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Vera Wang has been designing perfumes for over twenty years, and her experience in the fashion and beauty industry manifests in every scent. 

Her signature Vera Wang perfume line, for example, provides you with the opportunity to smell like royalty while also adding a touch of class and elegance to your everyday style. 

There are many different varieties of Vera Wang perfume, but which one do you choose? 

In this article, we review the best perfumes from her collection so that you can find one that suits your specific tastes.

Top 10 of the best Vera Wang perfumes

Discover our list of the top ten best perfumes from Vera Wang below. In reading through our review, you’ll discover which fragrance fills your specific needs.

1. Princess by Vera Wang – Most popular perfume

Princess by Vera Wang


The most popular fragrance by Vera Wang is the classic and most popular Princess. Princess is an Amber-Floral fragrance for women created in 2006 by Ilias Ermenidis and Harry Fremont. This fragrance was designed for women who want to feel like royalty without giving up their femininity, making it perfect for any occasion, mood, or setting.

Princess by Vera Wang smells like a mixture of fruit and flowers. Take a stroll in the garden and discover fresh floral notes, Tiare flowers and tuberose. The base of this luxurious perfume is dark chocolate, vanilla and amber – three ingredients reminding us of love, intimacy and care.

The top note captures our senses with its water lily fragrance, which leaves an unexpected aftertaste of apple on the palate. With mandarin orange to seal it all up, Princess will surely be everyone’s favorite fragrance for long nights spent basking in moon-rays.

The perfume lasts for about 3 to 5 hours, a common longevity for an eau de toilette of this price range. The best thing about this perfume is that it has a classic scent. A fragrance with attitude for the woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it – even if she doesn’t know what it is yet. 

2. Vera Wang by Vera Wang

Vera Wang by Vera Wang


Contemporary and light-hearted, Vera Wang by Vera Wang is the perfect fragrance to let your love be heard.

This fragrance opens in harmony with mandarin blossom and cleaver for a sweet start but shifts into more intense tones through Bulgarian rose and gardenia at the heart. Beneath this, however, lies enticing Stephanotis that commands attention with its sweet fruitiness balanced by pure musk at the base.

Vera Wang is a floral-fruity fragrance that is sure to steal the show; it will charm any individual who tries it. This fragrance is perfect for those who want to smell delicate, feminine, mysterious, and alluring.

3. Vera Wang for Men by Vera Wang

Vera Wang for Men by Vera Wang


Vera Wang for Men is the perfect combination of masculine earthiness and freshness. Sophistication, seduction, and unpredictability are in the DNA of this product. This bold yet stylish cologne has an inviting complexity that will let you confidentially ask for your partner’s attention. 

The fragrance is unusually fresh thanks to the top notes, green leaves and yuzu. The spiciness from a nutmeg heart balances nicely with the leathery tones in this fragrance. The base layers do not disappoint as they include fermented tobacco and sandalwood leaving the most desired trail for those being followed by your scent.

Vera Wang for Men is a summery, masculine fragrance that can be worn on those hot days in the sun. The bottle is shaped like a modern wedding band to signify how it was created for men who are to get married.

4. Lovestruck by Vera Wang

Lovestruck by Vera Wang


Awaken your senses and fill the space with love. Lovestruck by Vera Wang is a refreshing fragrance that will leave you feeling energized and smelling fresh.

Intoxicatingly sweet guava mingles with soft mandarin orange. At the same time,  angelica comes alive as an unstoppable force behind a dazzling display of lush lilies and tuberose that add vintage charm and unforgettable flirtation to everyday life.

With Lovestruck, you’ll feel like the luckiest woman in the world with every spritz. The scent combined with your flawless look will make your significant other fall for you all over again. 

This fragrance is perfect to wear on a date or special occasion. Once others catch a whiff of Guava, Mandarin Orange and Angelica from this floral mix, they’re yours for life.

5. Be Jeweled by Vera Wang

Be Jeweled by Vera Wang


Be Jeweled is a fruity-floral gourmand fragrance that draws from the timeless elegance of the house of Vera Wang. This perfume brings together a glamorous golden cocktail with sensual and feminine notes that are as sparkling and irresistible as the gems within Vera Wang’s jewelry.

Launched in 2013, Be Jeweled embraces an irresistible charm, allure, and glamor with touches of champagne and pomegranate in its top notes to capture your personality on a special night. 

By day this perfume leaves you persuasive like red currant but delicate like pink peony. Its true flirtatious nature emerges by the evening: jasmine sandalwood sensuality evokes memories for anyone close enough to catch it. 

The bottle looks like a piece of Vera Wang jewelry but surely holds a captivating scent that is as glamorous as the woman wearing it. Be Jeweled will capture your personality perfectly on those special moments in life when you need to shine brighter than ever before.

6. Rock Princess by Vera Wang

Rock Princess by Vera Wang


Rock Princess by Vera Wang is a perfect fragrance for rebelliously feminine women. 

Introduced in 2009, it features an irresistible blend of white peach, red raspberry, and bergamot that evokes its signature rebellious identity. The bottle is molded into a dark glass with metal detailing and crown detail to show off the Rock Princess’s flirtatious side. Royalty never looked this cool.

Rock princess has hints of raspberry and peach to start with, then floral tones of heliotrope, rose, lily and jasmine, come into play. The dry-down makes this fragrance truly enticing with notes of cashmere wood, musk and coconut alongside base notes of iris, which make it intoxicating. 

Vera’s Rock Princess is a daytime perfume with a heart of soft florals. It has light sillage that will catch the attention in any room while remaining feminine and empowering. The scent is an enchanting blend, perfect for the days you’re feeling like a femme fatale.

7. Flower Princess by Vera Wang

Flower Princess by Vera Wang


Flower Princess by Vera Wang smells like the classic rose perfume with a hint of sweetness. This perfume is perfect for any woman who loves being surrounded by flowers during all seasons.

You’re a Flower Princess, always blooming with the beauty of nature. This is what flowers are singing in your garden all day long, and this is why Harry Fremont, the creator of Flower Princess, entrusted his nose behind this fragrance for women. 

The top notes are water lily, tangerine and ivy for an aquatic floral opening. The heart is made up of jasmine Sambac notes blending with Moroccan rose, orange blossom petals, and mimosa for an awakening bouquet. The middle is where your skin can live out its fantasy from precious woods to musk creating every mood imaginable in between staying effortlessly fashionable with fruity accents that never go out of style.

Flower Princess provides a day filled with laughter and joy with flower blossoms, fruity aromas, and other summer memories. The rich floral fragrance is perfect for any occasion, from brunch to a stroll in the park.

8. Glam Princess by Vera Wang

Glam Princess by Vera Wang


Glam Princess is the fragrance that you know you deserve. The beautiful scent draws in elegance, grace and power with a sweet finish. This feminine blend appeals to life’s true lovers of sweetness. Capturing moments of indulgence, this decadent fruity-floral gourmand sweeps across the senses with an elegant explosion that seduces through its richness and infinite fullness; therefore making it one unforgettable fragrance experience.

If you’re a woman who wants to feel like royalty in every sense of the word, this is your fragrance. Glam Princess by Vera Wang takes all sorts of fragrant flavors, from fruity and light to rich and decadent, blending them into an unforgettable aromatic experience that’s just as delicious for your senses as it is for your soul. 

With notes ranging from lush guava and pears at the top through white java coffee grounds and musks at the base, Glam Princess will take you on an intoxicating journey without making a dent in your budget.

The fragrance opens with juicy guava, red currant, and pear, followed by a delicate floral heart note including African orange flower and honeycomb. The creamy vanilla orchid base note combines beautifully with cashmere wood, while marshmallow guarantees long-lasting freshness to this feminine, flattering aroma. Glam princess becomes complete when stirring bits of cedar are added that emphasize its warm beauty.

With its fruity-gourmand notes, the scent is perfect for those days when you want to feel your best. The perfume arrives in a shimmering gold bottle with pink stars and a gold crown.

9. Embrace Periwinkle & Iris by Vera Wang

Embrace Periwinkle Iris by Vera Wang


Embrace Periwinkle & Iris by Vera Wang is a playful and versatile fragrance that knows how to take charge. This irresistibly sweet floral has innocence and beauty in its notes but reflects your empowered, modern femininity with its playfully fun attitude. 

Embrace Periwinkle & Iris by Vera Wang is the epitome of class. It has a floral touch, but it’s still refreshing. Wear this effortlessly cool perfume for a night at home or an elegant evening out. You’ll never want to be without.

Embrace your dream date with this decadent fragrance. Warm notes of vanilla and candy evoke feelings of indulgence while yummy fruits cool the senses. Embrace the vibe, an effortless balance of floral richness and forest freshness for a woman who’s always just been herself.

Vera’s Embrace smells like heaven, and that fragrance linguers for about 4 to 5 hours on the skin. It’s light, floral, but not too flowery, and has a subtle hint of jasmine, which is many women’s favorite.

We love this perfume because it feels like wearing an expensive suit yet still possesses a feminine touch. 

10. Princess Night by Vera Wang 

Princess Night by Vera Wang

Princess Night is a new, glamorous edition of the infamous Princess perfume. The perfect scent for those fun nights out with your besties.

With its water lilies, violet roses, and fragrant frangipani flowers, this sensual and seductive evening perfume invites you to take a romantic walk through the beautiful garden of the rococo palace. the top notes are raspberry, watermelon, and red berries; middle notes are jasmine, rose, African orange flower, and frangipani; base notes are sugar, vanille and woodsy notes. 

The luxurious yet fun and feminine Princess Night by Vera Wang is perfect for women who love sweet fruitiness and floral scents. Growing up usually means leaving your childhood pleasures behind you, but not with this fragrance. Women of all ages wear it. Now in a dark purple bottle decorated with silver crowns sparkling with gold glitter, it’s time to step into adulthood as never before.

Wear this fragrance at night to enjoy a slow romantic dinner or when taking an evening stroll with your gorgeous Prince Charming.

Frequently Asked Questions on Vera Wang perfume

Who sells Vera Wang perfume?

Vera Wange perfumes are sold by department stores, upscale boutiques, and beauty retailers. They are also available online at Amazon or the Vera Wang website. 

Which Vera Wang perfume smells the best?

Perfume will smell different on each person, depending on their body chemistry and what smells they prefer. Although picking the best smelling perfume is difficult, many people consider Vera Wang Princess to be the most popular and best smelling of all.

What is a good gift for someone who likes Vera Wang perfume?

A good present for somebody that loves Vera Wang perfumes might be Vera’s most-loved fragrance, Princess. It was released in September 2017 and smells floral with notes of jasmine, rose pet, and orange flower.

How long does a Vera Wang perfume last?

Vera Wang perfume generally lasts about 4 to 5 hours. This time can vary depending on how much you put on and what type of perfume it is, but most Vera Wange perfumes will last about this long, if not longer.

How much does Vera Wang perfume cost?

Vera Wang perfume is not that expensive, one bottle costs between $50-$150.

Does Vera Wang perfume have a signature scent?

Vera Wang perfumes are known for their flowery, feminine scents. The most popular of all is Princess and its notes include jasmine, rose petal, orange blossom and vanilla orchid.

Is Vera Wang perfume cruelty-free?

Vera Wang is not cruelty-free as of now. They test on animals and sell in China where animal testing is mandatory.

How many perfumes does Vera Wang make?

Up and till now, Vera Wang perfume has 29 perfumes and colognes in total.

Who makes Vera Wang perfume?

The House of Vera Wang creates Vera Wang fragrances.

Where is Vera Wang perfume made?

Vera Wang perfume is made in New York.

How to wear Vera Wang perfume?

Apply your fragrance in the morning as close to your pulse points (wrists, behind ears) and neck for maximum results. Place a few drops of perfume onto each wrist, then rub them together so that you can smell the fragrance before applying the scent to your neck, chest, and behind the ears.

How many Vera Wang princess perfumes are there?

There are currently 12 Vera Wang perfumes within the Princess collection available. With the original Princess being the most popular till today.

About Vera Wang

Vera Wang is a designer, author, and businesswoman. She is the founder of her namesake brand that is known for its bridal gowns, evening wear, and wedding dresses.

She is most famous for her bridal gowns, which have made Vera one of America’s wealthiest women. Wang was also made famous by designing many Hollywood red carpet dresses.

Vera Wang grew up in a modest household filled with love and deep respect for tradition. Vera Wang is originally trained as an Olympic figure skater and competed professionally. When she didn’t make it onto the Olympics team in 1973, she entered the world of publishing by becoming Vogue’s youngest editor ever at just 23 years old. It wasn’t until 1985 that Wang decided to leave Vogue after refusing her creative ideas too many times; two years later, Wang started her own company known today as “Vera Wang”.

She made her name as a wedding dress designer, but has diversified into luxury eyewear, jewelry, handbags, shoes, and other accessories. The first Vera Wang perfume called ‘Vera Wang’ was created in 2002. Just as her fashion collections, the perfume collections of Vera Wang are enchanting and full of mystery and often hold a bridal theme.

Since the first fragrance in 2002, Vera Wang created the following perfume collections:

  • Vera Wang
  • Princess
  • Lovestruck
  • Embrace
  • Be Jeweled

With her most popular and best-selling perfume collection being ‘Princess’. 

Today Vera Wang has expanded to include Vera Wang home, a new line of luxurious bedding and bath products.

In Conclusion

Vera Wang has been rewarded for her contribution to the fashion industry with more than 200 awards worldwide. Many see her as a symbol of the “American Dream”. Her most popular scent is Princess, which comes in Eau de Toilette that lasts long on your skin. Just as her fashion collections, the perfume collections of Vera Wang are enchanting and full of mystery and often hold a bridal theme. If you’re thinking about buying one or two fragrances this year (or just want some new ones), then we recommend starting here.

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