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Tocca is a line of luxury clothing that was established in 1994 by friends with one vision: beautiful yet affordable clothes. Since then, they’ve succeeded in creating some wonderful garments and expanded their brand by debuting Tocca Beauty in 1997 and releasing beauty products like perfumes that became popular among fashionistas all over again.

The Tocca perfume collection ranges from light to rich floral notes, which makes it perfect for any woman out there looking to expand their signature scents. You can find several great scents within their fragrance line and we have reviewed 10 of Tocca’s best perfumes that will help you find your favorite citrus.

Top 10 Best Tocca Perfumes

1. Tocca Florence – Most popular

Tocca Florence

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Tocca Florence is the perfect fragrance for any woman who wants to smell fresh and clean but still has a little bit of personality. It has notes of pear, apple, grapefruit leaf, and gardenia that make it light and airy while still being floral enough to be feminine. You can wear it every day or save it as your special occasion perfume – either way, you’ll love how great you smell.

With its crisp green notes mixed with musk and white woods, Tocca Florence will leave everyone around you wanting more. The first time someone catches a whiff of this best smelling Tocca perfume they won’t be able to stop thinking about how good you smell all day long.

2. Tocca Giulietta

Tocca Giulietta

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If you want to be surrounded by beautiful scents all day long then Tocca Giulietta is just what you need. It has top notes of apple, ylang-ylang, and pink tulip with middle notes of lilac, lily-of-the-valley, iris, rose, and orchid up to its base notes of musk, heliotrope, sandalwood, amber, and Virginia cedar.

Actress Giulietta Masina’s love story with Federico Fellini served as the inspiration for the Tocca Giulietta, which was introduced in 2009. We’re sure that you will fall in love with this scent. It’s the perfect blend of fruity florals that makes it both sweet yet sophisticated at the same time. This fragrance is sure to be your new favorite go-to perfume.

3. Tocca Cleopatra

Tocca Cleopatra

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We know you love to take charge of every situation, and we think it’s time for your perfume to do the same. Tocca Cleopatra is an amber floral fragrance that will make everyone stop and stare when you walk by. It’s bold, sexy, and powerful – just like you.

This scent is perfect for women who are passionate about life. It has top notes of grapefruit, black currant, green notes, and cassis; middle notes of jasmine, peach, and tuberose; base notes of musk, patchouli, amber, and vanilla. The result? A fragrance that takes control in any room with its seductive blend of citrus, fruits, florals, woods, spices, and musks.

And because it comes in a chic glass bottle with gold accents – not only does Tocca Cleopatra smell amazing but it looks great on your dresser too.

4. Tocca Stella

Tocca Stella

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Stella is a fragrance that captures the essence of blooming wildflowers on a warm summer day. It’s a light and airy scent, perfect for when you want to feel feminine but not overpowering. The notes are blended perfectly together in this floral musk blend with hints of citrus and woodsy tones. It’s perfect for anyone who loves to feel feminine with a hint of mystery.

Stella is a floral woody musk fragrance for women. The top notes are blood orange, bitter orange, and watery notes; middle notes are lily, freesia, and wild orchid; base notes are sandalwood and musk. You can wear it every day without feeling like you’re wearing too much perfume.

5. Tocca Colette

Tocca Colette

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If you’re looking for something different than your standard floral scent then give this one a try. Colette by Tocca is the perfect fragrance for you if you want to smell sophisticated, classy, and feminine. It’s not too sweet or overpowering – it just smells like you.

Tocca Colette is perfect for wearing every day of your life. Whether you want to wear it in the office or out with friends at night – this scent will be sure to turn heads wherever you go. With top notes of Amalfi lemon, bergamot, juniper berries, and mandarin orange; middle notes are violet, pink pepper, jasmine, and cyclamen; base notes are vanilla, sandalwood, Virginia cedar, amber, incense, musk, and pine needles – there’s no way you won’t love it.

6. Tocca Gia

Tocca Gia

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Gia by Tocca is a fragrance that will make your heart beat faster. It’s an alluring blend of rose, citrus, sweet and spicy notes that will leave you wanting more. The scent is so seductive it’ll have everyone around you wondering what smells so good.

If you love florals then Gia is definitely worth trying out. It was crafted with the finest ingredients, including tangerine, pink pepper, Turkish rose, vanilla, sandalwood, and amber for a sweet warm, inviting aroma that is both subtle and sensual. It’s also long-lasting, so you can wear it all day without having to reapply every few hours. And did we mention that it smells amazing?

7. Tocca Maya

Tocca Maya

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Maya is the perfect blend of fresh and floral. It’s light, airy, and feminine with notes of black currant, violet leaf, iris flower, damask rose, and jasmine. The base notes are patchouli, sandalwood, and oakmoss which gives it a warm finish that will last all day long.

You can wear it to work or out on a date, but either way, people will be drawn to your aura of class and elegance. The notes are light enough that they won’t overpower anyone around you but strong enough that people will notice when you walk into the room. Maya is definitely one of those fragrances where less is more.

8. Tocca Bianca

Tocca Bianca

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Bianca by Tocca is a citrus aromatic fragrance for women. It’s perfect for anyone who loves to add a little zest into their life. This scent will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated every time you wear it. You’ll be able to enjoy this delicious blend of notes all day long.

It was launched in 2010 and has top notes of Amalfi lemon, bergamot, mandarin orange, and lavender; middle notes of Tea, tincture of rose, and jasmine; and with base notes of sugar and musk. You’ll be sure to get compliments when wearing Tocca Bianca that smells like fresh oranges with a hint of sweetness.

9. Tocca Emelia

Tocca Emelia

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You deserve to be surrounded by beautiful things in your life – including Tocca Emelia. This scent is designed to enhance your mood while making sure everyone around you smells as good as they look.

Emelia is a vibrant fragrance that opens with notes of green fig leaves, clementine, and magnolia. The heart blooms with grassy mate, amaryllis, and iris flower before settling into a base of coconut nectar, ambrette musk mallow, and praline. It’s an elegant scent that will make you feel like a goddess every time you wear it.

10. Tocca Simone

Tocca Simone

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You know that feeling when you find a scent that just feels like it was made for you? That’s what Tocca Simone is like. It’s a blend of fruity and floral notes, so it smells as good as it makes you feel.

Simone is the perfect fragrance for you because it will make you feel like the confident, powerful woman that you are. It has notes of watermelon, apple, lemon, freesia, frangipani rose, and ylang-ylang which all come together to create an intoxicating scent that will make everyone around want to be near you.

A Guide on How to Choose Your Tocca Perfume

There are 25 perfumes in Tocca’s portfolio, each one unique and full of character. That’s why choosing one can be so challenging. If you must select only one Tocca perfume, here is what to take into consideration before you make your purchase.

Know your scents

When it comes to choosing a Tocca perfume, you need to know which notes you like and go with your skin. All perfumes fall into four main categories which will help you narrow down your list. These are: floral, oriental, woody and fresh. 

Let’s say you have a weakness for florals combined with a little citrus. In this case, Tocca Stella and Tocca Bianca are excellent choices. For a warm, spicy and sweet combination, try the woody floral Tocca Colette, and if you like your florals mixed with greens, such as Granny Smith apple, give Tocca Giulietta a try. 

And for those looking to smell fresh and clean, Tocca Florence is a safe bet. If you are still not sure which Tocca perfume to choose, take the fun quiz on their website and discover which Tocca perfume is meant for you.

Frequently Asked Questions on Tocca perfume

Who makes Tocca perfume?

Tocca perfumes are made by Tocca in collaboration with perfumers Sonia Constant (perfumer for Oscar de la Renta), Ellen Mollner (Chief Executive Perfumer at Givaudan), and James Bell (the nose for Diane von Furstenberg and Guess perfumes).

Where is Tocca perfume made?

While some of the Tocca body products are made in Canada, all Tocca perfumes are made in the USA.

How much is Tocca perfume?

Tocca perfumes start at $76 for a 1.7 oz bottle up to $125 for a 3.4 oz bottle. If you are on a budget but want to smell like Tocca perfume, try some of the perfumes from their travel collection. You will be able to find travel-size perfumes in 0.33 oz for $28.

How to pronounce Tocca perfume?

Tocca is an Italian word and it means “touch” in English. The correct pronunciation is tō-kuh.

How long does Tocca perfume last?

Most Tocca perfumes tend to be light, but how long they will last on your skin depends on several factors. This includes body chemistry, diet, hormonal changes, medication, and more. If you want your Tocca perfume to last you an entire day, try layering with the same bath gel and body lotion. These products are made with natural extracts and oils and will help increase the longevity of your Tocca perfume. For an even longer-lasting effect, spray your Tocca perfume on your clothes or scarves.

Is Tocca perfume natural?

While not entirely natural, Tocca perfumes are paraben-, phthalate-, and gluten-free. They mix both synthetic and natural ingredients to craft exquisite fragrances.

Is Tocca cruelty-free?

Tocca is a cruelty-free brand, meaning it does not test its products or ingredients on animals.

About Tocca

Tocca is an American fashion brand, founded in 1994. The brand evolved throughout the years and expanded from sportswear and apparel to cosmetics, perfumes and home fragrances. 

Their first perfume, Tocca Stella, was released in 2006 and the last edition, Tocca Belle, was launched in 2021. All perfumes take inspiration from travels around Italy. 

Tocca perfume sets

Tocca has a plethora of gift and travel sets ready to find their owner for the holiday season. If you are looking for a variety of Tocca perfumes, try their Eau de Parfum Mini Discovery Set made of 8 x 0.05 oz for $20. If you have been looking for a mix of perfume and a hand lotion, try the Florence on the Go set made of 0.25 oz perfume spray and 1.5 oz hand cream for $22. 

If you are a fan of Tocca’s charming bottles, their Wonders Collection Mini Perfume Deluxe Set will make you happy. These mini replicas collectibles go for $48 and you get 6 x 0.17 oz bottles.

What is Tocca known and loved for?

Much like their clothing, known for the exquisite embroideries and luxurious fabrics, Tocca will take you on a unique olfactory journey with their exquisite perfumes, and bath and body products to make your Tocca perfumes last even longer. Each of the juices comes in a charming rounded glass bottle, carrying a beautiful name of a woman, printed in a romantic font. 

There is so much to love about Tocca perfumes, starting from their distinctive scents and packaging, to their large selection of gift and travel sets, as well as their luxurious hand-crafted home fragrance products.

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