Best Jimmy Choo Perfumes in 2024

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Jimmy Choo, the London-based fashion house, is no longer just a legendary shoe designer. The fashion brand has come quite far from its origins in 1996, and since 2001 we can spray ourselves with some distinct Jimmy Choo perfumes. 

Since its first perfume edition, Jimmy Choo has created more than 34 fragrances designed for both men and women. Many celebrities like Princess Diana wear Jimmy Choo fragrances.

In this review guide, we selected the best perfumes created by Jimmy Choo. Every person is different and unique, so keep reading to discover which scent fits your personality and preference.

Jimmy Choo Perfume Top Picks

  • Best popular & best-selling perfume: Jimmy Choo For Women
  • Best smelling perfume: Jimmy Choo Flash
  • Best perfume for men: Jimmy Choo Man Blue
  • Best perfume for women: Jimmy Choo Illicit
  • Newest perfume: Seduction Collection

Are you interested to know what our top picks are based on? Keep reading to discover everything about Jimmy Choo perfume, and learn which scent fits you best.

Top List of 10 Best Jimmy Choo Perfumes

Even though Jimmy Choo only got into the world of perfumery relatively recently, he already made a significant impact with its fragrances. Now, his perfumes are selling out worldwide, and people debate which one is the best. Of course, each fragrance is beautiful in its way, but we created a list of the ten best Jimmy Choo perfumes available today.

1. Jimmy Choo EDP

Jimmy Choo EDT


Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo is the brand’s first-ever fragrance. This sweet fragrance is very feminine and empowering. It was made for a woman that wears Jimmy Choo shoes to walk the red carpet. You know who it is the minute she steps in the room, and you don’t even have to look. The fragrance opens with pear and mandarin orange. Orchid at the heart combines with patchouli and toffee at the base to create a warm and spicy dry down. The fragrance is long-lasting and the sillage is moderate. The scent is quite versatile, though a little heavy. It is best worn in fall, winter, and spring, as it might be a bit too warm for summer. You can wear it at night, but it works during the day as well.

2. Jimmy Choo Man Intense

Jimmy Choo Man Intense


This cologne is very popular among successful and powerful men. Man Intense was inspired by men who know exactly what they want and don’t let anything in their way stop them. The fragrance is aromatic and masculine, sophisticated and a little spicy. The opening is fruity, with mandarin orange, lavender, and melon. The heart consists of black pepper, geranium, and artemisia. Finally, you will sense patchouli, tonka bean, and labdanum at the base. The fragrance is long-lasting, with strong projection. Luckily, the scent is quite subtle, so even the pickiest people won’t find it annoying. Fragrances with strong projection are best enjoyed in spring and fall. You can wear Man Intense anywhere. It’s suitable for work, dinner with friends, or drinks with a date.

3. Jimmy Choo Man Blue

Jimmy Choo Man Blue


Man Blue by Jimmy Choo is supposed to embody the perfect sophisticated man. The fragrance became available very recently, in 2018. It is very modern and masculine. The fragrance is versatile and perfect for any occasion, day or night. The main notes include leather, black pepper, and sage. The cologne has lighter undertones of vanilla and sandalwood. Overall, Man Blue is sensual and confident. It gives its wearers a certain presence. When you walk in a room, everyone will know. The scent is long-lasting, but the sillage isn’t strong, so it won’t irritate even the most irritable colleague or family member. The fragrance is fresh, woody, and a little spicy. Use it throughout the whole year and wear it to any occasion.

4. Jimmy Choo Illicit

Jimmy Choo Illicit


Illicit is a sweet and spicy fragrance made for the daring, bold, and self-sufficient woman. She decides how she wants to spend her time. She’s a fearless risk-taker and a seductive goddess all in one. The fragrance was created by Anne Flipo in 2015. It opens with ginger and bitter orange, going into the floral heart containing jasmine, rose, and orange blossom. The base is warm and cozy, with honey, caramel, amber, sandalwood, vanilla, and cashmere wood. It is the perfect warming and comforting scent for fall. Wear it with your cashmere sweater during the day, as well as at night. If you consider yourself a hypnotic and attractive woman, Illicit can only confirm that. The fragrance has moderate longevity and sillage.

5. Jimmy Choo Man Ice

Jimmy Choo Man Ice


Man Ice was launched in 2017. Michel Almairac worked on this fragrance with the brand. It is a great scent for refined and self-confident men. The fragrance screams power, independence, and strength. Man Ice opens with notes of mandarin orange, bergamot, and citron. The fresh and crisp opening makes it perfect for the warmer months. Patchouli, cedar, apple, and vetiver are at the heart. The base is musky, with moss and ambroxan. Man Ice by Jimmy Choo has moderate longevity and sillage. It is suitable for all occasions, be it a formal dinner or a friendly get-together. The fragrance is modern and not too intense.

6. Jimmy Choo Flash

Jimmy Choo Flash


Flash by Jimmy Choo comes in an exciting and captivating bottle. If the bottle catches your eye, you can only imagine what’s inside. The fragrance opens with top notes of white flowers. You will also get notes of strawberry and tangerine, but those will fade very soon. You will sense tuberose, white lily, and jasmine at the heart. The base is woody and slightly floral. The fragrance is very fresh and energizing. It dries down into the scent of spring. Flash by Jimmy Choo is quite long-lasting. It has a moderate projection, so the people around you will be able to smell it, but only in a gentle way. The fruity and floral fragrance comes in a beautifully designed component.

7. Jimmy Choo Floral

Jimmy Choo Floral


Jimmy Choo doesn’t play when it comes to bottle design. This is another fragrance that will catch your eye before your nose falls in love with it. The fragrance opens with bergamot, tangerine, and nectarine. The heart is floral, with apricot blossom, magnolia, and sweet pea. The base consists of wood and musk. All the notes blend together to create a fresh and floral scent. The fragrance has a rather soft sillage, but it’s very long-lasting. You can wear it during the day without overwhelming your colleagues or family members. Even though the scent seems fresh at first, it is very fitting for mature women.

8. Jimmy Choo L’Eau

Jimmy Choo LEau


Master perfumer Juliette Karaguezoglou worked on this perfume with Jimmy Choo. The fragrance turned out to be very feminine and vibrant. It opens with top notes of hibiscus and bergamot. The top notes blend with the heart consisting of peony and nectarine. At the base, you will find cedar and musk. The base adds depth to the otherwise floral fragrance. L’Eau has good longevity, but the sillage is on the softer side. Overall, the perfume is radiant and elegant, but it’s not overwhelming or too rich. You can wear it to any occasion, but most people recommend spring and summer daytime. The bottle is designed like a beautiful and fragile pink egg.

9. Jimmy Choo Blossom

Jimmy Choo Blossom


Blossom is visually similar to Flash, but don’t get the two confused. Blossom boasts a unique cocktail of ingredients. At the top you will find raspberry, citrus, and red berries. These notes blend with the delicate heart of sweet pea and peony. The base is very subtle, with a combination of white musk and white woods. The sillage is moderate, so the fragrance won’t overwhelm you. The longevity, however, is outstanding. The perfume will last you all throughout the day and into the night. It gives you the perfect opportunity to put on a pair of Jimmy Choo’s after work and go dancing with the girls.

10. Jimmy Choo Fever

Jimmy Choo Fever

Fever looks sexy and enticing. Even the name “Fever” is so intriguing. Honorine Blanc and Nathalie Lorson collaborated on this rich and powerful scent. The fragrance has plum and grapefruit at the top. You will sense orange blossom, jasmine, vanilla, and heliotrope at the heart. The base is dark and earthy, with hazelnut, coffee, tonka bean, and sandalwood. Fever is meant to embody sex appeal and glamour. It has moderate sillage and longevity. Wear the perfume in the colder months, in fall and winter. It is most suitable for night time parties and events.

A Guide to Choosing Your Jimmy Choo Perfume

When choosing a perfume online, you need to work your imagination as hard as you can. Read the description of the fragrance and imagine what it would feel like. It’s often not as much about the scent as it is about the emotions the brand is trying to convey. Jasmine and patchouli will unfold differently on everyone. Reading about “a vibrant and energizing scent” will give you a better idea of the fragrance.

Let’s start with the easiest category: floral vs woody. You often have a certain preference when it comes to perfumes. If your loyalties lie with wood and musk (and the occasional vanilla), try Amber Kiss from the Seduction Collection. It is woody with notes of amber.

Choosing a floral scent is easier because Jimmy Choo has more of those. However, the collections might be a little overwhelming at first. Jimmy Choo Floral is a notably floral fragrance, as per the name. It has notes of fruit and citruses too, with most prominent notes of peach, magnolia, and apricot blossom.

Another factor that plays a huge role in choosing the right fragrance is the time of day and season when you want to wear it most. If you want something for the colder months, you should pay extra attention to sillage and longevity. Start by Jimmy Choo, for example, has heavy sillage and high longevity. With the scent being warm, sweet, and a little spicy, it might just be too heavy for summer. It’s best for daytime, but suitable for night time as well.

If you want something lighter and more summery, pick a fragrance with sweeter, floral notes. Illicit Flower, for example, has notes of grapefruit blossom, mandarin orange, and rose. Quite the cocktail. It also has soft sillage and moderate longevity. The fragrance is recommended for daytime wear.

Illicit Special Edition is the combination of everything mentioned above. You can wear it everywhere. It is quite versatile, with fruity, floral, and woody notes. You can wear it in any season, though spring is preferable. It works just as well during the night as it does during the day. The fragrance is very long-lasting with heavy sillage.

Frequently Asked Questions on Jimmy Choo Perfumes

How much does Jimmy Choo perfume cost?

The average price of a Jimmy Choo perfume ranges between $50 and $100. Jimmy Choo sells fragrances that are as small as 40 ml. Those are significantly cheaper than the bigger versions.

Is Jimmy Choo perfume good?

Jimmy Choo perfumes generally offer good longevity and sillage. The fragrances are not overwhelming, but they’re still noticeable. In short, Jimmy Choo perfumes are quite good.

Which Jimmy Choo perfume is the best?

Jimmy Choo Man Intense is often considered one of the best fragranced ever made by the brand. If we’re talking about perfumes for the ladies, then Jimmy Choo For Women takes the crown. It is sweet, feminine, and long-lasting.

Which Jimmy Choo perfume smells the best?

The answer to this question depends on your tastes and preferences. If we need to settle on one fragrance from Jimmy Choo, it would probably be Blossom. The scent is unique, with notes of berries, citrus, flowers, musk, and wood. The combination is unexpected and very attractive.

What’s the new Jimmy Choo perfume?

Jimmy Choo launched a new collection of fragrances in 2020. The collection is called Seduction, and it contains six fragrances: Radiant Tuberose, I Want Oud, Vanilla Love, Tempting Rose, Iris Crush, and Amber Kiss.

Who makes Jimmy Choo perfume?

Jimmy Choo often collaborates with well-renowned professional perfumers. Anne Flipo, Alienor Massenet, Nathalie Lorson, Olivier Polge, and Veronique Nyberg are just a few names the brand can drop.

How many Jimmy Choo perfumes are there?

To this day, Jimmy Choo has 34 fragrances in its selection. The brand is not stopping here. It’s planning to release more fragrances in the future.

The Story of Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo is a famous Malaysian shoe designer based in London. He gained popularity when he started making shoes for London socialites and “it” girls. He even made a pair for the late Princess Diana.

In 1996, Jimmy Choo and Tamara Mellon, an editor in British Vogue, started the brand together. Tamara saw something in Jimmy, and she knew his designs could walk the red carpet and attend award ceremonies on the feet of world-class actresses and musicians.

The pair went to Hollywood, and Jimmy Choo quickly began dressing A-list celebrities. Women like Diane Kruger and Frieda Pinto fell in love with Jimmy’s designs, and continue to wear them to this day.

Jimmy Choo launched its first fragrance only a few years ago, in 2011. The fragrance was made for bold, confident, and daring women. And you can only wear it with a pair of Jimmy Choo stilettos, of course.

Tamara Mellon pointed out that perfume is what can give a woman her identity. Women are often recognized by the fragrance they wear. It is a way to know a woman without looking at her.

Olivier Polge, a world-renowned perfumer, created the debut scent of Jimmy Choo. Jimmy Choo, the perfume, has already become a classic, with its textured bottle and intoxicating scent. Jimmy Choo has come out with a handful of fragrances ever since.

Jimmy Choo Collections


The Seduction Collection is the newest Jimmy Choo fragrance line. There are six fragrances in the collection: Radiant Tuberose, I Want Oud, Vanilla Love, Tempting Rose, Iris Crush, and Amber Kiss. All are very feminine and sensual.

The six fragrances are supposed to represent all the different types of Jimmy Choo women. The bottles are textured and multi-faceted, representing the layers of each woman. The scents are mysterious and sexy, yet feminine and incredibly attractive.

Jimmy Choo Man

The brand has a separate collection just for the men. The collection has a pretty obvious name too – Man. Some of the best fragrances that came out of Jimmy Choo are for men. There are notable examples, such as Man Blue, Man Ice, Man Intense, and just Man.

The fragrances are not necessarily grouped by scent or style. Instead, they’re grouped by gender. That shouldn’t take away from the collection, as every single fragrance is impeccable.


Illicit is one of Jimmy Choo’s trademark scents. Ever since the fragrance grew in popularity, Jimmy Choo added two more fragrances to the collection to choose from. All are feminine and sensual, with Illicit Flower being more floral than the others.

The bottles are pieces of art on their own. They are engraved and textured to look like a piece of jewelry or architecture. The design of the bottles is fine and classy, yet very modern and up-to-date.

In conclusion

Jimmy Choo is no longer just a legendary shoe designer. The brand has come very far from it’s start, and you can now spray yourself with some Jimmy Choo perfume.

Though you might not expect a shoe brand to be very good at creating perfumes, Jimmy Choo will surprise you. Some of their unique scents are definitely worth your time.

There are not many fragrances in the collections that will come off as overpowering or too strong. There are certain fragrances that you will fall in love with, however.

Throw on your best pair of high-heeled shoes and your favorite Jimmy Choo fragrance, and get in the mood to conquer the world.

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