MFK Gentle Fluidity Gold Vs. Gentle Fluidity Silver

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If I told you that there were two perfumes that contained exactly the same olfactory notes and yet smelled totally different, would you believe me?

Well, it’s true. Francis Kurkdijan created two unisex fragrances back in 2019 that were, for all intents and purposes, the same. Yet he managed to craft two totally different scents and characters in a collection he called Gentle Fluidity.

But what’s the difference between Gentle Fluidity Gold and Gentle Fluidity Silver? And are they really worth their hefty price tag? Here’s what I can tell you.

Gentle Fluidity Gold

Gentle Fluidity Gold
Gentle Fluidity Gold

Gentle Fluidity Gold was launched in 2019 and is an amber vanilla eau de parfum for women and men. One of the concepts behind this, and its twin fragrance, Gentle Fluidity Silver, was that it would work differently on men than it does on women.

Regardless of your gender, you’re going to experience a hug in a bottle. For me, this is a very rich, warm, and comforting perfume that reminds me of sipping gin and tonic by an open fire in a countryside pub. In fact, it’s not too much of a stretch of the imagination that this boozy fragrance would make an ideal Christmas scent. It has notes of vanilla, amber, musk, woods, juniper berries, nutmeg, and coriander.

Aside from being warm and enticing, Gentle Fluidity Gold is one of the loudest perfumes I have ever tried. This is certainly not something that you’d wear to the office on a drizzly hump day morning. It would really only serve to annoy your coworkers.

Instead, the outstanding strength of Gentle Fluidity Gold should be reserved for special occasions, parties and the like. On top of how in your face it is, this perfume is also extremely long lasting. I’ve heard some people talking about how just a single spritz has lasted until the following day. Plus, it has even better staying power on clothing!

Owing to the warmth of Gentle Fluidity Gold, I’d say this leans more towards being a winter fragrance. Moreover, if you douse yourself in this in the summer, your body heat would send the scent into overdrive!

Gentle Fluidity Gold currently retails at $140 for 1.2 fl.oz and a large 6.8 fl.oz bottle will set you back $435 so it’s not a budget buy. Is it worth this price? I’d absolutely have to say that it is. With its intense and long lasting fragrance that feels so inviting, for me, I’d pay that price over and over again.

My Verdict On MFK Gentle Fluidity Gold

I think the Gentle Fluidity Gold is a stunning perfume although I’ll be the first to admit that it’s probably a little too loud for some people. This could be perceived as a plus or a downside depending on how intense you like your fragrance to be.

Yes, this is a pricy perfume but the way it performs does, in my opinion, make it excellent value for money. If you’re keen to try a perfume then I’d also say that Gentle Fluidity Gold was the perfect blind buy for lovers of sweet scents.

I would recommend this perfume for those special occasions and for times when less definitely isn’t more.

Gentle Fluidity Silver

Gentle Fluidity Silver
Gentle Fluidity Silver

At the very same time as the launch of Gentle Fluidity Gold, Maison Francis Kurkdijan also released a twin perfume called Gentle Fluidity Silver. What amazes me about this perfume is that it uses the exact same fragrance notes as the Gold version but has a totally different aroma.

Again, Gentle Fluidity Silver is intended for both male and female wearers but this time, you’re getting an aromatic spicy fragrance. The feel of this Silver version is fresh, vibrant, and almost uplifting. It’s for this reason that I would wear this in the summer months.

Gentle Fluidity Silver has a moderate longevity that doesn’t sit for more than a few hours on the skin. It’ll last a little longer on clothes but this makes it the perfect candidate for day to day wear. If you’re looking for something to spray for work or school that isn’t going to be over the top, then Silver might be what you’re looking for.

This is an intimate perfume that doesn’t immediately slap you in the face with its aroma. When you enter a room, people probably won’t pick up on Gentle Fluidity Silver but as they get closer to you, that clean, almost fizzy character will begin to shine through.

I think that Gentle Fluidity Silver is a youthful and vibrant scent that’s perfect for younger wearers. Although since it retails at $435 for a 6.8 fl.oz bottle, I doubt many teens and people in their early 20s would be able to afford to use this as an everyday fragrance.

Where value for money is concerned, I’m afraid that Gentle Fluidity Silver really is a let down. When you’re paying those kinds of prices, you’d expect a fragrance that wouldn’t need to be topped up throughout the day. You’d also expect something that really made a statement in terms of projection but in this area, it’s a bit of a flop.

My Verdict On Gentle Fluidity Silver

For me, the scent of Gentle Fluidity Silver is very pleasant. It’s bright and uplifting and very easy to wear because it isn’t going to offend anybody. But that’s where the fun ends, in my opinion.

While this could have been a truly wonderful perfume, its lackluster performance really lets it down. With no more than a few hours wear out of one application, I almost feel cheated considering how much MFK is charging for this eau de parfum.

With that said, I cannot ignore the fact that Gentle Fluidity Silver is a wonderful option for everyday wear. For anyone that wants a fresh, clean feel from a perfume that won’t wrap their coworkers in a cloud, it does the job very well.

The Winner: Gentle Fluidity Gold Vs. Gentle Fluidity Silver

I wish I could tell you that both of these seemingly identical fragrances were as great as the other; but I can’t.

Gentle Fluidity Gold is, for me, far superior to its Silver cousin. Launched at the same time with the idea of being the same but different, you’d think that the two would perform equally. So, I was very sorry to learn that Gentle Fluidity Silver was something of a let down.

Where longevity and projection are concerned, Gentle Fluidity Gold is far superior with a scent that goes on forever and a day. Just a few hours after spraying Gentle Fluidity Silver and you’ll find yourself reaching for the bottle again. Not to mention that hardly anyone probably caught a whiff of the fragrance unless you were standing within a meter or two of them. That said, it would be great for a date night where you’re up close and personal but don’t want to overwhelm your lover with fragrance.

The scent notes used in both of these perfumes are identical. But the way they have been blended means that you get two totally different smells. Gentle Fluidity Gold is warm, enticing, and comforting whereas Gentle Fluidity Silver is much fresher and bright. I guess which you prefer really depends on personal preference but for me, I much prefer a rich, warm scent like Gentle Fluidity Gold.

On top of that, you’ll find that other people pay a hell of a lot more attention to what perfume you’re wearing with Gentle Fluidity Gold. It’ll bring the compliments flooding in. Of course, if you’re going to wear it to a more enclosed, intimate affair, be prepared to be told that you smell a little too strong.

Gentle Fluidity Gold, I feel, is a much more mature scent whereas Silver has a more youthful character. But both fragrances have a timeless scent that doesn’t feel as though it’s going to go out of fashion any time soon.

If you’re going to spend a good few hundred dollars on a perfume then you’re clearly going to want to get your money’s worth. In my opinion, Gentle Fluidity Gold will give you much greater bang for your buck. You aren’t going to get through the bottle as quickly as you don’t need to spray as much. Plus, with such a loud aroma, you’re getting what you paid for; a perfume rather than the almost misty feel of Gentle Fluidity Silver.

I think it’ll be clear to most that my winner between Gentle Fluidity Gold vs Gentle Fluidity Silver is Gentle Fluidity Gold. It feels a lot more luxurious because of how well it performs and the fragrance is so beautiful and comforting. What’s more, it can be used for so many different events. I love the richness of the scent and I’d be happy to spend $435 on a large bottle even though that’s a lot of money.

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