Best Pheromone Cologne For Men

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Many of us wear cologne to make ourselves feel well-groomed and confident. Other times, however, we might look for a fragrance that will draw attention from the opposite sex. These are known as pheromone colognes.

Finding the right pheromone cologne can be a game-changer for men when it comes to attracting a woman and fortunately, there are several options to choose from. 

So, get your senses ready to explore some of the best pheromone cologne for men; you might just find a new favorite.

What Is Pheromone Cologne?

Pheromone cologne is a specific type of fragrance that is designed to work with your natural body chemicals. 

Humans, and many other animals, emit chemicals known as pheromones. These have a subtle scent and while many people aren’t actually aware of what pheromones smell of, they are almost certainly affected by them. 

You see, when you release pheromones, they act as an attractor to the opposite sex. It is thought that we produce them as one of the most primal ways of attracting a mate. Back in ancient times, we may not have been developed enough to communicate in the way that we do now. The natural scent of our pheromones would be how we allured a woman. 

In modern times, we often let our personality do the talking but with the subtle aroma of these raw chemicals, you may notice some significant success where the ladies are concerned. 

Pheromone cologne is designed with this very purpose in mind. It contains synthetically produced pheromones that closely mimic what humans naturally release. 

This gives your scent a boost and can be hugely attractive to women. Furthermore, there are scents that do not directly contain pheromones but are designed to enhance your own production, making them much more potent. 

Does Pheromone Cologne Really Work?

You could be forgiven for thinking that pheromone cologne is all a marketing gimmick to make you buy the latest fragrance. And we won’t lie, there are products out there like that.

However, in the main, pheromone cologne is a worthwhile product. 

But it is important to keep in mind that the ads for these fragrances may be slightly misleading. You will probably be told that women will flock and fall at your feet by wearing a pheromone cologne. You’ll instantly become some kind of Adonis that can attract any woman he desires.

While it’s a nice sentiment, it’s far from the reality. Your pheromone scent may well attract a beautiful stranger; if she’s attracted to your unique smell. 

However, how these scents work is to boost your own natural aroma. This is attractive to women depending on their monthly cycle and individual tastes. According to science, there is no doubt that pheromones are attractive to women, just as their pheromones are attractive to us. 

So, yes, pheromone colognes do work, especially when you are in close contact with another person. Just don’t believe all the hype that you will suddenly become irresistible to every woman on the planet.  

Best Men’s Pheromone Cologne

There is a relatively wide choice of pheromone cologne for men. As a result of this, many men often find themselves in a dilemma when choosing the right one. But we have crafted a list of some of the finest pheromone cologne for men; just pick your favorite.

1. PherX Pheromone

PherX Pheromone

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PherX Pheromone oil comes in a small 30ml bottle but packs a punch when it comes to potency. 

What you notice first about PherX is that it has a higher concentration of natural pheromones than any other product out there. This puts it at the forefront of its game and it has an incredible power.

With more than 200 sprays in a single bottle and the need for just one per use; this is a scent that will carry you through many events. 

For times when you really want to stand out and get noticed, PherX will deliver. This isn’t a pheromone cologne for men that don’t want to make a statement. PherX is strong, raw, and desirable. It is not ashamed to announce itself, and neither should you be when you wear it. 

2. Raw Chemistry Pheromone

Raw Chemistry Pheromone

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For youthful men with a passion for life, Raw Chemistry makes a great introduction to the world of pheromone cologne. It is a unique and sensual blend of ingredients that shows off your raw power. 

With a primal feel, Raw Chemistry is a highly concentrated composition of the most attractive male pheromones. Women are attracted to the scent that floats effortlessly around you and works incredibly well when in close contact with someone. 

Not only will this be an excellent attractor but Raw Chemistry is also a product that will empower you and cause you to feel at your best. It is masculine and strong; everything that you are in a bottle.

3. True Instinct

True Instinct

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One of the main natural pheromones that men produce is known as androstenone. It is released in fresh sweat and this can be a massive turn-on for women; even if they don’t realize it. 

This natural aroma has been synthetically blended into what is one of the most effective and well-loved pheromone colognes on the market. 

True Instinct comes in either an oil or a body spray which is great as you have the option to use a product that suits you.

This is a scent that is highly erotic, hugely primal, and extremely potent. Just a single spray is enough to entice a female. True Instinct is fantastically long-lasting but it is a good idea not to go overboard as this can be too much. 

4. Pheromone Cologne Marilyn Miglin

Pheromone Cologne Marilyn Miglin

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Pheromone by Marilyn Miglin is a rich and enticing Oriental fragrance for men. It brings together a harmonious blend of green notes, honey, sandalwood, Tonka, and citrus which has a unique aroma. 

What we love most about Pheromone by Marilyn Miglin is the diversity of the scent. You are always going to want to appear at your most attractive; this is a fragrance that is suited to all seasons and all events. 

Pheromone has a delightful aura that lingers heavily around you. Some pheromone sprays require you to be up close and personal but this is in a league of its own.

This classic, rich scent will have impressive results for men of all ages and all walks of life. 

5. Nexus Pheromones

Nexus Pheromones

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If you are looking for a pheromone cologne that is highly concentrated and hugely effective, then Nexus is a great option. 

Nexus pheromones is a potent blend of seven synthetic human pheromones known to attract women. Unlike some other products out there, the creators have worked to make Nexus a strong and effective blend. 

It isn’t, however, a garish and strong fragrance that will offend. Instead, Nexus is designed to let you do the work, revealing your masculinity and power to your chosen lady. 

The product can be used on its own but just as easily blended with any other cologne of your choice. Nexus is a youthful and vibrant offering that has been shown to make women feel more at ease around the wearer. 

6. Healthy Attraction Pheromone Oil

Healthy Attraction Pheromone Oil

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What sets Healthy Attraction apart from other pheromone colognes is that it comes in a much more conventional fragrance bottle. Many others come looking like a medicinal product, so this makes a nice change. 

Healthy Attraction contains a heady, masculine scent but is far from being over-pronounced. It is bold yet sensitive, daring yet calm. This is a pheromone fragrance that will easily replicate your personality. 

The cologne is a fresh, clean scent that is infused with several human pheromones and has a profound effect on the ladies. But Healthy Attraction is much gentler than other products, making it ideal for guys who want to make a less obvious statement. 

7. Evolve XS

Evolve XS

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Evolve XS is designed to give you instant magnetism and create a desire in women that cannot be sated. If you want something effective, then Evolve XS could be the solution to your problem. 

The fragrance is designed with various male pheromones including the powerful androstenone but comes with a choice of cover scents. Everything from fresh Acqua di Gio and Cool Water through to the warming aroma of Oud Sultan, you can still have your favorite cologne on your skin. 

Evolve XS is a great choice for guys who are out on the town and want to create an aura around them that is irresistible and sexy. Perfect for nightclubs, bars, and parties where you want to meet an attractive stranger for an intimate encounter. 

8. Pherazone


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The name might be a little cheesy but what’s behind this title is anything but. Pherazone is a heady concoction of hormones that are proven to work wonders. It is moisture resistant so won’t fade easily; ideal for long days.

There are three choices but the Pherazone spray designed for men makes use of various types of androsterone along with a unique fragrance that is unparalleled. The scent is a warming, rich vanilla accord that is universally popular. 

According to their research, Pherazone claims that its fragrance is up to 10 times more potent and effective than other brands. But this isn’t merely some gimmicky claim. Only approved, lab-tested pheromones get into the mix leaving you confident that your dream woman is just a spritz away. 

9. Phermalabs Pheromone Cologne For Men

Phermalabs Pheromone Cologne For Men

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For gay men, don’t be concerned that you may be left out of the loop when it comes to pheromone colognes. There are plenty of products designed for men who want to attract men.

Phermalabs pheromone cologne is a beautiful mixture of pheromones that will attract women while having a fresh, clean, and enticing aroma. It has one of the highest concentrations on the market, so you are sure to get noticed when you wear it. 

Phermalabs is ideal for wearing throughout the day and will effortlessly complement your own natural scent. That being said, you can also pair the cologne with any of your favorite perfumes for just as profound an effect. 

10. Viral Chemistry Invincible

Viral Chemistry Invincible

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This incredible pheromone cologne is packed with synthetic human pheromones that have been scientifically proven to attract women. 

Viral Chemistry brings you Invincible in a beautifully simple bottle containing 15ml of potent oil. 

It has a bold aroma that is effective for attracting the opposite sex and gives you the feeling of a proud, confident male. Invincible is designed for men who aren’t afraid to be different. The wearer is someone who knows what he wants and will go and get it; he will stand out from the crowd and follow his dreams. 

This attitude is reflected in the masculine scent with the best longevity of any pheromone cologne we have seen. Up to 33 hours of fragrance from a single application. 

In Conclusion

We all produce pheromones and this is a primal way to attract a woman. However, these often go unnoticed, so if you have been having trouble with the fairer sex, using a pheromone cologne can give you a boost. 

Whether you want a  subtle, sexy aroma or something much bolder and more pronounced, there are several pheromones colognes to choose from. Mix them with your favorite scent or wear them on their own and let these powerful products work their magic.

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