Best Deodorant For Teenage Girls (To Control Body Odor)

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I remember being a teenager and with all those hormones raging, getting sweaty became part of everyday life. So, when I noticed my two teenage daughters starting to get a bit stinky under the arms, I realized it was time to go on the hunt for a good deodorant.

Things have changed a lot since I was a teen and the choice of deodorants out there is fantastic. Of course, different people have different needs so I found it essential to take these into consideration when choosing deodorants for my daughters.

One thing I wasn’t prepared for was how early my youngest started to need deodorant. At the age of just 7, I started noticing a pong so by the time she reached her preteen years, she was already a regular deodorant user.

With deodorants designed for sensitive skin, heavy sweaters, dark armpits and much more, it can feel daunting trying to find the appropriate deodorant for your daughter. But don’t worry, me and my family have tried out lots of deodorants over the years and in this guide, I’ll give you my thoughts on some of the best we tried.

1. Lady Speed Stick Teen Spirit Antiperspirant Deodorant

Lady Speed Stick Teen Spirit Antiperspirant Deodorant
Lady Speed Stick Teen Spirit Antiperspirant Deodorant

Best Deodorant For Teens’ Body Odor

The aim of the game when choosing a deodorant for a teen girl is to get her smelling fresh and clean. Not only does Teen Spirit achieve that but with a fruity, sweet fragrance, it’s something that’ll match her personality.

The deodorant is incredibly effective at keeping the stink at bay and I noticed that my daughter stayed smelling clean even after a long day at school. Usually, she’d need a shower as soon as she got home.

I’d recommend this deodorant for girls who suffer from strong odors as, being an antiperspirant, it’ll stop sweat as opposed to just masking it. Then again, since it is an antiperspirant, it does contain aluminum.

Several studies suggest that aluminum could be linked to medical conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease and breast cancer so it may be something you wish to avoid. However, I would urge you to consider that these studies have not been 100% proven and the amount of aluminum that gets into the body when using antiperspirants is minute. I’ll let you make the decision.

2. Fresh Kidz Girls Pink Natural Roll On Deodorant

Fresh Kidz Girls Pink Natural Roll On Deodorant
Fresh Kidz Girls Pink Natural Roll On Deodorant

Best Deodorant For Teens With Smelly Armpits

I loved this deodorant when my daughter was going through a very smelly stage. Applying this seemed to make a massive difference in how fresh she stayed and it has a pleasant floral scent that’s fun and clean. That said, it’s quite a delicate fragrance so if your daughter prefers something bold, I’d recommend something like Tom’s, which is stronger, further down my list.

This is a roll-on deodorant so it’s easy to apply and gentle to the skin. What’s more, it contains no parabens, no alcohol, and no aluminum so you know it’s safe. I like that this is a company with more than 20 years in the business that it’s backed by dermatologists. It gives me a sense of confidence.

The deodorant is designed for kids from the age of eight up to fourteen. However, my daughter kept using this well beyond that age and we still found it very effective.

3. SmartyPits Pink Lemonade Teen Deodorant 

SmartyPits Pink Lemonade Teen Deodorant
SmartyPits Pink Lemonade Teen Deodorant

Best Deodorant For Teens With Sensitive Skin

My younger daughter, who is now 12, finds that certain products upset her skin and make it sore and itchy. We looked for a deodorant for sensitive skin and stumbled upon SmartyPits. It’s made with totally natural ingredients and was one of the only ones that didn’t cause her to flare up.

The product is made especially for younger skin and contains no baking soda but is still super effective at preventing sweaty smells. That said, while it does cover up any odors, the lack of baking soda means that it’s not great for keeping your teen dry. It will to a degree, but if she’s a heavy sweater then this might not be the best option.

The scent of this deodorant is really sweet and fun; I think it’s one of the nicest for a teenage girl. But we did notice that it balls up under the arms, leaving little white deposits. On top of this, the deodorant is a little sticker and harder to apply than some others. For smooth application, I’d suggest something like Not My Mama’s Deodorant.

4. Pretty Frank Jasmine

Pretty Frank Jasmine
Pretty Frank Jasmine

Best Deodorant For A Young Girl Between 18 And 25

A lot of deodorants that are aimed at tweens and teens can feel a little babyish. So, it was nice to find this slightly more mature but still youthful deodorant with a gorgeous jasmine fragrance.

I feel as though this is the perfect balance for young ladies who still need something protective but want to experiment a little more with scent. The fragrance isn’t overly strong but it’s feminine and cute. Plus, the deodorant absorbs wetness, keeping your teen drier for longer even if she’s very active.

The deodorant is made with totally natural ingredients so won’t irritate sensitive skin or cause darkness to the armpits. However, I did notice that it does leave stains on clothing if you apply too much. I think this requires little trial and error to get the balance between using enough to be effective but not too much that it leaves a mess behind.

5. Fresh Monster Natural Deodorant for Kids and Teens

Fresh Monster Natural Deodorant for Kids and Teens
Fresh Monster Natural Deodorant for Kids and Teens

Safest Deodorant For Tweens

Trying to tell a younger girl that she needs to wear deodorant can be difficult. It can make them feel as though they’re growing up too fast but with this super sweet, gummy bear-scented deodorant, it’s kid-friendly and still effective.

I loved how easily the deodorant glided onto the skin. My daughter doesn’t want something that you have to wait for it to dry or that feels sticky. Once on, she didn’t even notice that it was there and could get on with being a kid while smelling fresh all day.

This is great for tweens who are starting to have a bit of a sweaty pong and with natural ingredients you don’t need to worry about how safe it is. I also love how nourishing Fresh Monster is to the skin. It left my daughter’s underarms super soft. However, once your child hits puberty and starts to sweat even more, I’d recommend trying something a little stronger like Keep it Kind which is more easily able to tackle strong smells.

6. KidSkin Natural Deodorant

KidSkin Natural Deodorant
KidSkin Natural Deodorant

Best Deodorant For Teen Athletes

It’s not uncommon for kids to get super stinky after playing sports but to find a deodorant that tackles this was a real treat. My older daughter regularly plays sports and she used to come home smelling pretty strong. However, after just one application of KidSkin, I noticed how much fresher she smelled after working out.

This is an unscented product so, while it’s perfect for fighting odor, it doesn’t mask them with a smell. Some teens don’t want the smell of roses, fruits, or candy so this is a nice alternative to that.

One thing that really stood out to me when using KidSkin was how gentle it was. It’s a natural product with no harsh ingredients and left my daughter’s armpit smooth and soft. It’s created with the backing of pediatricians and dermatologists which always gives parents a confidence boost in a product.

7. Not My Mama’s DayDream Deodorant

Not My Mamas DayDream Deodorant
Not My Mamas DayDream Deodorant

Best Deodorant For No Stains On Clothes

Some natural deodorants are terrible for leaving white marks on clothes and that’s not a look that my 16-year-old wants when she’s headed out to school. However, we found that Not My Mama’s glided onto the skin and that’s where it stayed. No sign of any product on even dark clothes.

We were also impressed with how well it protects against odors. This deodorant has a light floral scent of honeysuckle so it’s perfect for very girly girls. But it’s not overpowering so it is ideal for school. We noticed that my daughter didn’t have any noticeable sweat smell, even after a long day. It’s an effective wax formula that’s vegan and contains only natural ingredients.

8. Hello Unicorn Deodorant

Hello Unicorn Deodorant
Hello Unicorn Deodorant

Best Deodorant For Teens With Eczema

As I mentioned earlier, my younger daughter has problems with sensitive skin and she’ll also sometimes have eczema flare up. She gets that from me!

But we found Hello Unicorn that’s specially made for sensitive skin and were highly impressed. I loved that it was backed by dermatologists and contains only natural ingredients. I was so enamored by the idea of a sensitive deodorant that works that I tried it on myself. No itchiness, no sore skin, no redness; it seems to work exceptionally well. That’ll be the coconut oil and shea butter.

What about the smell, I hear you ask? Well, Hello Unicorn claims to offer up to 24 hours of protection and has glowing reviews. It does a very good job at preventing odors even in hot weather or if your daughter is very active. For me, I wasn’t keen on the watermelon scent but I think that’s a personal thing. My daughter enjoyed it and found it fresh and fun so who am I to complain.

9. Tom’s Of Maine Wicked Cool Summer Fun

Toms Of Maine Wicked Cool Summer Fun
Toms Of Maine Wicked Cool Summer Fun

Best Deodorant For Teens With Heavy Sweaty Armpits

Tom’s makes a brilliant range of kids’ deodorants and me and my daughter were desperate to try Summer Fun purely for how cute the packaging looked.

But looks aside; how did it perform? Personally, I felt that this was one of the best products for heavy sweaters. It offers excellent protection from sweat and odors without any nasty ingredients so I’d be happy using it for younger girls. On top of that, the deodorant doesn’t irritate the skin so it’s suitable for users who are a little more sensitive.

Not only does it do an excellent job of tackling odors but it has a very strong, bright scent that I could still smell on my teen at the end of the day.

10. BeNat All Natural Deodorant For Teen Girls

BeNat All Natural Deodorant For Teen Girls
BeNat All Natural Deodorant For Teen Girls

Best Deodorant For Teens With Dark Armpits

Using deodorants that contain things like alcohol and parabens can thicken the skin and cause it to look darker. That’s not a look my daughters want so we tried to find deodorants that didn’t contain these ingredients but would still keep them dry and smelling great.

BeNat is, as you can tell by the name, made from all-natural ingredients that are designed to nourish the skin. If your daughter has darker armpits from using chemical products, you will notice a reduction in this appearance after using this. Of course, you’ll need to give it some time to work.

The scent of this deodorant is floral but for me, it felt a little too mature for young girls. While it did effectively mask smells, I thought they could have made the scent more fruity and fun for kids.

Not only did this one keep my daughter fresh for up to 24 hours but it was also one of the nicest to apply. It wasn’t sticky and did not leave any white marks on her clothes which is always a plus in my book!

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