Dupes Similar To Bond No. 9 Greenwich Village

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Greenwich Village is an amber floral fragrance first introduced in 2019 by Bond No. 9. Featuring a fruity opening with undertones of jasmine and vanilla, the dry down brings a more masculine woody vibe that is youthful and vibrant.

Greenwich Village has remained a Bond No. 9 best-seller since its release. But I find its price to be a bit high for me. That’s why I was looking for a fragrance that’s much more affordable yet quite similar in its overall vibe. And luckily I’ve discovered a few dupes and some great alternatives I think you need to try if you love Greenwich Village.

Identifying Greenwich Village’s similarities

Greenwich Village is a sweet, floral scent with a musky base, but the ambroxan note featured as it dries down gives it a unique vibe that I do not find in many other fragrances with similar profiles.

It is quite airy and youthful, which makes it perfect to wear in warmer weather and the weekends.

As I searched for an alternative, I wanted it to feature fruity notes like litchi and juicy mandarin.

As Greenwich develops a bouquet of white flowers and peony notes become more prominent and remain as the scent eventually settles into a somewhat gourmand base with amber and musky notes.

A dupe of Greenwich Village shouldn’t include anything too spicy since those hints tend to project more than fruity or floral ones. While I think a fragrance with green notes can work, they shouldn’t remain prevalent through the dry down since that will change the scent’s overall vibe.

Now that we understand what we want, let’s get started on my list of fragrances I recommend you try if you enjoy Greenwich Village.

10 Dupes of Greenwich Village

1. Taylor by Taylor Swift

Taylor by Taylor Swift
Taylor by Taylor Swift

For something with a similarly sweet, fruity opening and a slightly musky dry down, I recommend checking out Taylor by Taylor Swift.

The opening is fruity and youthful, and reminiscent of Greenwich Village. However, the middle floral notes seemed stronger and bolder as the fragrance matured. I noticed a subtle bubblegum note that appeared throughout the day, but it was never overwhelming or cloying.

The dry down is similarly musky but less creamy than Greenwich Village. Unfortunately, the performance could have been better, and the projection is not very robust I noticed. Despite this, Taylor is quite affordable and certainly an excellent alternative to Greenwhich Village.

2. Gables by ALT.

Gables by ALT
Gables by ALT

Next on my list is Gables by ALT. The opening was very similar to Greenwich Village. But I noticed the vibe is much sweeter and fruitier than the original. The floral notes were also a bit stronger than I expected.

The dry down is not as earthy as Greenwich Village, and the vanilla base notes are a bit more prominent.

Unfortunately, the longevity failed to impress me, and after a few hours, it became nearly undetectable.

Although I found this fragrance very similar to the original I’d recommend trying it out before committing to a bottle as you may have different results on your skin.

3. Midnight Bloom by Victoria’s Secret

Midnight Bloom by Victorias Secret
Midnight Bloom by Victorias Secret

For a much more linear fragrance that takes little time to develop, I recommend checking out Victoria’s Secret Midnight Bloom. The only notes listed in this accord are floral datura and woody notes.

When I tried this perfume, I found that it smells like a combination of Greenwich Village and Cloud by Ariana Grande. When I sprayed it, I immediately noticed a candied sweetness. This sweet vibe continues as it settles into a base of soft, woody notes.

Midnight Bloom is very feminine with a vanilla-like aroma. For this reason I found it more of a gourmand vibe than Greenwich Village.

A slightly synthetic feel persists throughout wear, but it’s not excessively noticeable. I was pleasantly surprised by the longevity and the projection.

Midnight Bloom is a good option if you are seeking a more affordable alternative to Greenwich Village, which still has a similar vibe.

4. Our Impression of Burberry – Burberry Her by Oil Perfumery

Our Impression of Burberry Burberry Her by OilPerfumery
Our Impression of Burberry Burberry Her by OilPerfumery

Although this fragrance is a dupe for Burberry Her, it’s a suitable choice for fans of Greenwich Village.

I like using it’s rollerball application as it is portable and discreet for reapplication.

The opening is sweet and fruity with ripened berry notes and a fragrant mix of florals that develop quickly after. The dry down is woodier than Greenwich Village, and its longevity is extreme. I did notice that this fragrance takes a more earthy vibe in warmer weather, while the woody notes are more prominent when it’s cold.

Due to its low price point and unique presentation I find this fragrance worth a try.

5. Whispers of Truth by House of Sillage

Whispers of Truth by House of Sillage
Whispers of Truth by House of Sillage

For an option that smells like Greenwich Village but features a more citrusy opening, I recommend looking at Whispers of Truth.

I immediately noticed a very citrusy opening as soon as I sprayed it. Grapefruit notes filled the air and remained as fragrant jasmine notes appeared with time. The dry down is creamy and musky, with caramel notes dominating.

Overall, this fragrance is sweet, like Greenwich Village, but somewhat muskier as it develops. It’s a good option for warmer weather. I also found the cupcake design of the bottle very appealing.

While the longevity and sillage are very strong, it’s also one of the most expensive options on my list. So be prepared to spend some cash.

6. Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Baccarat Rouge by Maison Francis Kurkdjian
Baccarat Rouge by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

I found Baccarat Rouge 540 to have a similar vibe to Greenwich Village, though with a few caveats.

The moment I sprayed it I noticed the opening was nowhere near as sweet as Greenwich Village and it started somewhat spicy and reminded me of cherry soda. I also detected a syrupy medicinal smell that remains throughout the scent.

I find that the sweet notes are more gourmand than those in Greenwich Village. The base is musky, and the amber notes emerge in a similar way.

The longevity is decent, and just a couple of spraysgot me through the day.

While I’m sure that fans of Greenwich Village will enjoy this fragrance, the price point is also very high compared with some alternative options.

7. Fancy Love by Jessica Simpson

Fancy Love by Jessica Simpson
Fancy Love by Jessica Simpson

For something sweet and features a more citrusy vibe, check out Fancy Love.

While this fragrance initially appears to be an alcohol scent, it soon becomes more fragrant peach blossom notes with bubbly champagne in the background when it settles.

It almost smelled like orange soda as it settled though a floral heart kept the fragrance from becoming too gourmand. The dry down is very earthy, and the patchouli notes are very prominent. If you’re not a fan of this note, consider another fragrance on my list, but if you enjoy a sweet opening and an earthy, musky base, I think you’ll like the overall vibe of Fancy Love.

8. Dua’s Touch For Her by The Dua Brand

Duas Touch For Her by The Dua Brand
Duas Touch For Her by The Dua Brand

Check out Dua’s Touch for an option that’s more floral than fruity. I noticed the opening was a bit spicy, but this could be due to the pimento pepper notes. A few minutes later floral notes take over and a much greener vibe emerges.

I detected creamy tonka bean notes that develop as it dries down, and there is a subtle gourmand vibe that projects quite well at the base. While I don’t think this fragrance replicates Greenwich Village, it captures a similar vibe.

9. Emerald Street by Alexandria Fragrances

Emerald Street by Alexandria Fragrances
Emerald Street by Alexandria Fragrances

It seems that this fragrance needs some time to develop before you can get a true sense of its vibe. When I first sprayed Emerald Street, it was very citrusy with heavy lemon notes, and for a while, it reminded me of cleaning spray. However, after a few minutes, it started to develop and revealed tart violet notes alongside sweet blueberries that balanced the lemon note well.

The dry down is quite mossy and woody, which reminded me of Greenwich Street. However, Emerald Street is a bit brighter and more subtle than Greenwich Village and is a great choice for summer.

10. Red Temptation by Zara

Red Temptation by Zara
Red Temptation by Zara

If you’re looking for something with a bolder dry down and a more subtle sweet opening, I suggest checking out Red Temptation. While the opening is candied and sweet, it quickly fades to reveal jasmine notes in the middle. This floral vibe also doesn’t last long, and the base develops rather quickly.

Red Temptation is very earthy, with amber and mossy notes that amplify a vibe that is more masculine than Greenwich Village.

The projection is powerful and I was impressed by its longevity.

A slightly synthetic vibe remains throughout wear but doesn’t detract me from the overall experience. I think Red Temptation is a good alternative for those looking for a much more affordable option than Greenwich Village.

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