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Let’s be real, who hasn’t heard of Diesel? The company has been around since the late 70s and has always marketed towards young people. So if you were young within the last 50 years, you probably know them. Though, probably mostly because of their clothing.

Diesel only started making fragrances in 1996, 20 years after the company started. At first, they made their scents in cooperation with Marbert but since 2006 they have exclusively worked together with L’Oréal. 

Since starting in the mid-90s, they have created 46 perfumes and colognes. In this article, we’re focusing on the latter and trying to find the best perfume for you or any man in your life. Just keep reading, and hopefully, you’ll find what you were looking for.

Top 10 Best Diesel Cologne

1. Diesel Only The Brave

Diesel Only The Brave
Diesel Only The Brave

Only The Brave by Diesel is the perfect fragrance for men who are confident, bold and daring. This woody amber scent will make you feel like a man among men. It’s not just about smelling good; it’s about feeling great too. Only The Brave has been designed specifically for those who know how to live life on their own terms.

This fragrance has top notes of Amalfi lemon, mandarin orange, and bergamot; middle notes of violet leaves, coriander seeds, and nutmeg; base notes of amber wood, leather accord (vegan), benzoin resinoid (synthetic), French labdanum absolute (natural), styrax resinoid (synthetic). It’s a bold scent that will make you feel like a manly man.

2. Diesel Fuel for Life

Diesel Fuel for Life
Diesel Fuel for Life

Fuel for Life is perfect for a man who knows what he wants and wants to smell good doing it. It’s an aromatic Fougere fragrance that will make people stop and take notice of your presence. It’s bold and masculine, yet refined and elegant. If you want something that you can wear anytime, anywhere and still fit in, then this could definitely be the scent for you. 

The top notes of anise and grapefruit are fresh and invigorating, while the middle notes of raspberry and lavender add depth. Finally, base notes of woodsy notes and heliotrope give it a warm finish that lasts all day long.

3. Diesel Only The Brave Tattoo

Diesel Only The Brave Tattoo
Diesel Only The Brave Tattoo

You’re a man that goes after what he wants, no matter the obstacles. You live to the fullest, but you also know when to take things slow. When it comes down to it, you’re an adventurer at heart. Does this sound like you? Then Only The Brave Tattoo by Diesel might be your next favorite scent.

It’s woody, spicy and masculine. You can wear it every day of your life. Only The Brave Tattoo has notes of red apple, mandarin orange, pepper sage that will make people stop in their tracks as soon as they get close enough to catch a whiff of your boldness. With its base notes of tobacco benzoin woodsy notes patchouli, there isn’t anything more masculine than this one-of-a-kind scent.

4. Diesel Plus Plus Masculine

Diesel Plus Plus Masculine
Diesel Plus Plus Masculine

Diesel Plus Plus Masculine is the perfect fragrance for men who are looking for a scent that’s strong and powerful. It’s masculine, sexy, and confident. This fragrance is ideal for wearing on dates or special occasions. Anyone who comes close to you, will love it. They can tell that you mean business and have style all wrapped up into one delicious package.

You can wear this fragrance any time of day or night because it has an alluring aroma that lasts throughout the entire day. The top notes of this fragrance include orange, bergamot, palm leaf and heliotrope which give it a fresh citrus opening. This leads into middle notes of jasmine, coriander, violet leaves and birch bark which create a spicy floral heart. Finally base notes of cinnamon, tonka bean, nutmeg, sandalwood, patchouli, musk, clove, anise, vetiver, oak moss round out this scent to leave you smelling great all day long.

5. Diesel Bad Intense

Diesel Bad Intense
Diesel Bad Intense

Bad Intense is the perfect scent for your next night out on the town. This fragrance is sure to get you noticed by everyone around you – but not in an annoying way. So, get ready for compliments from strangers as soon as you walk into the room with this spicy scent that lasts all day long.

Diesel’s Bad Intense has top notes of nutmeg, cinnamon and bergamot; middle note is caviar; base notes are white tobacco and woody notes. These last ones give Bad Intense just enough warmth to be interesting but not overpowering.

6. Diesel Bad

Diesel Bad
Diesel Bad

Bad by Diesel is perfect for men who are confident in their own skin and want to make sure everyone else knows it too. It’s a bold, masculine fragrance that will leave people wondering what you’re wearing and where they can get it. 

With notes of lavender, bergamot, cardamom and violet leaf, this woody aromatic fragrance has top notes that are both refreshing and invigorating while still being warm enough to keep things interesting throughout the day. The middle notes blend together sage with caviar which creates a unique scent unlike anything else on the market today. Finally, base notes of tobacco and patchouli add depth while ambroxan gives off subtle hints of vanilla in order to create something truly special that will last all day long without ever overpowering those around you or fading away too quickly into nothingness before its time is up at nightfall.

7. Diesel Spirit Of The Brave

Diesel Spirit Of The Brave
Diesel Spirit Of The Brave

Spirit Of The Brave is the perfect blend of masculinity and sophistication. It’s an aromatic woody fragrance that will make you feel like a true man in every situation. You can wear it to work, at the gym, or even on a date. This scent will leave people wondering what your secret is.

It starts with top notes of bergamot and galbanum, which blend together to create a fresh scent that feels like a breath of air after spending all day inside working hard at whatever it is you do. Then comes fir and cypress, giving off an earthy aroma that makes you feel grounded as if nothing could shake your resolve or determination to succeed in life. Finally, tonka bean and labdanum give off a sweet smell that makes people want to be around you because they can sense just how confident and strong-willed you really are.

8. Diesel Fuel For Life Spirit

Diesel Fuel For Life Spirit
Diesel Fuel For Life Spirit

You’re not just any man. You know that. And now it’s time for the world to see what you already know – that you are a real man who knows how to take care of himself and his body. Fuel For Life Spirit is the perfect scent for men who don’t need anyone else telling them what they should wear or how they should smell, but instead choose their own path and follow their own rules. This fragrance is all about being your best self, so why not start with something as simple as smelling great?

It contains notes of cinnamon and bergamot that will make you feel warm, inviting and masculine. The middle notes of iris and orange blossom give it a freshness that will leave people wanting more. Finally, the base notes of amber, incense and woody notes round out this incredible scent. You’ll be irresistible with just one spray.

9. Diesel Zero Plus Masculine

Diesel Zero Plus Masculine
Diesel Zero Plus Masculine

You want to smell good, but you don’t need the world to know it. That’s why Diesel Zero Plus Masculine is perfect for you. It has a subtle scent that will make people take notice without making them think they have to ask if you just stepped out of an elevator at work or off your yacht in Monaco. This fragrance is all about being confident and masculine, so go ahead and wear it with pride.

The masculine blend of amber, musk, vanilla and patchouli makes this cologne irresistible – it smells so good that even women have been known to wear it. And with notes of bergamot, cardamom, anise and orange mixed in there too, it also has a hint of sweetness that makes us swoon every time we catch a whiff.

10. Diesel Spirit Of The Brave Intense

Diesel Spirit Of The Brave Intense
Diesel Spirit Of The Brave Intense

Spirit Of The Brave Intense by Diesel is the perfect fragrance for men who are looking for something new. This scent is masculine and intense, but it’s also fresh and invigorating. It’s a great way to start your day off right.

It’s an intense, masculine fragrance that will have people turning their heads as soon as you walk by. With top notes of apple and bergamot, it’s fresh and invigorating. Cypress and sage give it a spicy touch while vanilla, amber, and patchouli bring warmth to this bold fragrance. You can wear this every day or save it for special occasions – either way, you won’t go unnoticed.

My Guide on How to Choose Your Diesel Cologne

Diesel boasts a large collection of colognes, each one carrying a unique story of its own. When I went on my Diesel testing journey, I have come to find one thing is certain. Although versatile, Diesel colognes have a better reputation among the youthful crowd.

And while everyone of course have their own tastes, likes, and dislikes, I am sure there is one Diesel cologne in the portfolio that will knock your socks off.

While most Diesel colognes are too sweet for my liking, they do seem ideal for a teenager or student looking for sweet and high-quality cologne.

If you are looking for a Diesel cologne for different occasions here is a quick rundown: Only the Brave seems like a great choice for a daily cologne, while the two Diesel Spirits are a good call for a college student taking his date on a romantic night out.

Diesel Only The Brave Tattoo is a scent I think many would enjoy during wintertime, especially when worn at night.

Last, the sweetness of Fuel For Life is kind of a safe bet if you are in your 20’s and looking for a casual nighttime wear for spring and fall.

When it comes to alternatives, as soon as I tried Diesel Bad, the citrus opening and the transformation in tobacco, wood, and spices reminded me a lot of Paco Rabbane’s Invictus Legend and 212 VIP by Carolina Herrera.

Also, I couldn’t help but notice that the sweet scent of Only The Brave Tattoo was quite similar to another Paco Rabanne scent, the Black XS.

As for Fuel For Life, its simple formula reminds me of multiple colognes, out of which Playboy London seems to be the closest.

Diesel Colognes – What Can You Expect?

I find that almost each Diesel cologne is uniquely situated for different seasons and occasions. For instance, a cologne like Only The Brave Tattoo seems best for winter nights, when you are out clubbing. On the other hand, Fuel For Life may work better for you as a casual daytime scent in spring.

Another quality worth mentioning is the longevity of the Diesel colognes. While some colognes like Only The Brave Street EDT last 2+ hours, others are surprisingly long-lasting, anywhere from 6-10 hours with moderate to strong silage and projection. 

Diesel colognes are with no doubt excellent scents. And along with the affordable price tags, it is more than obvious why students and high school boys love them.

When it comes to the Diesel bottle design, it is everything but simple. I like the uniqueness and attention to detail in each bottle design, which adds to the boldness of the perfume within. For instance, the clenched fist with a Diesel ring on Only The Brave or the Denim look of The Fuel For Life with its leather pouch.

Overall, my experience with most Diesel colognes has been a pleasant one, starting from longevity and quality, to the price tag and bottle design.

Frequently Asked Questions on Diesel Cologne

Which Diesel cologne is best?

While Diesel has an excellent fragrance line for men, Only The Brave is a real crowd-pleaser. It has been one of the most popular Diesel colognes for years now, widely appreciated among a younger crowd. The runner-up is Diesel Fuel For Life.

How long does Diesel cologne last?

On average expect a Diesel cologne to last from 5-6+ hours offering decent sillage and projection.

Is Diesel cologne good?

Diesel offers a great variety of colognes, some of which are very popular. Since their first fragrance, a unisex scent launched in 1996, Diesel has taken the fragrance world by storm with their bold and luxury fragrance lines for both men and women.

How much is Diesel cologne?

Depending on where you are looking to buy from, you can find Diesel colognes starting from $35 and up.

Who makes Diesel cologne?

The entire Diesel fragrance line is owned and produced by L’Oréal. Diesel signed a partnership with L’Oreal in 2007 and soon after that launched Diesel Fuel For Life and Only The Brave.

The History of Diesel

The luxury fragrance and clothing brand Diesel was founded in 1978 by Renzo Rosso, an Italian designer whose mission was to grab the attention of young customers. Renzo started stitching jeans on his mother’s sewing machine when he was only 15 years old. While the brand became widely known for its denim collection, it later extended its line to offer accessories, clothing lines and fragrances, which were equally appealing to young consumers. Today, Diesel’s products are being sold in 5,000 retail outlets around the world, out of which 400 are Diesel-branded stores.

Since the beginning, the slogan Diesel has used in all campaigns says “For Successful Living.” Namely, Diesel is the first brand ever to market its clothing through video games. From here the brand has not only had an innovative approach to marketing, but they have remained true to the brand and its originality in both clothing and fragrances.

In fact, Diesel’s products are so popular that even celebrities like Brad Pitt and Zac Effron have worn their jeans and sunglasses.

Today, Diesel is a fashion empire that owns reputed brands like Marni, Viktor & Rolf, and Maison Margiela.

The first Diesel fragrance was a unisex scent launched in 1996. The last one was launched in 2021. There are 46 Diesel fragrances and colognes today, most widely popular among the young adult crowd.

The Inspiration Behind “Only The Brave”

An interesting note to mention is that “Only The Brave” is the designer’s personal motto. He has it tattooed above his left ankle, alongside his initials R.R. These tattoos are believed to represent his brave journey breaking through in the fashion world.

Moreover, the clenched fist on Only The Brave bottle is said to be modeled on the designer’s own fist.

The collaboration with the famous Australian actor Liam Hemsworth who is the face of a few colognes from Only The Brave fragrance line has brought even more popularity and success to the brand’s fragrance line for men.

A Quick Overview Of Diesel’s Cologne Gift Sets

Diesel has a great selection of cologne gift sets, which you can either buy as a present or treat yourself with one. Most Diesel cologne gift sets include a popular EDT, a shower gel, and an aftershave balm to match the scent. Starting at $30, I think that these cologne gift sets are an excellent bargain.

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