Perfume Dupes Similar To Le Labo Another 13

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I think anyone who has smelled Le Labo Another 13 knows there is just nothing like it. I like to think of it as the chameleon of fragrances. Its scent can change and be enhanced by each person who wears it. It’s a mysterious yet natural fragrance that you will catch walking down the street and just somehow know it’s Le Labo. A completely original and personal essence, there’s no wonder that this fragrance has regained popularity with younger generations.

Despite being made with the most unique ingredients, the fragrance world has been able to get their hands on versions of ambergris, for quite some time, which really opens the door to people like you and me who might not have the kind of budget to pay for the real deal. With these fragrance structures so accessible, you can now smell like Le Labo luxe without costing a pretty penny. I’ve found 8 dupes of Le Labo Another 13 that could trick even the most loyal Le Labo fans. 

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What We Are looking for in Le Labo Another 13 

Born out of a collaboration between Le Labo and An0ther Magazine in 2010, the fragrance began as a limited edition with only 50 bottles for the French boutique Colette. Since, the scent got immediate attention and has continued to rise in popularity, particularly with the help of the GenZ trends. After the closure of Colette, Le Labo decided to continue to fragrance on a more public scale and it can be available in most fragrance boutiques.

A mysteriously subtle but striking fragrance, I find the big win with Another 13 is its versatility. It is the perfect fragrance for a signature scent for your day-to-day; it’s unique and memorable while not too overpowering.

So what’s the secret alluring ingredient? One of the top notes in Another 13 is Ambrox, which is a synthetic version of ambergris. By using this as its main base note, the entire fragrance gives off an almost biological type of scent, as though the fragrance was naturally produced in the wild and made just for your skin. For this reason, the whole perfume takes on a “non-perfume, perfume” quality that can be really airy and light while uniquely striking. 

The opening has some light notes of pear, Iso-E-Super, before drying down into the Ambrox and an overall light musk essence. To my nose, there are some aquatic hints that bring an overall freshness into the structure. 

Keeping with their simple style, the bottle design is a simple cylinder with a parchment label. Despite its humble-looking appearance and almost too natural a scent, you might become stunned at the price tag for this trendy fragrance, but I’ve got you covered. Here are 8 dupes of Le Labo Another 13 so you can smell effortlessly airy without needing a loan to do so. 

8 Dupes Similar To Le Labo Another 13

1. Dua Another 13 Shades

Dua Another 13 Shades
Dua Another 13 Shades


A bit sweeter, Dua Another 13 Shades opens with a good helping of pear and musk before drying down with Iso-E-Super, amyl salicylate, and ambergris. To my nose, I find this fragrance to be a tad more herbal than Le Labo, with its main base note focusing on amyl salicylate and not the ambergris aquatic elements. Still, I find this fragrance to be nice and fresh, with notes of pear and woods coming through at different times during its use. 

My only complaint is I find this fragrance to be lacking on sillage and longevity, so be ready for a reapply. Still, it’s a good slightly citrus and fruit version of Le Labo that is definitely easier on the change purse.

2. Wicked Good Another 13

Wicked Good Another 13
Wicked Good Another 13


An insanely affordable dupe, I found Wicked Good Another 13 due to a tip off that there was a decent Le Labo specific dupe brand and they certainly know their craft. With ambroxan as the star of the show, Wicked Good uses an opening of jasmine and moss to give a nice fresh note and then dries down into a musk with ambrette seed.

What I like about this brand most of all is that not only do they focus their brand on Le Labo dupes, but they sell samples so you don’t have to fully commit if you decide the scent is not your thing. It’s a great, refreshing version of the original that is comparable in sillage and longevity with a little bit more wiggle room to explore. 

3. Glossier You

Glossier You
Glossier You


I was first turned on to Glossier by watching multiple TikToks talking about how well the brand made accessible fragrances, and Glossier You is no exception. Keeping Ambrox as its main element, the fragrance opens with pink pepper and then dries into a woodsy, ambery note with ambrox and ambrette seeds.

Keeping with the same essence and structure of Le Labo, I also get a hint of iris in the dry down which brings a linen-like freshness to the overall scent. Overall, I think Glossier brings a more apparently lighter tone to the fragrance, while still keeping with the natural style of Another 13.

4. Alexandria Other 13

Alexandria Other 13
Alexandria Other 13


Another more fruit-forward version of Another 13, Alexandria opens with a brown sugar, pear scent that is both sweet and fruity all at once. It then dries down with Iso-E-Super and Ambrox, which bring the musky, fresh style that we know and love from Le Labo.

While good for those who want a bit more from the fruit side of the fragrance, I find that Alexandria is more of a noticeable fragrance in the sense that it isn’t trying to give the impression of a natural skin scent. If you are someone who wished Le Labo was a bit less subtle in its sillage, this will definitely work in your favor. 

5. ALT Simply Another 

ALT Simply Another
ALT Simply Another


ALT always gets extra kudos from me for being vegan and cruelty-free, but they should also be commended for their ability to be almost identical to the Le Labo original. On the first spray, ALT Simply Another might not smell like much, but as you let it settle on your skin you will get hints of pear and Iso-E-Super. Once it has dried down a bit, you will get a full musk essence with the Ambergris and Ambrette.

While the structure and essence is almost perfect, I wish the longevity was as good as the original. Alt will definitely need a reapply, but with the price tag as low as it is, you shouldn’t have to worry about using as much as you need to get through the day. 

6. Perfume Parlour Extra XIII

Perfume Parlour Extra XII
Perfume Parlour Extra XII


Insanely low priced, this fragrance can come in everything from hand soap to eau de parfum. To my nose, Perfume Parlour really leaned into the earthy elements of this fragrance with an opening with amyl salicylate and Iso-E-Super and then drying down into ambergris and musk.

The longevity of this fragrance is great, but I do wish the strength of the notes were better. This fragrance can feel very unisex to me due to its earthy nature, so if you were looking for something with fewer pear notes, this could be the winner.

7. Buddies Blend Centerfold Impression of Another 13

Buddies Blend Centerfold Impression of Another 13
Buddies Blend Centerfold Impression of Another 13


Buddies Blend is an independently owned shop from Etsy that has started to catch my eye. Sold as a unisex fragrance, Centerfold does a great job at being unique yet subtle.

Opening with a tart pear, the fragrance quickly dries down into ambergris and musk. To my nose, the amyl salicylate on the base is a nice woody aroma that brings the whole scent together with the ambergris. 

8. Oil Perfumery Impression of Another 13

Oil Perfumery Impression of Another 13
Oil Perfumery Impression of Another 13

Since Another 13 is so perfect for a signature scent, I think it would only be natural to pair it with a compact and on-the-go applicator to take this scent along with you throughout the day. Oil Perfumery’s rollerball applicator is the perfect accessory to this fragrance because you can always keep it with you when you are working or out on the town. 

The fragrance keeps in line with the same structure of Le Labo but adds some jasmine petal notes to give this fragrance just a touch more of a feminine side. The fragrance dries down nicely into musk and ambroxan which to my nose have a great sillage for such a subtle scent.

As a final note

There really aren’t any words to give Le Labo Another 13 justice. Sometimes you can get the hint of ripe pear, other times a woodsy musk. Made with only the most interesting and unique ingredients, it’s no wonder it has regained popularity; its subtle mysteriousness is hard to beat. 
Since we can’t always afford the brand names, it doesn’t mean we have to miss out on the hype. These fragrances might not be the pure Le Labo touch, but to any passerby, you can smell like one of the most alluring fragrances on the market. 

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