Perfume Dupes Similar To Mojave Ghost

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Do you love the uniqueness and complexity of Mojave Ghost, and are you looking for a few great dupes of this unique perfume without compromising? If so, I’ve got you covered.

Mojave Ghost has continued to be one of Byredo’s top-selling fragrances since its launch in 2014. Yet, its higher price point can make it challenging to afford a bottle of this luxury perfume.

This is the place to find great Mojave Ghost dupes and clones similar to Mojave Ghost because I’ve done some heavy research and came up with some great alternatives. 

But first, let’s see what we’re looking for exactly.

What Mojave Ghost Is About

Byredo specializes in formulating unique, quirky fragrances with rare notes and formulations that capture the essence of a time or a place. Mojave Ghost is a perfect example of this concept. 

Mojave Ghost by Byredo is a warm, floral fragrance first introduced in 2014. Its formulation is inspired by the beauty and mystery of the desert landscape. Featuring hints of fragrant magnolia, sandalwood, and violets, it is reminiscent of fresh floral blooms after a rare desert thunderstorm. 

With an amber heart and notes of cedarwood, this perfume is romantic, mysterious, and sophisticated. 

Although this fragrance is loved by many, its popularity makes it difficult to locate, making it challenging for those looking to experience Mojave Ghost. 

Fortunately, many great dupes and alternative fragrances are available that encapsulate Mojave Ghost’s essence. I have listed ten great alternative perfumes you should consider if you like Mojave Ghost by Byredo.

10 Dupes of Mojave Ghost

1. Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Daisy by Marc Jacobs


If you’re looking for a similar fragrance with notes of floral-woodiness, I suggest taking a look at Daisy by Marc Jacobs. While their fragrance profiles aren’t as similar to Mojave Ghost as some of the other clones I discuss later in this review, they both embody a sophisticated yet seductive quality within them which helps set them apart from other perfumes.

Like Mojave Ghost, Daisy is not overly bold. However, it’s detectable enough to be noticeable, making it an excellent fragrance for the workweek. 

What I love about Daisy is its ability to fade into the background only to reappear a few hours later revealing notes of wood and musk. This dry down is very similar to Mojave Ghost, as it lingers on subtle notes of warm amber and musk. 

Overall, Daisy is my recommendation if you’re looking for a fragrance featuring similar undertones and a fragrant floral opening.

2. Santal Glow by Zara

Santal Glow by Zara

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If you enjoy the violet and sandalwood notes within Mojave Ghost but are looking for something a little more light and ethereal, be sure to try out Santal Glow by Zara. 

As you spray this scent, a powdery smell emerges. Notes of freesia give it an immaculate feel, like stepping out of a refreshing shower. I love the subtle hints of fresh freesia, which aren’t apparent in Mojave Ghost. Santal Glow leans more towards a floral perfume. However, the warmth of sandalwood gives it a very similar feel to Mojave Ghost. 

While Zara isn’t typically known for creating long-lasting fragrances, this one exceeded my expectations, as I didn’t need to reapply it during the day.

I love the price point of Santal Glow too. I’d say give Santal Glow a try if you’re looking for a more affordable alternative to Mojave Ghost that’s a little more floral and light.

3. Cedar Violet by Aerin Lauder

Cedar Violet by Aerin Lauder


For a fragrance with a slightly more aquatic feel than Mojave Ghost, check out Cedar Violet by Aerin Lauder

Cedar Violet encapsulates the essence of fragrant flowers and warm cedar trees. I detected hints of white florals and freshly cut greens, which give it a slightly tropical feel. Its warm amber base prevents these notes from overpowering the rest of the scent. 

Cedar Violet has a very similar warmth to Mojave Ghost, but the scent is more subtle. I found myself needing to reapply a few hours after I first sprayed it for it to stay truly detectable. But this might be a good thing if bolder fragrances easily overpower your nose.

 If you’re looking for a perfume similar in warmness to Mojave Ghost but with more of an aquatic feel, Cedar Violet might be for you.

4. Savane di Seta by Salvatore Ferragamo

Savane di Seta by Salvatore Ferragamo


Do you love Mojave Ghost’s deep, sandalwood notes but are in the mood for something a little sweeter? Give Savane di Seta by Salvatore Ferragamo a try. 

It is a long-lasting fragrance reminiscent of the warm desert florals of Mojave Ghost, while also adding a sweet element of citrus fruit. Wear it for a couple of hours, and you will notice a hint of carrot seed essence. The floral violet notes are present too, though in the form of sweet, woody orris roots. 

Though it is labeled a unisex fragrance, Savane di Seta leans more feminine than masculine. I love the soft powdery notes that carry this fragrance throughout the day. 

Overall, Savane di Seta is worth a try if you’re looking for a fragrance that’s similar in warmth to Mojave Ghost but with a lighter, fruitier base.

5. Poirier d’un Soir by Miller Harris

Poirier dun Soir by Miller Harris


Poirier d’un Soir by Miller Harris is a bit more complex than Mojave Ghost, but it still gives off the same warm, desert vibes as Mojave Ghost. 

While Mojave Ghosts focuses on light woody, floral notes that I experience as comforting, Poirier d’un Soir goes a step further in projection and complexity. 

There are juicy pear and black currant hints throughout this scent, and they seem to persist much longer than some of the other perfumes do.

Poirier d’un Soir is a bit sweeter at first with elements of spun sugar and rum, but these quickly fade into the background and keep from making this fragrance overly sweet.

I love the subtle hints of fragrant rose that appear towards the middle of the dry-down. Its base is very reminiscent of Mojave Ghost, as it is woody, warm, and comforting. 

Poirier d’un Soir is an excellent alternative to Mojave Ghost if you love the deep woody and musky notes but prefer a scent with more layers.

6. Desert Wildflower by Bath and Body Works

Desert Wildflower by Bath and Body Works


Byredo’s fragrances can be pretty expensive, so if you’re looking for something much more affordable and don’t mind lighter sillage and longevity, I’d suggest looking at Desert Wildflower by Bath and Body Works

Desert Wildflower is more of a two-dimensional scent and features fresh floral jasmineand creamy sandalwood notes. Though it isn’t nearly as strong as Mojave Ghost, it does project some warmth.

There aren’t any surprises with Desert Wildflower, just a pleasant combination of woodiness and light white florals. While I can appreciate the more robust and complex notes embodied in luxury scents, I love the uncomplicated nature of Desert Wildflower. It’s perfect to pack in your gym bag or to wear when relaxing around the house. 

You should give Desert Wildflower a try if you’re looking for an understated and demure dupe of Mojave Ghost. It’s pleasantly unassuming yet definitely detectable. You may have to reapply this one throughout the day, though.

7. Deep Amber by Ramon Bejar

Deep Amber by Ramon Bejar

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If you love Mojave Ghost’s warm musk and amber base and are looking for something with a more masculine feel, give Deep Amber by Ramon Bejar a try. There are hints of soft violet and a powdery dry down that keep this fragrance firmly in the unisex class. 

I love the soft elegance of this perfume, as it has a very vintage feel to it that makes it fitting for date night or evening wear. Deep Amber feels sensual and mysterious, but its essence is more refined and elegant.

I highly suggest trying Deep Amber if you’re looking for a perfume you can wear to a formal event or on a night out.

8. Rosy Mousseline by Zara

Rosy Mousseline by Zara

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Rosy Mousseline by Zara smells just like what I think Mojave Ghost would if it was enveloped in a fresh bouquet of roses. 

While musky notes persist in Rosy Mousseline, layers of juicy pears and roses reveal themselves and linger as you wear it. 

Rosy Mousseline is noticeably sweet just like Mojave Ghost but lacks the tropical feel of sapodilla fruit that Mojave Ghost incorporates in its fragrance profile. 

It’s an elegant fragrance, though not overly extravagant. It settles pretty close to the skin and is an excellent subtle option for office wear as it isn’t overbearing or heavy. 

I love how unapologetically feminine this fragrance is, as the actual formulation features a deep, lavender-pink hue. 

Rosy Mousseline reminds me of summer romance and carefree days. It’s a youthful fragrance but is also appropriate for wearers of any age. Give Rosy Mousseline a try if you love Mojave Ghost and enjoy full-bodied roses in your perfume.

9. Chance Eau Tendre by Chanel

Chance Eau Tendre by Chanel


If you’re anything like me, sometimes you like to wear a fragrance that isn’t too musky or woody at all. In that matter, I recommend trying Chance Eau Tendre by Chanel as a good alternative as it lacks the warm musky and earthy tones of Mojave Ghost. 

While there are light elements of white musk, they tend to settle nicely in the background while sweeter, lighter hints of grapefruit and jasmine take centerstage. 

Overall, Chance feels a bit more subtle than Mojave Ghost. I like to think of Chance as Mojave Ghost’s well-behaved older sibling. It’s a bit more mature but still playful with hints of spice that develop and fade over time. 

Like Mojave Ghost, this fragrance is great for warmer weather, as it doesn’t overpower your nose or feel heavy at all. Take a chance on Chance if you’re looking for something light and sweet like Mojave Ghost, but lacking the prominent notes of amber or sandalwood.

10. Ilio by Diptyque

Ilio by Diptyque

As the final fragrance on my list of alternatives to Mojave Ghost, I recommend Ilio by Diptyque. 

If you’re a fan of the fragrant hints of purple flowers and fruit-bearing cactus that is so prominently displayed in Mojave Ghost, you’re going to love this perfume. 

I love Ilio because it does a great job of layering these notes and allowing each a moment to shine. 

When I initially spray Ilio, I’m greeted immediately with a fragrant bouquet of sensual jasmine and bright iris, giving it a similar feel to the hints of violet in Mojave Ghost. 

As Ilio settles on the skin hints of prickly pear begin to develop, giving you a layer of sweetness and subtle warmth. 

There is a soft, powdery dry down like in Mojave Ghost, allowing it to transition into subtle hints of freshly cut greens before slowly fading away. 

The fragrance profile is quite similar to Mojave Ghost, but the way each note develops is unique. 

Ilio is a great option for you if you’re looking for a dupe of Mojave Ghost with slightly more complex fragrance notes and less prominent woody notes.

Conclusion to Choosing A Fragrance Similar to Mojave Ghost

When looking for a close dupe or alternative to Mojave Ghost, you’re going to like options featuring warm base notes of cedar or sandalwood. Amber also takes center stage in the scent profile. Violet tends to be a central focal point in Mojave Ghost as well, so look for perfume with purple floral notes. 

Mojave Ghost isn’t a subtle fragrance, however, it isn’t overly bold either. It settles nicely during the day, making it an excellent option for work and running errands. 

In choosing a dupe, select one that behaves similarly. Look for one that settles closely on the skin, leaving behind soft powdery tones and subtle hints of musk. Stick to this advice and I’m confident you will find the perfect fragrance to fit your needs.

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