Burberry Her Vs Burberry Her Intense – My Comparison

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Are you trying to decide between purchasing a bottle of Burberry Her and Burberry Her Intense? If so, you’re in luck. 

While these two fragrances have many similarities, their differences are significant and worth discussing in detail before you make your next purchase. 

Here, I’ll fill you in on the pros and cons of each, discuss any notable or interesting features, as well as point out alternatives. Without further ado, let’s jump right into this review.

Burberry Her

Burberry Her

Burberry Her was first introduced on the market in 2018. Formulated by renowned perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, this sweet, floral eau de parfum was created in order to pay tribute to the lively city of London. 

I like the packaging of Burberry Her. It’s sleek in texture and cream-colored, bearing the signature Burberry name on the bottom of the bottle. 

Burberry Her opens with bold notes of juicy, ripe strawberries and soft jasmine. The overall theme of sweet strawberries tends to remain throughout the day, even as the perfume slowly fades away. You should really enjoy that distinct aroma.

It dries down with a powdery finish with hints of vanilla and subtle notes of amber. 

I found that Burberry Her lasts well throughout the day, which can take you from the office to a night out on the town for friends. You should make absolutely sure that you love this fragrance because it will definitely be present all day long, though it does fade slightly over a few hours. 

Furthermore, the sillage can be pretty strong with Burberry Her, as it turns somewhat medicinal on some people. It tends to smell almost like cough syrup if it doesn’t settle nicely on your skin.

You’ll find that people either love Burberry Her and choose it as their signature scent, or that they can’t stand the way it smells. 

For some people, Burberry Her smells artificially sweet and even somewhat pungent. It’s definitely more of a youthful scent fit for those who enjoy sweet, gourmand fragrances. 

Like all perfumes, I strongly suggest you try this one a few times before buying it. If it works well for you, you’ll notice it’s one of the most feminine fragrances on the market. 

Over the length of the day, I notice that the fruity sweet notes do tend to fade somewhat and are replaced with a blend of soft powder, vanilla, and even amber. I think that the way it finishes helps to make Burberry Her a bit more well-rounded of a fragrance.

I find Burberry Her to be a more warm and comforting perfume. However, it works just fine for spring and summer too. I recommend this perfume for daytime wear, but it will definitely linger as you transition to your evening activities. Towards the end of the day you could even layer the lingering notes with something that’s a bit more sweet or spicy, depending on your preference. 

If you’re looking for a decent dupe of this youthful perfume, I suggest looking at Cloud by Ariana Grande. Cloud is similarly priced but has subtle hints of lavender thrown in as well, and is not so overly fruity. Cloud also doesn’t last as long, and the sillage isn’t quite as strong, which may be something you’re looking for in your next signature fragrance.

Another notable dupe that you may want to consider (though is considerably more expensive) is Baccarat Rouge 540. This heavy hitter in the world of fragrance is well known for its mix of soft jasmine, warm cedar, and spicy amber. Baccarat Rouge 540 reminds me of what you would get with Burberry Her, but without the strawberry note. The dry down of both perfumes is very similar, which makes Baccarat Rouge 540 perfect if you’re looking for a dupe that isn’t very fruity at all.

Burberry Her Intense

Burberry Her Intense

Burberry Her Intense is a direct flanker of Burberry Her introduced just a year after. You will find that this eau de parfum shares many of the same qualities and notes as Burberry Her, but there are significant differences that you need to be aware of before you buy a bottle. 

At first spray, I note the same sweetness prevalent in Burberry Her, however, the difference is that this sweetness doesn’t tend to transform as it dries on your skin. The sweetness in Burberry Her is heavily influenced by strawberry notes, while the sweetness in Burberry Her Intense is more of a fully ripened red berry and cotton candy scent than anything else.

While a hint of amber becomes somewhat more pronounced as Burberry Her dries down, the ambery scent in Her Intense sits subtly in the background, regardless of how long it matures on the skin. In other words, the sweetness in Burberry Her Intense is the star of the show.

While both fragrances are pretty sweet in nature, you will find that Burberry Her Intense is unapologetically sweet. It is bold right out of the bottle and only seems to intensify, which is significantly different than Burberry Her in terms of how the fragrance develops throughout the day. 

Benzoin gives Burberry Her Intense more of a creamy quality and may be a good choice for you if you like your fragrances to feature more lactonic notes.

I do note a slight hint of jasmine and soft white florals that tend to disappear pretty quickly. This was interesting, especially since the floral notes in Burberry Her tend to linger for a few hours before slowly fading away. 

The longevity with Burberry Her Intense is much more extended than Burberry Her, so be sure you love this fragrance because it’s going to be with you all day and possibly all night too. 

In terms of sillage, I feel that it’s pretty similar to Burberry Her, so if you’re not a fan at all of how Burberry Her smells on your body chemistry, you should probably stay away from Burberry Her Intense. 

The projection with Burberry Her Intense is strong, and I recommend no more than one spray or two at the maximum. 

The packaging is refined, sleek, and identical to that of Burberry Her, just in a darker ombre hue.

A common misconception is that if Baccarat Rouge 540 makes a great dupe for Burberry Her, then surely Burberry Her Intense makes a great dupe for Baccarat Rouge 540. As much as I understand why you would want to find an affordable alternative for Baccarat Rouge 540 because of its price, I do not view Burberry Her Intense as similar at all. At least to my nose, they have completely different qualities that pull them in opposite directions on the fragrance spectrum. Although they may share floral or woody notes, any similarities are completely wiped out by the intense sweetness of Burberry Her Intense.

If you like Burberry Her Intense but are looking for something more discreet and not as overtly sweet, I recommend you check out Daisy Eau So Intense by Marc Jacobs. Daisy Eau So Intense shares some similarities due to its sweetness, but it is actually more well-rounded and not as one-dimensional as it has hints of musk, earthiness, and rose that balance things out.

The verdict: Burberry Her Vs Burberry Her Intense

Overall, if you love sweet and fruity gourmand fragrances that will last throughout the day, you’re going to like both of these fragrances. However, there are some important caveats that you need to be aware of. 

I think you should be absolutely sure you love the way these fragrances project and work with your natural body chemistry. 

If you’re looking for something that’s a little more subtle and well-rounded then you should definitely go with Burberry Her. 

Even though I think that Burberry Her Intense lives up to its name. People often find that Burberry Her Intense is simply too strong and sweet, and I have to agree. I like to spritz my perfume a couple of times at various pulse points, however, it’s incredibly easy to go overboard while using Burberry Her Intense. If you like the scent, one spritz or two at the most will be all you need. Anything more than that and you’re taking a gamble on it becoming too overpowering for you, as well as everyone around you.

While Burberry Her is also sweet and fruity, it’s not as overwhelming, so I think it’s much better suited for office wear. 

Sweet and gourmand perfumes are often hit or miss, but I think Burberry Her has the distinct advantage of softening in tone and revealing more floral and woody notes as you wear it. 

In terms of value, they’re both comparable and not overpriced for what you get. 

After weighing all the pros and cons of both fragrances, Burberry Her is the clear winner. Ultimately, I believe Burberry Her is a better choice if you want a fragrance that is wearable for more occasions and won’t risk offending your colleagues’ noses.

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