The Best Fruity Perfumes to Look Out for in 2024

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It may surprise you that fruity perfumes have not been around quite as long as some of the other scent families like floral fragrance. However, that doesn’t mean to say that these fresh and light fragrances are not highly sought-after in the world of perfume, and there are several incredible fruity scents out there for all occasions. 

From humble beginnings where citrus was one of the only types of fruit used in fragrance, in modern times, we see an array of exotic scents, and our list of 19 of the best fruity perfumes is sure to tantalize your senses. 

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What To Look For In A Fruity Perfume

Fruity perfumes are known to be one of the most volatile; fruit tends to have a strong initial aroma, but this can fade quickly, so when perfumers create a fruity fragrance, they must do so carefully. This intricate process requires the select combination of fruity scents with those that are longer-lasting. If you want a delicate fragrance that will not be overpowering, then fruity perfumes may be perfect for you. 

But that isn’t to say that these scents are not effective; this could not be further from the truth. In modern perfume making, fragrance houses have developed ways to synthesize the natural aroma of fruits and produce some intensely rich and delightful perfumes as a result. 

The scent of fruits is so commonly used in modern fragrance due to their light, fresh nature that opens us up to feelings of excitement and joy, often associated with vacations and summertime.

These delicious, mouthwatering scents often pair well with floral fragrances if you want something a little lighter, but those with a passion for opulent, intense perfumes will be delighted to learn that this is easily achieved by combining fruity notes with woody accords for a deeply intoxicating Oriental blend. 

19 Best Perfumes With Fruity Scents

Once the realization set in that fruity scents were perfect for adding to a fragrance, there was no stopping the perfume industry. The resulting yield of exquisite fruity perfumes was enormous. It is difficult to pinpoint the best fruity perfume, but one thing that we are sure of is that these 19 fragrances are some of the most elegant, exciting, and fresh fruity perfumes available. 

1. Mugler Angel Eau Croisière

Mugler Angel Eau Croisiere

Most people are familiar with the incredibly popular Mugler Angel and Alien perfumes by Thierry Mugler. Still, in 2019, the brand launched this off-shoot from the Angel perfume, and fans were delighted by the gorgeous combination of Oriental vanilla and exotic fruits. 

The fragrance comes in the iconic star-shaped bottle with a pink and yellow hue, reminiscent of tropical holidays spent by the beach. The fruity notes add to this imagery with mango, grapefruit, and blackcurrant coming together perfectly with rich praline. 

This is an ideal fragrance for the romantic woman with a passion for life and would be ideal for lazy afternoons spent sipping cocktails in the sun. 

This is a delicate fragrance that will last through the day without being overbearing or over-pronounced. 

2. Escada Cherry in the Air

Escada Cherry in the Air


Cherry in the Air is a beautiful and bright, sweet fruity fragrance whose bottle reflects this perfectly. The perfume was released in 2013 as part of a range of fruity fragrances from Escada going as far back as 1993. 

Top notes of sour cherry, raspberry, and daim melt gloriously into heart notes of marshmallow and vanilla before giving way to the deeper notes of musk, sandalwood, and oak for a heady finish. It is ideal for a woman who wants to display her sexier side thanks to its sensual nature. But this is expertly juxtaposed with a sweet, fresh side making this a diverse fragrance that can be worn at a variety of events.

It will leave a delicate trail behind you, and a few sprays will be enough to see you through an evening.

3. Chloe Rose Tangerine

Chloe Rose Tangerine


Rose Tangerine is a modern take on the original Chloe perfume that has become one of the most well-loved fragrances in the world. The beautiful floral-fruity offering combines the decadence of the rose with hints of delicious fruit for a bold scent that reminds you of a cool summer breeze. 

The perfume is feminine and elegant and is a great signature scent for a lady who is spontaneous and fun-loving. The beautifully girly bottle adds to the overall personality of this aroma and notes of tangerine and blackcurrant meet with rose before making way for a musky base of amber and cedar. But it isn’t overpowering and will leave a delightfully delicate trail behind you as a gentle hint of your presence.

4. L’Elixir Eau De Parfum For Women By Nina Ricci

LElixir Eau De Parfum For Women By Nina Ricci

One of the first things to grab your attention about this perfume is the glamorous bottle that is reflective of the Nina Ricci brand. The perfume is a floral fruity mix that comprises top notes of amalfi lemon with middle notes of red berries and jasmine. After the dry down period, your senses are treated to luscious musk that gives this fragrance its sensuality and richness. 

Aimed at a younger audience, this is the ideal fragrance for the young woman who is coming of age and wants to demonstrate her sophistication and style. 

With a moderate sillage and excellent longevity, this could easily become the go-to scent of many youthful, modern women. 

5. Viva La Juicy Noir by Juicy Couture

Viva La Juicy Noir

If you love Oriental fragrances but want something with a hint of fruit then this beautiful perfume may be ideal for you. It comes in a striking, sexy bottle that immediately tells you that what is inside is equally seductive and sensual. 

Whether you wear this in the day-to-day or for a more intimate evening affair, it will give you a long-lasting aroma that delicately lingers wherever you go. The fresh top notes of wild berries and mandarin orange open up to allow the heart of honeysuckle, gardenia, and jasmine through before giving way to sensual and heady bases notes of amber, caramel, and sandalwood. 

This perfume is for the woman who wants to push the limits and show the world what a powerful and influential person she truly is. 

6. Dior Rouge Trafalgar

Dior Rouge Trafalgar 1

The name Dior is synonymous with style, class and modernity and all three of these things are replicated in this gloriously feminine fragrance. A chypre fruity perfume with a difference, this is one of the newer products on our list from 2020. 

The combination of raspberry, cherry and strawberry top notes give this a delightfully fresh opening before bringing a fruity heart of grapefruit and blackcurrant. Over time, a beautiful patchouli base is revealed giving you a fragrance that goes on for hours and will linger heavily behind you. 

The packaging is just as beautiful as the perfume featuring a stylish and elegant yet simple pink bottle that will be loved by women the world over. 

7. Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris

Mon Paris YSL

Yves Saint Laurent has long been known for their Paris fragrance and this modern take on a timeless classic has taken the world by storm. A chypre fruity perfume, this is ideal for evening wear or for saving for those special occasions that demand something a little more luxurious. 

The fragrance effortlessly brings together top notes of pear and strawberry with heart notes of peony and jasmine before finally revealing a deep base of patchouli, cedar, and moss. This intense combination of scents offers a beautiful strong sillage and a perfume that will stay with you all day. 

For the modern, romantic woman who wants to dazzle everywhere she goes, the perfume is sure to impress and the bowed, glamorous bottle adds to this perfectly. 

8. Tresor Midnight Rose

Tresor Midnight Rose

Lancome are famous for their opulent perfumes and Tresor is an effortless representation of this. Coming in a bottle that oozes mysticism and elegance, this fruity perfume is well suited to the seductive woman who knows exactly what she wants out of life; powerful and intriguing, just like her.

Midnight Rose is a great fragrance for those colder months when you want something warm and this is accomplished with the beautiful aromatic top notes of raspberry and rose that complement middle notes of peony and jasmine. The base notes are intense and deep and include vanilla and musk for a long-lasting perfume ideal for evenings out. There will be no doubting your presence as this fragrance leaves behind a strong sillage that is fitting with the powerful and intense vibe that this perfume brings. 

9. Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male

JPG Ultra Male

In 1995, Jean Paul Gaultier brought us Le Male, which is undoubtedly one of the most popular men’s fragrances in the world. Thirty years later, we are treated to this modern take on the classic which is dark, masculine and seductive. For the gentleman who knows how to make a lasting impression, Ultra Male is the perfect complementary scent. 

Mixing fruity top notes of pear, lemon, mint and lavender with middle notes of clary sage and cinnamon, you get a fresh and enticing beginning to the scent. This is followed, after a dry down period, by heady patchouli and amber for a woody, Oriental aroma that is unmistakable. 

Due to the intensity of the fragrance, it is best worn for those social evenings out or to a high-end event or important business meeting; there is no doubt that Ultra Male is a scent that will draw attention and impress from the moment you enter the room and long after you have left.

10. Acqua di Parma Fico Di Amalfi

Acqua di Parma Fico di Amalfi


Fruity fragrance can be enjoyed by both men and women and this unisex perfume is bright, refreshing and delicious. 

Inspired by the sunny Mediterranean coastline of Italy, one spritz of this scent will send your imagination to summer days spent enjoying fine wine and seafood along the beach. It is ideal for coming into spring and offers a light, fresh aroma that is easy on the senses.

The top notes of grapefruit, bergamot and lemon are sweet and are followed by middle notes of juicy fig nectar and intense pink pepper before finally opening up to the base notes of fig tree and cedar for an unmistakable woody finish. 

The bright blue bottle serves as a gentle reminder of the Mediterranean-inspired contents and is fun and radiant just like the perfume. 

11. Amethyst by Lalique

Amethyst by Lalique


Released in 2007, and still popular more than ten years later, this intoxicating perfume for women is powdery and woody yet delicate enough to be used throughout the year. This is a floral fruity fragrance that is both seductive yet innocent. The blend of scents make this a complex fragrance that can be worn either as an intense signature scent or saved for those special moments. 

Top notes of blackcurrant and blackberry give a fresh fruity opening before revealing a floral heart of pepper, peony and rose. Woody notes and musk come together to form a seductive base that will linger for hours with a hint of Bourbon vanilla giving this a slightly Oriental feel. 

The bottle gives off a vibe of mystery and enticement which fits perfectly with the complex and contrasting nature of the perfume. 

12. Jimmy Choo Man

Jimmy Choo Man

For the gentleman who strives for simplicity without compromising on style, Jimmy Choo brings us this incredible masculine fragrance, presented in a bottle that is neither loud nor demanding. But that isn’t to say that the fragrance is dull – the beauty of pineapple leaf, suede, lavender and melon come together to create a scent that is unlike any other. The ideal fragrance for a man who wants to be unique.

This is a signature scent for men who are confident, outgoing and know what they want; a man who feels secure in his style and wants a go-to fragrance to represent this. 

It can be worn throughout the year and for all occasions making this highly aromatic fragrance one of the most diverse on the market. 

13. Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming

Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming


In 2016, Dior launched this beautiful, feminine perfume that captured the attention of young women everywhere. Appealing to their youthful nature, Absolutely Blooming is a floral fruity fragrance that will dazzle and amaze. 

Aimed at the fun-loving and passionate young woman, this is a scent that does not shy away from announcing its presence with a sillage that is rivalled by few. 

No matter what time of day it is or what the season, the confident young woman can make this fragrance work any time. It comprises delicious fruity top notes of raspberry, blackcurrant and pomegranate with heart notes of May rose and peony before giving way to a sensual base of white musk. 

It is packaged in an incredibly feminine bottle that demonstrates the girly, sensual flavor of this scent. 

14. Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy

Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy 1


The Britney Spears range of perfumes have long been sought-after by modern young women with a zest for life. Midnight Fantasy is a floral fruity fragrance that is presented in a beautiful dark blue bottle, encrusted with Swarovski crystals that make it a glamorous addition to the vanity unit

It is an excellent option for attending evening events thanks to the mysterious and elegant vibes and these are achieved with a unique blend of scents. Plum, sour cherry and raspberry come together in the top notes followed closely by a crisp, floral heart of iris and orchid. The Oriental base of vanilla, amber and musk give this an impressive longevity and a sillage that will linger for a long time. 

15. Creed Aventus

Creed Aventus


Creed Aventus for men is a powerful fragrance that does not mess around. It is a chypre scent designed for a masculine personality filled with drama and intensity. Inspired by the great Emperor Napoleon, this fragrance is for the modern man with primal instincts.

Great for a romantic evening but just as fitting for a day out at the races, Aventus is a versatile perfume. 

Top notes of pineapple, apple and blackcurrant combine with middle notes of rose and Moroccan jasmine before revealing a profound base of oakmoss and must for a heady aroma that lingers well.

The bottle represents strength and masculinity and is sure to take pride of place in the bathroom of men around the world. 

16. Tom Ford Lost Cherry

Tom Ford Lost Cherry


Tom Ford bring us many unisex perfumes but this exotic fruity perfume for men and women has got to be one of the most prominent fruity scents that they offer. Launched in 2018, Lost Cherry comes in a regal bottle, demonstrating the luxurious contents with an intense first impression. 

Ideal for the playful individual who knows how to enjoy life, Lost Cherry brings together sour cherry, liquor and bitter almond in its tops notes then plum and more sour cherry at its heart. The base notes are rich and diverse and include tonka bean, vanilla, sandalwood and cedar for a woody accord that will last throughout the day. 

The fragrance is an excellent day time perfume thanks to its playful flavor but is also perfect for dancing into the night with friends.

17. Bvlgari Omnia Paraiba

Bvlgari Omnia Paraiba


Synonymous with luxury, Bvlgari offers this unique yet simple fragrance that would work perfectly for anyone who wants a perfume that doesn’t over announce itself. 

This fruity floral fragrance blends passionfruit and bitter orange in its top notes before bringing a hint of passionflower and gardenia at its heart. With a base of vetiver and cacao pod, Omnia Paraiba is a creamy, rich perfume with an intimate sillage making it ideal for one to one meetings or perhaps a date night. 

Omnia Paraiba is one of several fragrances from the Bvlgari range inspired by gemstones and comes in a beautiful light blue bottle that features a unique shape. It was released in 2015 and has shown notoriety as one of the favorite fruity scents for the woman who wants to be striking yet modest. 

18. Givenchy Ange Ou Demon Le Secret

Givenchy Ange Ou Demon Le Secret


Ange ou Demon was so successful that in 2009, Givenchy brought us its successor, Le Secret and we were not disappointed. This feminine yet powerful fragrance comes in a delicately beautiful bottle that epitomizes the floral-fruity contents within. 

It combines tea, amalfi lemon and cranberry on the initial spray and at its heart, you will find delicate peony and water lily before being treated to a woody base with hints of patchouli. 

This is undoubtedly a fragrance that will intoxicate anyone who comes near you and with a sillage that seemingly goes on for miles, is the perfect fragrance for those who want to make an entrance. 

Fresh enough for daytime wear but complex enough for evenings, Le Secret is ideal for women who want one go-to perfume to see them from the office to after-work drinks. 

19. Michael Kors Sparkling Blush

Sparkling Blush By Michael Kors

Famous not only for their beautiful handbags, Michael Kors offer a wonderful selection of fragrance and as part of the Sexy Rubsy range, Sparkling Blush made a dramatic appearance in 2018.

This is a strong Oriental fruity perfume with a unique combination of accords making it quite unlike anything else. The top notes offer an incredibly fruity opening and include litchi, pear and bergamot and these are followed by a floral heart of lily, rose and frangipani before giving way to a beautiful woody base of vanilla, amber and vetiver. 

This is a fragrance for the modern woman who is feminine yet daring, sophisticated yet passionate; such a complex personality deserves such a complex blend of scents. 

It offers a moderature sillage perfect for more intimate affairs and comes in a stunning, glamorous bottle that oozes femininity.

How To Choose Your Fruity Perfume

Fruity fragrances are ideal for anyone who does not want an overpowering fragrance and who wants to use their own personality to make an impression. These are often delicate perfumes with a gentle sillage so when choosing your fragrance, be sure to look at the notes to determine how strong it will be.

If you want something a little more passionate and daring, you might wish to combine fruity notes with woody, Oriental notes such as vanilla or sandalwood. Conversely, for a fresh bouquet that reminds you of summer, choose a fruity perfume that blends citrus with fresh flowers like rose and lily. 

Fruity perfumes have long been aimed at younger people, particularly ladies but the range is now so diverse that there are plenty of fruity perfumes for men and the more mature lady. 

Full Guide On Fruity Scented Perfumes

Where floral fragrances have been used for thousands of years, it was not until more recently that fruity scents were widely used in the perfume-making industry. This is largely because the essential oils are far more difficult to extract from fruits than they are from flowers. 

Traditionally, it was only citrus fruits that were used in fragrances and this is because it is possible to extract the essential oils through the peel. However, this is a notoriously laborious process and certainly not conducive with the growing demands of fragrance houses. 

While lemon, bergamot and orange were the most commonly used citrus fruits in fragrance up until the early 20th century, there was something of a breakthrough in 1919.

Guerlain, one of the most well-respected and luxurious fragrance and cosmetic houses in the world stumbled across a chemical synthesis process that meant fruit scents could be replicated. They put this to good use by creating the chemical C14 aldehyde which produced a beautiful peachy aroma that they used to mimic this popular fruit scent. 

After this, the popularity of fruity scents appeared to wane with florals taking center stage across the globe. However in the 1990s, fruity scents would return with a bang and appeared in a considerable range of products. One of the most popular was the strawberry shampoo, but fruit scents were everywhere; in scented candles, which were huge at the time and in a variety of skincare products and perfumes. 

At this time, the fruity fragrance was marketed towards teenage girls who were looking for something sweet and flirty. However, over time, perfumers have developed the fruity scent and combined it with a world of other aromas to create grown-up fragrances and fruity perfumes for men that are just as popular. 

Fruit scents are diverse and can be mixed with almost anything. However, because they are much less long-lasting than some other scents, it is important that they are combined with strong aromas that will carry them. The fruit scent family is often combined with musk and woody aromas as well as floral bouquets to create chypre and Oriental fragrance that last much longer than a fruity smell on its own.

Final Thoughts On Fruity Perfumes

Fruity perfumes are fresh and youthful and easily invoke memories of hot summer days and fun in the sun. While they were originally aimed at young women and teens, there has been massive development in modern perfume houses and as such, an incredibly diverse range of fruity fragrances for women and men of all ages have been launched. 

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