Perfume Dupes Similar To Kat Von D Saint

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I might be aging myself a little, but I was the prime target for the Kat Von D hype when she first came on the scene. Her edgy style and cool attitude always made me envious of anyone who could afford her makeup and fragrance line when I was younger, and as I got older I still gravitated to her personal brands. When she dropped the Sinner and Saint fragrances, I couldn’t have been happier to have a more accessible sweet yet spicy pair. Saint especially answered my tween dreams with its sweet fruity structure with almond notes.

Unfortunately for us living in 2024, the Kat Von D Saint has recently gotten discontinued. It might be hard to fill the shoes of its gothic-esque bottle design and fruity meets floral scent, but there are certainly smell-a-like contenders that can take up the task of filling the void. They may be a little less rock n’ roll, but here are some dupe fragrances that will give you the sweet scent of Saint, so you don’t have to say goodbye just yet.

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What we are looking for in Kat Von D Saint

With its original iteration premiering in 2009, the 2017 Saint was a revamp that was much loved for its more playful mix of sweet and fruity. A sister fragrance to Kat Von D Sinner, Saint was the line’s sweet and light fragrance that was accessible to all maturity levels.

Saint represents the epitome of summer and spring days where you can hear the birds chirping and smell flowers in the air. It is a youthful fragrance that can be enjoyed by really anyone; it’s sweet, juicy, and hyper-feminine.

The opening has a burst of fruit from the mirabelle which is juicy and sweet. The fragrance dries into a soft, floral bouquet of jasmine, lily of the valley, and then finally almond blossom which leads very nicely into a dry down of peach and vanilla. Musk backs up the dry down to bring out an amber note from the otherwise sweet heavy combo of vanilla, peach, and almond.

While the longevity of Saint is a moderate few hours, the sillage is very intimate and sweet. Speaking personally, the fragrance definitely holds a nostalgia to it. It can be hard to find a fragrance that is sweet and floral without becoming too cloying, and Saint certainly was able to hit the perfect balance.

Despite its discontinuation, we don’t have to really go far to find a fragrance that hits all the same sweet notes that we know and love from Kat Von D Saint. Here are five fragrances that will give you Saint’s sweetness fix you have been missing.

5 Close Kat Von D Saint Perfume Dupes

1. Ed Hardy Floral Fruity

Ed Hardy Floral Fruity
Ed Hardy Floral Fruity


Another brand that might feel like a blast of nostalgia, Ed Hardy Floral Fruity brings the same essence of Saint, with a little extra fruit forward touches. Opening with mango, grapefruit, and apple, this fragrance will have a tropical fruit vibe right off the bat which will dry down with lily of the valley and freesia. The bouquet will mix well with the final dry down of vanilla and amber which has a bit of smokiness to it and adds some depth to the otherwise sweet fragrance.

This perfume is definitely a sweet and fruit-heavy compliment to Saint, with a little bit of a smoky twist. I find that the tropical fruit is the biggest part of the sillage, which is more moderate than Saint’s. The longevity is about the same as Saint, though I find this fragrance just a touch stronger. A summer fragrance through and through, Ed Hardy has all the playfulness of Saint with a bit less of the vanilla sweetness.

2. Burberry Women

Burberry Women
Burberry Women

If Saint was a Spring and Summer fragrance, I think Burberry Women takes the same structure and makes it a bit more Fall oriented. Opening with peach, apple, and apricot, the middle note of sandalwood and jasmine lasts for the dry down of vanilla and musk.

A more soft and understated fragrance than Saint, Burberry Women feels like a musky, peach vanilla that is long-lasting and has a very moderate sillage. At times, I find that the apple from the opening will come through in the sillage which for me instills the idea that this is a more Fall than Summer fragrance.

In my opinion, this fragrance has a bit more going on than the typical playfulness of Saint, and personally I find that complexity of musk meets peach to be a good contender for a signature scent if you were looking for something fruity.

3. Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme

Dolce Gabbana Pour Femme
Dolce Gabbana Pour Femme

Another cold weather take on the summery Saint, D&G Pour Femme has a bit of powdery sweetness that you won’t find on the rest of this list.

Opening with raspberry, orange, and neroli, the fragrance transfers to a bouquet of orange blossom and jasmine before drying down into a sweet vanilla and sandalwood. Because of the raspberry, the opening has a tartness that you don’t find in Saint, though it is the same fruit forward nature. I think the biggest departure is that, to my nose, there is a strong marshmallow scent in the dry down, which will mix with the vanilla and fruit and bring an overall warming depth that Saint does not have.

Due to the marshmallow notes, I think this fragrance will probably be best worn in the winter, though I do think the fruit from the opening allows this fragrance to be a signature scent for year ’round wear.

4. Jessica Simpson Fancy Love

Jessica Simpson Fancy Love
Jessica Simpson Fancy Love

If the playful nature of Kat Von D Saint is what you loved the most, Jessica Simpson’s Fancy Love is all that and maybe a bit more. Opening with peach blossom, champagne, and bergamot, the dry down has a floral bouquet of jasmine and peony, and finally dries down into amber and patchouli.

This is a bubbly, summer fragrance where the peach and the champagne really do a lit of the heavy lifting. The dry down has a caramel touch lingering throughout, which makes this fragrance very sweet but not cloying. It will be very reminiscent of Saint’s peach and vanilla structure, but with a bit more bubbles and blasts of freshness.

Fancy Love is a long lasting fragrance, and perfect for days on the boardwalk or summer shopping. The sillage is moderate and will mostly consist of the caramel and peach notes, which will be sweet but not overpowering. A great alternative to Kat Von D Saint.

5. Marc Jacobs Perfect

Marc Jacobs Perfect
Marc Jacobs Perfect

A more tart take on the fruit structure of Saint, Marc Jacobs Perfect opens with rhubarb and narcissus before drying into a creamy almond milk and cedar. What I like about this fragrance is it is fruity without being over-the-top sweet. The rhubarb is tart and light and the almond adds a creamy and earthy but sweet tone to the whole structure which is reminiscent of Saint’s almond note.

At times this fragrance can take on a fruit jam scent which you will either love or hate. Despite this, I find the fragrance to be playful and light, without being too sweet. The longevity is very comparable to Saint, and the trail will have a lot of intimate almond and rhubarb qualities.

To Conclude on Kat Von D Saint Dupes

It’s always hard when a fragrance you love gets discontinued, and it’s even worse when it was the fragrance of one of your teen idols. Kat Von D Saint will always be the scent of summer days out with friends, but it doesn’t have to be goodbye to the same kinds of fruity, gourmand fragrances.

Although I know you can’t replace the fragrance that you know and love, the perfume world has so much to offer in terms of fruity, fun fragrances that can be worn year around. Even though we might not be able to get Kat Von D Saint on our skin anytime soon, that doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to what we love about it. Hopefully, these fragrances will ignite the inner 2010 spirit in you, and keep you feeling peachy and sweet.

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