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Do you need help finding the best Issey Miyake cologne? In this guide, we will review 10 of the most popular and best-selling Issey Miyake colognes. We’ll compare the scents, compositions, and performance of the brand’s fragrance collection to make it easier for you to find your perfect match. 

After reading this article, you’ll know about Issey Miyake’s top fragrances so that you can find a scent that matches your personal style and taste.

10 Best Issey Miyake Colognes Reviewed

1. Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme

Issey Miyake LEau dIssey


The complexity of L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme is what makes it so memorable and distinctive. From its heady, citrus opening through to the deeply sensuous base notes L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme will be an unforgettable experience for anyone who has the pleasure of wearing this extraordinary creation.

The woody aquatic scent is addictive due to its zesty citrus aroma – taking one sniff is all it takes. It’s no surprise why this classy fragrance has been popular with many for over 20 years.

Cool aquatic notes of yuzu, lemon, and bergamot refresh while herbs like tarragon and sage captivate you. The heart notes are filled with spicy nutmeg when paired with sandalwood for warmth that will keep you feeling confident all day long. 

L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme is perfect any time but is especially nice during the warmer months to cool off from the heat.

2. Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Intense – Most popular

Issey Miyake LEau dIssey Pour Homme Intense


L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Intense is an iconic fragrance for the man who is looking to turn heads. The scent was created in 2007 by Jacques Cavallier who wanted it to reflect his personality: a casual outdoorsman’s refinement on raw masculinity.

The sweet tangerine, a citrus fruit deemed to be one of the newest trends in fragrance, offers an irresistible and refreshing scent. Top notes include bergamot and yuzu that capture your attention while heart notes including cardamom keep you energized throughout your day. 

This fragrance becomes intoxicating with its mix of saffron incense, giving this cologne its distinctive woodsy odor while staying masculine thanks to its base of benzoin and grey amber. You’ll smell like this all day long but we find the cologne still gentle enough as not to overpower those around you.

3. Issey Miyake L’Eau Bleue d’Issey Pour Homme

Issey Miyake LEau Bleue dIssey Pour Homme


This high-quality cologne will surely be a perfect addition to your collection. With its refreshing scent, L’Eau Bleue d’Issey is long-lasting and makes you feel good about yourself from the inside out.

When fresh citrus and fragrant rosemary intertwine with spicy ginger, pepper and mossy woods, a masculine appeal is born. The breezy aquatic fragrance blooms at your first whiff with wet cypress leaves and twirling waves of juniper berries before the salty air washes over you – invigorating you for what lies ahead.

The fragrance of fresh citrus mixed with a touch of herbs and spice will attract attention wherever you go. It’s not overpowering, yet very pleasant to wear. This fragrance lasts for hours without being cloying or too strong. 

With a high-quality yet minimalist bottle design, this award-winning bottle exudes an air of luxury. The smooth sprayer is easy to control and its angled head sprays on evenly without splattering. This would make any man feel classy and fresh – the ultimate combination.

4. Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Sport

Issey Miyake LEau dIssey Pour Homme Sport


L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Sport is a fragrance with sporty and masculine sensuality. Embark on the wooded path leading to the ginger-tinged scent of vetiver, which fulfills your need for both comfort on a hot day and an aroma that captures you at night. 

Drenched in rugged masculinity and guided by the hand of nature, L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Sport is one of those rare fragrances that fit effortlessly with people’s changing lifestyles. 

Whether it be on your way to work or away on vacation, this wearable concoction is sure to give a little lift when things get tough and provide an unexpected burst of freshness when everything goes smoothly. The adventurous notes will propel you forward all day long while clean base notes keep the trail laid behind devoid of any bad scents or unpleasant surprises.

L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Sport is the perfect fragrance for those who love crisp, clean scents. Lighter than some of the other fragrances in Issey Miyake’s collection but still present in all the right ways, this light sports fragrance will keep you motivated and give your odor that minty fresh feeling. 

5. Issey Miyake Nuit d’Issey

Issey Miyake Nuit dIssey


The night is the time when everything is possible. This hypnotic scent from Issey Miyake, Nuit d’Issey, captures this sense of unlimited freedom and mystical darkness, becoming the perfect companion for ventures into the unknown.

The first thing you notice when Nuit d’Issey hits your nose is the alluring citrus burst. Now brace yourself for an electrifying surprise as spicy pepper sweeps in to get your heart racing. 

This punchy fragrance includes top notes of zesty citruses of bergamot and grapefruit, while the dark and mysterious trail of leather accords are enhanced with spices, black pepper, woods and vetiver. The top notes linger throughout the day before setting off base notes as rich as dark woods, patchouli and incense with tonka beans which tie everything together into one captivating bouquet.

Smooth without being bland, this fragrance will help make any man feel irresistibly confident and absolutely irresistible.

Nuit d’Issey, which translates to Night of Issey, is a fragrance as deep and dark as the night. This enigmatic scent, tailored by Dominique Ropion and Loc Dong in 2009, is a rich blend that embraces masculinity in its most powerful form. 

This is one of those fragrances that leave you longing to spray it again as soon as it’s gone.

6. Issey Miyake Nuit d’Issey Pulse Of The Night

Issey Miyake Nuit dIssey Pulse Of The Night


Nuit d’Issey Pulse Of The Night is the freshest leather fragrance Issey Miyake has ever made.

Opening with Kyara Incense to satisfy cravings for something spicy and exotic, this new scent collapses into smooth amber when satinwood makes its grand entrance. Lending full-bodied support to more masculine tonka bean and patchouli notes, they all sit comfortably on a base that is rich sandalwood but carries soft touches of vanilla that make the wearer feel lighter than air while being quickly whisked away to afternoons in Miami. With just enough vetiver at the end to keep things grounded.

Nuit d’Issey Pulse Of The Night is an intoxicating, one-of-a-kind fragrance for any man who knows he deserves nothing but the best. From its deep aromatic opening to its complex spice notes and warm base accords, Nuit d’Issey Pulse Of The Night is more than just a good-looking fragrance; it’s heady goodness that will leave behind memories you’ll never forget.

7. Issey Miyake Nuit D’Issey Noir Argent

Issey Miyake Nuit DIssey Noir Argent


Nuit D’Issey Noir Argent by Issey Miyake is a cologne for the serious man. This fragrance can bring some class to your evenings and spicy warmth in the cooler fall and winter periods. 

The spice in this fragrance comes from its top notes of spices like nutmeg and peppers for a sweet yet fiery kick, but it also possesses grounding earthy scents that arise from patchouli and vetiver, leather notes, and aromatic spices like saffron. 

Nuit d’Issey Noir Argent was launched in 2018 and has been dramatically unique since the start. The French perfumer Dominique Ropion made people get up from their chairs once they felt this fragrance, so be prepared to have ladies wanting to come up to you once they catch your whiff.

8. Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Noir Ambre – Longest lasting

Issey Miyake LEau dIssey Pour Homme Noir Ambre


With a top note of saffron and spicy nutmeg, this unique scent transforms into cedar with notes of vetiver and sandalwood. The oriental base made from tonka beans, vanilla mixed with sensual amber will be sure to make you fall in love with this fragrance.

It’s a sensual, confident fragrance with a complex yet refined olfactory signature. L’Eau d’Issey Pour Homme Noir Ambre is the perfect embodiment of ambery elegance that never goes out of style. What’s best about this fragrance; we found this one as is the longest lasting in the collection of Issey Miyake colognes.

9. Issey Miyake Fusion d’Issey

Issey Miyake Fusion dIssey


Miyake’s first launched perfume in 1992, L’eau d’Issey, is rewritten by Nathalie Lorson, a master perfumer. The result is Fusion d’Issey, a refreshingly new interpretation of the fragrance: renewed vigor and energy from a fiery composition that transcends nature into artistry.

You can make a real statement with Fusion d’Issey. With top notes of coconut milk, fig nectar and lemon, this masculine fragrance is fresh yet sophisticated. Layers of middle notes like sandalwood, rosemary, geranium and cardamom amp up the tobacco woody vibe to complete your odor from daytime to nighttime. 

A dimensional fragrance that captures the energy of a volcano and radiates it to you. The fragrance can get you overflowing with seductive power and charisma. It’s no coincidence Fusion d’Issey comes in a deep blue bottle reminiscent of lava.

10. Issey Miyake L’Eau Super Majeure d’Issey

Issey Miyake LEau Super Majeure dIssey

L’Eau Super Majeure d’Issey is a woody aquatic fragrance perfect for the modern man. L’Eau Super Majeure d’Issey, a new version of L’Eau Majeure d’Issey edition from 2017.

The compositions of this fragrance are created by perfumers Aurélien Guichard and Fabrice Pellegrin, who breathe life into the notes of citrus fruits with clary sage, sea salt and cashmeran. Middle notes include sepharose in order to underscore the marine sensation on a heart composed of rosemary and thyme that is intensified by the benzoin found in patchouli. A fresh facet emerges thanks to green nuances captured alongside vetivert-sage. The dry down reveals an animalistic cedarwood tinged with tonka bean followed by mahogany leather imprinted

This fragrance multiplies the original vision of L’Eau Majeure d’Issey. Two perfumes, one masculine, and the other feminine gave form to this new Issey Miyake for tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions on Issey Miyake Cologne

How to pronounce Issey Miyake?

The name “Issey Miyake” in Japanese can be pronounced as E-seh mee-ya kay.

What does Issey Miyake mean?

Issey Miyake is the name of the Japanese fashion designer. Issey is his first name and Miyake his surname.

What is Issey Miyake?

Issey Miyake is one of the top designer brands in fashion, fragrance, and cosmetics. The company was founded by Japanese artist Issey Miyake in Tokyo back in the 1970s. His work has been acclaimed not only for its beauty but also for its innovative concepts that often explored new materials and techniques to create his artworks. The fashion designer is, therefore, most appreciated for his avant-garde clothing designs and distinctive use of pleats in garments.

Who owns Issey Miyake fragrance?

The owner of the house of Issey Miyake fragrance is Issey Miyaki himself, a renowned Japanese fashion designer with over fifty years in his profession.

Who makes Issey Miyake cologne?

The house of Issey Miyake fragrance was established by the Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyaki. The fragrance collections are produced in cooperation with Shiseido Company, a Japanese multinational of Cosmetics, who also makes fragrances for brands as Elie Saab and Jean-Paul Galtier. Issey Miyake’s creations are designed in collaboration with many renowned perfumers like Jacques Cavallier, Ane Ayo, and Christophe Raynaud.

When did Issey Miyake cologne come out?

The first Issey Miyake cologne came out in 1992 and the most recent cologne was released in the past year.

How much is Issey Miyake cologne?

Issey Miyake cologne costs between $65 and $200 for a 100-milliliter bottle, depending on the scent. The cost is about average for designer colognes but higher than some other luxury perfume brands like Dior or Calvin Klein.

How long does Issey Miyake last?

Issey Miyake cologne generally lasts about three to five hours, though the scent is still noticeable on your skin for a few more hours.

Is Issey Miyake perfume cruelty-free?

As Issey Miyake may test on animals through their production so it is not considered to be cruelty-free.

Where is Issey Miyake perfume made?

The house of Issey Miyake fragrance is based in Bangkok, Thailand. The production is done there too.

Where to buy Issey Miyake cologne

Issey Miyaki’s creations are available online at and at some select stores around the world like Bergdorf Goodman in New York City or Isetan Department Store in Tokyo. In France, they may be available at stores like Galeries Lafayette. Though, Issey Miyake colognes may not be available at all department stores, they may be offered through some online retailers like Amazon too.

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