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Throughout the years, Hollister has been a favorite of young adults and teens, and their fragrance is no exception.

Whether you’re looking for something casual or want to make a statement with your cologne, there is definitely a scent out there that fits your needs.

So what are some of the best ones? The following is a list of our top 10 favorite Hollister colognes of this moment so that you can choose your next scent with ease.

Top 10 Best Hollister Colognes For Men

1. Hollister Jake – Most Popular

Hollister Jake

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Jake is the perfect scent for men who are looking for something fresh yet masculine. You’ll be ready to take on any challenge with this fragrance by your side. It’s not just about smelling good but also feeling confident and comfortable in your skin. This is the scent that will make you feel unstoppable.

It’s fresh and citrusy with woody notes that will make you smell amazing all day long. You can wear it anytime because it works well no matter what it is. Whether you’re going out with friends or spending time at home, this cologne has got you covered.

2. Hollister Socal

Hollister Socal

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Hollister Socal is the perfect cologne for any guy who wants to smell like a beach bum. It’s got that laid-back, relaxed vibe that makes it ideal for hanging out with friends or going on a date. You can wear it all year round and be confident in knowing your scent will always be fresh and clean.

If you want to feel refreshed every time you step outside, this scent is the right choice. Hollister Socal has pineapple, rosemary, and suede notes, which give off a sweet yet masculine scent that smells great no matter what situation you find yourself in.

Get ready to have people complimenting you when you wear this scent. Hollister Socal is sure to make a statement with its unique blend of scents and long-lasting fragrance.

3. Hollister Free Wave

Hollister Free Wave 1

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You don’t have to be on vacation or near a body of water for this scent to work its magic on you – just spray some Hollister Free Wave, and we’re sure you’ll feel refreshed no matter where life takes you next.

This scent captures everything great about summertime, from the salty ocean air to the warm sand beneath your feet. It’s a fresh and spicy scent with notes of ginger, lime, and pink pepper. The middle notes are made up of algae, moss, and white iris – all ingredients give this fragrance an earthy quality. And finally, base notes of cedar driftwood and ambergris make it incredibly long-lasting so that you can enjoy it all day long.

If you want to smell like the man who knows how to live life in style, then look no further than Hollister Free Wave. This unique blend of notes will leave people wondering what your secret is when they get close enough to catch a whiff of it on your skin.

4. Hollister Wave 2

Hollister Wave 2

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Hollister Wave 2 is designed for the man who wants to make an impact. This aromatic fougere fragrance will leave everyone around you wanting more and is sure to turn heads at any event or party.

You can wear Wave 2 every day without worrying about smelling too strong or overpowering because it has just the right balance between being clean but not too light either. It has top notes of ozonic, bergamot, and white pepper. The middle notes are geranium, lavender, and sage. And finally, base notes include musk, woody notes, and sandalwood.

This is one cologne that won’t go unnoticed by anyone so get ready to stand out in any room with this amazing scent.

5. Hollister Wave

Hollister Wave

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Hollister Wave is the perfect scent for men who are looking for something that’s not too overpowering. It has just enough of a masculine edge to make it stand out from other fragrances, but it’s still light and fresh, so you won’t get tired of wearing it after just one day. You can wear this fragrance every day without worrying about smelling stale or overbearing.

Hollister Wave is a refreshing scent with a perfect blend of fresh and woody. It’s got top notes of yuzu, bamboo leaf, and grapefruit that are fresh and bright. The middle notes of lavender, cypress, and neroli give it a masculine edge. And the base notes of salt, driftwood, musk, and tonka bean will keep people close wherever you go.

6. Hollister Festival Vibes

Hollister Festival Vibes

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You can have fun with your friends all day long without worrying about being smelly or sweaty because Hollister Festival Vibes will keep up with whatever crazy adventures come your way.

Hollister Festival Vibes is the perfect scent for any man who wants to feel confident and sexy. It’s an aromatic fougere fragrance that will make everyone around you want to get closer. With top notes of sea notes, pineapple, and birch leaf; middle notes of woody notes, green notes, ginger, and bay leaf; base notes of ambergris, oakmoss, and tonka bean – it’s sure to be your go-to all summer long.

7. Hollister Festival Nite

Hollister Festival Nite

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Hollister Festival Nite is the perfect fragrance for guys who are not afraid to set sparks ablaze on scorching summer days. This masculine, aromatic amber fougere scent invokes the vibrant energy of lively nights out on the town.

With top notes of apple and bergamot, this fragrance will make everyone around you feel happy and energized. The middle notes of ambroxan and ginger are sure to turn heads when they catch a whiff of your new favorite cologne. And with base notes of tonka bean and musk, this scent is guaranteed to last all day long so that you always smell fresh.

8. Hollister Coastline

Hollister Coastline

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Hollister Coastline is a fragrance for men who take the time to live in the moment and enjoy life. Full of spice, citrus, and everything nice, Hollister Coastline will allow you to surround yourself with warm memories that just won’t fade away. The woody notes compliment this masculine scent and make it perfect for any season.

Inside the artistic and clean glass container, we find fresh notes of fruit to remind you of the ocean breeze. One whiff of this get-up-and-go sure-getter will have you feeling energized, ready for adventure, and irresistibly masculine.

9. Hollister Break Line

Hollister Break Line

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Hollister Break Line is the perfect way to bring your senses into focus. Hollister’s refreshing woody, aquatic fragrance will have you feeling confident and fresh.

Hollister Break Line is the scent that will resistlessly catch you unguarded. Smelling like the carefree days of summer, this intoxicating aroma will capture your senses with its sun-kissed memories and ignite your imagination to wander away on a breezy break day. With notes of driftwood, seawater, clary sage, and oranges, Hollister has created an elegant fragrance for all who dare to venture beyond their comfort zone.

10. Hollister Indigo Falls

Hollister Indigo Falls

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Hollister Indigo Falls is the perfect scent for anyone who wants to smell fresh and clean. Its woody, aquatic fragrance will make you feel confident and ready for anything. 

It’s an aquatic fragrance that opens with clementine and salted rosemary notes, while heart notes of cedarwood give it a woody base. This combination makes it the perfect scent for anyone who loves the ocean or just enjoys smelling great all day long.

Choosing Your Hollister Cologne

There are 43 Hollister perfumes for you to choose from. While you can most certainly try them all, you can’t buy all of them, so here is what you need to know before you decide which one is the right Hollister cologne for you. 

Find a Hollister cologne for each season

Most Hollister colognes boast tropical and floral vibes which means they are perfect to wear on spring/summer days and nights. But here is how I may help with your selection:

Hollister SoCal is ideal for spring and summer days while Hollister Festival Nite performs best on long summer nights when you are out on town having fun. Hollister Jake is like summer trapped in a bottle, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it in fall or winter. 

Hollister Coastline too reminds you of the beach everywhere you go, and it will do so even on a snowing winter evening driving home from work.

There is a Hollister cologne for any occasion

Most Hollister colognes are versatile and gentle, meaning you can wear them almost everywhere and at any time without offending anyone with the sillage. Hollister SoCal can be worn all day long, at work, in the gym, but also on date nights too. 

Hollister Festival Nite is ideal for a date night or a night out on town partying but you won’t go wrong if you wear it at work, the gym, or even relaxing at home. Special occasions call for colognes that will make people remember you. Wear Hollister Wave 2 or SoCal if you want to make a statement and make your presence felt.

Frequently Asked Questions on Hollister Cologne

What is the original Hollister cologne?

The first Hollister cologne is SoCal, a clean, fresh, and masculine cologne launched in 2011.

Which Hollister cologne smells like the store?

When you walk into a Hollister store you will smell SoCal wafting through the air. This cologne is the brand’s signature scent and their best seller too.

How much does Hollister cologne cost?

Starting at $20 for 1oz bottles a Hollister cologne is not only affordable to everyone but there is one to accommodate each style and preference.

How long does Hollister cologne last?

How long a Hollister cologne will stay on your skin depends on many factors such as body chemistry, diet, medication, hormones, and others, but in general, expect a Hollister cologne to last you anywhere from five to seven hours.

An Introduction To Hollister

Hollister is an American apparel brand that was founded in 2000 by Abercrombie & Fitch. The concept of Hollister was to design apparel for teenagers at a lower price point than the parent brand. While their target audience for their clothing maybe teens, Hollister colognes can be worn by any man out there, no matter the age, mood, occasion, or season. Their first cologne SoCal was launched in 2011, inspired by Californian surf culture and beautiful endless summers.

Hollister Perfume Sets And Gift Sets

Hollister also makes perfume sets and gift sets at an affordable price. Try Hollister cologne 3-pack that includes a selection of the best Hollister colognes like Hollister Jake, Hollister Coastline, and Hollister SoCal. These are spray bottles and come with their authentic boxes in 1.7 oz. The price of this perfume set is up to $75. 

If you are looking for something smaller, just to give these best Hollister colognes a try, go for the sampler 3-pack of their mini versions in 0.08 oz spray bottles for only $10,00. And if you are a fan of the Hollister Jake, check out the Jake 2-pack duo featuring a 3.4 oz. bottle of Jake Cologne plus a Jake Body Spray in 4.2 oz. that goes for $55,00. And that is not all. If you like their bestseller SoCal, you can get the SoCal and SoCal Sunset 2-pack and enjoy both colognes for $50,00.

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