Is FragranceX Legitimate? Our FragranceX Review

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There are a huge number of discount perfume websites popping up all over the place. Look at things like which has some great deals on top fragrances. However, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that FragranceX is incredibly similar to So could it be that all of these retailers are in on one amazingly lucrative deal?

Well, whether that is the case or not, fragrance lovers are getting the chance to bag their favorite scents for a fraction of the cost. But the big question remains; is FragranceX legit? I mean, come on, surely you can’t offer genuine perfumes for such ridiculously low prices? Who’s making a profit here?

As it happens, there is authenticity behind this perfume retailer and the company prides itself on letting us know that what they’re offering is the real deal. 

So, it only made sense for us to check it out and see if we could get our hands on some designer fragrances for less. We were pleasantly surprised and while not everything about FragranceX is perfect, there’s a lot to talk about. So let’s get started with our FragranceX review and find out why this internet retailer is so successful. 

Does FragranceX Sell Fake Perfume?

One of the biggest concerns for consumers is whether they will be getting a genuine product when buying from places such as FragranceX. 

Plastered over the website’s homepage, you’ll see various designer brands like Calvin Klein, Dolce and Gabbana, and Christian Dior, to name a few. But it would be easy to advertise these brands and then ship out a knock-off, right?

So, the question on everyone’s lips is does FragranceX sell fake perfume? Fortunately, the answer is no; everything they sell comes from the same brands we all know and love with no exceptions. FragranceX’s website clearly states that ‘you won’t find any knock-offs or imitations here.’

This comes as a surprise since many of the perfumes on offer at FragranceX are retailing at as much as 80% below their usual price. But nonetheless, it’s almost impossible for us to find anything that would hint towards the products being a rip-off of a designer fragrance. That’s good enough for us.

Why Is FragranceX So Cheap?

Looking at some of the most popular perfumes in the world, we instantly see that they come with a high price tag. Take Bleu de Chanel, for example, this is retailing on Chanel’s website for as much as £238 per bottle. Look this up on FragranceX and you’ll be paying substantially less than this at just £169.99.

Surely, this can’t be right. But it is.

One of the main reasons that FragranceX can offer such cheap fragrances is that the bottle or box that the perfume comes in might be less than perfect. If you were to purchase that bottle of Bleu de Chanel directly from Chanel, you would get a pristine presentation. That is part of how brands maintain their elite reputation. 

But for companies like FragranceX, presentation isn’t as important as price, so they will source perfumes whose packaging might be slightly damaged. That doesn’t affect the quality or authenticity of the perfume, but it does lower its value. FragranceX can purchase these damaged packages from brands that otherwise would not be able to sell them. 

You may also receive an ex-tester product as these are widely available for resale. There have been some customers stating that the longevity of these testers is less but this is likely to do with how they have been stored as opposed to their authenticity. 

Moreover, there is a little-known market for fragrances known as the gray market. Unlike the black market where illegal sales are undertaken, the gray market is a little more, well…gray. 

You see, it is here that companies like FragranceX can get their hands on stock that is sold outside of the usual channels. This might include unauthorized retailers; for example, those that are not authorized by Chanel to selling their products. As a result, they cannot ask the usual price, meaning that FragranceX gets a better deal. 

Finally, FragranceX is an online-only retailer meaning that it does not have as many outgoings as businesses that have a physical store. FragranceX might be one of the biggest discount perfume retailers on the market, but the company only employs around 20 people at its New York warehouse. This means fewer wages to pay on top of everything else. 

FragranceX Full Review

If you’re anything like us, and we’d guess that you are considering you’re reading this review, you love a good bargain when it comes to fragrance. But before you part with any of your hard-earned cash, you’ll want to know that the company you are buying from is above board. Let’s take a deep dive into everything to do with FragranceX.

FragranceX Range Of Products

When it comes to product choice, we were impressed by what we found on FragranceX. If you look at other online discount perfume stores, you may be left disappointed when looking for certain scents. But FragrancesX is known for its slightly larger selection. 

In the years since its release, Dior Homme has become one of the most sought-after designer fragrances. But it can be challenging to find some of the more high-end Dior perfumes outside of the brand itself. 

But FragranceX doesn’t let you down; they have Dior Homme and Dior Homme Intense in stock for a very favorable price. 

While FragranceX does sell some niche perfumes, you may not always be able to get what you want. For example, we attempted to search for several of the Boadicea fragrances but were met with no results. It’s a shame because these are perfumes that are wildly expensive on the main market so it would have been nice to get them at a discounted price. 

But then, we were delighted to find plenty of fragrance from The House Of Oud, which was a pleasant surprise. This distinctive brand brings together the aromas of the far east and an oud producer in Indonesia and the passion of an Italian perfumer. The result is a collection of exceptional fragrances. 

The search filters on FragranceX do a pretty good job of narrowing down your results. So, if you are looking for a specific fragrance and struggle to find it by name only, the side panel of the results page has got you covered. You can search by scent note, brand, gender, price and there’s even an option to show in-stock only items. This makes it much easier to find what you’re looking for. 

FragranceX Customer Service

If you head over to the Customer Service section of the FragranceX website you’re given an astonishing number of ways to contact the company. You can call, fax, email, and even send a letter no matter where you are in the world.

FragranceX also has a very proud and specific customer service guarantee which is also proudly displayed on the website:

At we have a commitment to quality products and authenticity. We guarantee that all products in our store are original designer fragrances and that your information is 100% secure. We take pride in our reputation for quality and excellent value in discount perfume, cologne, and related products. If you are dissatisfied with a purchase, simply send it back to us for a refund.

However, it appears that this promise is not always met with the kind of service you expect from such a well-established brand. When we investigated customer reviews, there seemed a prominent issue when it came to problem-solving.

Where late delivery occurs, it seems that the team at FragranceX doesn’t always respond in a timely manner.

While this seems to be a problem that is highlighted frequently on various review sites, we must keep in mind that there are also many glowing reviews where customer service is concerned.

Other prominent customers’ reviews talk about how “The prices are outstanding and the support staff was very helpful.” So, it would seem that FragranceX does get its customer service spot on, for the most part. 

FragranceX Return Policy

FragranceX offers a generous 30-day returns policy and what we like is that they don’t kick up a fuss if the perfume is opened. FragranceX is aware that customers will need to open a fragrance to decide whether they like it. They say that provided the perfume has not been excessively used you will be eligible for a refund.

More than this, the company is happy to provide customers with returns labels and a precise address of where products need to be returned. That said, if you live in the UK, you will have to pay more than £4 for the privilege of using the label; that’s a little steep if you ask me.

You’ll also need to keep in mind that you will need to pay any costs associated with the return and your original shipping fee will not be refunded. 

That said, customers are raving about the return policy with one loyal client talking about how the “return policy rocks!” That’s got to be good for business, right?

On the other hand, there have been a few people who have been less than happy with the returns policy. Many of these are upset by the fact that they must foot the cost of shipping. However, this isn’t something that FragranceX is coy about and all fees are clearly detailed on the website, so it’s hardly what many are calling ‘a scam.’

FragranceX Shipping

FragranceX claims to ship items within four to five business days and offers free shipping when you spend over a certain amount. Even when you must pay for shipping, the charges aren’t over the top and certainly don’t counteract the discount you are getting on your haul. 

There are other shipping options that include Next Day Delivery and international shipping which can take up to 12 business days to ship. However, FragranceX does detail that there may be additional taxes once the product arrives in your country that you will be responsible for covering. So, before you order, it is worth checking if you want to avoid unnecessary additional costs. 

This all sounds pretty promising, but we were disappointed to see that not everyone has had a great experience when it comes to shipping. 

A review on Sitejabber detailed how, despite ordering before the Christmas cut-off date, the customer did not receive their package in time for the big day. 

“What was even better was the claim of fast shipping so that orders would arrive before Christmas. I placed my order before the 12/20 cutoff and just received my package today.’ (28 December)

But it seems that customers have had a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to shipping since some have nothing but praise for the fast and reliable shipping provided by FragranceX. The general consensus is that shipping is very quick and this is something that keeps customers returning.

FragranceX Customer Reviews

TrustPilot is one of the most reputable business reviewing websites out there so when we saw that 82% of customers gave FragranceX an excellent review, we were delighted. And this isn’t the only review site that has awarded the brand a glowing review.

Sitejabber explains that FragranceX has a 4.81 rating, which is determined after more than 90,000 reviews. That’s not bad going. One customer explains how the selection of fragrances and fellow customer reviews gave them a wonderful introduction to the company…

“…Great selection on a very deep variety of fragrances… not to mention affordable pricing. Great descriptions about each item coupled with reviews from excited and motivated customers.”

So, Is FragranceX Reliable?

When it comes to reliability, customers are looking for authentic products, great customer service, and a good delivery experience. While there have been some negative reviews surrounding service, these are few and far between. 

FragranceX is a reliable company that has an astonishing number of satisfied customers. Most notably, they provide genuine fragrances at a knock-down price without the risk of ending up with a rip-off perfume. Moreover, most reports detail a positive customer experience and many clients return time after time.

FragranceX Coupon Codes

FragranceX is a great way to source affordable designer fragrances and while you can get an amazing amount, there are also plenty of coupons to help you save more. 

Sign Up Coupons

If it wasn’t easy enough to get a good discount on your favorite perfumes, FragranceX just made it even simpler. If you scroll right to the bottom of any page on the website, there is an email sign-up box. Joining the coupon list gives you exclusive access to further discounts so if you’re a bit of a perfume nut, it’s well worth doing. 

15% Off

There is a lot of 15% off coupons available for FragranceX and many of these also include free shipping.

30% Off

If you’re looking to save even more money (and who isn’t), then Dealscove has an amazing selection of 30% off coupons for FragranceX. What’s more, there is sometimes the opportunity to save an extra 3% on top of this with the 33% off coupon that is proving incredibly popular. 

FragranceX vs FragranceNet

FragranceX is not the only player in the discount perfume game and rival company FragranceNet has also become very popular with consumers. But which is best? FragranceX or FragranceNet. We have a detailed FragranceNet review here, but let’s take a brief look at what to expect from each company.

FragranceX And FragranceNet Reviews Compared

Based on TrustPilot reviews, FragranceX comes in slightly ahead of FragranceNet. FragranceX has an overall rating of 4.5, which is impressive, while FragranceNet falls behind with a 4.2 rating. Of course, this is far from being a terrible review; it just means that people have had slightly more problems with the company. 

For example, where FragranceX has received a lot of great reviews surrounding customer service, like this one:

“Received the bottle of cologne pretty quickly. Unfortunately, the bottle leaked. FragranceX however moved quickly to fix the situation by immediately emailing me a shipping label to send the bottle back, quick and easy. They didn’t have the cologne in stock anymore unfortunately so they said they would issue a refund after they received the return.”

…FragranceNet has many more reports of bad customer service. This includes details of how orders are going missing. 

On the flip side, there are a lot of people praising FragranceNet for its excellence. It would seem that there are always going to be problems; that’s the nature of business. 

In Conclusion; Which Is Better: FragranceX Or FragranceNet?

One of the main things that people keep coming back to when comparing these two discount perfume companies is the fact that FragranceX has a nicer returns policy. 

FragranceNet does not allow the return of opened items and you must contact customer service to obtain a returns number. This is known to be quite a tasking thing to do; is this to put people off returning products? That’s a story for another day. 

If you’re buying fragrance online, you can’t always be sure you’re going to like it so having this generous policy in place definitely gives FragranceX the upper hand. 

Moreover, FragranceX has a much wider selection of perfumes and you’re typically able to find more niche fragrances here. That’s not to say that you can’t find unusual scents at FragranceNet, it’s just less likely.

While we would say that FragranceX is slightly better than its rival, this is by no means a dig at FragranceNet. This well-established company has made a reputable name for itself and continues to supply fragrance fans with genuine designer perfumes at a fraction of the cost.

Frequently Asked Questions On FragranceX

Who owns FragranceX?

FragranceX is owned by entrepreneur Ron Yakuel who founded the business in 2001.

Where does FragranceX ship from?

One of the most significant advantages to American customers is that FragranceX has its warehouse based in Hauppauge, NY where all orders are shipped from.

How to contact FragranceX?

If you’re looking to get in touch with FragranceX then the good news is that it isn’t a headache to speak to someone. Using one of the FragranceX social media accounts is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get in touch. The company also proudly displays its telephone number on the internet, which for your reference is 1-888-557-3738. However, for international customers, you’ll need to call 001-718-482-6970.

Conclusion: Is FragranceX Legit?

FragranceX is one of the largest discount perfume retailers on the web at the moment. The company has been serving fragrance lovers since 2001 and shows no sign of going anywhere. What’s great is that it has one of the biggest selections of perfumes and other fragrance products, giving the customer much greater choice, all in one place. 

But the most commonly asked question about the company is whether FragranceX is legitimate.

FragranceX sells a range of branded and designer perfumes that it sources outside of the usual channels. This means that they can offer the products at a discounted rate and anything you buy is 100% authentic. Sometimes, the packaging may not be in perfect condition or you might receive a tester but it’ll always be a full bottle and is never a knock-off. 

While FragranceX has had its share of problems in that there are some complaints about shipping and customer service, this is a surprisingly small business that has done very well. With only 20 employees at its NY warehouse, the business has gone from strength to strength. Yes, some people have experienced issues but this is the case with any business. 

For saying that FragranceX has an almost 5-star rating on TrustPilot and Sitejabber, it isn’t doing a bad job at keeping its customers happy.

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