Best Poo-Pourri Scents in 2024

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Using the bathroom isn’t the nicest-smelling experience but we’re all human and it’s totally normal. Still, it’s not something I’m willing to share with anyone else so masking any odors is really important to me.

Toilet freshening sprays are a relatively new concept but they’ve hit the market running and are incredibly popular. Poo-Pourri is my favorite toilet spray, not only for its performance but also for its range of delightful scents.

If you’re looking for a fresher bathroom experience, Poo-Pourri is likely to be the answer. But first, you need to pick your scent. Don’t worry about testing them all out, I’ve already done it for you.

Which Scents of Poo-Pourri Are The Best

Poo-Pourri comes in a 2 oz or a 4 oz bottle. However, you can buy a 16 oz refill if you find a scent that appeals to you. There are a lot of Poo-Pourri scents to choose from, so it was difficult to decide which one was my favorite. However, I’ve narrowed it down to my top 10.

1. Heavy Doody Extra Strength

Heavy Doody Extra Strength
Heavy Doody Extra Strength

I know someone, mentioning no names, that does some of the smelliest poops I think I’ve ever had the displeasure of being around. After gifting this person a bottle of Heavy Doody, it was as though no stink ever existed.

For harsh odors, Heavy Doody is well worth it and it’s got a lovely cedar and pine scent with a citrus blast that leaves the toilet super fresh. The scent is pretty masculine so works well for a bachelor pad or frat house, perhaps.

I should point out that this is one of the longer lasting scents and it’s pretty strong. If you don’t like a heavily scented bathroom, maybe give this one a miss.

2. Master Crapsman

Master Crapsman
Master Crapsman

If you’re thinking about getting that smelly, I mean special someone, in your life an unusual gift then a Poo-Pourri gift set might make them smile. For the guys, Master Crapsman contains two of Poo-Pourri’s most masculine and powerful scents; Royal Flush and Trap A Crap.

Royal Flush is a spearmint and eucalyptus monster that’s incredibly fresh and vibrant. It’s one of the stronger scents and is ideal for those morning poos after a night on the town. You know what I’m talking about.

Then you’ve got Trap a Crap which is a cedar and citrus scent that’s a little gentler and great for everyday use. I found that this one left a delicate scent but was amazing at preventing a stink.

3. Potty On

Potty On
Potty On

Have you ever seen the Poo-Pourri Santa commercial? As soon as I smelled Potty On, I imagined that this would have been the scent Ol’ Saint Nick used in the Poo-Pourri Christmas commercial, simply because of how sweet it is.

But it’s not actually holiday inspired; Potty On has the scent of a freshly baked birthday cake! Not something I’d ever have associated with using the bathroom. Notes on vanilla, buttercream, and coconut certainly made my toilet visit more culinary.

Having read reviews, the general consensus is that this is one of the stronger-smelling Poo-Pourri sprays. So, if you have a tendency to create a stink, grab a bottle of Potty On before you take a seat on the throne.

4. Lavender Vanilla

Lavender Vanilla
Lavender Vanilla

Lavender has long been one of my favorite scents. There’s no occasion that I don’t think this earthy floral scent isn’t suited to and that includes a trip to the little girl’s room.

For fans of florals, this is my top pick although Wildflowers is ideal if you prefer something more summery and fresh. Lavender Vanilla is a warm, comforting scent that I find works well when I’m having tummy trouble. It’s like aromatherapy on the loo!

However, I did notice that there was a slight lemony twist to the spray which could put some people off. This aspect makes it feel a little more like a bathroom cleaner than a pretty spray but personally, it wasn’t enough for me to stop using it. Plus, the scent lasted a decent amount of time after I’d finished.

5. Wildflower


Let me start by saying that I ADORE the bottle for Wildflower with the cute bees and pretty floral design. It’s certainly one of the more girly Poo-Pourri and the same can be said for the scent. Unlike Lavender Vanilla, Wildflower is a slightly fresher and more summery floral scent. While there are notes of lavender, there’s also the sweetness of honeysuckle.

I find this to be very effective at stopping smells but it’s relatively gentle so the whole bathroom isn’t enveloped in an overwhelming scent when I’m done.

You really only need to use a few sprays for it to work and I think that the inoffensive wildflower scent is ideal for leaving in a guest bathroom.

6. Pink Citron

One of the most feminine scents from Poo-Pourri comes in the form of Pink Citron. This is a super sweet, almost good enough-to-eat smell made up of rock candy, strawberry, and citron.

While I do really love the scent of Pink Citron, I did notice that it didn’t cover up odors quite as well as some of the other scents in the range. Don’t get me wrong, it works OK but if you’re a bit of a stinker then something like Heavy Doody would be a better option.

That said, Pink Citron is very pleasant and I think would be adored by younger female members of the family if only for the glittery bottle!

7. Tropical Hibiscus

Tropical Hibiscus
Tropical Hibiscus

Another floral scent that’s been a big hit in my house is Tropical Hibiscus. But unlike the other floral Poo-Pourri scents I tried, this one is much sweeter thanks to the fruity apricot notes. For this reason, I love this one during summer. It makes the toilet smell fresh and inviting and is perfect for when you have friends and family over for a BBQ.

While the scent isn’t as strong as something like Potty On, it’s enough that it is very effective in stopping odors. In fact, I’ve seen many people getting excited about using this one in the office and on the go. Plus, the handy 2 oz bottle fits easily into your purse.

8. Original Citrus

Original Citrus
Original Citrus

Original Citrus is, in my opinion, the most generic and least offensive-smelling Poo-Pourri scent. I’ve noticed that it features in pretty much all of the Poo-Pourri gift sets as it’s one of the most popular scents.

Citrus scents work well in the bathroom at the best of times and being so fresh and vibrant, Original Citrus does an amazing job of preventing odors. I felt really confident when spraying this that nobody  would be any the wiser about what I’d been up to.

I’ve seen a lot of people talking about how they buy this in the large 16 oz bottles as it’s a great choice for families where kids might often stink up the bathroom.

9. Deja Poo

Deja Poo
Deja Poo

If I had to pick one Poo-Pourri scent as my ultimate fave, it would be Deja Poo. It’s a beautiful blend of white flowers (my favorite) and citrus so it’s pretty and refreshing all at the same time. But it’s not over the top so won’t make a loud statement, letting everyone know you’ve had to freshen the bathroom.

Instead, it leaves a clean, fresh, yet delicate scent that feels welcoming for the next person to use the toilet. But even though it’s light, Deja Poo covers up odors perfectly; a great one to pop in your bag for when you’re out and about.

10. Fresh Sea Salt

Fresh Sea Salt
Fresh Sea Salt

In the bathroom, I think that fresh scents work really well so I was keen to try Fresh Sea Salt. It’s a really uplifting scent with citrus and eucalyptus notes and I’ve seen a lot of people talking about how this is their favorite to take on vacation.

That said, I couldn’t find this scent in the Poo-Pourri travel size. But there is a beautiful Poo-Pourri set with travel-sized bottles that contains Original Citrus which is quite similar.

If you like the Original Citrus scent but want something that feels even more refreshing then I think Fresh Sea Salt is the way to go. It works so well against odors and leaves a light yet noticeable scent in the room for the next user.

Does Poo-Pourri Really Work To Eliminate Odors

Of course, Poo-Pourri claims that the product is effective but I had to find out for myself. I’ve been checking out some reviews for Poo-Pourri and there’s a lot of positivity around this freshener.

Unlike products that are designed to cover odors up after they’ve happened, Poo-Pourri works to prevent them in the first place.

What I love is that all of the scents leave a fresh scent but aren’t massively overpowering. They achieve what a lot of other things can’t and that’s a totally lush-smelling bathroom even after you’ve done your business.

One of the things that I see a lot of people asking is does Poo-Pourri work if you pee first? I couldn’t find any information online or on the official PP website so I reached out to them, and this is what they told me;

Yes, the before you go toilet sprays will work even if you pee first. The essential oils should still remain on the surface of the water.

So, if you need to number 1 before you number 2, there’s really no need to worry; the spray will work exactly the same.

How Do I Use Poo-Pourri?

Using Poo-Pourri is a little different from other fresheners or odor eliminators which are usually sprayed after you’ve done the dirty. Poo-Pourri is designed to be sprayed directly around the toilet bowl before you drop the kids off at the pool.

The product coats the water, creating a barrier that odors cannot penetrate. This means that, even if you do a poop that might be a world record breaker for its stench, nobody will be any the wiser.

How Well Does The Scent Of Poo-Pourri Last?

I have to stress that Poo-Pourri isn’t designed to be an air freshener in the traditional sense of the word. Therefore, the product isn’t going to leave a strong or long lasting scent in your bathroom. Generally speaking, I found that the scent lasted for around 15 minutes. After that, my bathroom smelled neutral once again with no sign of any stink!

What Kind Of Ingredients Does Poo-Pourri Use In Its Products?

If there’s one thing that truly caught my attention about Poo-Pourri, it’s the fact that it’s a totally natural product. The ingredients are plant-based and include essential oils that naturally fight odors. What’s more, there’s no alcohol, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, or any other nasties.

Even the packaging is eco-friendly and sustainable, made with recyclable materials. And if that wasn’t enough, the brand is cruelty-free and even has the Leaping Bunny to clarify this.

Alternatives To Poo-Pourri

The story of Poo-Pourri is an inspiring one. Budding entrepreneur Suzie Batiz had already set up and lost two businesses, filing for bankruptcy and swearing off the business world altogether. However, she went on to have one last-ditch attempt, coming up with Poo-Pourri.

There have been some Poo-Pourri controversies including a recall of Poo-Pourri hand sanitizers. The FDA recalled more than 149 hand sanitizers due to an ingredient known as methanol, a type of alcohol. However, upon researching, I could not find any PP products on the recall list nor could I find the offending ingredient within the products. That said, some people may still have been put off by this.

While Poo-Pourri is the original spray-before-you-poop product, a lot of other brands have jumped on the bandwagon. It’s only fair to take a quick look at the alternatives.

  • VIPoo has become one of the best-selling poop sprays and comes in a variety of different scents. However, I have noticed a lot of reviewers talking about the fact that VIPoo does still leave a bit of an odor and that Poo-Pourri is far more effective. But since VIPoo is a little cheaper, those on a budget could be left smiling.
  • Mask is a high-end and expensive poop odor-eliminating product that comes in the form of drops instead of a spray. But what surprised me was that, although the product worked well, I needed to use a lot more to take effect. Value for money? I think not!
  • Squatty Potty Unicorn Gold is a delightful poop spray that comes in super cute packaging. While there are a variety of scents, Citrus Squeeze seems to be the most popular. As far as I can see, this product performs just as well as Poo-Pourri but it has pretty gold flakes that decorate the loo. Necessary? No. Cute? Absolutely!

Homemade Poop Spray

The problem that a lot of people have with poop sprays like Poo-Pourri is the price. Some of them, like Mask at $25 a bottle, can be pretty expensive. However, those good old essential oils save the day again and can be used to make your very own at-home DIY Poo-Pourri.

All you need is to choose your favorite essential oils and add around 30 drops to some rubbing alcohol and give it a good shake. What I love about this is that you can play around with scents and even make the spray a little stronger smelling by adding more drops. Great if you want a very fresh scent in the bathroom!

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