The Best Rose Perfumes to Try in 2024

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Rose is an incredibly feminine scent that has been used in fragrance for many thousands of years; you might say it is the original perfume. Ancient Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra is believed to have filled a room full of roses for her intense love affair with the famous Mark Anthony; so, if the rose is good enough for royalty, it is undoubtedly good enough for the rest of us.

In our opinion, rose is one of the most beautiful floral scents available and this is backed by its wide use in fragrance houses around the world.

Our guide to the best rose-based perfume will give you an insight into how diverse and intense this ancient scent can be. 

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About The Rose Scent

Rose is perhaps one of the oldest recognized fragrances in the world. From what we can gather, it has been used as far back as 3000BC; not only for its beautiful and intoxicating aroma but also for the healing qualities that it possesses. It has long been applied as an antiseptic treatment, and as far back as ancient Roman times, it was appreciated for its ability to relieve pain and heal wounds.

The rose flower grows worldwide, but there are certain varieties that are in high demand, particularly where perfumery is concerned. The bulk of the roses for the fragrance industry come from the middle east and north Africa, most notably, countries like Turkey, Iran, Morocco and Bulgaria are massive producers of this elegant flower. 

It is not surprising that rose is such a popular flower for perfumes since it is a diverse scent that can be blended with many other scents. However, some of the most popular combinations are with sandalwood, jasmine and vetiver. The reason that rose is so versatile is that whilst it is classed as a floral scent, the sub-aromas are vast, with each variety of rose having a slightly different accord. 

Rose is often used in feminine, floral perfumes and is ideal for daytime wear thanks to its fresh and light aroma. However, in contrast, several rose fragrances are made with darker colored roses for a more romantic and mystical perfume. 

17 Best Rose Scented Perfumes

With rose being one of the most highly sought-after fragrances in the world, it is not surprising that there are hundreds of perfumes that smell like rose. We believe that these are some of the most incredible rose-based perfumes available today. 

1. Montale Roses Musk

Montale Roses Musk


This beautiful floral, woody fragrance for women comes in an incredibly unique bottle that is an instant selling point. However, one should be prepared to fall in love with the aroma within, and this is thanks to the delectable combination of rose, jasmine and musk which come together to create a light yet potent perfume which is ideal for daytime wear. 

Imagine a warm spring day, taking a walk through a flower-filled garden or a shopping trip with the girls. This is a fun and flirty fragrance for the modern woman that will leave a beautifully delicate trail wherever you go. 

Released in 2009, Roses Musk by Montale has stood the test of time and reigns supreme as one of the best rose perfumes for women.

2. Bvlgari Rose Goldea

Bvlgari Rose Goldea


Bvlgari is known for its exquisite jewelry, and they wanted to capture that golden luxury in a floral fragrance for the seductive female. With hints of exoticism and deep base notes of musk that are complemented by middle and top notes of damask rose, peach and jasmine, this is a delightful and intoxicating mix of femininity and power. 

In 2016, the fragrance was released with the idea of making the wearer feel like a Goddess, and the presence of the elegant bottle alone is enough to achieve this.

With a slightly oriental twist, this is a floral perfume that works well throughout the day and well into the evening. Furthermore, it is ideal for those intimate moments thanks to its not-too-overpowering sillage.

3. Le Labo Rose 31

Le Labo Rose 31


Unlike many other fragrances, this one wastes no time on fancy packaging and comes in a bottle that could easily be mistaken for something much more medicinal. However, the contents speak for themselves, and this is a velvety and mystical rose-based perfume that has been designed with both the modern man and woman in mind. 

For anyone who wants a profoundly seductive and spicy fragrance, Rose 31 will not disappoint; suitable for both daytime and evening use, this is a perfume that oozes confidence and self-esteem. 

The top notes of rose and cumin contrast perfectly with middle notes of vetiver and cedar, finally succumbing to the intense base notes of oud and musk; delightfully sensual and long-lasting.

4. Chloe Roses

Chloe Roses


Back in 2008, Chloe burst back onto the perfume scene with a new, original fragrance, this was followed by a variety of others, one of which is this incredibly feminine floral scent. 

Inspired by the stunning rose gardens found in Paris, the city of love, Chloe Roses brings together top notes of lemon and tarragon which are followed by enticing middle notes of apple and damask rose before settling into a woody, amber base that lasts throughout the day. 

This is a rose-based perfume that has been made for the modern woman, someone who is always on the go but wants to retain her image of grace and beauty. The stunning pink bottle is complemented by a beautiful bow, making this not only a wonderful perfume but something of a striking centerpiece on the vanity table.

5. Tresor Midnight Rose Lancome

Tresor Midnight Rose Lancome


Lancome released Tresor In Love in 2010 and needed a fragrance that was just as unique and intense, so in 2011 brought us this fantastical scent that is still as popular today. 

Tresor Midnight Rose is a fruity floral offering that comes in a bottle that oozes the personality of the dark and mysterious woman who loves to keep people guessing.

Wear this to an elegant evening soiree or on a special anniversary dinner date with the one you love and keep the attention on you; thanks in part to the incredibly strong sillage and long-lasting nature of the fragrance.

Before the striking base notes of vanilla and musk, you are treated to heady middle notes of pink pepper, jasmine and peony but not before the light and delicate, yet powerful top notes of raspberry and rose; the perfect juxtapose of contrasting scents that add to the elusive nature of this scent. 

6. Tom Ford Cafe Rose

Tom Ford Cafe Rose


Where unisex fragrances are concerned, there are none more qualified than Tom Ford and this intensely dark and spicy chypre floral perfume demonstrates why this company is a master at what it does.

Irresistible top notes of saffron and May rose are followed by heart notes of tuberose and coffee before giving way to the potent amber, patchouli and sandalwood base notes that linger for hours after spraying. 

This scent will easily take you from office to evening drinks and leave a lasting impression behind you. Ideal for a modern man or lady who wants to create an air of mystery and sensuality, Cafe Rose is the perfect scent to take you from the heat of summer into the cool of fall. 

The dark, elegant bottle adds to the mystery of this highly desirable scent. 

7. Jo Malone Red Roses

Jo Malone Red Roses


One of the first things that catches your eye about this perfume is the iconic Jo Malone bottle that demonstrates class and sophistication, and these traits are imitated perfectly in the fragrance itself. With top notes comprising lemon and mint, this is a hugely fresh fragrance that is ideal for daytime wear. 

Soon after, the middle notes of Bulgarian rose and violet leaf are revealed before the base notes of beeswax come through for an elegant perfume that lingers delicately in the air. If you would like a fresh fragrance that doesn’t over-announce itself, then this is a wonderful option. 

Despite having been initially released back in 2001, the simplicity and elegance of this perfume mean that it remains just as well-loved by today’s modern woman. 

8. Mancera Roses Vanille

Mancera Roses Vanille


For a deeply oriental floral experience, Roses Vanille by Mancera delivers exceptionally well. This is a hugely aromatic fragrance that will last throughout the day and well into the evening, perhaps beyond thanks to its incredibly long-lasting nature. 

One of the most unique combinations of scents and released in 2011, this distinctive and potent aroma has certainly stood the test of time. Beginning with notes of water and lemon and quickly followed by rose and sugar, this is a fresh yet warm scent quite unlike any other. The base notes of sugar and vanilla leave you with a clean scent that is perfect for everyday use, whether that be at work or spending a day with the family. 

Owing to the unique fragrance, this is a great choice for those looking for a new signature scent. 

9. Viva La Juicy Rose Juicy Couture

Viva La Juicy Rose


If there is anything that stands out from the get-go with this perfume, it would have to be the striking bottle that is more like a piece of modern art than a humble fragrance container. 

But look beyond the first appearance, and you will experience a fragrance that is perfect for the young, fun-loving woman with a zest for life. 

Juicy Couture initially released this fragrance as a holiday special, and it is entirely fitting with the glamour and glitz of the Christmas period but would work equally well into the new year.

The heady base notes of orris and benzoin give a lasting aroma but not before you experience fresh top and middle notes of pear, mandarin orange, jasmine, rose and peony; a floral combination that is perfect for flirtatious fun.

10. Carolina Herrera VIP 212 Rose

Carolina Herrera VIP 212 Rose


The 212 collection is perhaps one of the most iconic fragrance collections in the world, and this fresh, rose-scented offering is one of the most popular floral perfumes of our time. Released in 2014, this scent is perfect for lazy spring days spent with that special someone; in our opinion, it is without a doubt, one of the most romantic rose-based perfumes on our list. 

This is a fruity, floral scent that is synonymous with fashion and glamour and brings a sensual and long-lasting fragrance to any occasion. Brought to you in a modern, dusky pink bottle, this is not only an elegant perfume but one that oozes style. 

There is an incredible number of diverse notes including champagne, peach blossom, musk and amber, which make this a rich yet fresh fragrance for the fun-loving lady. 

11. Rose Of No Man’s Land Byredo

Rose Of No Mans Land Byredo


If you have been searching for a unisex rose perfume that offers simplicity and elegance, then you won’t find much else that rivals No Man’s Land. This is an oriental spicy fragrance that is ideally suited to the modern man or woman who wants to gently announce their presence as they enter the room. 

Perfect for both daytime and evening wear and an excellent choice for a warm, sunny summer’s day, this scent comprises a diverse number of notes. Top notes of pink pepper and Turkish red rose give way to heart notes of raspberry bloom. Once the base notes come through, you will be left with a gorgeous combination of amber and papyrus for a perfume that is both sensual and uplifting. 

The simple bottle further demonstrates the pure nature of this fragrance but don’t be fooled; just a few sprays will last throughout the day, leaving an enticing sillage wherever you go. 

12. Ombre Rose By Brosseau

Ombre Rose By Brosseau


Today’s woman doesn’t always have to keep up with modern styles, and this is a perfume that is entirely representative of that. A classic aroma coupled with a sophisticated bottle comes together to give you a scent that is ideal for the classy, elegant lady.

First released back in 1981, Ombre Rose has become a staple scent on the dresser of many women and the gentle sillage left behind is just enough to announce your presence without being overbearing. 

The top notes of this scent are Brazilian rosewood and peach, and these then move aside to allow the intoxicating orris and rose heart notes which are also complemented by sandalwood and ylang-ylang, demonstrating the versatile scents that come together in this delicate perfume. Base notes include iris, tonka bean and musk for a long-lasting scent that is perfect for day to day use. 

13. Aerin Rose De Grasse

Aerin Rose De Grasse


The striking bottle that contains this perfume gives off the impression of a Greek Goddess, with its gold and white tones; this is fitting considering that roses were highly prized back in ancient Greece.

The perfume itself is a deliciously floral scent that combines watery top notes and ambrette which are closely followed by heart notes of both French and Bulgarian rose. As the base notes come through, you are treated to a heady combination of musk and amber that is delicate enough for intimate and daily use. 

If you love a fragrance that isn’t overly-pronounced but speaks to your sophisticated tastes, then this is a wonderful choice. Timeless beauty is offered by the bucketload in this beautifully feminine fragrance. 

14. Diptyque Eau Rose Perfume

Diptyque Eau Rose Perfume


Eau Rose by Diptyque is a fruity, floral fragrance that was first launched in 2012; the entire Diptyque range demonstrates elegance and class, and this is no exception. With the simple packaging and classic French style, you might be taken back to a more simple yet glamorous time. 

A perfume that is ideal for those long, balmy summer days, the fresh, top notes of litchi and blackcurrant are soon followed by beautiful rose, geranium, and jasmine making this a genuinely floral fragrance. Once the cedar and musk base notes come through, you will have a perfume that gently lingers without being overpowering. 

For the sophisticated woman with a fun streak, this perfume is an excellent choice.

15. Dior Rose Perfume

Dior Rose Perfume


Dior has a perfume for every occasion and every personality, and if you are a woman who loves a little bit of glamour, then this would be the perfect scent for you. 

Designed with radiance in mind, this is a rose based fragrance that is fresh and enticing, all the while keeping in mind the glamorous lifestyle often led by its wearers. 

The top notes are bergamot and geranium, and these give way to heart notes of intense damask rose. The base notes of white musk hold moderate longevity and a sillage that is both delicate yet potent. 

If you want a perfume whose bottle is feminine and fun, then this is a great choice, and the Dior brand theme is easily recognizable. 

16. Kai Rose Perfume

Kai Rose Perfume


Some perfumes are complex and feature a decadent array of notes; however, for the woman who wants something a little simpler, Kai Rose perfume makes a wonderful signature scent. 

It oozes class and doesn’t boast flashy scent combinations, favoring the simplicity of rose, white flowers and gardenia for a delicate and intimate fragrance. The simple packaging adds to the laid back nature of the fragrance, and this is ideal for anyone who wants something that demonstrates that less is more. 

The first fragrance in the range was released in 2000 and more than 17 years passed before this rose version was introduced; it certainly has earned its place and reputation as one of the most feminine rose scents. 

17. Vera Wang Embrace Rose Buds And Vanilla

Vera Wang Embrace Rose Buds And Vanilla

The Embrace range from Vera Wang has a wide selection of fragrances, and this classic rose scent is one of the most popular. This is little surprise when you learn that this powdery, oriental floral perfume uses a complex and varied range of notes to create a scent that is both powerful yet feminine, delicate yet lingering. This is achieved by combining top notes of rose, damask rose and mandarin orange with middle notes of cyclamen and iris which finally give way to intense base notes of sandalwood, musk and vanilla; undoubtedly one of the most diverse perfumes on this list. 

This is a fragrance that can be worn just as easily during the day as it can for an evening event and is ideal for women of all ages who want a rose perfume with a woody twist. 

How To Choose Your Rose Perfume

Choosing a rose perfume requires you to consider the type of fragrance you would like. Since this is one of the most diverse scents there is, it can be combined with various others to make either fresh, floral or woody scents. If you prefer a more mysterious and spicy aroma, you should choose a perfume that smells like rose which combines scents like sandalwood and amber. In contrast, those who want something a little lighter might be better choosing a rose-based perfume that combines other floral scents like jasmine and iris. 

There was a time in recent years where rose perfume for women was seen to be old-fashioned, but this scent has made a modern come-back and there are now both timeless and contemporary takes on this classic scent. 

Many rose perfumes offer an intimate sillage making them ideal for people who like something a little more understated; however, there are plenty that are far stronger and more pronounced, so you get a good choice. Something such as the Kai rose perfume we have discussed would be ideal if you wanted something more delicate, whereas the Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose offers a more intense aroma. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Rose Perfumes

How to describe a rose scent?

Roses can have a variety of scents, depending on the species. Some are musky, whereas others have a slightly spicy accord. In the main, rose scents are thought to be relaxing and restorative. 

What is a rose scent good for?

The aroma of roses has long been associated with relaxation, but it is also used in aromatherapy to promote healing from anxiety and depression.

What goes well with a rose scent?

Rose is a diverse fragrance that will blend well with a variety of others, most commonly, it will be used with ylang-ylang, vetiver, sandalwood and jasmine.

Which rose has the strongest scent?

The most highly scented rose in the world is believed to be the Mister Lincoln rose. 

What perfume has rose scent?

Hundreds of perfumes use a rose scent. One of the most potent is Jeanne Arthes L’eau de rose, which is a light, fresh blend of roses.

What is the best rose perfume?

The rose perfume that you like best will depend on your personal preference, but there are many people who would conclude that Miss Dior Rose is one of the best.

How is a rose perfume made?

Rose essential oil is taken from the flower’s petals using a distilling method that allows for the most effective extraction. Rose absolute is extracted using a solvent method and can be aged from anywhere between one and ten years. 

Full Guide On Rose Scented Perfumes

Rose perfume has been used throughout the ages and has long been associated with beauty and romance. Its links with beauty go back almost as far as time itself, and there is evidence to show that the rose is one of the oldest flowers in the world, with scientists having discovered species dating back as far as 35 million years.

In ancient Greece and Rome, the rose was seen as a symbol of beauty and was highly-acclaimed with many members of royalty taking huge pride in their rose-based cosmetics and medicines. But we might go back further than this because there is some suggestion that the rose was originally cultivated by the Chinese as long ago as 5000 years. As a result of this, it is believed that more than 13,000 varieties were developed, although it is now widely accepted that there are 300 official species of the rose. 

Today, most of the world’s supply of roses come from Turkey, Iran, Bulgaria and Morocco, and these beautiful flowers are usually harvested at the beginning of summer. More importantly, they must be picked in the early morning because it is at this time that the rose begins to open and will pollinate; and this is when it is at its most fragrant. 

The oil from the rose is taken using a steam distilling method although there is a solvent extraction method, originally used in ancient Persia which creates rose absolute. This is far more expensive and prized, and it is known that it can take up to 60,000 roses to produce just 30ml of rose absolute. 

You might recognize the smell of rose, but those with a more discerning nose will be able to identify the sub-class of this fragrance. There are seven sub-classes for the rose; these include damask, apple, lemon, violet, orris, nasturtium and clove, and the darker the rose, the more intense its aroma. 

The essential oil is widely used in perfume and offers a romantic vibe that is synonymous with beauty and elegance. However, it is also widely used in healing, both for physical and mental health. The oil is used in aromatherapy to reduce stress thanks to its relaxing properties, but it is also highly-acclaimed as a way to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

The wound-healing properties and pain relief effect of rose oil was noted thousands of years ago and is still used today with rose features in many antiseptic and anti-viral products. It is also useful as an astringent and has anti-aging properties. 

Final Thoughts On Rose Perfume

As one of the world’s longest-standing scents, rose is an easily-recognizable and timeless fragrance that seems as though it will never wane in popularity. 

It is featured in some of the most well-loved perfumes on the planet and can be combined with a huge variety of other scents to create everything from floral to woody perfumes, making it ideal for a wide range of tastes and styles.

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