Best Smelling Men’s Body Wash To Smell Good All Day

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I love getting out of the shower in the morning, smelling great and feeling fresh. But that feeling doesn’t last too long, does it?

But I did realize that there were certain body washes that left me with that ‘out of the shower’ feeling for much longer. It was then that I began paying much closer attention to the products I was using.

I’ve experimented with tons of great smelling men’s body washes and found some real gems. If you want to smell fantastic all day, check out some of my finds in the guide below.

Watch this video to discover long-lasting men’s body washes that smell great:

1. Native Body Wash Eucalyptus And Mint

Native Body Wash Eucalyptus And Mint
Native Body Wash Eucalyptus And Mint

I’m starting with a body wash that’s actually designed for men and women so it’s a great one if you’re buying for the family. What I really loved about this body wash was how gentle it acted on my skin. It’s free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and artificial dyes so it was ideal for my sensitive skin. No flare ups or anything.

Plus, the body wash has a nice creamy consistency that felt rather luxurious. And that’s something I’d expect given the price.

I’m also over the moon with the fresh, uplifting eucalyptus and mint fragrance. This is a great one for a warm summer morning when I want to feel refreshed. The scent was long-lasting but gentle on my skin.

2. Men’s Method Body Wash Juniper And Sage

Mens Method Body Wash Juniper And Sage
Men’s Method Body Wash Juniper And Sage

When I caught the scent notes of juniper and sage, I already knew that I was going to like Method body wash. I already use the product range for the house and they smell like bliss. Likewise, I was not disappointed with the personal care range.

Method body wash is a plant-based formulation that’s cruelty-free and contains no nasty ingredients. For people like me with a sensitive skin, it’s a God send! The liquid lathers up nicely although I find it not as creamy as the Native body wash.

The scent feels beachy and fresh, as though I’m walking along a rocky shore. It’s certainly invigorating my morning shower. The scent lasts for some time on the skin but I feel you have to get pretty close to really notice it.

3. Harry’s Body Wash Redwood

Harrys Body Wash Redwood
Harrys Body Wash Redwood

Harry’s makes a range of super creamy and luxurious men’s body washes in lots of scents. As for me, I love the redwood scent as it feels really masculine. While there is a clear woody aroma, the scent also feels uber fresh as if strolling along a windy coast.

Does it last? Well, I found that, because this is a more concentrated body wash, the scent hung around for a little longer. I also noticed that a little really does go a long way. So, even though it may seem like this a pricey body wash, it’ll last twice as long.

Harry’s body wash feels very grown up and elegant and is also really kind to the skin. It contains no parabens, dyes, or sulfates so it’s great if the skin is a little sensitive. However, since this isn’t an antibacterial product, it may not be the right choice if you’re looking for something to fight sweat odors.

4. Kiehl’s Men’s Body Fuel Wash

Kiehls Mens Body Fuel Wash
Kiehls Men’s Body Fuel Wash

Another pretty expensive body wash. I found myself asking if it was going to be worth the money. Glad I gave it a try.

What first struck me about Body Fuel was the uplifting and invigorating aroma. Now, this isn’t something that’s going to smell overpowering but I did catch little whiffs of it for hours after washing with the body wash.

I also like the fact that this body wash contains lots of natural ingredients with various benefits. On hot and sweaty summer mornings, the menthol has a delightful cooling effect on the skin while the presence of caffeine contributes to making the skin look brighter. The formulation also contains zinc as a key ingredient which should benefit anyone who needs a soothing body wash. For me, it felt as though my skin was deeply purified after use.

Body Fuel also has the advantage of being a 2-in-1 wash that you can also use on your hair. That’s really convenient for me.

5. Philosophy Fresh Cream Body Wash For Men

Philosophy Fresh Cream Body Wash For Men
Philosophy Fresh Cream Body Wash For Men

Before I get into the scent and effectiveness of Philosophy body wash, I’d like to take a moment to praise the presentation. I like how it has a modern, spa-like feel that I think looks great in the bathroom. Especially compared to some of the more garish packaging out there. For me less is more. And I like something with a luxury feel.

Anyway, back to the scent. Philosophy’s Fresh Cream has, as one may expect, an aroma of whipping cream. I mean, is it for me? Probably not. I feel as though it’s a little too feminine but it’s nice as an evening treat if I want to soak in the bath.

That aside, the texture of the body wash really impressed me. It’s just as rich and creamy as the name. Plus, it’s a 3-in-1 solution that’s suited for everyday use. That said, it does contain sulfates so probably won’t be suitable for people with already dry skin.

6. Dove MEN + CARE Body And Face Wash

Dove MEN CARE Body And Face Wash
Dove MEN CARE Body And Face Wash

Dove is well known for making skin-friendly and moisturizing wash and I wasn’t disappointed with how this body wash left my skin feeling. The creamy body wash lathered up nicely and my skin felt newly hydrated.

But what about the smell? Well, this one comes in the Clean Comfort scent which leaves behind a nice crisp fragrance that’s not too overpowering. I noticed that it lasted for a couple of hours after my shower.

What I like the most is that this body wash has been developed especially with men’s skin in mind. Then again, I did notice that this formula contains sulfates. This can cause irritation to the skin. For this reason I stopped using the body wash after a couple of uses for fear of it exacerbating my sensitive skin. If your skin is easily irritated, this is one I’d avoid.

7. Cremo Bourbon And Oak Body Wash

Cremo Bourbon And Oak Body Wash
Cremo Bourbon And Oak Body Wash

If I told you that a body wash made me feel mature, refined, and manly, would you believe me? Well, that’s essentially how I felt after using Cremo Bourbon And Oak. There was such a rich and deep scent that just kept evolving throughout the use.

This body wash is layered, just like a cologne and your skin is left delicately scented for hours afterwards.

I think that it is a great choice for anyone with dry skin, as the body wash leaves a layer of moisturizer when you are done using it. Luckily this doesn’t feel sticky. I barely felt it if it hadn’t been for how soft and hydrated my skin felt.

It is important to point out is that this scent isn’t going to be for everybody. Some may find it a little over the top. But there are others in the Cremo range that are a little more delicate and more uplifting such as citrus and mint or silver water and birch. Definitely worth a shot if you like the brand.

8. Old Spice Fiji With Palm Tree Body Wash

Old Spice Fiji With Palm Tree Body Wash
Old Spice Fiji With Palm Tree Body Wash

This Old Spice men’s body wash certainly has one of the most unique scents I’ve tried. An aromatic blend of lavender, coconut, and coffee. It feels warm and comforting which I found ideal for taking an evening shower to wind down.

Old Spice scents are known to last for quite some time, but how did it hold up? Well, it did last longer on my skin than on some of the others I tried. But I wouldn’t say it lasted all day. I did receive some compliments on how I smelled.  It’s not something that can be said about all body washes.

It did, however, keep my odors at bay and the whole experience of using Old Spice felt pretty luxurious. It lathers really nicely and feels creamy on my skin. If you’ve got dry skin, this one will feel very soothing. However, it did irritate my skin a bit, resulting in a little redness.

9. Irish Springs Original Clean Men’s Body Wash

Irish Springs Original Clean Mens Body Wash
Irish Springs Original Clean Mens Body Wash

I mean, nobody can deny that Irish Springs has a great reputation. Plus, if you’re looking for a nice smelling body wash that isn’t going to break the bank, you won’t find anything more affordable than this. 

I love the classic, clean scent that is ideal for waking yourself up in the morning. The body wash promises to continue smelling fresh for up to 24 hours but I think that’s a little hopeful. That said, I did find that I got a continued scent for around an hour or so after using it.

But one thing Irish Springs does achieve is protection against sweaty odors thanks to its antibacterial properties. It manages to be kind to skin because it contains no ingredients like parabens or phthalates. I found that the formula not only made me feel clean but also made my skin really soft.

10. Nécessaire The Body Wash Sandalwood

Nécessaire The Body Wash Sandalwood
Nécessaire The Body Wash Sandalwood

Necessaire is a luxury brand that makes a range of scented body washes for men and women. I tried the sandalwood body wash which has a subtle but very aromatic smell. The scent didn’t last as long as some of the other body washes I tried, but it gave me a really enjoyable shower experience because of the scent.

A key feature that makes Necessaire body wash stand out is that it’s formulated to provide a number of skin benefits. After 14 days, your skin is meant to feel healthier and more nourished and I have to admit that it really did feel that way.

My skin felt better and smoother and I am pleased to say that it didn’t cause a flare-up of my allergies. If anything, I think it helped as my skin doesn’t feel as itchy.

Keep in mind that this is one of the more expensive body washes on my list, so using it in the long term will come with a financial commitment.

11. Bath And Body Works Noir Men’s Collection

Bath And Body Works Noir Mens Collection
Bath And Body Works Noir Men’s Collection

I thought all Bath and Body Works items were brightly colored and girly. That was until I discovered the Men’s Collection and boy did I fall hard for Noir. The bottle gave me some Drakkar Noir cologne vibes the scent smelled more like Armani Code Profumo to me.

My excitement was high to find a body wash that felt almost like a perfume. It’s extremely fragrant and lasts really well on the skin. Plus, I noticed that I only need to use a small amount and it lathers up nicely.

The whole experience felt luxurious. From the classy bottle to the high-end smell. And it’s nice that there are other products in the range, like deodorant and cologne, to compliment the body wash.

Definitely worth a try if you’re looking for a nice perfumed body wash. Although it doesn’t do as much to care for the skin so sensitive folk may want to steer clear.

12. Molton Brown Flora Luminare

Molton Brown Flora Luminare
Molton Brown Flora Luminare

Flora Luminare from Molton Brown is more of a luxury bath and shower gel. If you’re looking to share something with your partner, this wouldn’t be a bad choice. There is a tropical smell with sweet vanilla and orange blossom, with some florals. For me, it felt a little too feminine with the florals but I pushed on regardless.

What I like most about this body wash is how long the scent stays on. Yes, it’s one of the more pricey options but you’ll enjoy how long it lasts around your skin. Plus, the bottle feels incredibly luxurious in the hand. It adds a nice touch to the bathroom.

The wash is ideal for people with sensitive skin. I checked it and it is free from nasty ingredients plus cruelty-free as well as vegan.

13. Degree Icy Mint Men’s Body Wash

Degree Icy Mint Mens Body Wash
Degree Icy Mint Men’s Body Wash

I often find myself with aching muscles so I’m glad I found this body wash that helps relax them as I shower. I have known Degree mainly for its deodorant but this refreshing body wash is also ideal for keeping odors at bay.

This smells great, comes free from any nasty ingredients and really works well at keeping me smelling fresher for longer. I noticed that not only did I smell nice for hours after my shower but I also felt clean throughout the day.

The body wash works best under a cold shower, so I tried it after a workout and it certainly revived me! Although that’s not something I would do daily, let me tell you. It is also possible to use this as a bath soak if you want to indulge in its Arctic scent for even longer.

14. Suave Ocean Breeze Men’s Body Wash

Suave Ocean Breeze Mens Body Wash
Suave Ocean Breeze Mens Body Wash

I like Suave Ocean Breeze because it’s very good for dry or sensitive skin. It contains vitamin E which is super soothing and nourishing as well as other friendly ingredients like sea algae extract.

Now, this is supposed to be a unisex body wash but I find that it has equal amounts of male and female vibes. The sandalwood makes it feel sweet, warm, and masculine while the freesia gives it a slightly more feminine character. I think for couples or families it’s an affordable body wash that everyone can use.

One of the things I particularly liked about Suave was how nicely it lathered up. For the price, I didn’t expect this kind of rich and luxurious experience, but I’ll gladly return to it. If there was one thing I could make better, I would make it a longer-lasting scent. Once I get out of the shower, it quickly fades.

15. Huron Original Citrus Body Wash

Huron Original Citrus Body Wash
Huron Original Citrus Body Wash

Huron body wash comes in either in a citrus and eucalyptus scent or a sandalwood and black pepper scent. I tried both as they’re totally different moods and found that I preferred the citrus and eucalyptus as the scent just felt more uplifting. The choice worked out well for me because the scent seemed to stick around for longer on my body. Definitely a plus.

With Huron I think regardless of which smell you choose, your skin will thank you as their body washes are packed with skin-nourishing ingredients like vitamin E and coconut oil. It did make a difference in how my skin felt after using it, and even my partner picked up on the improvement.

If you suffer from easily irritated skin then this is a great choice for an everyday wash as it doesn’t use parabens, or sulfates. It’s also made to help tackle acne thanks to the addition of witch hazel.

16. AOS Men’s Body Wash

AOS Mens Body Wash Citrus Scent
AOS Mens Body Wash Citrus Scent

When I get up in the morning, I like a refreshing scent like citrus to wake me up.  This Art of Sport Men’s Body Wash definitely does the trick. This is probably one of the most powerful smelling men’s body washes I’ve ever used and the scent not only lasted on my skin but kinda hung around my bathroom for hours as well.

AOS is a brilliant choice if you deal with dry skin as it contains aloe vera. It left my skin feeling incredibly soft and hydrated without feeling sticky. However, I was disappointed to find out on the bottle that there are some chemical ingredients in this one which I think isn’t great news for sensitive skin.

Because of the charcoal inside, AOS body wash makes the skin feel thoroughly cleansed. Even after a very active day, mine still didn’t feel sweaty or dirty. I love this as a summer body wash because on those hot days, there’s nothing worse than feeling as though you need to go for several showers. AOS most likely won’t let you feel like that.

One thing I should point out is that I needed to use a little more of this body wash to get a full body cleanse. It’s not a deal breaker but it does mean the bottle won’t last you as long.

17. Cardon Men’s Vital Acne Clearing Body Wash

Cardon Mens Vital Acne Clearing Body Wash
Cardon Mens Vital Acne Clearing Body Wash

Although this is a body wash that’s primarily designed to cleanse the skin and clear up bouts of acne, I really liked how luxurious it smelled. This is another body wash that, for me, almost felt like applying a gel cologne.

The musky woody aroma filled the bathroom and remained noticeable on my skin for a good few hours after I’d used it.

Cardon contains a ton of antioxidants that work to target oils and reduce inflammation. I don’t get too much acne on my body but I do suffer from a problem area on my back. I found that this body wash did a little to reduce the problem but I wouldn’t recommend it for very severe breakouts.

I did feel that it helped to combat odor during the day. Where some other washes couldn’t stop me from getting a little stinky, this one kept me feeling much fresher.

18. 18.21 Man Made Spiced Vanilla Wash

. Man Made Spiced Vanilla Wash
18.21 Man Made Spiced Vanilla Wash

I am all about luxury, I can’t help it. So the first time I came across this spiced vanilla body wash, I was ecstatic. I think it would actually make a terrific Christmas or birthday gift as there’s something special about it.

The smell is sweet and warm and feels masculine to the core. The first time I used it, it took me back to being in the barber’s chair, being pampered and coming out smelling like the guy I always envisioned myself being. The fragrance is quite intense and long lasting. This could almost replace a gentle cologne in my opinion.

I was also seriously impressed by how well moisturized my skin felt after using the body wash. It’s a 3 in 1 wash so I use it to keep my hair and beard healthy as well.

I found that I don’t need to use a lot of the 18.21 Man Made body wash for both the whole body and my hair. It’s a good thing too because it goes for $28 dollars a bottle. It’s a little steep for an everyday product, I admit.

19. Axe Body Wash Crushed Mint And Rosemary

Axe Body Wash Crushed Mint And Rosemary
Axe Body Wash Crushed Mint And Rosemary

In terms of uplifting and masculine scents I haven’t come across anything quite as fitting as Crushed Mint and Rosemary from Axe. In my opinion, this is a brilliant everyday body wash. It simply makes me feel clean and refreshed.

For such an affordable brand as Axe I was pleasantly surprised to see that their body wash doesn’t contain parabens. They also claim to be dermatologically tested. In addition, it contains 100% plant based moisturizers. It’s probably because of that that I experience somewhat smoother skin.

If like me, you like to layer your scents then Axe makes a wide range of other products and the body wash serves as an excellent base. The scent doesn’t last overly well by itself but when coupled with an antiperspirant or deodorant, I can maintain a nice smell all day.

20. Bevel Body Wash Supreme Oak

Bevel Body Wash Supreme Oak
Bevel Body Wash Supreme Oak

I chose to include this black-owned brand that has created a range of skin care products for melanated skin. Why does that matter, you might ask? Well, the more highly pigmented your skin, the more likely you are to have allergic reactions and experience skin irritation.

I really liked how moisturizing and nourishing this body wash was. It made my skin feeling soft and supple. While I do have very fair skin, it’s also extremely sensitive and I did not suffer any reactions when using Bevel.

I particularly liked the Supreme Oak scent. It felt warm and inviting. I’d highly recommend this as a body wash for winter mornings when you want to feel soothed. The scent didn’t cling to me for long once I stepped out of the shower. But the bottle did last a long time, allowing me to reap the skin benefits.

Body Wash Vs Bar Soap

Choosing the right soap to wash with is essential in taking care of your skin. And I’ve had a lot of people ask me which is a better choice between using body wash or bar soap.

In reality, it depends on what you’re looking for from a bathing product and your unique skin needs. For example, a lot of bar soaps can be very dehydrating, whereas body washes usually include a lot more moisturizing ingredients. Therefore if you have naturally dry skin, a body wash would be a better option.

Body wash has also the advantage of being more hygienic as you are using a ‘disposable’ amount of the product each time you wash. With bar soap, the product is left to sit in a soap dish or on the basin where there’s a likelihood of bacterial growth.

That said, bar soaps tend to contain fewer ingredients. Plus, body washes can have a lot of unnecessary ingredients that aren’t great for your skin. This is why I always suggest choosing organic products or those that don’t contain things like parabens.

Does Body Wash Expire

While it is more difficult for bacteria to grow on body wash compared to other soaps, body wash can still expire. It is therefore a good idea to use your body wash within a reasonable amount of time. There is usually a little ‘open pot’ sign on the bottle with a number inside, this tells you how many months the body wash is good for.

Moreover, it is important to note that these products contain fatty acids. When stored for long periods of time, they may go rancid. Generally speaking, your body wash should be good for around 12 months.

If you want to check the soap’s condition, you can look for things like changes in color, separation, scent and lather loss, and of course mold or rot.

How To Use Body Wash

It might seem like an obvious thing; squeeze out your body wash, lather it on your skin, and rinse. While you could stick to this simple method, I do have a few tips to help you get the most out of your body wash.

For starters, it’s important to choose a body wash that’s right for your skin. We all have different needs but not all body washes are designed to tackle all problems. Some products, such as Dove, that are packed with moisturizers suit people with dry skin.

That said, some of the scents in these body washes can irritate the skin but there are some great smelling men’s body washes made for sensitive skin. You can also use something to calm acne and other skin conditions. Using the wrong body wash could exacerbate certain problems so it’s worth taking the time to look at what it’s designed to do beyond just cleansing.

Once you have chosen the right body wash, you need to be mindful of how much you’re using. With a good men’s body wash, a little goes a long way. A dollop the size of a quarter should be more than enough to clean your whole body.

You might want a ‘one for all’ product but that isn’t always an option with body wash. I’d personally not recommend using regular body wash on your face because the skin on your face is more sensitive and may have different needs to the skin on your body.

Moreover, while there are 2 in 1 body washes, I usually do not recommend using a regular body wash on the hair. Body wash and shampoo are made from different ingredients and are designed to do different things. Using body wash as shampoo could potentially result in an irritated scalp, dry hair, dandruff, and other unpleasant problems.

But I do have some good news. You can always use body wash to clean your hands if you’ve run out of hand wash. The reason for this is that the two products are made up in fairly similar ways.

Even the most pleasant smelling men’s body washes aren’t going to last forever. But there are things that you can do to prolong their scent:

  • Since you apply body wash and then rinse it away, it doesn’t really have a chance to ‘stick’ to your skin. However, applying a lotion in the same scent can make the smell last longer.
  • If you have a favorite cologne, these often come with matching body wash. Using the two together will make the smell stronger and longer lasting.
  • Think about the scent notes of your body wash; there are some that stick around for longer than others. For example, things like lavender and patchouli last far longer than other scents.
  • The scent of your body wash can disappear in the bottle if it isn’t stored properly. To ensure you get the best smell for as long as possible, you should keep your body wash in a cool, dry place, and out of direct sunlight.

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