come out?

The first Curve cologne was launched in 1996. It is called Curve for Men by Liz Claiborne and it is an aromatic green fragrance. The nose behind the first Curve cologne is Jean Claude Delville.

How much does Curve cologne cost?

All Curve colognes are high-quality fragrances with reasonable price points starting at $20 for a 4.2 oz bottle.

Where is Curve cologne made?

Curve colognes are manufactured in the United States.

A Brief History of Curve Cologne

Liz Claiborne launched her fashion brand in 1976 in New York and saw instant success. She was the first company founded by a woman to enter the Fortune 500. Curve was introduced in 1996 by the Liz Claiborne Cosmetics division of Liz Claiborne. In 2008, Curve was acquired by Elizabeth Arden. Throughout the years, Curve remained true to their goal, which was providing young, modern, and urban men and women high-quality colognes at an affordable price

Curve Men’s Cologne Gift Sets

At an affordable price, Curve men’s cologne gift sets are quite popular when birthdays and holidays are getting close. You can choose a wide range of gift and travel sets that include colognes and bath and body products, starting from the Curve for Men 2 piece gift set for as low as $25. It includes a deodorant body spray in 6 oz and a cologne spray in 2.5 oz. 

If you are not looking for a cologne but you want to smell like Curve, try the Curve for Men Dopp Kit Set that includes a hair pomade, aftershave balm, shower gel, and a mini cologne spray all nicely packed in a men’s travel bag. 

For the men who are always on the go, a travel gift set with a selection of the 5 best Curve colognes, will keep them smelling clean and fresh when waiting for connecting flights. Try the Fragrance Classic for Him, a selection of the best Curve colognes in 05 oz bottles. These travel sets are also an excellent way to find the right Curve scent for you as they normally include completely different scents.

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