Best Winter Perfumes For Ladies

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As the colder months draw in and a chill fills the air, what better way to feel warm and cozy than by spritzing a soothing winter perfume. These fragrances are spicy, inviting, and often familiar, making you feel like the queen of a winter wonderland. 

With this in mind, you may be wondering what are currently the best winter perfumes for ladies? We have put together a list of some delightful, rich winter perfumes for women that will take your breath away.

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What Is A Good Winter Perfume?

Some of the best winter perfumes for women combine comforting, warm notes. These make the wearer feel as though they have just walked through the doors of their childhood home for Christmas. 

The base notes in a winter fragrance are typically much more sensual and rich. You may find things such as patchouli, sandalwood, and cedar. 

This richness can also be seen in the top and middle notes with many perfumes using much spicier accords to deliver on the comfort you would expect from a winter scent. 

You will likely be wearing many layers during the winter and since your perfume is sprayed directly onto the skin, it will need to be stronger. For this reason, a lot of scents designed for winter use are incredibly powerful. 

Furthermore, perfume needs heat in order to project so with less of that in the air, you need something that will catch the wind and travel.

Top Winter Perfumes For Ladies

Whether you are looking to wow at your office Christmas party or find a perfume for an intimate evening in front of a blazing fire, these women’s perfumes are perfect for winter. 

1. Jo Malone Myrrh And Tonka

Jo Malone Myrrh And Tonka

The stunning black bottle labeled in the typical Jo Malone fashion is the first hint that this is a winter fragrance. Inside, your senses are treated to lush lavender, warm Tonka, and exotic myrrh, complemented by almond and vanilla. 

If you are looking for something comforting and warm, this should be one of the first fragrances you consider. 

While the scent is strong, it is not overbearing and that makes this a wonderful intimate fragrance. Imagine a walk through a snowy wood with a lover or hot chocolate by the fire. 

The perfume makes a delicate fragrance and that makes it perfect for use in the day to day, for example, at work. But the potency is enough that you will smell it even through several layers. 

2. Givenchy L’Interdit

Givenchy LInterdit

L’Interdit, meaning forbidden in French, is a fragrance that holds a uniqueness but yet is delightfully familiar. It feels like coming home but with an exotic stranger on your arm. The scent is rich, intoxicating, and incredibly moreish. 

This is an Oriental floral fragrance that makes an ideal winter signature scent thanks to its diversity. It opens with pear and bergamot and is surprisingly fresh. Once it dries down, the patchouli and vetiver come through and deliver a sensual aroma that lasts from morning to night. 

While L’Interdit is sweet, there is also something captivatingly erotic about it. This is a perfume for women who want to show off their daring side and stand out from the crowd. It is certainly not for the faint of heart. 

3. Tom Ford Black Orchid

Tom Ford Black Orchid

Since its release in 2006, Black Orchid has become a favorite winter perfume for women who want something a little more opulent. 

This is indeed a fragrance that will make a statement and demands attention. It has a glorious sillage that projects to every corner of the room, but without being overwhelming. The scent will captivate and intoxicate and is surprisingly classic. 

The combination of notes makes this one of the best winter perfumes for ladies. Dark truffle, chocolate, gardenia, incense, and so many more rich, spicy notes create an aroma that draws you right into its heart. 

Wear this to a glamorous winter event or, if you feel a little more adventurous, use it as your winter signature. 

4. Dior Hypnotic Poison

Dior Hypnotic Poison

The dark red bottle, mimicking a forbidden apple draws you in to discover a fragrance that is dramatic, classy, and bold. It is an Oriental vanilla mix that works perfectly on colder days, projecting out like a comforting blanket. 

It has an unusual head combining coconut with plum and apricot before drying down to reveal heady rosewood, sandalwood, and vanilla. 

You could imagine wearing this with a thick woolen cardigan, a faux fur coat, and fluffy boots around a bonfire. But you could just as easily wear the scent for a luxurious evening meal at a top restaurant. It has a diversity that never seems to go out of fashion, making it ideal for women of all ages. 

5. Hermes Twilly D’Hermes Eau Poivrée

Hermes Twilly DHermes Eau Poivree

The first thing to grab you is the gorgeous bottle, decorated with a tiny Hermes scarf. You could be forgiven for thinking this was a summery scent owing to the bright pink hue. But once you open the lid, you are treated to a warm Chypre floral, perfect for winter. 

Many of the more classic winter fragrances are suited to mature ladies but this is the perfect winter perfume for young women with a passion for life. These women make their own rules and need a perfume to match this rebellious nature. 

The fragrance combines pink pepper, rose, and patchouli for a simple yet incredibly effective and spicy accord that can be worn for any occasion. 

6. Baccarat Rouge Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Baccarat Rouge Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Coming in an elegant, glamorous bottle, this fragrance is fit for a queen. When wearing this, you almost feel royal and it is certainly a perfume that demands attention. 

With just the smallest dab, heads will turn as you enter a room. It is the ideal scent for a winter evening event where glamor matters. If you want to show off your opulent side with a spicy blend, this is a fragrance that will do that. 

The notes of saffron, ambergris, and fir resin linger in the air long after you are gone, leaving a decadent and mysterious trail. 

7. Yves Saint Laurent Libre

Yves Saint Laurent Libre

Libre is a perfume that breaks the mold and after its release in 2019, fragrance fans were left astonished at the uniqueness of this scent.

It has a sophisticated yet daring attitude that cannot be compared to anything else. While it would make an excellent signature scent for any woman, regardless of age or background, it also announces itself as an evening scent. 

Wearing this to the most important social event of the year is sure to be a hit. The soft lavender head followed by a heart of jasmine and orange blossom is sensual yet fresh. The base is warm and comforting with vanilla and cedar, delivering a rich spiciness, perfect for frosty days. 

8. Byredo 11th Hour

Byredo 11th Hour

What is really exciting about this fragrance is the unique composition that blends fig, Sichuan pepper, rum, carrot seed, and labdanum. It is a heady concoction that is the epitome of a winter fragrance. 

It doesn’t shy away and with a few sprays, you will still get glorious whiffs throughout the day. This makes it a great everyday scent for the winter. However, if you wanted to create a wow moment, its diversity would allow for this. 

While this is a woody aromatic fragrance, there is a hint of gourmand about it which makes it perfect for young women with a vibrant and outgoing personality.

9. Lush Goddess

lush goddess perfume

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The perfume came off the back of the success of a bath bomb of the same name and the fragrance is like something out of a dream. 

Oud and sandalwood make this an almost regal aroma that demands attention from the very moment the perfume leaves the atomizer. Combine this with rose, jasmine, and powdery notes and you have a perfume that is rich, warm, sensual, and highly intoxicating. 

If you want one of the best winter perfumes for women that will linger through the day and that oozes class, this has to be it. 

The fragrance suited more to a mature lady who wants to demonstrate her sophistication while retaining a sense of fun.

10. Heretic Dirty Vanilla

Heretic Dirty Vanilla

One of a range of fragrances, Dirty Vanilla is perfect for cozying up next to your partner as the snow falls outside. The perfume has an incredibly natural feel to it, almost bringing you back to your primitive roots and yet suits a youthful personality down to the ground. 

It has cedar and coriander at the head followed by a vanilla heart. The vanilla base is complemented by styrax, patchouli, and vetiver. 

It doesn’t shy away and is a scent that will indeed get you noticed but with how warm and creamy it is, we believe it is best for a homely, comforting activity. 

11. NARS Audacious

NARS Audacious

The dark, black bottle and unusually shaped lid both instantly grab your attention but what is inside the bottle is equally as intriguing. 

This floral woody perfume delicately projects around a room without being over-pronounced. It would make the perfect winter companion for a younger lady with a busy lifestyle. 

Spray it in the morning before work and then again before heading off to your social engagements, leaving a sweet, delicate trail behind you. 

It brings together Tiare flower, frangipani, vanilla, and incense which creates a luxurious and heady winter fragrance that is incredibly warming and aromatic. 

12. Dior Oud Ispahan

Dior Oud Ispahan

Oud Ispahan is an Oriental fragrance that has a rich, spicy aroma reminiscent of a faraway land, full of exoticism. This warming scent is what makes it perfect as a winter perfume for women. 

It opens with fresh labdanum and rose before drying down to reveal an opulent oud base that lingers throughout the day and beyond. Just a few sprays of this on a cold morning will leave you feeling invigorated as the hours pass. 

This is a luxurious and aromatic scent, ideal for women of all ages who have a taste for the finer things in life. Perfect for a winter evening sipping cocktails in a decadent wine bar or wearing with your favorite glamorous dress. 

13. Chloe Nomade

Chloe Nomade

This fragrance was created with a brave, free-spirited woman in mind, and the scent more than lives up to the concept. It is a Chypre floral fragrance that has a unique aroma, blended from Mirabelle, freesia, patchouli, and sandalwood. 

These accords come together to make a rugged, warm, spicy perfume that brings about images of a real leather jacket and a chunky scarf. Perhaps riding on the back of a motorcycle through a barren winter wasteland. 

Nomade suits a youthful woman with a lust for life and the heady aroma will stay with her through the day as she lives life to the full, daring to go where nobody else would.

14. Avon Luck

Avon Luck

This perfume is presented in a gorgeously feminine bottle that looks far more expensive than it is. This demonstrates the affordable luxury of the fragrance perfectly. 

This is a sparkling and beautiful white floral, Oriental scent that while having deep floral notes, also has a rich sandalwood base; ideal for winter. 

The perfume would work excellently for women who want something familiar and comforting for winter. The delicate contrast between floral and woody makes this a wonderful choice for the contrast into spring. 

Luck makes you feel vibrant and alive and is the kind of perfume you would expect to smell on a glamour Hollywood starlet. In a word, magnificent. 

15. Coffee Break Maison Martin Margiela

Coffee Break Maison Martin Margiela

Picture yourself sitting inside a warm New York cafe as the snow falls on the darkened street outside. The wind is whistling but you are nestled on a comfy couch in a warm sweater with a hot coffee. That is Coffee Break. 

Quite unlike any other perfume, this aromatic blend of coffee, milk, and lavender transports you to somewhere cozy and safe. 

This is not a scent you would wear to make an impact but rather something much more intimate. A family Thanksgiving or a weekend in a log cabin with your beloved; this is a homely smell. 

Coffee break, while delicate and creamy is perfect for everyday wear for a woman who likes a more simple way of life. 

16. Michael Kors Midnight Shimmer

Michael Kors Midnight Shimmer

If the stunning gold and blue glittery bottle isn’t enough to ignite your winter senses, then you will likely be intrigued by the scent inside. 

This is a rich, woody fragrance that is perfect for evening wear. It is a sparkling blend of quince, jasmine, vanilla, and musk. All of these delicious warm aromas come together for an alluring and sensual winter scent.

It is perfect for women who want to show off their sexy side while all the time remaining sophisticated and works excellently for those Christmas parties. The perfume has an incredible projection that is sure to get you noticed. 

17. Mugler Alien

Mugler Alien

If you are looking for a strong winter perfume that will last the entire day, there aren’t many that would compare to Alien. This one of a kind scent is rich, opulent, and dark; it demands attention. 

This intoxicating concoction of jasmine, woody notes, and amber is suited to a woman who dares to be different. A woman who wants to make her mark and get noticed. Owing to the incredibly unique fragrance, this makes an ideal winter signature regardless of age.

This is a sensual and dominant perfume that would do very well at a large event thanks to the amazing aura that this scent creates.

How To Choose A Women’s Winter Perfume

When you are looking for a winter perfume, you should ideally keep in mind the events that you plan on wearing the scent for. 

Winter is filled with exciting times like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year, to name a few. All of these events involve parties and this might mean that you choose something a little more pronounced and potent. 

It is an excellent idea to choose a winter scent that is much stronger than something you would wear in the summer, and certainly much spicier. These warm aromas tend to be comforting in the winter months and an Eau de Parfum will deliver this perfectly over an Eau de Toilette or an Eau Fraiche, for example. 

The best olfactory families for winter tend to be woody, Oriental, and aromatic. However, some of the richer gourmand fragrances make an excellent winter perfume for women. 

How To Apply Perfume During Winter (For Ladies)

Spraying perfume directly onto the skin in winter can mean that the scent gets covered by your clothing. Of course, using a highly fragrant scent can help with the projection but there are other ways to apply.

Make sure that you apply the perfume to pulse points that are not covered with clothing; this might be behind the ears and on the wrists. 

If you tend to stay with one fragrance, you could spray a little on your outerwear. A spritz of your signature on your favorite coat may remain for days, even weeks at a time depending on the strength. 

Final Thoughts On Winter Perfume

Some of the top winter perfumes for ladies are made from intoxicating combinations of warm, spicy, and woody notes. These have the ability to travel further and last longer, which is important during the colder months.

While your winter scent will need a degree of potency, this doesn’t mean your choices are limited. There are thousands of delectable fragrances that will drift on a winter breeze and warm you in front of the fire allowing you to feel sensual, feminine, and beautiful all season long. 

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