Perfume Dupes Similar To Burberry Her

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Nothing sets the mood for a glorious day like a sweetly scented fragrance. 

Burberry Her is a women’s fragrance created as an homage to the spirit and liveliness of London, featuring sweet notes of berries and candied overtones.

The scent has remained one of Burberry’s top-selling fragrances, so chances are you’ve already owned a Burberry Her.

Did you know there are many alternatives to this fragrance that smell similar? For this reason, I have put together a list of alternative dupes of Burberry Her.

Read on for great Burberry Her dupes you’ll love wearing all year long.

10 Perfume Dupes of Burberry Her

1. SE Swedish Experience Blazing Warmth Oriflame

SE Swedish Experience Blazing Warmth Oriflame


For an option that’s a little more citrusy and not so overtly sweet, I suggest checking out .SE Swedish Experience Blazing Warmth Oriflame. This fragrance is a little more subtle in terms of fruitiness than Burberry Her, and is a fine perfume for evening wear. 

It’s a great option as a unisex fragrance due to hints of smokiness and leather which become a bit more noticeable during dry down.

I like this fragrance because it’s not as overtly decadent or gourmand as Burberry Her, but it still captures that youthful energy that Burberry Her does. The sweet notes definitely serve as more of a backdrop within its formulation, and they are a little more zesty and understated than Burberry Her.

2. Go Fruity by Zara

Go Fruity by Zara


If you’re looking for a very close clone of Burberry Her, Go Fruity by Zara is definitely a fragrance you should check out. 

Go Fruity is cozy, sweet, and very similar in fragrance profile to Burberry Her. The only difference I can tell in terms of longevity is that it is nowhere near as long-lasting as Burberry Her. It only lasts for a few hours, and you’ll definitely want to pack it in your bag to reapply throughout the day. 

There is a slight hint of earthiness that I detect in Go Fruity. It smells a bit like patchouli as it dries down. Fortunately, the price point with this perfume is quite low, so this is a great blind buy if you are looking for a perfume with very similar notes to Go Fruity.

3. Mauboussin in Red by Mauboussin

Mauboussin in Red by Mauboussin

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Mauboussin in Red was launched in 2019, shortly after Burberry Her made its debut on the market. Many people considered Mauboussin in Red to be a direct response to Burberry Her, as it features many of the same key notes that Burberry Her does. 

While there is more of a tart apple and citrus fruitiness within Mauboussin in Red, the sweet notes are continuously present as it dries down. 

I love the hints of deep red rose that linger throughout the day. This is a great option for someone who enjoys the sweetness of Burberry Her, but also appreciates a fragrance that features a deep floral heart. 

There are woodsy notes present in both Mauboussin in Red and Burberry Her. However, they are a little more prominent in this fragrance. 

Overall, I’d say this is a wonderful fragrance to check out that is full-bodied, elegant, and perfect for a crisp fall day.

4. Rouge Royal Princesse Marina De Bourbon

Rouge Royal Princesse Marina De Bourbon


Suppose you appreciate the white floral notes and sweet red berry notes that are heavily featured in Burberry Her but also enjoy citrus-based fragrances. In that case, I suggest giving Rouge Royal by Princesse Marina De Bouron a try. 

This perfume smells just like fresh strawberries when you first spray it. However, it slowly reveals its complexity throughout the day. There are some elements of woodiness, though I feel that they are more of a backdrop to the overall sweetness that Rouge Royal prominently displays. The aroma dries down with slight hints of ylang-ylang, giving this scent a bit of a mysterious and warm quality which I particularly enjoy. 

If you love the sweetness that Burberry Her encapsulates but are looking for something that has a bit more warmth, Rouge Royal Princess by Marina De Bourbon is definitely worth looking into.

5. Lyra by Eudora

Lyra by Eudora

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I enjoy fragrances that are sweet and fruity, and however, sometimes I’m looking for one that isn’t so overtly gourmand. If this sounds like you too, I recommend looking into Lyra by Eudora. 

There are notes of red berries featured within the main accords, but this fragrance is more complex than Burberry Her. 

I love the hints of cherry blossom which give it a soft, powdery feel as it dries down and settles through the day. 

You’ll note that there are also soft hints of jasmine and iris like Burberry Her, but earthier notes of cedar and sandalwood tend to balance it out. This gives Lyra a bit of a warmer feel than Burberry Her.

The only drawback to Lyra is that the longevity is not great. Burberry Her tends to linger much longer than Lyra, which may be something you want to consider when you’re finding a suitable clone for Burberry Her.

6. Her Jequiti

Her Jequiti

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Her by Jequiti could be considered a very close clone of Burberry Her of Burberry, and I believe this fragrance was designed intentionally to be an intentional replica. The layers unfold quite similarly to Burberry Her, and you could even mistake it for being Burberry Her for the first few minutes. However, you’ll notice a few differences within fifteen minutes of spraying it. 

There is a laconic quality to Jequiti’s Her that isn’t apparent with Burberry Her, possibly due to the vanilla accords that become more pronounced with extended wear. 

I love the fresh linen note, which is reminiscent of warm cashmere. That note gives it a comforting, cozy quality. 

While there are many apparent similarities to Burberry Her, there is one significant difference between the two. I noticed a synthetic quality to the sweet notes that became more apparent throughout the day. After a while, it smelled almost like caramelized cotton candy. While I don’t mind synthetic notes, this could be bothersome to those who don’t care for them or prefer more natural sweetness. 

This is an excellent option for those looking for a scent similar to Burberry Her who don’t mind the scent maturing into different notes throughout the day.

7. Daisy Marc Jacobs

Daisy Marc Jacobs


Though Daisy by Marc Jacobs predates Burberry Her by several years, some similarities give it a very similar feel to Burberry Her. 

There are some underlying hints of ripened strawberries. Still, they don’t lie at the heart of this fragrance as they do with Burberry Her. Rather, Daisy carries them within the middle of its accords, while featuring prominent notes of white florals and powdery freshness. 

I have the impression that this is a lighter scent that is youthful and vibrant. While it could work for any time of the year, it’s a great signature scent to wear during the spring time, as it smells just like taking a walk through a garden full of vibrant, blooming flowers. 

I love Daisy because it has a timeless feel, just like Burberry Her does. You could pick up a bottle of Daisy in twenty years and it will still encapsulate that sweet freshness of springtime. 

Daisy serves as the perfect Burberry Her dupe if you’re looking for a light, airy perfume that is perfect to wear during warmer times of the year.

8. Liz by O Boticario

Liz by O Boticario


If you’re looking for a fragrance that isn’t overtly sweet like Burberry Her but still features some of the other accords present within its formulation, I suggest taking a look at Liz by O Boticario. 

Liz is more complex than Burberry Her and has a warm, earthy feel as it dries down. While there are sweet notes of fruit, they are more citrusy in nature and remind me of warm sunshine and carefree summer days. 

I love the patchouli and sandalwood notes that are ever-present in Liz, even as it dries down. There are fragrant floral notes present like Burberry Her. However, iris tends to take center stage here instead of white florals. There are also hints of spice in Liz, which are not detectable in Burberry Her. 

Burberry Her and Liz both encapsulate a sweet, warm, softness which is excellent for those who enjoy a lighter-bodied fragrance. 

I have found that Liz lasts a bit longer than Burberry Her, which is great for those looking for a long-lasting fragrance, so they don’t have to worry about disappearing on them in the middle of their workday.

9. Burberry Her Intense

Burberry Her Intense


A direct flanker of the original, Burberry Her Intense was created in 2019 as a twist on Burberry Her. 

The familiar base notes of sweet ripened berries and warm vanilla are still present, but hints of amber and spice shake things up as prominent middle notes. Any powdery notes once present have been replaced with fresh herbal notes. The dry down is different and is actually quite reminiscent of Cloud by Ariana Grande.

Fans of the original Burberry Her will enjoy Burberry Her Intense if they like fragrances with amber hearts. 

What I particularly love about Burberry Her Intense is the atomizer that sits atop the bottle. Sometimes a full spray of a fragrance is too overwhelming for me and I’d like an option for a lighter spray. Burberry Her Intense features a great atomizer delivering the possibility of a shorter or longer spray. This is a fantastic feature for those who like to experiment with lighter spritzes or super-dose their perfumes. It also makes it easier to layer them. 

I suggest giving Burberry Her Intense a try if you’re a fan of the original. You’re bound to love this one too.

10. Ariana Grande Cloud

Ariana Grande Cloud

If you love the sweeter notes of Burberry Her, you have to check out Cloud by Ariana Grande. There is a similar light feel to this fragrance, as it features hints of freshly spun cotton candy and a lactonic sweetness that is also present in Burberry Her. 

There are slight hints of lavender within Cloud that aren’t present in Burberry Her, though they are pretty light and fade into the background over time. 

There is also an ethereal quality to Cloud that is similar to Burberry Her, which I particularly enjoy. While they are both similar in overall feel, the sweet notes from Cloud are more candied in nature than those found in Burberry her. 

Cloud is a very wearable fragrance and mixes well with most people’s body chemistry, much like Burberry Her, which could account for how popular both perfumes are. 

If you love the versatility and lightness of Burberry Her then you will definitely love Cloud by Ariana Grande.

Conclusion to Choosing A Fragrance Similar to Burberry Her

When you’re looking for a dupe or a clone of Burberry Her, be on the lookout for fragrances featuring sweet, gourmand notes. In other words, the fragrance should smell so good you’d almost want to eat it. 

Notes of sweet, ripened berries should be apparent throughout the dry down process, as elements of warm vanilla and caramel will also be notable.

There is a certain lightness within the perfumes on my list, giving them all a very similar feel to Burberry Her that you should also be looking for. 

Some may also have elements of earthiness, patchouli, and even sandalwood.

Stay away from anything that heavily features animalistic, nutty, or leather accords, as these notes tend to create a heavier fragrance that’s more mature in feel than Burberry Her.

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