Best Escada Perfumes in 2024

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Escada is an iconic fashion brand that has been in existence since 1976. Escada fragrances are known for being feminine and sensual, with a range of unique fruity floral fragrances to suit every woman’s personality. 

Escada perfumes create an aura of charm and sophistication that is sure to turn heads wherever you go. But which one should you choose? Here is a comprehensive review of different Escada perfumes so that you can decide on the perfect one.

Discover the top perfumes from Escada in this video:

Top 16 of the Best Escada Perfumes

1. Escada Magnetism – Most Popular And Best Selling

Escada Magnetism


Escada Magnetism is a sandalwood and patchouli heavy oriental fragrance for women. It will make you feel confident, lighthearted, attractive, and passionate about life while also enveloping yourself with the comfort of your favorite sweater on a cold day.

Ripe red berries mixed with citrusy pineapple come together with a hint of almond to bring you the captivating scent of Escada Magnetism. This head-turning fragrance possesses floral nuances and an exotic touch for only the most charming of women.

A modern, flirtatious and voluptuous fragrance that is appropriate for a high-energy woman of today’s world. Escada Magnetism also blends the deep sensual aroma of syrupy, sweet caramel with seductive vanilla, patchouli, and musk to produce an unforgettable scent. No wonder this is the most popular and best-selling Escada perfume.

2. Escada Flor Del Sol

Escada Flor Del Sol


Flor del Sol is a limited-edition Escada scent that transports you to radiant Mexican beaches with the scents of Tequila Sunrise and dahlia flowers. Tequila Sunrise cocktail, dahlia flower, and sandalwood create the heady aura that will lead to sultry nights with your one true love. Flor del Sol evokes feelings of freedom, love, travel, friendship, and endless summer holidays.

The sun just rose, and the first thing you notice is the color on your skin, a beautiful orange that’s kissed by a warm pink. It catches your attention; focus drifts from where you’re going to what dwells in front of you: colors? Yes, but not only those. You indulge yourself in an adorable fragrance sprinkled with spices like grenadine and tequila – an ode to sunrise, all while beautifully blooming flowers dance around that lovely scent of dahlia before being delicately blanketed by sandalwood… This is Flor del Sol.

The perfume creates a fresh escape with its light, fruity blend of grenadine-and-orange top notes atop an intoxicating base of rich sandalwood. Grounded in dahlia’s sweet and velvety floral qualities, Flor del Sol is highly spirited and radiant.

3. Escada Cherry In The Air

Escada Cherry In The Air

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The world is your candy shop, with Escada Cherry in the Air. Fabulous fruity notes of raspberry and sour cherry fuse seamlessly with vanilla and marshmallow center notes to create a fragrance that’s sweet enough for even a kid. But don’t be fooled—this one is as sophisticated as it is fun. 

A combination of fresh citrus-like mandarin orange and daim leaves you feeling energized and ready to go on adventures at every turn. At the same time, sandalwood, along with oak base notes, gives an air of elegance that balances this fizzy whirlwind beautifully. 

Escada Cherry In The Air is a sweet, bright, and playful fragrance. Inspired by the French countryside, this floral fruity fragrance is for those who are smart enough to enjoy every day of the cherry season. Be sure to pick up a bottle–you won’t regret it.

4. Escada Moon Sparkle

Escada Moon Sparkle

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Escada Moon Sparkle is perfect for that warm summer night out or a long weekend escape. You’ll smell crisp, juicy fruits and flowers once you take a sniff of this scent.

Escada Moon Sparkle is a beautiful fragrance that captures the light from the moon and shines it through blue-lilac tones. Once you open this delicate smelling perfume, you will be welcomed with notes of strawberry, black currant, citruses, and red fruits in an elegant bottle. The middle notes reveal sweet pea, freesia, jasmine, and rose for your floral bouquet as raspberry is mixed in with musk followed by sandalwood to create this sensual fragrance.

In the dark of a moonlit night, Escada Moon Sparkle captures the lightness and brilliance that travel across the surface. Whether you’re chasing fireflies or stargazing late into the evening, this captivating fragrance will remind you to embrace every moment in life. Inspired by the elegance and sophisticated design with florals that radiate beauty anywhere you go.

5. Escada Candy Love – Newest perfume

Escada Candy Love


The newest Escada perfume in our selection. Candy Love by Escada makes you say, “Save my Cupid.” This sassy and sensual fragrance is a go-to that beckons any passerby to come closer and take a whiff of the sweet scent. 

It starts with delicious candy apple top notes then settles into soft rose middle notes in an embrace of vanilla and whipped cream at the base. 

While it can be worn seasonally anytime year-round, this fragrance would bring out the girly girl or romantically inclined woman from deep within because Candy Love is all about love as it drips from every drop to linger on for hours after its usage. There’s no way anyone could resist how inviting this perfume smells. I already have one for myself.

6. Escada Taj Sunset

Escada Taj Sunset

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Ah, escapism at its best – the refreshing fragrance for an adventure into new territories. Imagine a vantage point on top of a tropical island… Starlight shimmers through the open doors spilling onto your skin like shards of mirror glass. The spicy notes leave a lingering warmth in their wake while trailing floral hints keep you hypnotized as you watch the darkness turn to dawn with every inhalation of Taj Sunset by Escada.

Escada Taj Sunset is a flirty, fruity floral. Deliciously mingling mango, orange, and raspberry over zesty water lily, fragrant lotus blossom, and sandalwood. Ascent to be hot in the day and warm at night. This is your very own sultry evening bloomer – light yet long-lasting perfume with coconut musk. So sexy it’ll make you blush.

7. Escada Rockin’ Rio

Escada Rockin Rio


Escada Rockin Rio is the perfect way to escape to paradise. Float away with pineapples and other fruits you’ll find along the sandy shores of Brazil.

Rockin’ Rio by Escada is a fragrance that blends the sweet with the tart to create a brightly fruity scent. With notes like papaya, pineapple, and mandarin orange, it goes into sugar cane territory and delightfully combines joyous coconut and sandalwood in its base.

Inspired by the people of sunny Rio, Brazil, who wove their tropical glamour with whip-smart intelligence, this fresh yet sensual fragrance offers endless daydreaming moments for everyone.

8. Escada Especially

Escada Especially


Escada Especially is a surefire way to be uniquely you, delicately flowery, and indisputably feminine.

Indulge in a fragrant escape with Especially Escada, a fresh floral scent that lingers long after you’ve stepped out of the shower. Lovingly crafted from top notes of pear and ambrette, middle notes of rose and ylang-ylang, base notes musk – you’ll be racing to get back under the hot water for round two.

Escada Especially is a floral fragrance that is feminine and sensual. In the bottle awaits the ethereal smell of your favorite flower, rose, and a dash of musk for an irresistibly sexy scent.

9. Escada Island Kiss

Escada Island Kiss


Island Kiss, a fragrance for the free-spirited woman who is always ready for an adventure. Let this tropical oasis wash over you with refreshing coolness and fruity notes to start your day right.

Island Kiss by Escada is a fruity floral summer fragrance inspired by Greek islands. The top notes of mango and passion fruit introduce this captivating scent with ripe raspberry and passionate flower for the perfect balance of tangy sweetness. The middle notes reveal layers of white peach and red berries to round off the arrangement in an escapist edge perfectly. White flowers are woven in remembrance of forever gone love while base notes wrap up the fragrance with musk resin. 

Summer is finally here – let Island Kiss make you keep cool all day long.

10. Escada Margaretha Ley – Classic and First Fragrance

Escada Margaretha Ley

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An alluring and sensual perfume like no other, Escada’s 1990s classic, Margaretha Ley, seduces the senses with a blend of exotic floral scents, opening notes of delicious peach and coconut. As the scent delights your nose with luscious hyacinth, African orange flower, and earthy clove essences, Margaretha’s true beauty begins to unfold when you’re touched by the base notes of sandalwood, ylang-ylang oil wrapped in musk.

You can’t have a stroll in Central Park without being surrounded by the intoxicating aroma of jasmine, exotic flowers, and an unexpected hint of coconut from Margaretha Ley. This Amber Floral fragrance has been capturing New York City’s heart since 1990 with its mix of unique notes is perfect for day or evening wear. Enjoy this luxurious perfume for all occasions, carried in a heart-shaped bottle, ready to express your own style.

11. Escada Sunset Heat

Escada Sunset Heat

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Take your love for the perfect summer day to new heights of passion with Escada’s Sunset Heat. This intimate, refreshing fragrance is composed of a luxurious blend of citrus notes and delicate fruity flavors. The sultry sandalwood, velvety coconut milk, and delightfully soft hibiscus give this scent its explosive personal magnetism that will attract every eye in the room towards you. 

Escada Sunset Heat is a sweet, fruity scent that captures the fragrant qualities of summer’s last days. This light and airy aroma feature refreshing top notes of lime, papaya, pineapple mousse, mango sorbet, and watermelon accord to let your senses tantalize you as they await their ultimate vacation destination in this exotic concoction. Sandalwood and coconut end the fragrance with powdery floral tones for an ultimate exhale.

12. Escada Turquoise Summer

Escada Turquoise Summer


Escada Turquoise Summer is the perfect daytime summer fragrance for those who love fruity scents. It’s light but still smells like you’ve been rolling around in a field of flowers all day long. Top notes of fruits, big strawberry, pineapple, raspberry, and black currant; middle notes melon, peach, and violet; and base notes vanilla milk caramel musk sandalwood – will transform your skin from girl to flower child.

Escada’s popular 2015 summer limited edition is here to take you on a fragrant holiday. Escada Turquoise Summer invites you to enjoy its tangy, floral notes with fruit and candy smells that will make your mouth water and last for many hours on the skin.

13. Escada Sentiment

Escada Sentiment


Women worldwide have fallen in love with Escada Sentiment and quickly made it one of their go-to favorites. We consider ourselves fortunate to carry this timeless treasure in our review. It lasts for hours on your skin, so you won’t even have to worry about getting caught without a spritz when you’re out in town.

The sentiment is a perfumed bouquet of summer blooming flowers and fruit with creamy vanilla, woody notes, and sensual amber. This timeless fragrance will give you a fresh, memorable experience that takes sweet turns while sparkling to the core.

Escada Sentiment is a fragrance for women who can find strength in the beauty of flowers. It makes you feel invigorated even on the darkest days, delivering hope and optimism with every dose. You are radiant as ever with this scent wafting from your body from that perfect amount of sweetness to add just enough spice to your personality.

14. Escada Joyful

Escada Joyful


This is a delightful fragrance because joy is in the air. Escada Joyful will have you feeling like every day should be an excellent one. Whether it’s a sunny, warm Sunday, or stormy Tuesday, this perfume will put your radiant mood all out there for others to see.

The top notes are black currant, melon, and mandarin, while the heart is floral and includes peony and magnolia. With memorable base notes of honey and sandalwood, this fragrance will leave you feeling feminine and optimistic… for as long as it lasts.

Escada Joyful is a bright floral scent with fruity aromas that will help guide you through your positive outlook on life. 

15. Escada Born In Paradise

Escada Born In Paradise


The lush fragrance of Born in Paradise is imbued with the scent of paradise, captured in one bottle. The smooth and intoxicating layers radiate a captivating aroma that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day’s challenges. This summer refreshment is perfect for any occasion, from beach days by the shore to casual workdays or days spent lounging at your favorite resort. 

This fruity-floral fragrance is anything but typical. With its top notes of watermelon and green apple, cooler middle notes of pineapple coconut milk, as well as a sensuous base with musk sandalwood and cedar—a true escape from your everyday life awaits. 

Wearing this perfume feels like being on a tropical island all year round. The smell of pineapple and coconut milk will transport you to your own personal paradise in an instant. The soft floral scent is reminiscent of the beautiful flowers that grow in French Polynesia and their intoxicating smell, satisfying those who crave a touchable escape into the beauty of nature.

16. Escada Miami Blossom

Escada Miami Blossom

The moment you touch Miami Blossom, it’s a vow of love and friendship. A flower’s delicate fragrance whispers to you from the gentle breeze that caresses your neck with fluttering petals. Closer sniffing brings vibrant bursts of watermelon and sweet blueberries, mixing seamlessly with orange blossom and rose absolute in this crisp scent. On top of pineapples and tiare flowers? Add gems like jasmine, tuberose, or orchid extracts for a truly sensory, unforgettable experience.

Miami Blossom by Escada is a tropical floral fragrance with electric top notes followed by fruity middle notes that lead to bright florals. For an unforgettable finish, this fragrance features musks laced with sandalwood. Miami Blossom has just what you’ve been looking for in a new summer fragrance.

Frequently Asked Questions on Escada Perfume

Who makes Escada perfume?

Escada and Procter and Gamble jointly produce fragrances today.

How much is the price of Escada perfume?

The price depends on the type of Escada perfume you want and the size. You can find price ranges depending on where you look. Most Escada perfumes are between $25-$140 for a 3.4 oz bottle.

What does Escada perfume smell like?

Escada’s fragrance is a perfume that smells pleasant and strong. The scent comprises many layers of fruit, flowers, and spices. The various notes work together in harmony to create a fruity floral opulent smell that lasts forever. 
The main top notes for all Escada’s perfumes are either fruits or citruses. Then followed by floral, sweet, or spice middle notes. Finally, they often finish off with woody, musk, and earthy sandalwood base notes to provide the feeling of warmth as well as brightness.

What was the first Escada perfume?

Escada’s first perfume was Margaretha Ley, released in 1990 and named after one of the founders.

Which Escada perfume is the best?

Escada Magnetism is considered one of the most popular and best-selling Escada perfumes to date. It has a rich amber vanilla scent that is sophisticated yet sensual and blends well with the skin, even with layering it up during different times throughout the day. It is perfect for casual wear, but women can also wear Magnetism for formal occasions as well.

Who sells Escada perfume?

Escada perfume can be purchased in many high-end department stores as well as online on Amazon.

Is Escada perfume cruelty-free?

Escada is not considered a cruelty-free brand since they may test on animals during its production.

A Guide on How to Choose Your Escada Perfume

So, what makes you pick your favorite Escada perfume? The perfumers behind Escada put a lot of thought into the fragrances and how to make them part of different women’s individual styles. From the perfume notes to the bottle style, it’s all a part of what Escada calls “the romantic experience” or “the discovery moment.”

Want to determine which Escada perfume suits you best? Here are five tips on how to choose your favorite Escada perfume:

  1. Choose the fragrance that suits your personality the best
  2. Remember that fragrances are often created to reflect a mood
  3. Pay attention to perfume’s concentration, depending on how often you use perfume, find one for your needs (for instance: Eau Fraiche is for those who don’t like a heavy scent and last from two hours up) 
  4. You should always make sure the perfume blends right with your skin’s chemistry
  5. Find a shop where you can try out new scents in order to test them out before making any decision

While choosing an Escada perfume, also take the following into account:

You need to decide on the categories of fragrances you like. You can choose a perfume for day wear, evening wear, or as a signature scent. 

It is important to consider which kind of scent you are looking for when trying to find your favorite Escada perfume. Most people have one type of fragrance preference: light and floral scents, oriental touches, and heavy dark scents that resemble spices or woodsy notes. So it is not only about what you prefer but also what complements your natural smell. 

Another important thing that you need to consider is your body chemistry. Before you buy a fragrance, put some of the perfume on your skin and note how long it lasts. If the lingering fragrance is pleasant, then try wearing just a dab during your next social outing and see how you feel and what people’s reactions are.

More About Escada

The company Escada is a luxury fashion brand. It was started by a woman named Margaretha Ley and her husband, Wolfgang. The company’s name, Escada, refers to the Portuguese word for “stairs,.” The company first made its name in Munich with unusual clothes that had patterns and were bright colors. Escada started making perfume in 1990 and has been making lots of different kinds since then. Escada’s fragrances are notable because of their bright packaging as well as unusual bottle shapes. The company’s emphasis on fruity-floral scents helped establish that as a new fragrance category. Together with Procter and Gamble, they make more than 66 different scents of perfume today.

An overview of the Escada perfume collection


  • Celebrate Life 
  • Celebrate N.O.W. 

Escada Magnetism:

  •  Escada Magnetic Beat 
  •  Escada Magnetism 
  •  Escada Magnetism for Men 

Escada Sentiment:

  •  Escada Sentiment 
  •  Escada Sentiment pour Homme 

Escada Sport:

  •  Escada Sport Country Weekend 
  •  Escada Sport Feeling Free 
  •  Escada Sport Sport Spirit 

Especially Escada:

  • Especially Escada 
  • Especially Escada Delicate Notes 
  • Especially Escada Elixir 

Incredible Me:

  • Absolutely Me 
  • Desire Me 
  • Incredible Me 


  • Joyful 
  • Joyful Moments 

Summer Limited Editions:

  • Agua del Sol 
  • Born in Paradise 
  • Cherry in the Air 
  • Chiffon Sorbet 
  • Escada Blue Romance 
  • Escada Island Kiss 2011 
  • Escada Loving Bouquet 
  • Escada Marine Groove
  • Escada Moon Sparkle
  • Escada Moon Sparkle pour Homme
  • Escada Rockin’ Rio 2011
  • Escada Sexy Graffiti 2011
  • Escada Summer Festival
  • Fiesta Carioca
  • Flor del Sol
  • Ibiza Hippie
  • Island Kiss
  • Jardin de Soleil
  • Lily Chic
  • Miami Blossom
  • Ocean Blue
  • Ocean Lounge
  • Pacific Paradise
  • Que Viva Escada
  • Rockin’ Rio
  • Sexy Graffiti
  • Sorbetto Rosso
  • Sunny Frutti

In Conclusion

Escada perfumes are known for their rich, long-lasting scents that can transport you to a tropical paradise. The perfume is available in many different styles and sizes so there’s something perfect for every occasion or mood. Whether you want a fruity scent like Miami Blossom or would prefer the fresh smell of the classic Margaretha Ley, Escada has it all.

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