Burberry London Vs. Burberry Brit Women’s Perfume Comparison

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As far as designer perfumes go, the Burberry range is relatively affordable. You can get a pretty large bottle for around $100 so it’s a great go-to for everyday wear. 

There are a few iconic Burberry fragrances but London and Brit are two of the most well loved. My question is are they alike and which is better?

I took the time to compare them and I’m here to tell you what I found out. So, if you’ve been wondering the same thing, keep reading to discover my winner.

First up: Burberry London

Burberry London
Burberry London

Burberry London is white floral fragrance for women that was launched in 2006. Made by perfume power duo Dominique Ropion and Jean-Marc Chaillan, this is a super feminine and pretty perfume. 

What I really love about Burberry London is how modern it is. White floral fragrances have always had a solid place in perfumery and while some can feel a bit old fashioned, Burberry London is not something your grandma would wear. If you want that classic floral scent with a modern twist, London is worth your time. 

It begins with the sweet floral notes of honeysuckle and peony which are paired with a fresh burst of tangerine. At the heart, more peony comes through, this time coupled with Tiare flower and beautiful jasmine. There’s another citrus surprise hidden among the middle notes in the form of clementine. 

Burberry London dries down to a sweet woody base with notes of musk, sandalwood, and patchouli. This is a wonderful compliment to the earlier fresh, floral notes and leaves you with a warm, comforting feel as it sits on your skin. 

If you like a perfume that is stronger and more intense then London might be for you. Compared to other similar fragrances, it’ll last far longer per spray. What’s more, I’ve noticed that it projects incredibly well so if you want something to make you stand out, I’d recommend this one. 

That said, I have read plenty of reviews from users that say the strength of London can be a little cloying. It really depends on whether you like a floral fragrance. If you do, you’ll love being surrounded by this scent but otherwise, it might be suffocating. For this reason, I’d suggest using it in moderation, especially for daytime engagements. 

And that’s something else I want to discuss; the versatility of the fragrance. Burberry London is primarily a more casual scent but because of its superior performance, you might choose to wear it for evenings or special occasions.

Whether you’re wearing jeans and a white T-shirt or a beautiful little black dress for cocktails in a swanky bar, this is a fragrance that will adapt to your look. It feels classy and strong at the same time as being incredibly feminine and pretty. But what I will say is that Burberry London is definitely a love it or hate it fragrance, so I wouldn’t suggest blind buying.

Next up: Burberry Brit

Burberry Brit
Burberry Brit

A complete contrast to London, Burberry Brit is a floral fruity fragrance that feels a lot more youthful than London. The brand describes how this perfume tries to emanate the traditional and modern in one blend and it does this well. However, I’d certainly say there was a more playful feel to this perfume. 

Burberry Brit was launched a little before London in 2003. Perfumer Natalia Gracia-Cetto crafted it so it’s easy to see how it’ll differ when created by a different nose. Gracia-Cetto uses almond, lime, and pear at the head for something sweet yet refreshing.

The middle notes are even sweeter, featuring candied almond, sugar, and peony for a brief floral hit. I’d describe this as an almost edible fragrance and if you’re a gourmand fan, you’ll likely fall pretty hard for it. 

Brit sticks with the sweet theme with notes of Tonka bean, amber, and vanilla moving into the base. There’s also a slight woody hint thanks to the addition of mahogany and this also adds to the warmth of the fragrance. 

But this combination of notes can be a little too much if the perfume is worn at the wrong time of year. Wear this in the summer and you’re definitely going to turn heads. That’s why I think this should be a perfume that is reserved for winter wear. You’ll still get a great performance without being too over the top. 

Burberry Brit can be worn anywhere. It’s just as versatile as London, if not a little more subdued. It has a moderate projection which is just right for almost anything. Wear it to the club and dance the night away or conversely, try it for lunch and shopping with the girls. You’ll almost always get a good reaction. 

That said, it is worth pointing out that there seems to have been a slight reformulation with the newer bottles. Many report the perfume being a little fresher than vintage bottles. Whether you like this or not is down to personal taste, for me, I prefer something a little fresher. 

Burberry Brit is a complete contrast to Burberry London but it’s still a wonderful fragrance in its own right. It’s refreshing, scrumptious, and classy and I think it perfectly suits a young woman with a carefree attitude who wants a signature scent to match.

The Verdict: Burberry London Vs. Burberry Brit

These two perfumes are vastly different from one another. The only similarity between them are the peony notes but otherwise, there are many differences in the other notes.

So, choosing between Burberry London and Burberry Brit comes down to whether you prefer a heavy floral scent or something fruity and sweet. Personally, I love a floral scent, although I am particularly taken by the amber and Tonka bean that comes through in the base of Brit. But if I had to choose one to wear, I’d lean quite a bit more towards London. 

The longevity of London slightly outdoes that of Brit but not by much. They’ll both see you through the day but you may find you have to top up with Burberry Brit if you’re heading out in the evening. Burberry London also projects a little better than Burberry Brit but if you wear Brit in the summer, it will be far superior. Some people find London to be a little too overwhelming regardless of the time of year so that’s something to be aware of. 

When I wear Burberry London, I feel feminine in a sophisticated and classy way. This is a perfume that’ll make you feel a bit more mature, but with a modern twist and for that reason, it’s probably better suited to women in their 30s or 40s. On the other hand, Burberry Brit is youthful and girly and is ideal for teens or women in their 20s. It’ll make you feel attractive and pretty but has a very classy character too. 

Both Burberry London and Burberry Brit are incredibly versatile fragrances. If I had to tip it either way, I’d say that London slightly has the upper hand. This is purely because of the somewhat better projection which better suits evening wear. But both will perform well for almost any occasion.

Burberry London comes in a rectangular bottle covered in tartan fabric. This is synonymous with the brand so it is no surprise. On the other hand, Burberry Brit’s rectangular bottle has the tartan colors. In my opinion, this looks a little nicer and less tacky, so it’s a clear winner in this aspect. 

If you’re trying to choose between these two fragrances based on value for money, they’re pretty much the same price; there’s a couple of dollars difference, that’s all. London comes in at $102 for 100ml, while Brit will set you back slightly more at $106 for 100ml. In London’s favor, there’s also a 50ml bottle for $81, so you’ve got options. However, Brit also comes in an EDT, which is almost exactly the same apart from the addition of lemongrass at the head. This Burberry Brit costs $100 for 100ml.

So, which of these fragrances do I think is best? I’m in love with Burberry London. I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for a floral fragrance, so it would be my winner all along. I love how well it projects and that I can wear it no matter what I’m doing. It’s unique enough that people will pay attention to you but not so obscure that it’ll offend anyone. It’s got so much going for it and all for an incredibly affordable price.

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