My Lume Review: Best Lume Deodorant Scents

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The first time I saw that funny Lume commercial with Carl the smelly bacteria, I have to admit I was more than intrigued. Could it really be possible that one product could be a cure-all for body odors everywhere?

Founder Shannon Klingman tells us that Lume was designed for pits, bits, feet, and anywhere else that gets a bit stinky. Attracted to the idea of throwing out my plethora of scented products in favor of one multipurpose deodorant, I went on a hunt to find my favorite Lume scent.

There are a number of products from the brand that I have enjoyed using and my experience with it has been positive. There are a few things that raise questions but on the whole, Lume is something I’d recommend. Let me share my experiences with you in more detail.

How Does Lume Deodorant Work

Lume is a deodorant that’s designed for the entire body and claims to block odors for up to 72 hours. It was developed by OBGYN Shannon Klingman who says she’d had more than enough for women being blamed for stinky odors below the belt.

The good news is that she developed an odor-blocking product for men and women and called it Lume (pronounced loo-me.) Unlike other deodorants, Lume doesn’t mask odors but actually stops them from occurring in the first place. But it’s not an antiperspirant as it doesn’t contain aluminum.

So how does it work? Well, Lume attacks the bacteria that causes odors and stops it from being able to absorb fluid which can lead to a funk. And it does this without upsetting the pH balance of the skin. What’s more, there’s a choice of a cream or a stick so you can choose which application method feels best for you.

Ingredients Lume Deodorant Is Made Of

One of the big questions when it comes to using any new product is whether the ingredients are safe. As I’ve mentioned, Lume deodorant does not contain any aluminum which is an ingredient often found in antiperspirants. It also contains no dyes, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or baking soda and is 100% cruelty-free and vegan.

Is Lume Deodorant Safe

I have very sensitive skin so I always need to be careful when trying new products. I had high hopes for Lume as it claims to contain no nasty ingredients and only skin-friendly, healthy ones. In the end, I had no adverse effects from using this. That said, I would recommend patch testing the product before use as some people may be more sensitive than others. You can find a full list of Lume deodorant ingredients on their website.

Does Lume Really Work

I read somewhere on the official Lume website that some of their customers have switched from using a clinical deodorant to Lume and have been pleased with the results. Of course, that’s an easy claim to make from the brand but what’s the reality?

It’s good news, Lume does seem to do what it’s supposed to in the majority of cases. I have seen some negative reviews which I’ll touch upon in the upcoming section. However, for most people, it does a good job at keeping odors at bay.

However, it all has very much to do with how you use the product. You have to keep in mind that it can take a few weeks for Lume to start working properly as your body adjusts to the product. So, it’s important to be patient.

It’s also recommended not to go over the top with Lume and just apply a pea-sized amount. When you use it correctly, you should notice a major difference in how fresh and odor-free you feel.

Lume claims to block odors for up to 72 hours, although I think this is a bit of a wild statement to make. While people that don’t sweat very much might not need to apply as often, the reality is that you’ll probably need to apply Lume every other day.

Lume Deodorant Reviews: What Are Customers Saying

The proof is in the pudding, as they say, so I had to check out some customer reviews and it was a bit of a mixed bunch. That said, the majority of comments have been positive so let’s start with the good news.

Based on Walmart reviews, the Lume Unscented Deodorant has a 4.1-star rating, while the Bay Rum scent has a whopping 4.9 out of 5 stars. Users talk about how well the product works and even when missing a day of application, there’s still no odor.

‘I even tested it by not reapplying on my last day off, and at the end of two days I smelled like…nothing at all. The scent is mild and fades after a while. Love it!’ Source – Walmart

There are almost 55,000 ratings for Lume Deodorant sticks on and the product scores a 3.8 out of 5. Ok, it’s not the highest rating but let’s consider some of the things people are saying about it.

‘The clean tangerine cream is great.’

‘OH MY GOSH! Lumé deodorant has literally changed my life!’

‘I love this product, it does what it says, it completely takes away odor AND it does last for 3 days at least’

The general consensus is that Lume is an effective and pleasant-smelling product that does what it promises.

That said, one of the things that a lot of people are talking about is that Lume deodorant packaging isn’t ideal. This applies to the stick deodorant and people seem to be having problems with the product dispensing properly out of the holes. This doesn’t exactly affect the performance of the deodorant but it does make it a bit of a faff to put on.

‘This product COULD be great IF the makers would re-design the packaging so that it worked. The container has a dial to force the product out of three holes at the top of the container. However, the product comes out of only ONE of the holes. Why can’t it come out of all three holes? When you’re swiping your underarm (or foot as I use it on my feet) it would be nice to get full coverage, instead of only one-third coverage.’ source – Amazon

I’ve even seen reviews saying that Lume deodorant doesn’t work such as this one from Influenster:

Not an antiperspirant, only a deodorant. Sweat creates odors. Very expensive cream that doesn’t control sweat. Don’t let ads fool you.

While this is disheartening, I have to admit that the product isn’t going to work for everyone. There are some people, including one user on Reddit, that claims Lume deodorant smells bad, like dried spit, no less. However, I think this is a matter of personal opinion because the majority of reviews I have seen have been glowing.

My 7 Favorite Best Lume Scents

1. Lavender Sage

Lavender Sage
Lavender Sage

One of my favorite scents is lavender, and I’ve said it a million times. I was a little perplexed to see it mixed with sage as this isn’t an overly common combo. Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised by how rich and earthy it smelt.

Lavender Sage is potentially the strongest-smelling Lume scent I tried which is why I’ve ranked it as number one. If like me, you like a deodorant that continues smelling good all day then this is the best option. It’s not overpowering but I noticed Lavender Sage hours after applying whereas some of the lighter scents seemed to fade quite quickly. What I also liked was that it stopped odors and made me feel very confident when I was rushing around doing errands.

This one has a 4.9-star rating on Walmart so it seems I’m not the only one that loves it. For me, I find this one works best under the arms and for the feet. It may be a little too potent to use in intimate areas.

2. Toasted Coconut

Toasted Coconut
Toasted Coconut

Toasted Coconut comes in both a cream and a stick form and is one of the most inviting and comforting scents from the Lume range. To me, the scent felt more like a luxurious body lotion although it did face quite quickly but that seems to be the case with a lot of Lume scents.

There is another coconut scent from Lume called Coconut Crush which is fresher and ideal for summer. However, Toasted Coconut felt a little more warm and that’s something I personally like a lot.

I found that this scent worked very well down below as well as on my feet. It kept me feeling clean and fresh but didn’t have an overpowering aroma.

3. Clean Tangerine

Clean Tangerine
Clean Tangerine

When I initially applied Clean Tangerine, I found that it was one of the more potent scents. It’s very fresh and invigorating and perfect after a shower in the morning. However, I was surprised to notice that the scent faded very quickly.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t replaced with sweat or nasty odors; in fact, after a few hours after application, I smelled of nothing. That’s not a bad thing but if you like your deodorant to leave a gentle scent then this one probably won’t be right for you.

Clean Tangerine is a feminine scent and I found that the stick deodorant worked very well as an underboob sweat blocker.

When using the cream version of Clean Tangerine, I found it to be easy to apply. One thing I did notice is that it didn’t work for as long as the stick. I think 72 hours is pushing it a little, especially if you’re a heavy sweater. However, it did work well for at least 24 hours, even when I was on the go and active.

4. Warm Vanilla

Warm Vanilla
Warm Vanilla

Warm Vanilla is a very feminine scent that I found worked really well in intimate areas and as an underboob deodorant. If you’re a guy, you might find this too girly. However, if you’re a fan of sweet smells, it could work well for you, especially as an intimate deodorant or for under the arms.

If there’s any Lume scent that competes with Lavender Sage in terms of strength and longevity, it’s this one. I felt that I could still catch a faint whiff of Warm Vanilla even at the opposite end of the day. While I couldn’t smell it as much on day 2, it did still keep me odor free.

With all that said, I have seen a lot of reviewers talking about how they HATE this scent. I think it’s very much down to personal opinion as this is a love it or hate it kind of fragrance.

5. Peony Rose

Peony Rose
Peony Rose

As with the other Lume products, Peony Rose comes in a stick or a tube of cream. I tried the stick as this is my preferred application method and found that it went on very easily, leaving a delicate fragrance.

Peony Rose is definitely a girly scent and I loved that it wasn’t over the top. I think this is great if you want to stay smelling fresh without making a huge statement. However, much like many of the other Lume scents, it doesn’t have fantastic longevity.

What’s more, I think that, out of all the scents I tried, this was my least favorite. I’ve seen a lot of reviews saying that it smells weird and I have to agree. It wasn’t that it was unpleasant, just not what I had expected. Is it the end of the world – no, would I use this scent again? Also no, I’d rather go for Lavender Sage.

6. Fresh Alpine

Fresh Alpine
Fresh Alpine

Having searched online for Fresh Alpine, I’ve noticed that this is one of the scents that’s not as widely available. Yes, it’s on the Lume website but there aren’t too many options elsewhere. That said, you can still get your hands on it.

Fresh Alpine is one of the more masculine Lume scents and it’s brilliantly crisp and uplifting. Applying this out of the shower in the morning feels like a real blast and I noticed that the scent lasted significantly longer than some of the other male scents like Silver Spruce.

Now, I’m a woman so it’s hard for me to judge but going by my experience, I think this would be a brilliant ball-sweat buster as well as working really well under the arms.

7. Unscented


I’ve included the unscented version of Lume for one reason. I know a lot of people that don’t like fragranced deodorants. So, while I can’t class this as one of the best scents from Lume, I can talk about how well it works.

Lume Unscented is very gentle on the skin and contains the same skin-friendly ingredients as other products in the range.

I didn’t really know what to expect using an unscented product but was pleasantly surprised to find that it did an amazing job at tackling odors. Even two days down the line I still smelt of nothing!

However, while it claims to be unscented, there is a very mild aroma when applying which I’ve seen some people describe as being similar to powdered milk. But once it’s on the skin and settled, that disappears and you’re left with no smell at all.

Lume Deodorant For Private Parts – My Experience

Your private parts can sometimes get pretty sweaty and this can lead to unpleasant odors. It’s a bit of a sensitive subject that a lot of people are scared to talk about. But it shouldn’t be that way, we’re all human and we all experience a stink from time to time.

However, Lume is created to be used all over the body, including around the vulva or, for the guys, on and around the genitals. Since the product contains skin-friendly ingredients, it’s totally safe for these areas and I certainly didn’t notice any irritation. That said, it’s for external use only so no putting it inside any holes or openings. If you want to know how to apply Lume to your lady parts then it’s simple:

  • Only apply externally
  • A little goes a long way – using too much can cause your skin to break out in a rash
  • Make sure the area is clean and dry before applying
  • Allow the deodorant to dry before dressing – this shouldn’t take longer than a couple of minutes.

Groin sweat does have a different odor from underarm sweat and some people find it to be more offensive. So the question is, does Lume work for private parts?

I found that Lume did a very good job at preventing odors and I didn’t need to use a lot to get the desired results. I’ve tried other natural deodorants that didn’t have this kind of longevity whereas Lume kept performing for the entire time.

In terms of odor, I’d recommend one of the gentler Lume scents for your private parts, especially if you’re sexually active. Some of the stronger Lume scents like Lavender Sage could be a little overpowering and even the delicate fragrances keep you smelling fresh so there’s no need to go OTT.

One thing that people keep asking me is does Lume Deodorant cause yeast infections. The product is designed not to interfere with the pH balance of the skin so it should not cause a yeast infection or any other kind of irritation. That said, I have read some horror stories of people developing yeast infections and UTIs after using Lume but in the majority of these cases, incorrect application is to blame.

Where To Buy Lume Deodorant

The best place to get your hands on your favorite Lume Deodorant scent is through the official Lume website. You can buy the products as you need them but there’s also an option to subscribe in order to save money.

When you sign up, you’ll receive 10% off and you can choose how often you have a delivery. What’s more, if your subscription comes to more than $25, you’ll get free shipping which is always a nice touch.

However, there are other places to buy Lume including Walmart, Amazon, and eBay. I found that, when looking on these websites, I couldn’t always find every Lume scent; it really depends on what they have in stock. Plus, the prices aren’t always as cheap as Lume with Amazon charging over $17 whereas you’d only pay $14.99 when buying directly from Lume.

Currently, Lume only ships to North America but I did find some websites selling the products in Europe. However, what I noticed was sky-high prices and taxes that don’t make it a financially viable purchase.

How Do You Get A Discount On Your Lume Order

There is an option to save money by signing up for a Lume subscription. Stick deodorants that usually cost $14.99 go down to $13.99 and the cream deodorants drop to $17.09 from $19.99.

But not everyone wants to commit to a regular order so I had a look to see if I could find any genuine discount codes. MyPromo365 seems to have some valid codes and I noticed some good ones on DontPayFull. Of course, codes and coupons are liable to change so performing a search just before you complete your purchase is the best way to get access to the latest discounts.

Lume Alternatives

It seems that everywhere I look at the moment there are ads for natural deodorants. They all claim to be the best so in order to be fair, I wanted to provide some information on Lume alternatives if you find that this product doesn’t work for you.

Lume Vs. Native

Native is one of the most popular natural deodorants and when it comes to Lume vs. Native, there are a lot of similarities. They’re both aluminum-free and bursting with skin-friendly ingredients. Plus, Native also has a lot of wonderful scents.

If you’re looking to save money then Native is slightly more affordable than Lume but this is only by a couple of dollars.

Being someone with sensitive skin, I was delighted to see that Native offers products specifically designed for sensitive users whereas Lume doesn’t. Of course, Lume does state that their products are all skin-friendly but for very sensitive skin, compatibility isn’t always guaranteed. I should also point out that Native contains baking soda, whereas Lume doesn’t.

Native deodorant can be used all over the body, according to reviewers. However, this isn’t official information from the brand. So, if you’re looking for an actual all-over deodorant then I’d suggest going with Lume.

Lume Vs. Dr. Squatch

One of the things that I keep seeing about Dr. Squatch is that it tends to leave white stains behind. This is not something I noticed when using Lume deodorant. So, if you often wear dark clothes or want a product that applies more cleanly, then I’d recommend Lume.

But that doesn’t mean that Dr. Squatch should be ruled out altogether. In fact, if you’re looking for a subscription deodorant where you’ll save a lot of money then this is a brand worth considering. When you sign up, you get a whopping 30% off making Lume’s comparatively measly 10% seem pretty rubbish!

The range of scents from Dr. Squatch is nowhere near as varied as Lume and the fragrances are aimed at men as opposed to both genders. That said, women could use them if they don’t mind a more masculine aroma.

Lume Vs. Carpe

Carpe is a brand directed at people who sweat very heavily or suffer from hyperhidrosis. Unlike Lume, the brand sells antiperspirants but there is a massive range of other products including deodorants for all parts of the body. The main difference is that Lume is a one-size-fits-all deodorant whereas with Carpe, you’ll need to buy separate items.

But Carpe is known for its effectiveness and I’ve seen tons of rave reviews about how it keeps you dry and fresh.

One of the things I love about Carpe is the option to build bundles that are tailored to your needs. What’s more, I found the regular offers and discounts a really nice touch.

If you want a natural deodorant, this isn’t going to be the right product for you. But if you find that aluminum-free deodorants just aren’t cutting it, then Carpe may be worth trying.

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