Cologne Clones Similar To Bleu De Chanel

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A large bottle of Bleu de Chanel can set you back around $132. That’s quite a bit of money, especially at a time when many of us are trying to be more thrifty. 

However, with so many clones available, you can still get the uplifting citrusy, woody scent that this Chanel’s best-selling men’s fragrance is beloved for. 

Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite colognes that are similar to Bleu de Chanel. 

Before we dive into it, let’s learn precisely what we’re looking for.

This Is What Bleu De Chanel Is About

Bleu de Chanel is a highly aromatic fragrance for men with refreshing citrus notes like grapefruit and lemon that blend down into a woody base composed of vetiver, sandalwood, incense, cedar, patchouli and musk. It boasts a very interesting composition with heart notes of jasmine, iso E super, ginger and nutmeg which is one of the things that makes it so popular. 

Aside from working well as a signature scent, Bleu de Chanel has that classy, sophisticated character that many of us are looking for in a perfume. Having been launched in 2010, this is a go-to for millions of users around the world and it’s popularity doesn’t seem to be waning. 

What’s great is that Bleu de Chanel is so versatile; it can be worn by men from all generations and for any occasion. 

But Bleu de Chanel is quite a pricey perfume and this can put a lot of people off purchasing it. This is one of the main reasons I get so many people asking me about dupes and the good news is, there are quite a few of them. 

Of course, with Bleu de Chanel also being one of the most popular men’s fragrances of recent years, you might want something that’s not quite as obvious. If you like the blend of citrus and woody notes but don’t want to appear to be following the crowd then you may have wondered what smells like Bleu de Chanel that’s a little more unique.

8 Close Clones Of Bleu De Chanel

Nobody wants an inferior Bleu de Chanel clone but I’ve found some very close matches. I’ve also been looking at fragrances that are close but not exactly the same for people who want to remain in the same fragrance family without using a direct copy. Here are some of my favorites.

1. Alexandria Fragrances Bleu Mémoire

Alexandria Fragrances Bleu Memoire


Let’s start with the most obvious Bleu de Chanel dupe. If you are looking for something that everyone will believe is the real thing then Bleu Memoire is, without a doubt, the way to go. 

It opens with that all important burst of grapefruit, lemon, and mint that we’ve all come to associate with Bleu de Chanel. The heart is incredibly similar with ginger nutmeg, and jasmine; the only thing missing is the iso E super. But I can forgive them for that since everything else is spot on. 

The woody base of Bleu Memoire has all of the same notes as the original so you get that real sophisticated dry down that Chanel does so well. Being one of the world’s most luxurious brands, it’s not hard to see why this is such an essential feature of this fragrance. 

Is there anything I don’t like about Bleu Memoire? Not really. This is a very close copy but if I had to complain about anything, I’d have to say that the longevity isn’t quite as impressive as Bleu de Chanel.

2. Dossier Citrus Ginger

Citrus Ginger by Dossier
Citrus Ginger by Dossier

My first encounter with Dossier’s Citrus Ginger immediately brought to mind the classic Bleu de Chanel. The similarities were striking, the top notes of peppermint, lemon, and ginger capturing the same vibrant zest as Chanel’s citrus opening. The middle and base notes, from vetiver to sandalwood, further mirrored its sophistication.

As far as longevity, Citrus Ginger held its ground reasonably well. While it didn’t quite match Bleu de Chanel’s lasting power, it stayed noticeable on my skin for a good portion of the day. However, its projection was a tad less potent, offering a more subtle presence versus Chanel’s more imposing aura.

The price point, however, is where Dossier truly shines. At $29, it’s a fraction of Chanel’s $80, presenting an affordable alternative for budget-conscious scent aficionados like myself. Despite the lack of elaborate packaging, I appreciated the practical design. The purchase was straightforward, done online, which simplified the process for an internet shopper like me.

Personally, the perfume interacted well with my skin chemistry, maintaining its character throughout wear. I found it versatile across seasons, striking a balance that worked just as well on balmy summer nights as it did on crisp autumn days.

With a reputable history of quality products, Dossier delivered once again, offering an impressive dupe to a long-standing favorite. While the scent won’t replace the original for die-hard Bleu de Chanel fans, Citrus Ginger is an excellent alternative for those looking for a similar scent experience at a more wallet-friendly price point.

3. Versace Dylan Blue Pour Homme

Versace Dylan Pour Homme


A lot of people have raved about Versace Dylan Blue Pour Homme as a viable Bleu de Chanel clone. While it isn’t an exact copy, it does have a lot of the same character so it’s a great choice if you want something mildly similar. 

Versace Dylan Blue Pour Homme starts off with fresh citrus notes making it an amazing summer fragrance. It’ll certainly uplift you. This is similar to Bleu de Chanel but we notice marked differences in the heart where we find pepper and patchouli without a whiff of ginger or jasmine in sight. 

This perfume has the incense and musk that you’d expect from a Bleu de Chanel dupe but it lacks the other woody notes. Instead, your senses will be greeted by tonka bean and saffron giving this a very different vibe that merely hints towards the original. And that’s why I like it so much. 

However, one of the biggest downsides of Dylan Blue Pour Homme is that you won’t save any money when buying this compared to Chanel. It can get quite pricey so I’d really only recommend this if you’re happy to part with some hard-earned cash.

4. Tag-Him Armaf

Tag Him Armaf


Chanel is a luxury brand with a luxury price tag. But when you look at the bottle of Tag-Him, you get the instant feeling of luxury at a ridiculously affordable cost. What’s not to love?

This woody spicy fragrance boasts many of the same scents as Bleu de Chanel making it a very close copy. The head is filled with refreshing citrus accords and you get that beautiful zingy ginger fragrance through the heart. Armaf uses lavender to give the fragrance a more earthy feeling which makes this a great choice for winter wear as it’s a little warmer and richer. 

Of course, one of the most prominent aspects of Bleu de Chanel is the woody base and Tag-Him gets this pretty spot on. It’s got cedar, vetiver, and sandalwood but it lacks the complexity of Chanel’s composition. There is a hint of patchouli but we have no incense or musk which takes away some of the sweetness. 

I’d absolutely go for this perfume, however, owing to the price if nothing else. It lasts very well on the skin but isn’t an overpowering scent so it’s great for everyday wear.

5. Dior Sauvage

Dior Sauvage


Hear me out, sauvage by Dior is not an incredibly close copy of Bleu de Chanel but I certainly feel that it deserves a place on this list. It is within the same fragrance family as Chanel’s offering and has those citrus and woody accents that we all know and love. But Dior puts its own spin on this concept and that’s what I love about it. 

Sauvage is a far more intense version of the citrus aromatic perfume and it almost feels animalistic. It opens with citrus and peppery notes followed by a complex heart made up from vetiver, pink pepper, patchouli, and elemi. The base has the cedar and labdanum notes we find in Bleu de Chanel but has a strong hint of ambroxan. 

For me, one of the best things about Sauvage is that it’s a great alternative if you wear Bleu de Chanel and want a slight change or to mix things up. However, I can’t ignore the fact that this one is a little pricier so it’s not a good choice for people shopping on a budget.

6. Perry Ellis Eau De Toilette For Men

Perry Ellis Eau De Toilette For Men


I’m confident that Perry Ellis is one of the most affordable Bleu de Chanel dupes and that’s what makes it so attractive. What might surprise you is that this cologne boasts superb projection which isn’t something you can always guarantee with a cheaper fragrance. That said, longevity leaves a lot to be desired.

When you look at the composition of Bleu de Chanel, you might think it was pretty complex. Perry Ellis For Men takes things one step further and presents us with an even more complex and individual concoction. This makes it a good choice for people who like the general character of Bleu de Chanel but want something a little different. 

The opening has orangey citrus accords accompanied by clary sage and coriander while the heart has those mint and cedar notes that are prominent in the original. However, these are paired with fir and lavender so you can certainly tell the difference. 

I wouldn’t say that this was a great clone for people who want something exact but it’s a nice affordable alternative.

7. Missoni Parfum Pour Homme

Missoni Parfum Pour Homme


Hailed as one of the best Bleu de Chanel dupes, Missoni certainly has many of the same notes within its make up. It’s by no means exactly the same but close enough that you get that citrusy, aromatic character.

As well as the grapefruit and lemon at the head, we’re treated to the earthiness of lavender. As the fragrance dries down, the middle notes are very similar although the base is slightly different with the addition of birch and oak. 

As an affordable clone of Bleu de Chanel, you’d be hard pushed to find something quite as friendly on the wallet, even Perry Ellis will set you back more. However, you get what you pay for and this isn’t a fragrance you’d want to wear to stand out as the sillage is pretty weak. But for an intimate moment or date night, it’s ideal.

8. Acqua Essenziale Salvatore Ferragamo

Acqua Essenziale Salvatore Ferragamo

If you’re looking for a fragrance that is close to Bleu de Chanel without being a direct copy then you’ll probably like Acqua Essenziale. It’s a classic take on the aromatic fragrance that is perfect for summer wear owing to the freshness it offers. 

It’s got many of the same scent notes as the original including mint, lemon, vetiver, and labdanum. However, the perfumers have put their own spin on this type of fragrance by adding notes like lavender, rosemary, sea notes, and geranium. 

While this does provide a nod towards Bleu de Chanel, you won’t feel like you’re just wearing a cheap knockoff. This is an affordable fragrance but it smells much more high-end than it is which is kind on your bank account. That said, I cannot ignore the fact that it doesn’t last very long on the skin so you’ll need to be willing to give yourself a top up spritz throughout the day.

Conclusion To Choosing A Cologne Similar To Bleu De Chanel

When choosing a fragrance that is similar to Bleu de Chanel, one of the most important things to keep in mind are the fragrance notes. This is a citrus, woody cologne so you’ll need to find fragrances that use the same accords. 

They don’t have to be exact if you’re only looking for something that’s reminiscent of Bleu de Chanel. Although we have some almost exact copies if you simply want a cheaper alternative. 

Regardless of the price you pay for a perfume, it’s important that the fragrance projects well and lasts on the skin. This is something I’d always prioritize when choosing a Bleu de Chanel clone as the last thing I’d want is a perfume that dissipates completely after an hour or two.

If you’re looking for an exact replica of Bleu de Chanel, there isn’t anything I’d recommend more than Bleu Memoire from Alexandria fragrances. This brand is well known for its amazing clones and the quality of the perfume is second to none. 

However, there are many excellent dupes that are super affordable like Perry Ellis and Salvatore Ferragamo; perfect if you’re shopping on a budget.

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