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Dua Fragrances is a premier brand of perfumes and colognes for men and women. Their fragrances have scents that cater to every individual’s taste or preferences. Whether you’re looking for a fragrance that’s light or rich, floral or fruity, woodsy or exotic, Dua Fragrances has something for everyone.

In this blog post, we will be reviewing the 10 best Dua Fragrances for men and women. We have looked at all of them in detail to help make your decision easier.

Top 10 Best Dua Fragrances

1. Dua Casino Royale – Most popular

Dua Casino Royale


Get a taste of what it’s like to gamble with this fragrance that will have you feeling as though the bright lights and sounds are just enough for you to put on a show. Dice roll, roulette spin… who knows?

Dua Casino Royale has floral top notes of marigold, Indonesian jasmine, buchu or agathosma, saffron, and orange, combined nicely with middle notes such as cyclamen, ambroxan, and oakmoss. Base notes including ambergris, balsam fir, and Moroccan cedar form a sensual base, ensuring no one misses out on your winnings from the neck down.

Dua Casino Royale is a fragrance for those who want to live life with courage and style. Keep one hand on your chips and make the tables turn. Break every rule in this contemporary citrus-aromatic fragrance that has been designed with you in mind – risk everything for a fresh signature scent.

2. Dua Zest

Dua Zest


The day has you overworked and underappreciated? Embrace your inner zest with Dua Zest. Find the right balance of energy, motivation, and passion in this aromatic fragrance for both women and men.

Dua Zest is a light and refreshing, breezy fragrance that smells of the most captivating fresh-squeezed zesty fruit flavors. Dua Zest opens with a sparkling burst of blood orange and tangerine, followed by an elegant balance of patchouli and vanilla to create an alluring aromatic sensuality. Close your eyes and get swept away in this sweet, spicy mix that provides just the right amount of energy to get you going for another day.

3. Dua Caribbean Waters

Dua Caribbean Waters


Get that perfect vacation vibe all year long with this intoxicating fragrance of Dua Caribbean Waters. It’s light, refreshing, and makes you feel like you’re soaking up the sunshine near the beachfront. Ideal for daytime activities or hanging out at home on a lazy day.

The scent of Caribbean Waters lingers with you long after the sunsets. It awakens your senses and brings to life memories of old, carefree days spent soaking up the sun far away from home. With notes of bergamot, lime, mandarin, coconut, sugar cane, and white rum, its invigorating aroma will coax you into relaxation that’s always just one spritz away.

4. Dua Cherry Casino

Dua Cherry Casino


White-hot and no-holds-barred, Cherry Casino is a scent for adrenaline enthusiasts. When you feel the need to get up close and personal with your cologne, this aromatic-fruity scent will bring you to new heights.

Launched in 2019, the Dua Cherry Casino fragrance comes with modern cherry and almond aroma twists that evoke intrigue. The fragrance combines jasmine to create unity and harmony with its duality. Base notes of Tonka and sandalwood extend the richness of this scent while also adding complexity, keeping it interesting at all times.

Take a spritz of it to keep you feeling good throughout the day. These exquisitely blended notes combine to create a rich, evocative fragrance that is both elegant and uplifting in its effect.

5. Dua Angelic Elixir

Dua Angelic Elixir


Dua Angelic Elixir is an alluring blend of scents that will leave you feeling empowered and daring. From the spiced scent to the golden bottle, this fragrance leaves no detail undone.

Angelic Elixir captures your deepest desires and beckons you to unfurl your wings. It’s a spicy blend of cognac, cinnamon, tonka bean, oak, praline, vanilla, and sandalwood that will wrap around you like a blanket on a cold winter morning. This fragrance is for anyone who needs an extra boost to get through the day.

6. Dua Popped Cherry

Dua Popped Cherry


Dua Popped Cherry is the perfect fruity fragrance for men and women to blush away their stress. This modern take on cherry will have you feeling pumped up and ready for anything.

Popped Cherry is a perfume that rings with the warm scent of cherries. A perfect blend of cherry, almond, jasmine, rose, and a hint of vetiver creates a subtle tone so you can experience both flavors depending on whether you wear them in winter or fall.

This fragrance aids in creating an emotional connection to your memories with family and friends while being dressed up or going out for cocktails after work. Enjoy this lighthearted feeling when wearing this delightful fragrance by the Dua brand.

7. Dua Liquid Mind Control

Dua Liquid Mind Control


It’s not magic. It just smells that way. Bring your mind under control with this scent by Dua Fragrances.

Liquid Mind Control is a fragrance that uses aromatic notes to influence your state of mind. Its top notes are ginger, red berries, Sicilian bergamot, and Amalfi lemon. The middle notes are whiskey, gurjan balsam, rum, guaiac wood, cypriol oil, nagarmotha, and rose. Ambrette (musk mallow) segue to ambergris’s base, which epitomizes versatility, Australian sandalwood for consolation or succulence mixed with fenugreek to produce a satisfying moment of relaxation.

The perfect scent for any mood, Liquid Mind Control will have you feeling relaxed and dominating any situation in no time.

8. Dua Coconut Ice Cream Gelato – Newest

Dua Coconut Ice Cream Gelato


Spread the tropics all over you with Dua Coconut Ice Cream Gelato. This luscious new Dua fragrance captures the taste of your favorite tropical ice cream with its creamy flavors, leaving you wanting more.

With each breath-taking whiff, this decadent indulgence captures the delightful aroma of coconut gelato while delighting your senses with just touches of spiced bergamot, vanilla ice cream, and spun sugar that will make you feel relaxed, indulged, and cherished.

Dua’s Coconut Ice Cream Gelato is perfect for summer, but you can wear it all year long. Just don’t be surprised when you sniff it – this delicious summer fragrance will feed your soul and refreshes you from the inside out.

9. Dua Dark Chocolate, Rum, And Vanilla

Dua Dark Chocolate Rum And Vanilla


Your next favorite scent. Dua Dark Chocolate, Rum, and Vanilla – the ultimate indulgence for all of your senses.

The sensuality and heady aromas ooze through this fragrance with hints of dark chocolate, cacao, rum, vanilla, spices, rose, and pepper. Each time you smell this intoxicating fragrance, it will be like opening up a rich chocolate bar that’s been drenched in rum extract, topped with decadent flecks of vanilla extract, thus creating an unforgettable experience.

This mouthwatering scent provides an aroma that lasts all day long. With romantic and indulgent impressions, this fragrance is perfect for those who want to take it slow. Apply before going on your next date night or as a simple spritz during a boring meeting at work—whatever plans you have in store will be more fun with Dark Chocolate, Rum, and Vanilla.

10. Dua The Mobster

Dua The Mobster

Oozing confidence and sultry seduction, take a few moments with Dua The Mobster.

Dua The Mobster is a fragrance created by prolific perfume creator Mahsam Raza. This woody aromatic fragrance showcases agarwood, tobacco, sandalwood, patchouli, spicy notes, and whiskey.

Dua The Mobster is the perfect fragrance for you when you need to feel like a boss and in control. Wear this spicy, woody scent and let your confidence radiate through your pores and into everything that surrounds you.

Choosing the Right Dua Fragrance

There are 97 Dua perfumes. All of them divine, all of them scents of their own. That is why there is a Dua fragrance for each and everyone and for any occasion. To find the one that relates to you the most, you need to know which notes suit you the best and your skin, which season you want to wear the fragrance, and for what occasions you will be wearing it. Keep reading to see which Dua Fragrance is destined for you.

Suppose you like citrus notes and you want to smell zesty, clean, and refreshing. In that case, I suggest you try Dua Zest or Dua Casino Royale. They are both light and refreshing, unisex, and designed for winners.

If you like the smell of summer on the beach, then you will certainly enjoy Dua Caribbean Waters. It’s a refreshing fragrance with coconut and rum, great for every day, all day.

The unisex Dua Cherry Casino is an aromatic-fruity fragrance and a great choice if you like tart cherry and musk together. It is a versatile fragrance that can be worn on any occasion and in any season.

If you like to wear spices like vanilla and cinnamon, try Dua Angelic Elixir. This warm spicy fragrance is the perfect scent for the winter holidays, it will keep your senses warm throughout winter. It is made to be worn by men and women.

Wearing Dua’s Coconut Ice Cream Gelato is as fun as it sounds. This gourmand unisex perfume is perfect for summer, but you can wear it all year long.

Dua has a perfume for the bold type too. The woman that is not afraid to warm things up on a date night. Sweet, spicy, and intoxicating, Dua Dark Chocolate, Rum, and Vanilla are just that and more. 

If you like oriental and woody notes like Oud, tobacco, and Whiskey, you are in for a treat. Dua Mobster is the perfect masculine perfume that will make you feel like a boss within one spritz. 

It is not overly mature, so anyone age 25 and up will do themselves a favor.

The Story of Dua Fragrances

Designer Dua is a niche fragrance brand that produces all-natural and handcrafted perfumes made with natural oils which add to the excellent longevity. Dua is located in California, the United States and it was launched in 2016 by CEO and founder Mahsam Raza. 

Mahsam is a master perfumer who was trained in Dubai, his birthplace. His journey with making perfumes has a very different inspiration than any you have seen so far. Mahsam is cloning expensive perfumes and making affordable ones for everyone to buy. Today there are 97 perfumes in Dua’s portfolio.

From a vulture to Robin Hood

Mahsam Raza is known as the vulture in the fragrance industry because he is cloning the best and most expensive perfumes in the world and making them more affordable to people. If you take a look at his perfumes, all will say which perfume they are inspired by. Here are some of them:

  • Angelic Elixir is inspired by Kilian Paris Angel’s Share
  • Caribbean Waters is inspired by Creed Virgin Island Water
  • Casino Royale is inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540 of Maison Francis Kurkdjian
  • Cherry Casino is inspired by a hybrid of Lost Cherry by Tom Ford & MFK Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait
  • Dua Zest Inspired by Ultra Zest of Thierry Mugler (Discontinued)

Starting at $50 for Extrait de Parfum in 30ml you too can smell 98.2% close to the original Roja Chypre that goes for $1,865 per bottle, if you are fine with a simple presentation and not so creative name. Making all of these exclusive scents affordable makes Mahsam Raza the Robin Hood of luxury scents.

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