Best Perfume For Teenage Girls

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As you go from a child into a young woman, you will inevitably want to experiment with makeup, fashion, and, of course, fragrance. For young ladies, a sweet, fun perfume is essential but when you are just getting to grips with what you like, it can be tricky to know what to choose. 

We have put together a list of the best perfume for teenage girls that will have you feeling pretty and confident in your teens.

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Best & Most Popular Perfumes For Teenage Girls

Your teenage years are some of the most diverse in your life. What perfume you wear when you are 13 will be hugely different from what you wear when you reach 18. With that in mind, let’s walk through some of the best perfumes for teen girls of every age.

1. Katy Perry Meow – Best Perfume For Pre-Teens

Katy Perry Meow – Best Perfume For Pre Teens


Girls who are just leaving their childhood behind will love the cat-shaped bottle that Meow is presented in. This is a hint towards the exciting and fun perfume that lies within. 

Meow is a floral fruity perfume for women with strong hints of vanilla. This almost edible fragrance will immediately captivate young girls. 

Meow brings together notes of pear, jasmine, honeysuckle, and vanilla. It is an homage to all things sweet and candy, making it perfect for pre-teen girls with a zest for all the cute things in life. 

While Meow can be worn for special occasions, it is also suitable for everyday use. This is thanks to the delicate projection that is not overpowering; ideal for young ladies. 

2. Britney Spears Fantasy – Best Perfume For 13 Year Old Girls

Britney Spears Fantasy – Best Perfume For 13 Year Old Girls


Young teenage girls will fall in love with this gourmand fragrance from Britney Spears. Fantasy is a blend of some of the sweetest and most attractive notes that will hugely appeal to younger noses. 

Beginning with notes of kiwi and quince, Fantasy has a fruity start. It dries down through white chocolate and cupcake before revealing a base of musk and woody notes. 

Fantasy is said to be a love potion in a bottle. This character will perfectly match a teen girl with a dreamy nature. However, it is not a fragrance that can be easily ignored. 

Fantasy is intense and rich, so we would suggest this as being something for a teen to wear on a special occasion. 

3. Vera Wang Princess – Best Perfume for 14 Year Old Girls

Vera Wang Princess – Best Perfume for 14 Year Old Girls


One of the first things that will captivate any teenage girl is that glamorous, heart-shaped bottle that Princess comes in. This would be a welcome addition to the vanity of the girls who love pink.

Inside, Princess is an Oriental Floral blend that has rich notes of vanilla for a sweet twist. This vanilla is combined with dark chocolate, apple, and guava for a truly unique composition. 

For the teenage girl who wants to make a statement about her developing personality, this would make an incredible perfume choice. 

Princess is playful and enchanting and captures everything that it means to be a teenager in modern times. But it is not too over the top and gives a light yet noticeable aura. 

4. Dior Miss Dior – Best Perfume For 15 Year Old Girls

Christian Dior Miss Dior


Dior is a diverse brand that has something to offer every taste. Teenage girls have not been left out of the loop and Miss Dior is the ideal perfume for a girl in her mid-teens. 

Miss Dior comes in an elegant yet glamorous flacon that will appeal to the maturing nature of a mid-teen girl.

This is a Chypre Floral fragrance and so is perfectly fitting for a girl who is discovering herself as she grows. Miss Dior is the perfect contrast between childhood and adulthood. It has a slightly flirty yet innocent character. 

With notes of mandarin, rose, jasmine, and musk, Miss Dior will introduce a teen to a more mature type of fragrance. But this is still very much a playful and fun perfume.

5. Eau De Juice Pure Sugar Cosmopolitan – Best Perfume For 16 Year Old Girls

Eau De Juice Pure Sugar Cosmopolitan – Best Perfume For 16 Year Old Girls


Pure Sugar is a floral fruity perfume that is ideal for fun-loving, laid-back mid-teenage girls. It comes in an incredibly fun, pastel bottle that instantly appeals to girls at this age. 

For girls who like a perfume that smells good enough to eat, Pure Sugar is a great choice. It brings together strawberry and grapefruit at the head and plum blossom with pink pepper at the heart. After drying down, we are treated to a base of jasmine and praline.

Pure Sugar is filled with visions of days spent in the sun with friends, enjoying your younger years. It is great for flirty, lively, and ambitious teenage girls who want to show off their adventurous side. 

6. YSL Black Opium – Best Perfume For 18 Year Old Girls

YSL Black Opium – Best Perfume For 18 Year Old Girls


As a teen girl enters adulthood, she will want to be mysterious, sensual, and passionate. These are all traits that are perfectly demonstrated by Black Opium.

This is a luscious, intoxicating perfume that is sure to make a girl stand out from the crowd. At 18, the world is your oyster, and a powerful fragrance that will show everyone that you mean business is a must. Black Opium doesn’t shy away and is ideal for older teens who know what they want and aren’t afraid to get it. 

This beautiful composition blends pear, orange blossom, coffee, and vanilla for a much more mature scent that lasts throughout the day and well into the evening. 

7. Ariana Grande Thank U Next – Best Relatable Perfume For Teen Girls

Ariana Grande Thank U Next – Best Relatable Perfume For Teen Girls


There isn’t much else that can speak to a teenage girl better than a broken heart. This is a time when we feel lost love more deeply than anything else and the broken-heart shaped bottle is more of a symbol than just a container. 

Thank U Next is an incredibly sweet gourmand perfume that is perfect for teenage girls who are exploring what it means to become a woman. With the ups and downs of life, a comforting and warm fragrance is essential.

With heavy notes of coconut, raspberry, and macarons, Thank U Next is one of the sweetest perfumes for teen girls on the market. 

Thank U Next has an intense yet pleasant aura that is not too showy but just enough to air your personality. 

8. Daisy Marc Jacobs – Best Grown-Up Perfume For Teenage Girls

Daisy Marc Jacobs – Best Grown Up Perfume For Teenage Girls


Moving on from your young teens may mean a more grown-up perfume. When a teen is ready to experiment with a slightly older fragrance, Daisy is a great choice. It still has that youthful playfulness but with a mature edge. 

Daisy comes in a beautiful bottle decorated with pretty flowers. This is a floral fragrance that is heavily feminine and so perfect for young girls who want to stay girly and liberated. 

At the same time, Daisy has an air of sophistication that is perfect for a transition into womanhood. 

 A fruity start delivers strawberry and grapefruit alongside violet leaf while the heart is much more floral. At the base, woody notes blend with musk and vanilla that leaves a heady yet delicate trail behind you. 

9. Jo Malone – Lime, Basil, and Mandarin – Best Luxury Perfume For Teenagers

Jo Malone – Lime Basil and Mandarin – Best Luxury Perfume For Teenagers


If you are a teen girl who wants something a little more high-end then the Jo Malone perfumes are a great place to start. Lime, Basil, and Mandarin is a fresh and unique perfume for teenage girls that is great for everyday wear. 

Lime, Basil, and Mandarin was launched in 1999 so has a classic feel but also has a modern twist. If you are a girl who likes something a little more luxurious, then Lime, Basil, and Mandarin is for you. 

With the featured notes, there is a hint of iris, basil, lime, and patchouli making this a great statement fragrance that would work very well as a signature scent. 

10. Glossier You – Best Modern Perfume For Teenage Girls

Glossier You – Best Modern Perfume For Teenage Girls


A relatively new player in the perfume industry, Glossier You is a must-have for any teenage girl. One of the best things about You is that it is suitable for girls of all ages. From pre-teens to young women, this is a powdery, floral statement. 

You comes in a simple yet modern flacon which is highly attractive. Inside, you will find notes of musk and iris alongside powdery notes. This warm composition makes You a great perfume for teenage girls during the colder months. 

While You does boast incredible longevity, it is not overpowering and projects gently as you move around. For this reason, it is ideal for school, college, or your part-time job and won’t offend anyone. 

11. Light Blue Dolce and Gabbana – Best Fresh Perfume For Teen Girls

Light Blue Dolce and Gabbana – Best Fresh Perfume For Teen Girls


Light Blue is a beautiful, fresh floral fruity perfume with heavy citrus notes that is perfect for young women who want a delicate scent. That being said, Light Blue is extremely unique and unmistakable, making it ideal as a signature. 

Owing to the extremely fresh nature of this perfume, Light Blue is ideal as a summer fragrance. For teenage girls who live a free and adventurous life, light Blue is the perfect way to show off your personality. 

Light Blue begins with lemon, apple, cedar, and bellflower before melting into a heart of bamboo, jasmine, and rose. At the base musk and cedar compliment amber for a scent that carries incredibly well. 

12. Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo – Best Fashion Perfume For Teen Girls

Jimmy Choo Jimmy Choo – Best Fashion Perfume For Teen Girls


The beautiful crystal-like bottle that Jimmy Choo comes in demonstrates the glamour and chic of this scent. Jimmy Choo is the ideal perfume for young ladies with a passion for life. It is a Chypre Fruity perfume. 

Jimmy Choo is a highly feminine perfume that would suit teenage girls with a bold and outgoing character. For anyone who loves fashion, Jimmy Choo is the perfect compliment to your favorite jeans and leather bag. 

With green notes, pear, orchid, and toffee, Jimmy Choo is the perfect contrast between sweet and fruity. It is flirty, playful, and incredibly glam.

13. DKNY Be Delicious – Best Fruity Perfume For Teenage Girls

DKNY Be Delicious – Best Fruity Perfume For Teenage Girls


Be Delicious from DKNY is an excellent perfume for teenage girls since it is on the more affordable end of the scale. What’s more, it comes in a stylish, apple-shaped flacon that would complement the modern decor of a teen girl’s bedroom. 

Be Delicious is a fruity floral fragrance for women that is fun, energetic, and free; just like a teen. It is a bold fragrance but not one that is incredibly overpowering and so, Be Delicious would make an ideal choice for day to day wear. 

For teen girls who want to appear charming and sweet, yet with a sense of adventure, the notes in Be Delicious are the perfect way to convey this character. 

At the head, cucumber and grapefruit flirt with magnolia. The middle notes are floral, mixed with crisp green apple. As it dries down, a woody base of sandalwood and amber is revealed. 

14. Tommy Girl Tommy Hilfiger – Best Classic Perfume For Teenage Girls

Tommy Girl Tommy Hilfiger – Best Classic Perfume For Teenage Girls

Tommy Girl is a much more classic perfume that was originally aimed at the teen girls of the 90s. However, with its pleasant aroma and uplifting vibe, it is most certainly a fragrance that still appeals to young girls today. 

Tommy Girl comes in a simple, elegant bottle that will fit in with the style of any vanity unit. The perfume is perfect for sporty girls who love the outdoor life. If you have an outgoing and vibrant personality, Tommy girl will help to portray that. 

The blend is very complex and comprises apple blossom, camelia, and blackcurrant at the head. The heart is filled with mint, citrus, and floral notes followed by a rich bae of jasmine, woods, and leather. 

Tips For Choosing The Right Perfume For A Teenage Girl

The changes that girls go through in their teenage years are not limited to physical ones. Emotional changes and a developing personality mean that their choice of perfume is likely to change over the years. 

This is one of the most important things to think about when choosing a perfume for a teen girl is to think about where she is on her journey through life. For younger teens, or perhaps those who are just about to enter into their teenage years, a more sweet and innocent fragrance may be preferable. 

If you think about a young girl transitioning from childhood into her early teens, she may still have a lot of childlike qualities about her. The last she wants is to be doused in a fragrance that her mother would wear. The two characters simply wouldn’t match. 

At this stage of their development, gourmand fragrances are ideal. Think cupcakes, ice cream, and vanilla. 

Once the teenage girl begins to move forward into her mid-teens, she may want to start going for something a little more flirty. Now would be a great time to introduce fruity or delicate floral fragrances that give her a sense of feeling mature without taking away her innocence. 

During the late teen years, at the ages of 18 and 19, young women may be beginning to explore their sensuality. At this point, perfumes that are seductive and mysterious may appeal to their personalities. 

You should keep in mind, particularly for younger teen girls, that their perfume shouldn’t be overpowering. This is a time in life where they will need to explore without appearing to have matured too quickly. 

For this reason, selecting an Eau de Toilette or an Eau Fraiche is a great idea since these will not be as potent as a Parfum. 

Furthermore, if the girl is attending school, quite often, it is frowned upon by schools for girls to be going with heavy perfume or makeup. Something lighter and less offensive will be suitable for her to wear in day to day life.

You should also think about the likes and dislikes of the young lady. Many girls enjoy the celebrity culture during their teenage years and will often have a favorite, actor, singer, or performer. Fortunately, there are many celebrity fragrances out there that are geared towards the younger market. 

Choosing a perfume commissioned by their favorite singer makes for a great birthday or Christmas gift.

In Conclusion

Your teenage years take you through many emotions, hobbies, friends, and adventures. Having a perfume to complement every moment of your journey is of the utmost importance. 

Whether you like a sweet perfume that smells good enough to eat or a feminine, floral fragrance, there are many amazing perfumes for teen girls; all you need to do is choose your favorite.

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