Mrs. Meyer’s Best Smelling Soap Scents

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A lot of cleaning brands have that generic soap smell but I like something that makes my cleaning routine a little more enjoyable. That’s why I love the Mrs. Meyer’s range of hand soaps, dish soaps, and cleaning products.

But have you ever noticed just how many different Meyer’s scents there are? I could send your head into a spin if I name them all.

That’s why I’ve tried and tested each of their soap scents and ranked my top ten in this ultimate guide to the best Mrs. Meyer’s smells.

1. Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender

Mrs. Meyers Lavender
Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender

Since I’m the biggest lavender fan, it was no surprise that I enjoyed the lavender scent the most. It’s my number one Mrs. Meyer’s scent.

The lavender liquid hand soap makes my hands feel soft and clean and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. A delicate lavender scent lingered for quite some time on my skin.

The brand offers such a wide variety of lavender-scented products that I really enjoy. I love their lavender scents so much that I ended up buying the car air freshener as well.

2. Mrs. Meyer’s Snowdrop

Mrs Meyers Snowdrop
Mrs. Meyer’s Snowdrop

Snowdrop is a gorgeous holiday scent with citrus and floral accords. Sadly, the products aren’t available all year round which is a shame since I feel as though this has a fragrance that you could get away with using at any time.

Still, I think this scent makes the perfect Christmas gift, particularly the hand soap and the tin candle. I love how, when using the hand soap, the unique fragrance hangs around for a couple of hours, leaving me constantly sniffing my hands. The candle not only comes in a beautiful decorative tin but lasts for 10-12 hours and does a really good job of filling the room with a gentle fragrance. Burning this gave me a real lift and made me feel at home.

3. Mrs. Meyer’s Peppermint

Mrs Meyers Peppermint
Mrs. Meyer’s Peppermint

Peppermint is another seasonal scent from Mrs. Meyer’s and wow is it strong! If you like scents that are invigorating and vibrant then I’d recommend this one.

I tried the dish soap and the fresh peppermint scent made me feel as though I was doing a really good job at getting everything clean. To be fair, I was since this is a really effective dish soap that makes light work of even the greasiest dishes.

Even after washing up, I found that the fragrance lingered in the kitchen for some time but not overpoweringly so. However, if you like something a little softer and less sharp, the mint dish soap is worth a try.

4. Mrs. Meyer’s Rosemary

Mrs Meyers Rosemary
Mrs. Meyer’s Rosemary

As one of the garden inspired scents from the brand, Rosemary has to be on my top ten list. It’s coming in at my number 4 because the scent could be slightly stronger in my opinion. That said, the surface cleaner is an incredibly aromatic fragrance that’ll leave your kitchen smelling fresh and clean.

The only thing that I did find with the surface cleaner was that, if you don’t rinse it properly, it will leave behind a residue. Of course, that doesn’t affect the scent, you just have to make sure to be thorough.

I also tried the rosemary liquid hand soap and again, I was not disappointed. It left a delicate fragrance on my hands and left my skin feeling really soft. I have sensitive skin and this didn’t cause any flare ups.

5. Mrs. Meyer’s Lemon Verbena

Mrs Meyers Lemon Verbena
Mrs. Meyer’s Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena is, from what I’ve observed, one of the most popular Mrs. Meyer’s scents. It’s light, refreshing, and the perfect fit if you’re a citrus fan. The surface scrub really impressed me in terms of how effective it was at getting rid of stubborn marks. For those deep cleaning days, it’s something I’d highly recommend.

But it was the scent that really got me. One of the things I noticed about lemon verbena was how long lasting the fragrance was. It’s perfect for summer when you want a fresh smelling home and while it lasts, it’s not overpowering.

There’s also a lemon verbena scented hand lotion which is perfect if you suffer from dry skin. It contains almond oil and shea butter that makes hands super soft. What’s more, it’s got that light scent that leaves your hands feeling beautifully fresh.

6. Mrs. Meyer’s Peony

Mrs Meyers Peony
Mrs. Meyer’s Peony

Peony is one of the garden inspired scents and is ideal for floral fans. So I decided to buy the laundry detergent. It’s always nice to have freshly scented clothes. This one left my laundry with a bright and powerful scent that did not fade quickly.

I also tried the wood bead scented diffuser in peony which made a nice addition to the shelf in my bedroom. Now, the fragrance was really lovely but it wasn’t that strong either. Unless you’re going to use it in a small bathroom, the scent just won’t carry far which is a shame as it smells so wonderful.

I did discover that the peony candle had a bit more get up and go in terms of intensity. It didn’t have much trouble filling the room with a bold floral scent and did a good job of covering up any nasty odors.

7. Mrs. Meyer’s Orange Clove

Mrs Meyers Orange Clove
Mrs. Meyer’s Orange Clove

All I can say is OMG. If you like festive scents then you’re going to go wild for this seasonal Mrs. Meyer’s smell. I love the scent, however, it’s slightly lower down on my top ten because it may be a bit too overwhelming for some people.

Out of all of the Mrs. Meyer’s scents, this is one of the more powerful. The room freshener leaves a long lasting fragrance that smells incredibly strong. It kind of reminds me of spraying perfume into the air, it was that potent.

I also gave the liquid hand soap a try and again, this was a very in your face scent. I did like the warm, spicy accord and the soap had a pleasant, luxurious feeling on the skin.

8. Mrs. Meyer’s Iowa Pine

Mrs Meyers Iowa Pine
Mrs. Meyer’s Iowa Pine

This festive scent immediately made me feel as though I was walking through a pine forest in winter. There’s a woody and spicy feel to it that makes Iowa Pine feel quite high-end. However, it’s quite a strong scent so if you’ve got a sensitive nose, you might not like it.

For me, the dish soap was a dream. The whole kitchen buzzed with the aroma, and it hangs around for quite some time once I’m done with it. Plus, it felt like the soap got my dishes squeaky clean which was my main concern.

This kind of candle such as the Iowa Pine tin candle is ideal for lighting on cozy Christmas days. It leaves a slightly more delicate scent than the cleaning products so it is ideal to use in any smaller room. It’s not too overpowering, but it helps cover stinky smells and leaves the area smelling fresh.

9. Mrs. Meyer’s Basil

Mrs Meyers Basil
Mrs. Meyer’s Basil

From what I’ve heard, Basil is among the most well-loved Mrs. Meyer’s scents. I did really enjoy it but not quite as much as some of the other herby scents like rosemary and lavender. That said, Basil smells very crisp and fresh, which I thought makes it ideal for spring and summer.

I first tried the fabric softener which kind of blew me away in terms of strength and longevity. The basil fragrance was very obvious on my laundry and lingered for what seemed like days, even after wearing the clothes. My laundry also felt really soft which was a bonus.

I then tested the basil liquid hand soap and much like the other Mrs. Meyer’s hand products, it left my skin feeling soft and nourished. I was also very impressed with how clean my hands felt. Even after preparing food, the soap managed to remove all traces of oil and dirt. It felt super fresh to me.

10. Mrs. Meyer’s Acorn Spice

Mrs Meyers Acorn Spice
Mrs. Meyer’s Acorn Spice

Acorn Spice is part of the autumn collection and blends spices with acorn and cinnamon. It’s a really warm and comforting fragrance and while I loved it, it’s not going to be for everyone. That’s why it’s number ten on my list.

I used the Acorn Spice room freshener first and it instantly transformed the room into a beautiful smelling autumnal paradise. I felt as though there was a hint of vanilla which is great if you like a bit of sweetness and it made the scent feel really cozy.

Then, I thought I’d try out the multi-surface soap, which I used all over my home including the kitchen and bathroom surfaces as well as my hard floors. Exactly as I had hoped, the scent filled my home and left it smelling super clean. The smell wasn’t overpowering so it won’t bring on a headache.

My Buyer’s Guide To Mrs. Meyer’s Products

One of the things that I personally love about Mrs. Meyer’s products is that they come in categories so it’s really easy to find what you’re looking for.

For example, there’s the fall range that contains scents like Apple Cider, Acorn Spice, Mum, and Fall Leaves. These are all really warming and comforting fragrances that are perfect for when the cold weather starts coming in.

On the flip side, there’s the garden inspired range which is probably what the brand is most famous for. This includes scents that are described with just one name such as Lavender, Basil, Peony, and Honeysuckle. They’re ideal for spring and summer but versatile enough to be used all year round.

If you’re a festive fiend like I am then you’ll love the Christmas range of scents that includes things like Iowa Pine, Snowdrop, Peppermint, and Orange Clove. There’s a nice variety here with fresh, sweet scents like Peppermint alongside the rich, warm fragrance of Orange Clove. There’s really something for everyone.

When it comes to choosing a product from Mrs. Meyer’s, the options are endless. I made a list of the products that Mrs. Meyer’s offers:

  • Hand soap
  • Hand lotion
  • Dish soap
  • Laundry detergent
  • Fabric softener
  • Bead diffusers
  • Candles
  • Dryer sheets
  • Car air fresheners
  • Room sprays
  • Multi surface cleanser
  • Body washes
  • Surface scrub
  • Gift sets

But what you want to keep in mind is that not all products are available in all scents. I noticed that the Basil and Lavender scents have some of the most diverse range of options, whereas other scents like Peony and Snowdrop were a little more limited.

Fortunately, if you’re a fan of those scents with fewer choices, you’ll always be able to find hand soap, dish soap, and kitchen cleaning products in those scents. In the Snowdrop range, you’ll find candles and room freshener but not much else.

If you’re shopping for seasonal scents such as any of the festive range or the fall collection, keep in mind that these aren’t available all year. It’s common that people stock up on their favorite seasonal scents which causes some of the products to go out of stock. It’s worth getting there early and loading up while you can.

I love the fact that Mrs. Meyer’s products are all entirely cruelty-free and made using natural ingredients and essential oils for the fragrance. This means that the products are generally suitable for people with sensitive skin, but I would still recommend testing before you commit.

The wide choice of scents, eco-friendly (refillable) and cruelty-free production, and great range of products has made Mrs. Meyer’s successful. If you’re looking for home and personal products that are bursting with fragrance, I’d seriously think about jumping on this bandwagon.

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