Creed Aventus for Her Perfume Dupes

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Aventus for Her is a citrusy-fruity fragrance released by Creed in 2016 and designed as a counterpart to the highly popular Aventus for Him. The fragrance features a sophisticated blend of fruit, wood, and citrus notes among a musky drydown.

I love Aventus for Her because it is a perfume that always makes me feel powerful and confident whenever I wear it. Because of its high price point, I hunted for scents with a similar intoxicating vibe.

Luckily, I found ten great dupes that I highly recommend trying if you’re searching for a perfume similar to Creed Aventus for Her.

What Similarities Are We looking for in Creed Aventus for Her

For me, Aventus smells like sitting at an outdoor cafe sipping peach tea while spring flowers bloom nearby. It’s a sophisticated scent. However, the musky drydown keeps it from becoming too sweet, making it versatile to wear for any occasion.

When I was searching for alternative fragrances to Aventus, I looked for something with a sweet and fruity opening. There are supposed to be citrus elements right at first spray, though pineapple notes are a good pairing as well.

While peppery notes are desirable, their presence is less critical than other attributes of Aventus. To be similar to Aventus, a dupe must not become too sweet, or it may give off more of a gourmand vibe which is very different from Aventus.

In the middle, the accord should be musky and woody. At the same time, in a good Aventus For Her dupe, the citrus notes should fade but not completely disappear.

It’s also essential to have roses, although other flowery notes can be fine as well. While the base should incorporate amber and ylang-ylang, a sweet fruitiness should still carry through. Now that we have settled on what we’re looking for in an Aventus scent, let’s get started on my selection of ten alternatives I think you should try if you enjoy Creed Aventus For Her.

10 Dupes of Creed Aventus For Her

1. Ukiyo by Oakcha

Ukiyo by Oakcha
Ukiyo by Oakcha

Ukiyo has a similar drydown to Aventus, but with a surprise twist of pine. Upon the first spray, the opening reveals a similar fruity mix of melon, bergamot, and pineapple. Ukiyo becomes much smokier as the day wears on, and I feel the pine and patchouli limit the development of leather notes.

There’s a powdery vibe in this fragrance that’s not apparent in Aventus, probably because it draws inspiration from both Aventus and Baccarat Rouge 540.

At the base, amber, vanilla, and leather combine and project with me for several hours. While leather is not readily apparent within Aventus, the opening and drydown are comparable.

Overall, Ukiyo is a good option if you enjoy the overall vibe of Aventus but prefer something with a subtle leather note.

2. Dossier Fruity Oakmoss

Fruity Oakmoss by Dossier
Fruity Oakmoss by Dossier

While Dossier typically does a great job of recreating scents, in my opinion, they slightly missed the mark with Fruity Oakmoss. As soon as I sprayed it, I immediately noticed strong lemony notes that completely overwhelmed the opening. The initial experience reminded me of kitchen cleaner, and it needed several minutes to settle before I could pick out any other notes.

I eventually noticed some hints of green apple, and while a musky note develops, it’s not as clean as in Aventus. I find that the muskiness smells very mature and almost dirty. While the sandalwood reminds me of Aventus, its appearance does little to soften the overall fragrance.

It may be due to my body chemistry, but I recommend trying this before purchasing.

2. Our Impression of Creed’s Aventus for Her by OilPerfumery

Our Impression of Creeds Aventus for Her by OilPerfumery
Our Impression of Creeds Aventus for Her by OilPerfumery

If you’re looking for something you can pop in your bag for on-the-go reapplication throughout the day, I recommend checking out this OilPerfumery impression of Creed Aventus.

While it took some time to develop, I noticed that the drydown is very similar to Aventus. There is more smokiness than Aventus, but it doesn’t detract from the overall vibe. The opening also felt much more citrusy, and these notes persisted throughout the wear.

I find the projection severely lacking, and the longevity is weak as well. However, the low price point and rollerball application make it easy to reapply.

3. Zara Vibrant Leather for Her (2021) by Zara

Zara Vibrant Leather for Her by Zara
Zara Vibrant Leather for Her by Zara

For a more subtle take on Aventus, I suggest Zara’s Vibrant Leather For Her.

Vibrant Leather took little time to develop. However, it has a slightly weaker opening than Aventus. The opening felt also less citrusy to me. Possibly due to the red currant notes inside.

The drydown is similar to Aventus, with deep patchouli notes and a hint of wet leather as it settles. I also smelled a touch of white florals that appeared several hours after the first spray and remained as the fragrance matured.

In terms of longevity, Vibrant Leather lasts just a few hours, and the projection is not good compared to Aventus. But then Vibrant Leather is quite affordable, and I might continue to use it by layering it with something more robust.

4. Senorita by ALT.

Senorita by ALT
Senorita by ALT

Senorita by ALT is a decent Aventus For Her dupe. The scent starts with a very citrusy opening and quickly gives way to fragrant rose and sandalwood. The sweetness faded midday while an amber and ylang-ylang base became more prominent.

I find the opening somewhat spicier than Aventus. However, peach remained prominent throughout wear. Senorita becomes very musky and gives off more of an older vibe than Adventus. I recommend this one if you’re looking for a mature take on Adventus. But if you prefer something that stays fresh and youthful throughout wear, don’t go for it.

5. L’Aventure Femme by Al Haramain Perfumes

LAventure Femme by Al Haramain Perfumes
LAventure Femme by Al Haramain Perfumes

For a fragrance that has a slightly fresher vibe and is less citrusy, I suggest L’Aventure Femme.

Upon the first spray, I noticed a fruity crispness right out of the bottle. A slightly sour note and a muskiness linger sharply for several minutes before transforming into a woody scent accented by peppery and floral notes. During warmer weather, I picked up on a pineapple note that wasn’t apparent in cooler temperatures.

In my opinion the scent trail is more potent than that with Aventus. The drydown leans more masculine. While L’Aventure is more woodsy than Aventus, it still captures a similarly sophisticated vibe.

6. Cleopatra Inspired By Creed’s Aventus Batch by Alexandria Fragrances

Cleopatra Inspired By Creeds Aventus Batch by Alexandria Fragrances
Cleopatra Inspired By Creeds Aventus Batch by Alexandria Fragrances

Next on my list of dupes for Aventus For Her is Cleopatra by Alexandria Fragrances.

The opening feels quite different than Aventus and smells overwhelmingly fruity and synthetic when I smell it.

After it settles, I noticed it is slightly spicier than Aventus, though the musky drydown is similar. A sweetness lingers throughout wear, finishing with an earthy patchouli and sandalwood base.

In spite of the synthetic opening, this is an acceptable replica of Aventus ..

8. Qasamat Rasana by Rasasi

Qasamat Rasana by Rasasi
Qasamat Rasana by Rasasi

If you’re a fan of the citrus opening in Aventus and enjoy the overall drydown experience, consider checking out Qasamat Rasana.

While pineapple and black currant are nonexistent in this fragrance, the citrusy opening is similar. The sweetness fades quite a bit within the first twenty minutes.

Initially, Qasamat Rasana Rasasi is quite feminine. However, the drydown is woody, slightly smoky, and much more masculine. I also noted a subtle hint of cashmere during wear that isn’t apparent in Aventus. The longevity is excellent and the perfume lasted me about eight hours.

9. Amphitrite’s Dreamy Elixir by The Dua Brand

Amphitrites Dreamy Elixir by The Dua Brand
Amphitrites Dreamy Elixir by The Dua Brand

I was pleasantly surprised with this fragrance by The Dua Brand. Although it’s a fragrance inspired by Aventus and Cassili by Parfume de Marly, Amphitrite’s Dreamy Elixir features a vibe that I think fans of Aventus are sure to love.

The opening features a similar fruity mix of apple and citrus, though there isn’t any hint of pineapple, which is different from Aventus. The middle floral notes quickly develop, and fragrant rose and violet provide a great transition to a woody, earthy base. It seems to me that ylang-ylang notes come out bolder. However, they don’t detract from the overall experience.

Also, while fruity notes remain throughout drydown in Aventus, they tend to fade a bit more in Amphitrite’s Dreamy Elixir. So, while there are some notable differences, I believe fans of Aventus will enjoy the overall vibe of this fragrance too.

10. L’Aventure Gold by Al Haramain Perfumes

LAventure Gold by Al Haramain Perfumes
LAventure Gold by Al Haramain Perfumes

For something with a greener vibe that is also reminiscent of Aventus, give a look at L’Aventure Gold.

While the bergamot and black currant opening are similar, a green note also appears, reminding me a bit of a freshly mowed lawn. The green vibe remains and carries through to a deep floral heart comprised of roses, orchids, and white flowers. A plum sweetness also appears, which sets it apart from Aventus.

The base is similarly musky, featuring sandalwood notes. Unlike Aventus, a warm vanilla note emerges, giving L’Aventure Gold a somewhat creamier vibe. If you like Aventus but have issues with how strong it is, you’ll enjoy this alternative for sure.

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