Best Smelling Old Spice Deodorant Scents (Ranked Top 10 List)

Best Smelling Old Spice Deodorant Scents Ranked Top 10 List

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The original Old Spice gained something of a reputation as an old guy’s scent and the modern man would typically steer well clear. But it’s undergone something of a rebrand and folks are now raving about how Old Spice suddenly smells new.

And it doesn’t stop there. Old Spice doesn’t just come in that one earthy, spicy scent we’re all used to. The deodorant range from Old Spice is diverse and there’s a scent for everyone. In this guide, I made a rank of the best smelling Old Spice deodorants, giving my top list of Old Spice scents I recommend you try.

1. Old Spice Swagger

Old Spice Swagger
Old Spice Swagger

At the top of my list is Old Spice Swagger. This intense yet uplifting scent is perfect for the gent that exudes confidence. It’s fragranced with cedarwood and lime so there’s a lovely balance between two different scent families.

I love this one because the scent lasts very well on your skin and does a lot to prevent body odor. However, some users have complained of a skin rash when using the deodorant. Old Spice has identified this as a sensitivity issue, but it’s worth testing before dousing yourself in the scent. 

2. Old Spice Bearglove

Old Spice Bearglove
Old Spice Bearglove

There’s something about Bearglove that reminds me of Christmas. I mean, it’s probably the spiced notes and apple but when combined with citrusy accords, there’s also a summery vibe to this scent. Could you call it versatile enough to wear all year round? Absolutely!

It’ll fight off odors for up to 48 hours so it is excellent for the hardworking guy and it’s gentle on the skin and doesn’t leave marks. However, some users have noticed that the scent fades pretty quickly so you may still need to top up later in the day.

3. Old Spice Fiji

Old Spice Fiji
Old Spice Fiji

Choosing Fiji as your summer deodorant will transport you to a tropical island. OK, I can’t promise you’ll feel that tropical sun on your skin but the scent of palm trees and coconut coupled with earthy lavender will at least remind you of your last vacation.

Fiji is a fresh and uplifting scent that sits well on the skin and will radiate delicately throughout the day. The only thing that I didn’t like was that this one only fights odor for 24 hours, whereas some of the other Old Spice products work for double this amount of time. 

4. Old Spice Volcano

Old Spice Volcano
Old Spice Volcano

If you like a scent that makes you feel adventurous then I’d recommend Volcano. Old Spice says it’s made from ‘citrus, amber, and bravery’, I don’t know if the scent will ensure that you’ll suddenly be filled with courage but it is sure to boost your confidence.

This is a very masculine and rugged scent that’s inspired by nature so it’s great for workout days and leisure time. But while it smells fantastic, this isn’t the best one for stopping odors. If you tend to sweat quite a lot, you might be better off choosing one of the other Old Spice deodorants. 

5. Old Spice Timber

Old Spice Timber
Old Spice Timber

Sandalwood is one of my favorite woody scents so you can imagine my delight when I stumbled across Timber which has a heavy sandalwood fragrance. That said, if you’re not a fan of this sweet, woody scent, you might find this a little too much.

It lasts very well and will battle odors for 10 to 24 hours, so it’s a great choice for everyday wear. However, if you wear it for a lot of physical activity, then you may find that it isn’t strong enough to mask your body odor. 

6. Old Spice Refresh

Old Spice Refresh
Old Spice Refresh

A lot of men’s deodorants have a spicy or woody smell but being masculine can mean being fresh too. That’s why I love Refresh as it has an uplifting citrus scent that’s perfect for hot weather. Not only does it do a good job of covering odors but it just feels summery and vibrant.

The long-lasting scent is designed to work for up to 48 hours. However, you should keep in mind that this is another Old Spice scent known to have some ingredients that may upset sensitive skin so it’s not suitable for everyone.

7. Old Spice Deep Sea

Old Spice Deep Sea
Old Spice Deep Sea

Part of the Old Spice fresh collection, Deep Sea is great for men who want a vibrant scent. It’s inspired by sea elements and citrus but there’s also a hint of a floral accord in there too so it’s a pretty diverse scent.

Some men may find the floral element a little too feminine but that’s a matter of personal opinion. I feel it gives the scent a nice balance. Also, this is quite a youthful scent so the deodorant is much better suited to guys who want to show off their fun side rather than to display sophistication and class. 

8. Old Spice Pure Sport

Old Spice Pure Sport
Old Spice Pure Sport

When your body is working hard, you need a scent that is going to prevent and mask body odor. Pure Sport is an ideal deodorant for just such an occasion. It’s got a fresh and powerful scent that feels clean and uplifting.

What I really love about this deodorant is how long-lasting it is. In both senses of the term. It protects against odors for a long time and the scent sticks to you for hours. That said, some people may find this scent a little too overpowering, especially for everyday wear for things like work and running errands.

9. Old Spice Original 

Old Spice Original
Old Spice Original

Could I write a review of the best Old Spice deodorant scents without including the original? No, I could not! If you like a classic scent then this deodorant will suit you down to the ground. The original scent has notes of citrus and spice alongside sweet vanilla and musk.

It’s manly without being overpowering so it’s a great choice for going to the office, meeting up with friends, and even doing the school run. But what many users have noticed is that the original scent isn’t quite the same as the true original which can be disappointing if that’s what you were expecting. That said, this modern take is great for the contemporary guy.

10. Old Spice Dynasty

Old Spice Dynasty
Old Spice Dynasty

I’m a sucker for a spicy scent so this one, scented with leather and spice really caught my attention. It’s rich and masculine and one that’ll drive your other half crazy; in a good way, I might add.

Old Spice advertises this as one of their ‘premium’ fragrances and it does feel a lot more like a cologne than an antiperspirant. For this reason, I think it’s great for an evening out when you want to layer your scent. 
It might be a little too much for day-to-day wear. Although since it performs so well and lasts so long, it’s tempting not to use this deodorant for every occasion.

Old Spice Deodorant Buying Guide

Old Spice has an outstanding collection of deodorants with a wide range of scents to suit every taste. You might be able to choose your favorite based on scent alone, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that. There are some other things you’ll need to take into account.

Let’s start by considering your scent options as that’s the thing that’ll stand out most. The great thing about the Old Spice collection is that you’ve got just as many choices as you would when choosing a cologne. OK, maybe not quite, but you understand what I’m trying to tell you.

You first need to think about how and where you’re going to wear the deodorant. While this may be the base of your scent that you’ll layer with cologne, it’ll still be prominent throughout the day. If you’re going to a church service with your grandmother, you’ll want a much more conservative scent than you’d choose if you were going to a nightclub.

This is important as some of the Old Spice deodorants have a very prominent scent that can quickly overwhelm a space, especially if you use a lot of product. It’s about knowing your audience and wearing a scent that’s appropriate. For more intimate affairs, I’d suggest going for something like Bearglove. On the other hand, if you want to stand out, I’d definitely say Dynasty would be a great choice. 

Old Spice Deodorant’s Odor Fighting Protection

Most of the Old Spice deodorants offer either 24 or 48 hours of odor protection. You’ll need to choose which one suits your body best. If you tend to sweat a little more or suffer from stronger body odor then the 48 protection might be the better way to go.

Furthermore, try to think about what activities you’ll be doing while wearing the deodorant. If you’re just going to be sitting in the office then you won’t need anything quite as hardworking as if you’re heading to the gym and then going for a 10k run.

Other Things to Consider When Choosing an Old Spice Scent

The scent of your deodorant is one of the most important things to think about but you’ll need to focus your attention on other factors.

For starters, as I have mentioned throughout this review, there are some Old Spice products that contain ingredients that may cause skin irritation. This is largely among users with sensitive skin so it’s imperative to check out the ingredients before putting it on your skin.

If you’re in any way unsure, you can perform a patch test to make sure that you won’t suffer any ill effects when using the deodorant.

I’d also suggest looking at the type of deodorant you’re choosing. These deodorant sticks are usually made from gel or a hard substance. The gel can feel sticky but some people prefer how smoothly it glides on. Moreover, you’ll want to make sure that the deodorant doesn’t leave marks on your clothes. The only thing you want it to leave behind is a wonderful scent!