Best Deodorant Soap For Female Body Odor

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If you’re anything like us, you lead a busy and active lifestyle. While this is great, it does mean that sweating becomes part and parcel of your day-to-day life. And what happens when sweat dries? We begin to get a little whiffy. Nobody wants that, right?

If you’re tired of having to constantly refresh yourself throughout the day thanks to a bad odor, we feel your pain. But you know, there is a solution. 

Deodorant soaps are a great way to gently cleanse the skin while giving it a moisture boost. But what’s even greater is that these soaps also help to prevent sweating. But which is the best deodorant soap for female body odor? We’ve been testing some products and are eager to share our favorites.

What Is Deodorant Soap?

Did you know that in the US alone, more than $18 billion worth of deodorant and antiperspirant products are purchased every year? That’s an astonishing amount of money and yet many of these products don’t do what they claim. Not to mention, they aren’t kind to your skin. 

Deodorant soaps work in a different way to a regular soap, which is a blend of fats and alkalis designed to foam when they come into contact with water. This creates a lather that rids the skin of dirt and bacteria. But a deodorant soap goes one step further. 

These products are designed to prevent and mask body odors in much the same way that an aerosol or roll-on product would. When we sweat, bacteria on the skin are responsible for that unpleasant odor. By including antiseptic ingredients, bacteria are eradicated from the skin and therefore, odors are also washed away. 

But they are also much kinder to the skin. Many of the best deodorant soaps for female users contain natural ingredients and exfoliating ingredients to keep your skin healthy. 

A deodorant soap is usually scented. So, once you have cleansed the skin, there will be a delicate fragrance left behind to leave you smelling fresh and clean all day; regardless of what life throws at you.

Top 10 Best Deodorant Soaps

1. Irish Spring Deodorant

Irish Spring Deodorant

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One of the most echoed opinions about Irish Spring deodorant soap is that it is excellent for sensitive skin. Users have long described how this super effective deodorant soap for females is gentle on the skin and doesn’t cause any irritation or allergic reactions. 

What’s more, Irish Spring deodorant soap boasts a beautifully clean and fresh scent that is carried delicately on the skin throughout the day. There have been a lot of people that claim this has a more masculine scent, but we think it is definitely a neutral aroma that would suit anyone. 

This deodorant soap bar claims to give you up to 12 hours of protection, and for the most part, it lives up to this. This makes it especially good for people who struggle with intense body odor, particularly young women in the throes of puberty.

2. Dial Gold Antibacterial Bar Soap

Dial Gold Antibacterial Bar Soap

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Dial Gold bar soap has long been considered one of the best deodorant soaps for female body odors as it does what it claims to; keeps odors at bay. It has received glowing reviews all around the internet and we have to back these claims.

While the soap is designed to kill bacteria, it would be unreasonable to expect that it would totally combat biology. For this reason, you will sweat a little when using it, but when this happens, the beautiful scent really comes through. It is almost as though the sweat activates it. 

Dial Gold antibacterial soap contains moisture-balancing ingredients which makes it one of the best deodorant soaps for dry skin. It lathers up beautifully, giving you a luxurious and indulgent experience while washing. 

3. Dial Lavender And Twilight Jasmine Antibacterial Deodorant Soap

Dial Lavender And Twilight Jasmine Antibacterial Deodorant Soap

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Another of the best-selling Dial products, this beautiful smelling bar could be considered to be one of the best antibacterial deodorant soaps on the market today. If you are a lavender and jasmine fan, this is going to feel heavenly at shower time.

This soap bar is great for dry skin and there are a lot of users reporting about how it does not leave their skin feeling dry or tight after use. Moreover, it produces a glorious lather that feels luxurious and invigorating. 

In terms of effectiveness, Dial Lavender and Twilight Jasmine does a good job of cleansing the skin and keeping you feeling fresh throughout the day. One gripe, however, is that it does tend to use up pretty quickly but when you can easily buy it in bulk for a reasonable price, this isn’t too much of an issue. 

4. Coast Deodorant Soap

Coast Deodorant Soap

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Just one look at the packaging of the Coast deodorant soap bar tells you that this is a refreshing product. But this isn’t all smoke and mirrors, the Coast soap is just as good as its ocean-fresh packaging would suggest. A lot of people have noted how the scent is invigorating and ideal to wake you up in your morning shower.

The scent lasts gently throughout the day and does a decent job of masking any body odor. However, this more affordable product does leave a bit of a film on the skin, which is a minor downside. 

That said, one of the greatest things about Coast is that it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals making it one of the best natural deodorant soaps out there. It creates a gorgeous lather and feels delightful but may not be suitable for those with dry skin. 

5. Shield Deodorant Bar Soap

Shield Deodorant Bar Soap

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Shield is the best-selling deodorant soap in the United Kingdom and its reputation for performance is excellent. This fresh, clean-smelling soap is perfect for helping you stay fresh throughout the day. What’s even better is that the soap bar lasts really well so you won’t need to keep replacing it.

Shield deodorant soap is a cruelty-free product which is a huge selling point. Moreover, the gentle formula is not drying making this one of the best deodorant soaps for dry skin on the market today. Users are raving about Shield all over the internet and proclaim it as being the best deodorant soap out there.

6. African Black Soap Deodorant

African Black Soap Deodorant

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If you suffer from skin imperfections then African Black Soap is an excellent solution. This natural formula is designed to diminish the look of acne, fine lines, and other problems leaving the skin looking and feeling healthy. But its deodorizing properties are just as powerful. 

African Black Soap deodorant comes as a luxurious triple-milled soap bar and gently exfoliates the skin. What’s more, it’s vegan and made from 100% organic materials so we think that this is the best natural deodorant soap money can buy. It boasts a delicate fragrance that is perfect if you don’t want something overbearing. 

7. Zest Deodorant Bar Soap

Zest Deodorant Bar Soap

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If you are looking for something that delivers an intense fragrance, then Zest deodorant bar soap should be your go-to cleanser. It has a beautiful, fresh scent that stays with you all day, leaving you feeling super clean until the evening. 

Zest deodorant bar soap doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue and has a luxurious feel and creamy lather.  What’s more, it is gentle on the skin and doesn’t tend to cause any nasty flare-ups; quite the opposite. Zest has been known to help control breakouts on the skin leaving it smooth as well as clean and odor-free. 

For anyone who suffers from oily skin, Zest is a great choice. While it isn’t drying, it does help to control oil build up.

8. Truremedy Naturals Soap Body Wash

Truremedy Naturals Soap Body Wash

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While Truremedy Naturals Soap body wash is a little more expensive than some other, similar products, it is a worthwhile investment. This healing soap is packed with natural ingredients including powerful tea tree oil. It is designed to aid in the healing of various conditions including yeast infections and ringworm.

Not only this, but the Truremedy soap body wash is an ultra-concentrated formula that will wash away odors, leaving you feeling super fresh. It has an uplifting fresh fragrance that lingers delicately with you all day. Thanks to jojoba, coconut oil, and aloe, the soap is also incredibly nourishing and soothing for dry skin. 

9. Tom’s Of Maine Deodorant Soap

Toms Of Maine Deodorant Soap

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Tom’s of Maine deodorant soap comes in an amazing array of scents but we particularly like the orange blossom bar. This natural soap will effortlessly wash away bacteria, leaving you smelling beautiful and feeling uber-clean. 

The soap is free from nasty ingredients like parabens so is wonderfully gentle on the skin. All the fragrances are from natural sources making this ideal for those with sensitive skin who still want something scented. 

The Tom’s of Maine soap doesn’t leave any horrible residues behind and keeps you feeling clean throughout the entire day. The fragrance is not overpowering so is perfect if you like something a little more subtle. 

10. Solpri Shield Antifungal Soap Bar

Solpri Shield Antifungal Soap Bar

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For those with an active lifestyle, Solpri Shield antifungal soap bar is the perfect cleansing companion. Featuring lemongrass, this soap will prevent fungal infections and will rinse away bacteria to leave you feeling as though you could take on the world. 

The soap contains totally natural, plant-based ingredients and is kind to the skin. It will help the skin to retain its moisture and will leave it soft, smooth, and nourished. 

Solpri Shield soap has a beautiful fresh scent that uplifts you in your morning shower. The fragrance is noticeable throughout the day but not so intense that it is offensive. It protects you against odor and many have reported that in terms of healing properties, this soap beats prescription products.

Frequently Asked Questions On Deodorant Soap

Is deodorant soap bad for you?

As a rule of thumb, deodorant soap is considered safe for use. However, there are many deodorant soaps for female body odor that contain an ingredient called triclosan. This is used to kill bacteria but it has been known to cause things like contact dermatitis and allergic reactions. If you are prone to these, it may be worth avoiding soaps that contain this ingredient.

What is a good deodorant soap?

Our list contains some of the best deodorant soap bar products out there. However, the brand Dial is widely recognized as one of the best deodorant soaps for dry skin.

Does any soap kill bacteria?

Research has shown that all types of soap have the ability to kill bacteria including bar soaps. Soap products contain alkaline ingredients that are effective in eradicating bacteria. In fact, even just a small drop of soap in water can kill bacteria in moments, including the Coronavirus bacteria.

How to make deodorant soap?

If you have been questioning what is the best deodorant soap and have come up empty-handed, it is possible to make your own deodorant soap. There are recipes all over the internet but the most commonly used ingredients are Coconut oil, Cornstarch, Baking soda, Beeswax, and Essential oils (for fragrance).

Is deodorant soap unscented?

There is such a large number of deodorant soaps on the market and many of them are fragranced. However, some of the best deodorant soap for female body odor comes as an unscented bar. It depends on whether you want a delicate fragrance after washing or not as to what you choose.

How to use deodorant soap?

Deodorant soap can be used in the same way as a regular soap bar. Simply apply it to damp skin to form a lather which will wash away bacteria and leave behind a protective layer to prevent further buildup.

Can I use soap instead of deodorant?

Everyone is different in terms of how much they sweat. For some people, washing daily with deodorant soap is enough to curb odors. However, other people need to use an additional deodorant as well as one of the best deodorant soap products. Generally speaking, deodorant soap should not be a replacement for your regular deodorant.

Can I use deodorant soap on my face?

The skin on your face often requires a completely different approach to skincare. Most experts recommend using a cleanser designed for the face as opposed to deodorant or bar soaps. Bar soaps tend to be too harsh for the delicate facial skin.

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