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When my home smells bad, it annoys me. The smell of pets, cooking, and life in general can leave a nasty smell, and keeping things fresh is so important to me. I used to use room sprays and air fresheners and while these have their uses, I find a wall plug-in to be much more efficient and convenient.

Glade is probably one of the most well-known air freshener brands and a leader in the home fragrance category. There are so many Glade plug-in smells to choose from that you might be wondering what’s the best Glade plug-in scent.

I’ve spent time researching the most popular and long-lasting scents and I’ve given many of them a try. I’m now here to share what I’ve found and share 5 of my favorite Glade scents currently available. I’m confident you will love the smell of your home when you use these!

Features Of The Glade Plug-in System

Glade plug-ins work in a very similar way to other plug-ins from different brands. There is a wick at the top of the refill and this is heated by an internal ceramic heater. As it warms up, this vaporizes the oil which in turn, gives off a scent.

You can buy the plug-in systems along with the refills in a starter pack. Once you’re up and running, you then simply need to refill the unit once the oil runs out. Typically, the fragrances last between 100 and 250 days but this largely depends on which setting you’re using. Just turn the dial at the top of the plug-in to adjust the intensity.

Since some sockets, such as those in the kitchen and bathroom, are horizontal, this could cause the oil to leak out. Fortunately, Glade plug-ins have a rotate feature, allowing you to use them in plugs in any orientation. It’s then simply a matter of deciding which scent you’d most like to fill your home with!

Best Plug-in Glade Scents to Try

I think that one of the reasons Glade is such a popular brand is the vast choice of scents. There are dozens including florals, fruity scents, limited edition scents, fresh scents, and much more. The choice can be overwhelming, but, from my experience, these are among the best.

Most Popular Glade Scent – Apple Cinnamon

Most Popular Glade Scent Apple Cinnamon
Most Popular Glade Scent Apple Cinnamon

If you’re a fan of wintry smelling fragrances that remind you of the festive season then you’ll love Apple Cinnamon. This is a super sweet scent with hints of apple, cinnamon, and vanilla. A lot of people compare this to the Febreze plug-in refill called Spiced Apple but I think Febreze’s version is a lot warmer and more intense since it contains cloves.

Apple Cinnamon is one of the stronger Glade scents which is one of the reasons it’s such a popular choice. It’ll last up to 250 days thanks to the authentic essential oils although most people will tell you that the scent does fade a little more quickly than this. Plus, this applies to when you use the lowest setting. In reality, you’ll probably get around 100 to 150 days which is still good.

I think that this is a great scent for a hallway or foyer. It gives off a very welcoming scent so is perfect for when your Christmas guests arrive. It is perfect for all genders as it’s a very neutral scent but I do know a lot of people who find cinnamon quite sickly, so I’d recommend keeping it on low.

Best New Glade Scent – Cashmere Woods

Best New Glade Scent Cashmere Woods
Best New Glade Scent Cashmere Woods

Cashmere Woods is one of the newer Glade scents and I think this is perfect for the bedroom. It’s a beautiful blend of jasmine, sandalwood, and musk so it feels very relaxing and calming. I also like that this isn’t an overpowering scent. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely one of the stronger Glade plug-in scents but it’s so inoffensive that it’s the perfect balance for the bedroom.

That said, I also like this one for the bathroom as it feels fresh, clean, and inviting. Cashmere Woods lasts an incredibly long time. I’ve seen reviews talking about how this is one of the longest lasting, especially on a lower setting.

One of the things that seem to come up time and again about Cashmere Woods is how well it covers odors. While the Glade plug-ins aren’t designed to eliminate odors, some of them don’t do a good job of masking them. But Cashmere Woods hides even the strongest odors so I think it’s perfect for homes with pets.

Being a warmer fragrance, I’d recommend this one for use in colder months. However, the presence of jasmine also makes it a wonderful choice for spring.

Strongest Glade Scent – Vanilla Caramel Twist

Strongest Glade Scent Vanilla Caramel Twist
Strongest Glade Scent Vanilla Caramel Twist

Out of all of the Glade fragrances, Vanilla Caramel Twist seems to be the one that people are raving about in terms of intensity. I mean, most of the scents are quite strong when you use the system on a high setting but this one blows everything else out of the water, even on low.

Vanilla Caramel Twist, as its name suggests is a very sweet scent blending vanilla and caramel with cream. It’s rich and warm which makes it perfect for winter and I can’t tell you the amount of compliments that this one will receive. It’s not going to go unnoticed.

That said, some people may find this to be a little too intense because there’s really no getting away from it. I would suggest using this in a kitchen but I feel that owing to how potent it is, it could affect those food smells in a negative way.

This Glade plug-in scent is not only the strongest but also one of the longest lasting. Glade says you’ll get 250 days on low but it’ll usually be less than this. I noticed that the scent remained very strong for several weeks and even after that, there was a nice, delicate fragrance that I could smell from the other side of the room.

Longest Lasting Glade Scent – Joyful Citrus And Daisies

Longest Lasting Glade Scent Joyful Citrus And Daisies
Longest Lasting Glade Scent Joyful Citrus And Daisies

Having spent a long time looking for one of the longest lasting Glade scents, I finally found one that I liked. I was told that Aqua Waves lasted a long time but I found that Joyful Citrus and Daisies lasted that little bit longer. This is one of the Glade plug-in scents that lasts for around 250 days and it definitely performs the best.

I love this summer scent bursting with fresh notes of pink grapefruit, raspberries, and daisies. It’s quite a feminine scent that I think would work really well in the bathroom of a vibrant young woman. That said, I also feel as though this is a fantastic scent for a conservatory or orangery, especially if you step right in from the garden.

Joyful Citrus and Daisies is not only very long lasting but it’s also one of the more intense fragrances. In a small apartment, you can easily smell this between rooms as it has an excellent projection. Mind you, it can be a little overpowering. In this case, you might want to switch brands and try the Bright Citrus Splash refill from Air Wick which tends to be a little less intense.

Best Smelling Glade Scent – Clean Linen

Best Smelling Glade Scent Clean Linen
Best Smelling Glade Scent Clean Linen

The Clean Linen scent seems to be favored by many.  Glade’s take on Clean Linen is crisp, fresh, and very comforting. But what I really love about this particular scent is that it’s so versatile. I think it goes just as easily in a bedroom as it does in a bathroom and anywhere else in the house.

Clean Linen isn’t the longest lasting Glade scent. In fact, I’d probably say it was one of the worst performers in terms of longevity.

However, since this is such a pleasant fragrance with notes of lily of the valley and fresh laundry, I ask myself if I’m willing to replace it more often. The answer is that I probably am. But owing to the issues with intensity and longevity, I’d recommend Clean Linen for use in more confined spaces; perhaps a bathroom or even the laundry room.

How Long Do Glade Plug-Ins Last?

Glade plug-in oil refills are made using twice as many essential oils than their other products which is one of the reasons they are so strong and long lasting.

You’ll notice that, on the packaging of the refills, there is a timeframe of how long they’ll last. This is usually either 150 or 250 days, depending on the scent.

In reality, you probably won’t get quite that long and people typically experience the scent staying strong for a few weeks. After this, it will start to dull a bit but you should still be able to smell it for some time after.

The lower the setting, the longer the scent will last but a lower setting will also make it less intense.

Are Glade Plug-Ins Safe For Pets?

It’s been reported that plug-in air fresheners can seriously affect the health of dogs and cats. They have even been linked with seizures so it makes you wonder if Glade plug-ins are suitable for homes with pets.

While Glade does use a lot of natural ingredients and avoid things like parabens and nitro musks, the plug-ins are still not safe for pets. According to the brand, you should avoid using them in pet areas without sufficient ventilation.

Do Glade Plug-In Use A Lot Of Electricity?

Many people are concerned that their Glade plug-in air freshener will guzzle up power like it’s going out of fashion. The good news is that these home fragrance systems typically only use around 4 watts of electricity.

This isn’t very much at all but it could rack up your bill if you’re using a lot of plug-ins around a large home, for example. According to one UK report, using a single plug-in costs around £5.44, which is around $6.74.

How Many Glade Plug-Ins Should You Use Per Room?

If you take a look at Glade’s website, you won’t find any information on the square footage per plug in. This can leave you confused but after trying these products, I can confirm that one per room is more than enough.

Most of the Glade scents are quite strong and they’ll be easily noticeable in a standard sized room. What’s more, if you were to use two in one room, you’d likely find that the smell was far too intense. It’s much better to use a single plug-in and use a higher setting to increase the intensity.

The only exception to this might be in a very large room where you may wish to have one plug-in on either side. But again, there are ways around this such as using one of the stronger scents like Lavender and Vanilla on a higher setting.

The Takeaway

Glade’s plug-in air fresheners are a wonderful way to create a pleasant, lingering scent throughout your home. Recent improvements have made Glade’s warmers more efficient and effective than ever, making them one of the most popular home fragrance systems. It is possible to choose from different scents within each fragrance family. Some are much stronger and more long lasting than others but everyone has a general consensus over which are the best. Scents like Clean Linen and Apple Cinnamon remain among the most popular – yet there’s truly a scent for every taste and every occasion.

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