Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes in 2024

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Known across the globe for their stunning lingerie lines, their audacious fashion shows, and their globe-trotting ‘angel’ supermodels, Victoria’s Secret is one of the world’s most recognizable luxury brands. Since the early 1990s, Victoria’s Secret perfumes for women have also frequently topped the bestseller charts, thanks to their glamorous and seductive scents, and their beautifully packaged bottles.

Associated with affordable luxury, deeply feminine aromas, and an essence of racy, outrageous modern glamour, Victoria’s Secret perfumes have become firm favorites with women everywhere. Today, we’re diving into the sensual world of this popular brand, and highlighting those fragrances which deserve pride of place in your perfume collection.

Our Victoria’s Secret Perfume Top Picks

  • Victoria’s Secret perfume best seller: Victoria’s Secret Bombshell
  • Best smelling Victoria’s Secret perfume: Victoria’s Secret Heavenly
  • Best reviewed Victoria’s Secret perfume: Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Seduction
  • Most long-lasting Victoria’s Secret perfume: Victoria’s Secret Wicked
  • Best Victoria’s Secret body mist: Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy

With such a varied and exciting range to choose from, selecting your next favorite Victoria’s Secret fragrance is easier said than done. However, thanks to the brand’s broad palette of sexy and sophisticated styles, there’s surely a Victoria’s Secret scent that’s perfect for your preferences.

Top List of 10 Best Victoria’s Secret Perfumes

In the following rundown of thrillingly sensual Victoria’s Secret perfumes, you’ll discover the ten fragrances we believe stand out from the rest – those which turn heads, excite the senses, and make you smell and feel utterly fantastic. Make no mistake, these are fragrances that bring out your inner supermodel, and will have you treating every high street like your own personal catwalk.

1. Victoria’s Secret Pink

Victorias Secret Pink

Victoria’s Secret perfumes and body mists tend to walk the line between fruity and floral with real grace and with a defiant, sensual attitude. Victoria’s Secret Pink is a fantastic example of this: it brings together fruity notes of mandarin, bergamot, and juniper berries with a wild bouquet of floral expressions, thanks to the inclusion of violet leaf, peony, freesia, neroli, and lily of the valley. At the base, you’ll uncover sexy and warming musk, vetiver, sandalwood, and vanilla, making this a powerful yet enticing perfume for women who refuse to live life in half measures.

With decent longevity and plenty of power, Victoria’s Secret Pink is a great choice for women looking for a fragrance that brings out their feminine side. Fun, optimistic, and more than a little flirty, it’s a great choice for date nights and parties alike.

2. Victoria’s Secret Eau So Sexy

Victorias Secret Eau So Sexy

With its stunning pink and black bottle, pun-heavy name, and sweet, fruity fragrance, Eau So Sexy is one of Victoria’s Secret’s signature perfumes, and one which has been continually popular since its launch. The scent of Eau So Sexy puts one in mind of a delicious dessert – the citrus blast of bergamot meets the sweetness of apples and whipped cream, making this perfume make the wearer smell almost good enough to eat.

Eau So Sexy is very much a summer perfume, and is ideal for those looking for a sweet, uplifting, and flirtatious fragrance that helps them stand out from the crowd. The fragrance lingers on the skin all day long, and offers moderate sillage for reliability and impact.

3. Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy

Victorias Secret Very Sexy

If there’s one word that’s frequently used to describe the Victoria’s Secret brand, it’s surely ‘sexy’. As such, their Very Sexy Eau de Toilette does exactly what it says on the bottle, and imbues the wearer with a sexy, seductive, and bold fragrance that simply cannot be ignored.

One of the most exciting things about Very Sexy is the fact that it smells quite different on every woman who wears it, blending elegantly with the natural scent of the individual. However, it packs a real punch of spice and fruit, providing a confident, outgoing aroma of clementine, blackberry, and pepper. At the base, you’ll find notes of musk and cappuccino, making this a truly unique perfume for those looking for a new signature scent. This perfume is ideally intended for night-time wear and works most effectively in the colder seasons.

4. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Seduction

Victorias Secret Bombshell Seduction

There aren’t a whole lot of oriental fragrances in the Victoria’s Secret range, but Secret Bombshell – a floral and oriental perfume with real enduring appeal – definitely flies the flag for this unique and alluring style. With delicate notes of white peony giving way to exotic sage and musk, this perfume lends plenty of warmth and mystique to the skin, all while maintaining a fresh, vibrant, and outdoorsy vibe.

It’s not the strongest perfume in the collection, and Secret Bombshell features a relatively low sillage. However, for those seeking a breezy, refreshing, and low-key perfume, it’s a fantastic choice. We’d recommend this fragrance for professional wear or for casual dates, especially in the warmer months of the year.

5. Victoria’s Secret Heavenly

Victorias Secret Heavenly

Warm, exotic, and enticing, Heavenly is a truly popular Victoria’s Secret perfume for women which has legions of fans right across the globe. Its appeal isn’t difficult to understand: this fragrance brings together many of the classic Victoria’s Secret notes – freesia, musk, peony, and vanilla – and yet delivers them with a lightness of touch that results in a genuinely elegant and classic finish.

It goes without saying that such a crisp, clean, and sophisticated fragrance is best suited for day time wear, and works most effectively in the spring and summer. With a longevity of up to five hours, and impressive versatility, Heavenly is a perfume that suits women of all ages, and for a wide variety of different occasions.

6. Victoria’s Secret Wicked

Victorias Secret Wicked

The vast majority of the best Victoria’s Secret perfumes are those which offer a bright, feminine, and optimistic fragrance. However, Wicked takes a decidedly different route from the rest, and stands out from the crowd as a result of its dark, edgy, and intense character. It is definitely up there with the most popular Victoria’s Secret perfumes available.

For women seeking to express their darker side, their sense of fun, their rebellious spirit, and their naughtier nature, the combination of freesia, vanilla, and black sugar in Wicked definitely hits all the right spots. This is a powerful and seductive scent that’s ideal for intimate nights, flirtatious dinner dates, and cocktail parties, and works most effectively in the wintertime. Powerful and erotic, it also has a fantastic longevity that will keep you smelling amazing all night long.

7. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell

Victorias Secret Bombshell

When it comes to making a bold and unforgettable first impression with your Victoria’s Secret perfume, Bombshell definitely does the job with real style and impact. Powerfully fruity and feminine, this scent brings together passion fruit, orchid, strawberry and exotic Shangri-La peony, resulting in a concentrated fragrance that never fails to turn heads and elicit intrigue.

Thanks to its strong sillage, Bombshell is the perfect scent for party nights – it will keep you smelling utterly irresistible right through to the early hours. Long-lasting, extremely good value for money, and brilliantly versatile, there’s no wonder that this perfume from Victoria’s Secret is the signature scent for fun-loving girls and women worldwide.

8. Victoria’s Secret Intense

Victorias Secret Intense

As the name suggests, this Eau de Parfum from Victoria’s Secret isn’t one for the shrinking violets of the world. It boasts a hugely impactful and sensual aroma that’s perfect for chilly days and autumn and winter nights, and for candlelit dinner dates when you want your sophistication to shine through.

This decadent perfume features opening notes of saffron and dark plum, which are followed by a floral bouquet and notes of red apple. As with most Victoria’s Secret perfumes, this is backed up by a base of musk, although this delightful fragrance also sweetens the deal with salted praline and coconut. Edgy, provocative, and a touch on the dark side, Intense truly lives up to its moniker and offers an impact that won’t go unnoticed.

9. Victoria’s Secret Supermodel

Victorias Secret Supermodel

Ever wanted to smell like a supermodel? With this bright and vibrant perfume, Victoria’s Secret promises that you both can and will. With its signature fruity-floral fragrance, deep essence of femininity, and moderate sillage and longevity, this gorgeous perfume is ideal for a wide array of occasions and personality types. It’s both glamorous and practical, and has what it takes to transform every moment into something truly special and memorable. Who could ask for more?

Supermodel features an exotic top note of Chinese berries, which is followed by a heart of orchard blossom. At the base, you’ll find warm and seductive sandalwood, and the whole thing comes packaged in a beautiful bottle with an unmissable golden stopper.

10. Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Platinum for Him

Victorias Secret Very Sexy Platinum for Him

Victoria’s Secret isn’t especially well known for their men’s colognes. However, Very Sexy for Him is a high-quality men’s perfume that offers superb value alongside a distinguished, sensual, and memorable fragrance. Decidedly modern, undeniably alluring, and featuring a combination of notes which display a softer, more contemporary iteration of masculinity, Very Sexy for Him has been a popular choice with men looking for a unique signature scent.

Sichuan pepper, oakmoss, and violet leaves come together in this cologne to offer a concentrated men’s fragrance that’s outgoing, confident, and perfect for daily wear. With great longevity, this cologne is ideal for businesswear and dates alike, and will imbue the wearer with mountains of confidence, sex appeal, and a distinctly Victoria’s Secret savoir-faire.

Choosing Your Victoria’s Secret Perfume

Choosing a perfume is never a particularly easy task, especially if you have to pick from a range as diverse as that offered by Victoria’s Secret. However, selecting the right one for you can have a dramatic effect; a well-picked perfume can deeply heighten your sense of self, and imbue you with the confidence to enjoy life to the full.

Victoria’s Secret offers a truly generous line of perfumes, colognes, and body mists to pick from, and while they all celebrate the brand’s ideals of sexiness, outrageousness, and high fashion, there’s a surprising amount to explore across their numerous collections.

There are, naturally, many important factors to keep in mind when checking out which scent is right for you. While making that choice can be a little daunting, we assure you that taking the time to consider the following won’t just make picking your new Victoria’s Secret scent easier, it’ll make the process a whole lot more rewarding, too.

● Key Characteristics

Victoria’s Secret perfumes aren’t all alike, despite many of them featuring a similar array of ingredients in their base (which, in itself, isn’t unusual when it comes to perfume brands), and many of them displaying certain similar characteristics.

Each Victoria’s Secret perfume has its own unique scent, and knowing what kind of fragrance you want to associate with yourself is key to selecting the best bottle for you. There are, to make things easier, two major groups of Victoria’s Secret perfumes: the fruity, and the floral. Many perfumes from this brand seamlessly blend fruit and floral notes together, but the majority lean more on one side or another. As such, if you prefer the fun, optimistic, and outgoing nature of a fruity perfume, or want to opt for a sensual, feminine, and flirtatiously floral number, you’ll be able to choose accordingly.

● Appropriateness

It should go without saying that appropriateness, or where and when is best to wear your Victoria’s Secret perfume, plays a big role in how you make your selection. After all, this brand is best known for sexy perfumes designed to show off your glamorous and sensual side… and such scents probably aren’t the best choice for formal occasions or family gatherings.

Despite the brand’s outré reputation, there are many Victoria’s Secret scents for women which present a more sophisticated and subtle aroma, and many that fall neatly in the middle. These tend to be more versatile, and are appropriate for different seasons, and on different occasions.

● Affordability

On the whole, Victoria’s Secret perfume is among the more affordable high street ranges, and the brand is keen for their fragrances to be both accessible and exclusive at the same time. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that some of the Eau de Parfum releases from Victoria’s Secret are going to be more expensive – due to the higher concentration of precious ingredients – as are the special editions and limited runs of certain scents.

Always buy from a reputable seller and check for authenticity, too – you don’t want to be stuck with a fake perfume that really doesn’t deliver what it promises.

● Longevity

Some Victoria’s Secret perfumes last longer than others, with many boasting impressive longevity of five hours plus, and others offering a milder effect that fades within a couple of hours.

This is worth bearing in mind when choosing your next Victoria’s Secret perfume, as bottles with high longevity scores won’t just keep you smelling great as you party the night away, they’ll also offer better value for money (as you won’t need to keep topping up your scent). Generally speaking, the gentler and subtler the perfume, the lower its longevity, and the more audacious and bold, the longer it will last.

Frequently Asked Questions on Victoria’s Secret Perfumes

How much does Victoria’s Secret perfume cost?

Overall, Victoria’s Secret perfume is one of the more affordable luxury high street fragrance brands. Most of their 1.7oz bottles will cost around the 30 dollar range.

Which Victoria’s Secret perfume smells the best?

As always, the best-smelling perfume from Victoria’s Secret is a matter of personal choice. However, the most popular and most highly rated Victoria’s Secret perfumes are Bombshell and Heavenly.

Does Victoria’s Secret perfume last longer?

Because they tend to be quite powerful fragrances, Victoria’s Secret perfumes have relatively high longevity, lasting for five hours or more on the skin.

Where is Victoria’s Secret perfume made?

Victoria’s Secret perfumes are made in factories spread throughout India, Sri Lanka, Jordan, and Saipan.

How to open a Victoria’s Secret perfume bottle

If you’re looking to open your Victoria’s Secret perfume bottle in order to refill it, look for the metal piece which connects to the neck of the perfume bottle. Using scissors, you can prise this piece up from the bottle itself, which should remove the top and allow it to be refilled.

How to refill a Victoria’s Secret perfume

Simply remove the nozzle using a pair of scissors or a pocket knife, and refill the bottle before pushing it back on again.

Does Victoria’s Secret perfume expire?

Unless your bottle comes with an expiration date, you can expect your Victoria’s Secret perfume to last 2-3 years.

The Story of Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is surely one of the world’s most well-known lingerie and luxury goods brands, with retailers to be found on high streets all across the globe. While it is a favorite brand today for millions of women worldwide, interestingly, the brand was originally launched in 1977 as a store aimed at men.

That’s right – founder Roy Raymond originally launched Victoria’s Secret with the intention that the brand and its outlets were to be places where men could buy sexy underwear for their wives, without the embarrassment that came – in a more repressed decade – from browsing at the traditional lingerie stores of the time. The idea was a hit: the series of stores were inspired by Victorian (hence the ‘Victoria’ in the name) gentlemen’s clubs and tailors, and gentlemen flocked to them in order to pick up surprises for their loved ones without any feeling of shame or hesitation.

The first Victoria’s Secret store opened in 1977 in California, but it wasn’t long before the idea took off in a big way, and a nationwide roll-out quickly followed. The brand was bought out at the end of the 70s by retail giant Limited Brands, and it soon became clear that in order to maintain continued success, the brand would have to steer away from its rather coy origins, and start actively embracing and attracting its female clientele.

From Success to Success

By the 1990s, Victoria’s Secret was big news all over the world. Women everywhere loved the attention to detail, quality of fabrics, and bold and often outrageous designs of the lingerie on offer at Victoria’s Secret. The brand took great pride in ‘making sexy mainstream’, and being arguably the first lingerie brand to become a household name.

The brand values were massively boosted with the help of the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows: huge, ostentatious, and glamorous affairs featuring some of the world’s top models, dressed in the brand’s signature angel wings, parading the season’s lingerie, nightwear, and swimwear on the catwalk. The annual Victoria’s Secret shows became television events, and remain a key fixture in the fashion calendar to this day.

Branching Out

It was only a matter of time before Victoria’s Secret started making fragrances to match their underwear lines, and to appeal to the same confident women who loved their lingerie. The brand employed perfumier Mark Knitowski to oversee the creation of a distinctive, glamorous, and sexy array of fragrances – perfumes which definitely turned heads, and left a lasting impression – and it wasn’t long before the scents were hitting the big time.

Indeed, by the 2010s, Victoria’s Secret perfumes were the biggest selling bottles in the USA and elsewhere around the world. In 2018, the brand was selling three million bottles of Bombshell – its best-selling perfume – and new releases were eagerly anticipated by fans of Victoria’s Secret fragrances. Furthermore, Victoria’s Secret began selling body mists (essentially more affordable versions of its most popular fragrances) which further boosted profits and allowed for a wider audience base.

Today, Victoria’s Secret is a perfume brand as much as it is a lingerie brand, and it’s one that remains at the peak of its powers. With new releases and perfume launches in their signature collections coming regularly throughout the year, there’s always something new to discover, and something new to fall in love with.

Final thoughts on Victoria’s Secret perfume

That’s it – our rundown of the ten best Victoria’s Secret perfumes in 2020 to add to your collection. Glamorous, sexy, and definitely fit for supermodels and sophisticated ladies alike, Victoria’s Secret really does manage to provide something for everyone.

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